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  1. Thanks for that guys, nice of them to get suspensions and bans after a Bournemouth win. Not holding out much hope for Stoke and Bristol, but you never know...
  2. Do you access those through dedicated apps or through the web browser? Web browser streaming tends to be less well optimised on Desktop a lot of the time. You may want to try dropping the quality through the "cog" settings on iFollow (try 720p or something) to see if it the situation improves, if so, you might want to try a different browser.
  3. This could be down to your device not being able to keep up - it's been fairly smooth for me in general. What device are you watching on?
  4. Can't see it happening. 3 points are 3 points, so it doesn't make sense to risk changing a side on a 4 match winning streak when it doesn't guarantee a better result against Brentford anyway.
  5. Those 4 subs in the last 10/15 really killed the game off didn't it? Not sure Onel was too chuffed though...
  6. Yes, tonight's was alright other than the proclivity for moaning about our players getting kicked and hit in the face. If I ever hear the phrase Sky Blues again I think I might go a little bit insane.
  7. Totally agree. Scoring 10 goals whilst conceding 2 having come off the back of an alleged "wobble" is pretty damn impressive.
  8. People are aware that the Championship is fairly competitive right? Also the fact it wasn't our best performance, but away from home on a cabbage patch ground out what was a comfortable win in the end? Genuinely not sure what people expect, especially given the horrendous conditions tonight? We're never going to blow teams away every week, but Swansea aside, have never really looked like losing in recent games.
  9. Just had a cursory look at the table and was genuinely surprised at how much GD has swung in our favour recently. Doesn't feel like longer than a couple of weeks ago we were talking about Swansea's and especially Brentford's goal difference being worth an extra point, but doesn't seem like it now. The omens are looking good now, just got to keep it going and look forward to the Brentford game.
  10. Comfortable win in the end, Birmingham were always likely to be spirited, but our greater quality told in the end and I felt we wore them down second half. Standard Championship away win. 67 points from 32 is really very, very impressive given the difficulties of this season. Confidence has got to be high now.
  11. There's no away commentary because Goreham can't travel to games and he is watching the stream like everybody else.
  12. Yes, because that's exactly how football works isn't it?
  13. On an off-topic note - cut my teeth on the Amiga and develop commercial software these days. What a machine! You probably know this, but SWOS developer Jon Hare is an avid Norwich supporter...
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