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  1. He seemed like a decent addition to the squad at the start of the season before he got injured
  2. Why do we pump so many long balls aimlessly upfield when the opponents defence always deals with them so easily? It’s not like we have a big target man who can win it in the air and knock it down for someone running up in support.
  3. Not impressed with Newcastle from what I've seen here, although I'm hoping Saint Maximin scores a late consolation because he's in my fantasy football team.
  4. And I think it was Martinelli's second touch for the goal, while we're at it
  5. I had really low expectations so ultimately I don't hate it, but it is kind of unnecessary. But I'm glad they didn't go full Juventus on us - now there was an abysmal badge redesign.
  6. Starting to look like there wasn't much of a plan or strategic thinking behind the Farke sacking.
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