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  1. To be honest, I can't remember any real game-changing pieces of play from either left back in a long time. I'm not sure what we are paying salary wise, but value for money surely has to come into it at some point.
  2. Agreed. Some fans really do have a ridiculous inferiority complex.
  3. This is the point a lot of people miss - the economics of the situation. The simple fact is that we are far more likely to lose Sainz, Sara, Sargent etc this summer than we would have been had we been promoted this season. The sad reality of modern football is that you either have to strive to get to the Premiership with little chance of success, or risk becoming a mid-table Championship side, or worse still a Birmingham.
  4. Hoping they get hammered in the final, think they will have big financial issues next season if they don't go up.
  5. We got what we deserved overall this season. I think we actually overachieved to finish in the top 6 - we are very deficient in certain areas of the pitch and relied on outstanding performances by individuals to win matches this season. Time for a rebuild.
  6. Obviously not, but I was responding to a post that said there was nothing to show Wagner would be anything other than out of his depth in the Premiership. I would suggest that a successful season with a very unfancied team is something?
  7. The same Wagner who kept a much unfancied Huddersfield up you mean?
  8. Today was very much the performance of a team not wanting to overdo it before the playoffs IMO.
  9. I've thought that so many times myself whilst passing through.
  10. He obviously hasn't been "rushed back". Do you actually think about what you write, or are you aiming for a career with the online tabloids?
  11. The only sensible answer (other than getting rid of VAR entirely). Given the limitations of the technology the lines should have greater thickness to compensate.
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