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  1. Ian

    Pukki game here

    It's on Sky Sports Main Event. May be easier for some to access...
  2. Not really. I agree it could be better, but at least the error is handled. Take it up with invision, I imagine poor old Archant just install and configure the software...
  3. Ian

    Must go

    Not even sure what that means to be honest...
  4. Ian

    Must go

    Oh sure, that goes without saying.
  5. Ian

    Must go

    Are you suggesting we are currently going through a period of extreme mismanagement as per the examples you cite above?
  6. Agreed, someone like Onel would have really suited this sort of game I think. That said, I think there were just too many below-par individual performances. Whether that is due to fatigue and there not being any options to replace people I think is arguable.
  7. Not a massive Leitner fan, and that was the poorest game I've seen Leitner have for some time. However, I think it is more to do with the lack of balance we have in midfield when Kenny and him play together, and unfortunately we don't exactly have many other options at this point in time. Particularly clear that Villa's tactics were to knock it long to their lump of a CF, and compress that midfield as quickly as possible. Frustrating that it worked, although I feel like had Zimbo been playing, and some sort of midfield destroyer, it would have been far less effective. I also feel like our youthfulness/naivety cost us - there didn't really seem to be anyone on the pitch capable of spotting the danger and showing the leadership required to adapt during the game.
  8. Also, as they're looking at 50 FPS video, the level of technology isn't actually there to support these marginal decisions anyway. You only have to look at how crap the resolution is, and the distance the ball travels between a single frame, to realise that VAR is not really fit for purpose for the marginal offside application.
  9. Ian

    Is it our methods?

    If the majority of our injuries were wear-and-tear related I might agree, but most of them are either impact or freak injuries. Just one of those things.
  10. Ian

    We need a Plan B

    I agree with this. The big concern is lack of height in the team in general - would love to know the average height of the current starting 11, but I'm guessing we have very few players even over 6 foot. This is going to make it very difficult against physical and direct teams - as exemplified by the first goal against Burnley. I guess playing Hanley will help a little, but ultimately we really need to keep possession of the ball better to limit the opportunities direct teams have to play long balls. Makes it even more important we stick to our playing style in my opinion, and against Burnley we really struggled to beat the press and keep hold of the ball.
  11. Ian

    We need a Plan B

    I'm not sure if those suggestions are actually serious, but don't forget how Alex Neil also lost his nerve (Godfrey up front?!?!?) and chopped/changed until it was too late. There were some poor individual errors today, which ultimately cost us the match early on. One of the characteristics of this squad is their ability to learn quickly, and possessing the bravery to stick to their principles. Surprised people are really questioning Webber/Farke's methods given what we've achieved over the last 18 months or so. Perhaps just an overreaction to a disappointing defrat.
  12. Ian

    We need a Plan B

    Let's be honest - we've assembled a team on a shoe-string budget to play a very specific way. Because of this, we just don't have the personnel to suddenly up and change our play style. We are always going to struggle against big, physical, direct teams.
  13. Ian

    We need a Plan B

    What would you suggest? Long balls up to Pukki?
  14. Ian

    Ratings v Man City

  15. Ian


    Come on now, Ederson wouldn't be posting on a Norwich forum