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  1. It's not rational. No coincidence it's the same attention seeking characters posting excessive negativity for a reaction. It seems some are literally desperate for something to have a moan amount - I didn't see too many people saying how great it was to have a "squad for the future" last season when we were playing terribly in the here and now.
  2. Christ, do you actually believe what you write?
  3. I was referring to Barnes and Duffy - pretty sure they signed this window...
  4. Am I missing something - are we not in the same transfer window?
  5. Idah could score 25 in 20 games and some "supporters" would still say he needs replacing...
  6. Given our current good run, I think it can only be a good thing to keep the positive mentality going. Unless we lose and get injuries,
  7. I wouldn't disagree with that, but I'd suggest it's probably true of 90% of our current squad. I'm not sure why McLean seems to be singled out for more criticism than others. I would also argue that it's about the sum of the parts rather than the individual players; we did survive under Lambert with (I think from memory) Johnson in midfield.
  8. Kid's reaction to his dad swearing on 2.22 made me chuckle.
  9. Clearly a wind-up. Also, didn't we keep a clean sheet?
  10. 4 points out of 6, one of which was an away game against probably the best team in the league and which we were basically cheated out of. Not sure I would be criticising any individual player too much. Always room for improvement, but the results and performances so far make it difficult for me to be "very disappointed" with any individual.
  11. Exactly this. IIRC there was no Norwich touch on the ball other than the cross, so how could he possibly be offside when the Hull player played it back to him? Would be a bit worried if a qualified Champions League ref thought otherwise, although wasn't there some debate as to whether Idah was actually onside from the cross in?
  12. That's what I thought. Had Barnes directly tapped in the rebound, then a clear offside. The fact it was cut back to him first makes me wonder if it was actually Sarg who was given offside. I remember a goal against us in the Prem, maybe against Arsenal (?) in similar circumstances, albeit not a free kick, and the goal stood. I think we were really unfortunate that all three marginal decisions went against us, and cost us effectively three goals.
  13. Two games in, try not to shoot too early. Also, did you actually take a picture of a phone screen to post this?!
  14. Walker-Peters stepped across Dimi and was going down before there was any contact whatsoever. It is a contact sport, for you to call a very timid coming together an "elbow" says everything.
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