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  1. Not really got the best injury record, but a quality player. Could be a decent signing if the price is right.
  2. Ian


    Good attendance?
  3. Incredible for that age. Some kids are just prodigious. The enjoyment on her face seems to be real?
  4. Ian

    Graham dorrans

    A valid point, and previously I would have agree with you, but haven't you seen the state of the Brexit thread on here? Grown people who should know better seems to be par for the course.
  5. Ian

    Season DVD

    5 quid to post a DVD?
  6. Good appointment all round, he improved Swansea's style of play substantially - can see him doing a good job if the squad buy into it.
  7. Ian


    Great stuff. Couldn't have replaced a CB of his quality without a substantial fee, so a no brainer to offer him a decent contract IMO.
  8. Ian

    Tyrone Mings. Yes or No

    PS. **** no, not a chance in hell
  9. Ian

    Tyrone Mings. Yes or No

    Really strange that you're pretty cynical about footballers unless it's those you like. You maintain it could happen to any player. There's a lot of pro players about, so it should be fairly straightforward to list any "accidental" stamps you have heard about in the last few years that caused significant facial damage; let alone two caused by the same player.
  10. Ian

    Bore off, Brady

    "If I can offer promoted Norwich and Sheffield United one piece of advice — don't try to survive in the Premier League on the cheap." As opposed to the headline: Don't try to survive in the Premier League on the cheap' - West Ham chief warns Canaries and Blades Seems a fairly accurate representation. I imagine Karen Brady would probably not recommended shooting for the Championship title whilst reducing your wage bill by 60%, selling off 40 mil of talent and playing three young inexperienced players in defence. In other words, who cares what advice she has to offer?
  11. Ian

    McNally Tweets!

    "When they go low, we go high!" Tony Xia
  12. Posting this fantastic item on behalf of the sister-in-law... We are thrilled to be doing a silent auction to raise money for Tea & Tots East Harling. We have this signed Norwich City Football Club ball. CHAMPIONS!!! This is signed by 20 players, all of whom are awesome: Tim Krul Ben Godfrey Christoph Zimmermann Moritz Leitner Jordan Rhodes Timm Klose Emi Buendia Teemu Pukki Lord Mayor Kenny Mclean Onel Hernandez Alex Tettey Philip Heise Carlton Morris Grant Hanley Denis Srbeny Michael McGovern Louis Thompson Todd Cantwell Max Aarons Aston Oxborough Silent bids accepted - you must email roisin.shurmer@whall-engineering.co.uk with your bid, name and contact number, or send me a PM on here and I will forward on your details. Bidding starts now and will close at midday on July the 7th. All bids are completely confidential and no information will be shared or disclosed to any other parties. The winning bidder will be contacted to arrange collection/delivery by 5pm on the same day. Family members to Roisin Shurmer unfortunately cannot enter this silent auction (). Preferred payment will be via cash or bank transfer, as cheques will take some time to clear. All monies raised will go towards the running costs of Tea & Tots, including new craft supplies, rent costs and replacement of toys as and when needed. Tea & Tots East Harling is a voluntary run group for parents/carers of children from birth until school age. The group runs every Tuesday morning 9-11:30 during term time in the Old School Hall in East Harling.
  13. Ian


    I suppose you don't think us winning the title changes the poor performance in our first 6 games either?
  14. Ian


    Not sure this thread is going to age too well.
  15. Ian

    McNally Tweets!

    Smaller cycles if you have a quality backroom team with a plan though?