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  1. Why are we making so many critical individual errors at the moment? Luck of the draw, lack of confidence, or perhaps the players just aren't good enough at this level? My personal feeling is that we are so weak in midfield it doesn't matter if we have 2/3/4/5 at the back - opposition teams can go from back to front against us in a few passes and the pressure is eventually going to tell.
  2. Avoided here because too depressed after Saturday, but Idah just isn't good enough.
  3. I absolutely agree with this in general, but at some point in life you have to go with the expert opinion even if it doesn't tally with your own. Given Farke has done pretty well in his time here, I'm willing to accept there's something in Rupp that most fans don't see. As for statistics, we all know they only give a very limited interpretation of reality. Useful for some things, but I really don't think you can use them to draw any sort of valid conclusion with regards to ranking players' abilities across the league - particularly when you look at who we have played so far and the limited sample size. I suspect a single goal or assist is going to boost someone up the charts pretty quickly at this stage so wouldn't read anything into it.
  4. Well the other take is Farke must be an absolute moron to keep picking him if he's so useless and not cut out for the "top 26". Far be it for me to appeal to authority, but given he and Webber have won the champs twice and absolutely transformed the club since they took charge, I would probably question my own knowledge if I was Jack Reeve et al.
  5. Really? Quick screen grab here, looks well offside to the eye.
  6. Wrong. interfering with an opponent by: preventing an opponent from playing or being able to play the ball by clearly obstructing the opponent’s line of vision or challenging an opponent for the ball or clearly attempting to play a ball which is close when this action impacts on an opponent or making an obvious action which clearly impacts on the ability of an opponent to play the ball
  7. Best solo achievement by any British sportsperson I reckon.
  8. The crux of the Schmeichel one (and probably today's too) is whether the attacking team gain an advantage from the offside player's positioning. Against Leicester it is unquestionably debatable as to whether Todd standing where he did blocked Schmeichel's vision at all, and more importantly, made any difference to him getting to Kenny's header. My interpretation is that it made absolutely no difference whatsoever as he wasn't getting there. Today's there is no question Aubameyang gained a massive advantage standing where he is when the deliberate Arsenal action (e.g. the initial shot) took place. The fact that a freakish ricochet off another Arsenal player suddenly meant it's a different phase of play just doesn't make any sense in terms of what the law is meant to achieve. The point is, when you have such a wooly rule which is obviously so overcomplicated to cover loads of edge cases but missing many others, combined with VAR, it gives the officials every opportunity to exercise that bias, unconscious or not.
  9. Precisely. Because despite the fact we have lengthy delays nobody is privy to the actual conversations, fuelling the fact that VAR is just shifting interpretation from the on-field officials to those in some remote studio location. Still, at least we get a "checking for XXX" message on the screen 2 minutes after everyone knows that anyway...
  10. Yes, but were they checking the handball or just for offside?
  11. Get a grip. Also Amazon investing the cash into British Tennis too, so a win for socialism and capitalism coming together.
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