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  1. Ian

    Starting XI v Stoke

    Don't think Leitner did enough yesterday, and I can't see Farke changing the system. Emi in for Leitner, Vrancic unfortunate to miss out.
  2. Ian

    An arm away from losing

    Is this a wind-up troll account, or are you genuinely serious?
  3. Ian

    An arm away from losing

    Well the ball doesn't deviate and there's no change to the ball's rotation/spin, so why do you think there's a deflection?
  4. Ian

    An arm away from losing

    Quite agree, as can hopefully be seen below.
  5. @westcoastcanary I thought he had a perfect view?
  6. But as others have alluded to - bringing one or both of those in means big changes to the system of play that had us on 24 from 24 points. Farke champions consistency - so it was no surprise to see him go like for like with Todd. I say this as someone who has always rated Vrancic, having got into a couple of "passionate discussions" with the chaps who sit behind me who were absolutely slating him from over 12 months ago. I can rightfully see Farke making tactical changes against Wednesday - but let's not turn this into an exercise of hindsight. Many fans were slating McLean, but you can't argue with the run of form he bought into the squad. Cantwell is the new boo boy, when really we should be looking at how Emi let down the squad with his ridiculously stupid tackle against a shocking QPR.
  7. He more than played his part when we had nobody else to call on.
  8. Hey Jim, good to see you back again. You've answered your own question. Farke wouldn't change his philosophy of backing the players when we were on a run of 25 from 27. I expect changes for Friday, but let's not pretend that we're all master tacticians in hindsight when Farke has got us to the cusp of the Prem with his consistent approach.
  9. Ian

    An arm away from losing

    Absolutely. It was a very poor decision, that nobody other than westcoast (with his superiority complex) believes was a deliberate handball. That said, I think we have more than enough for it not to be a decision we look back on.
  10. Ian

    Pukki for 30!

    It's definitely on. Fancy him to get a brace on Friday.
  11. Ian

    An arm away from losing

    Appeal to authority fallacy?
  12. Ian

    An arm away from losing

    I can't find anywhere the laws of the game refer to whether an on-target shot is blocked having any relevance to whether it is deliberate hand ball or not? Happy to admit I'm wrong but I can't find any reference to it.
  13. Ian

    An arm away from losing

    I know you could start an argument with a paper bag, but I am genuinely surprised you think there was any deliberate intent from Godfrey to block the shot with his hand. If you consider the distance from the shot, the fact he clearly went in to block with his legs (hence the deflection), and that his arms were certainly not in an unnatural position, I cannot see how on the balance of probabilities it was considered a deliberate act.
  14. Ian

    An arm away from losing

    So to clarify, you believe it was a deliberate handball?
  15. Ian

    An arm away from losing

    Westcoast, please refer to the FA law that indicates it was a handball. My links are obviously out of date because it clearly refers to deliberate movement of hand to ball, and the "unexpected ball" according to distance of the ball from the man.