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  1. Ian

    Spurs v Villa

    We've seen in this division time and time again - you can't sit back for 60/70 minutes and expect to get much from the game. As soon as they took Wesley off there was absolutely no hold-up play or forays into Spurs' half, and it was extremely unlikely that Spurs weren't going to get a golden opportunity at some point. I prefer our approach and think it will bring us success this season, but we certainly need to find a bit of balance and steel so we can do what Villa did for shorter periods of time.
  2. Ian

    Spurs v Villa

    Not far off, they've got a bank of 4 and 5 behind the ball at all times, and are defending deep on the edge of their own box. Doing a very good job though, pretty sure we wouldn't be able to manage to play this way.
  3. Ian

    Spurs v Villa

    Sitting very deep and looking comfortable. Not sure Spurs look capable of breaking them down at the moment.
  4. Ian

    Well we put up a better show than West Ham

    To be fair, we were extremely naive at times in the first half. West Ham weren't naive, they were just utterly outclassed despite trying to be solid and defend fairly deep. And let's not forget they were at home, whilst we were away at a ground no team have won at in a couple of years. Make of that what you will, but I would certainly take more positives from our second half than West Ham's.
  5. Ian

    Farke's Big Test

    Thought his interview was a clear signal to Hanley. Good chap, but fluffed his lines twice now when called upon.
  6. Ian


    Also made a cynical foul. Something we should have done much earlier. Previously not been a Leitner fan, but looks like he could be the one this season.
  7. Ian


    You talking about Moritz?
  8. Ian


    Brutally honest, yet also very positive. Good things growing at Carrow Road - let's hope the footballing Gods are with us this season.
  9. Ian


    Exceptional performance, and exceptional leadership. Farhmann's challenge seems to have bought the best out of him. Discuss.
  10. For me, the rapid improvement is the key positive. Yes, defensively we were brutally exploited in the first half - but second half the defensive interceptions and reading of the game was unbelievably improved. Of course there is an argument to say Liverpool got complacent, but we caused them some real problems offensively in the second half. I think Leitner gave us much more balance, and with Klose coming back and the young lads adapting I think the only way is up.
  11. Unexpected love in! Good stuff though.
  12. Baptism by fire, but adjusted quickly. Defence going to be a big problem; Hanley not up to it - but going forward we caused the team with the best defensive record last season a lot of problems. For me, Leitner has to start. Transformed the match when he came on.
  13. Ian

    Michael Bailey

    Having signed up to The Atlantic, so far disappointed - the Android app simply doesn't work properly. In addition, MB has put out a couple of solid articles, but the love in on Twitter about them is a bit much. You would think the Pulitzer Prize is imminent based on what is a fairly uninteresting interview with Delia and Michael. That said, am looking forward to seeing how the content expands over the coming season, but also how Archant respond. For my money, the Pink Un is always going to be the paper for the locals which has the loyalty of the fans - interesting to see if the Atlantic gives the club more global exposure.
  14. Think that's pretty much spot on.