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  1. Crap, just realised you already posted a workaround, my bad
  2. Almost certain this is the cookie issue as it was before. The advertising/tracking/preferences obviously combine to store cookies of a size which is too large for the server to receive back again from the browser! Pretty bad oversight, but whoever manages the Pinkun hosting could easily increase the allowed cookie size to resolve it (LimitRequestFieldSize on Apache). Workaround is to clear site data for pinkun.com only (Ctrl + Shift + Del -> Close Popup -> Go to Cookies and Other Site Data -> See all site data and permissions, filter for pinkun.com under Search, click the trashcan). You will have to log in again (annoying) but it does (at least temporarily) resolve the issue.
  3. Blimey, that is remarkable. Thought they looked tidy against us but that is one hell of a turnaround.
  4. Agree wholeheartedly with this. Expecting a far better second half to the season.
  5. Sure, whatever you say. Maybe next time suffix your posts with a trigger warning if you are feeling too thin-skinned to have them discussed, will save a bit of unpleasantness.
  6. Without touching on the definition of what "your club is", you quite literally posted on a public message board in response to a discussion topic. Bit rich to tell someone to then mind their own business. Probably best to keep your opinions to yourself if you don't want them challenged.
  7. Of course. But in my opinion it is a genuinely sad reflection on modern football if, as a Norwich supporter, your immediate thoughts after an away win, cutting the gap to first by 3 points, and a generally positive and improving performance is to be unhappy just because Dean Smith is at the helm.
  8. Don't think anybody suggested we are having a good season? Just really tedious and a bit embarrassing that people can't even enjoy a decent away win without crying about Dean Smith.
  9. Also Farke didn't exactly pull up trees in his first Championship season. I seem to recall there was a decent minority of fans who wanted him out and took some time to realise they may have called it wrong. Smith has a long way to go, but it does seem like we are starting to find a bit more fluency. Just need that clinical edge now.
  10. Can't see it. Southgate too busy trying to justify why the Qatar world cup is a good thing, just like that hypocritical **** Gary Neville. Clearly a very dull yes man who likes those personalities who toe the line with total loyalty, rather than have genuine mercurial talent but may not have a face that fits. I suspect Gazza would have been left at home if Southgate was the manager.
  11. Alright. Honestly, I'm pretty happy in general so you should probably waste your pity on someone else. Anyhow, enjoy moaning about Dean Smith predicated on not being able to comprehend you may have made a mistake. The rest of us will enjoy one of the better performances of the season and another 3 points. PS. You weren't one of those "supporters" who said that the top two had gone because a 9 point gap was unassailable a few days ago were you?
  12. Actually feel a bit sorry for people who make comments like these. Must be a sad way of life.
  13. Quiet on here isn't it? Most must be out enjoying a couple of drinks in the pub.
  14. Thought we saw signs of some inventiveness from set pieces today, first time I have actually noticed something promising.
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