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    He is a potentially world class centre back. At the top level he is a tall, fast, two-footed, calm, ball-playing, strong in the air, highly competitive, level-headed, English Centre back. A rare - and therefore highly valuable - commodity. He will command - by some distance - the highest value of any of our players. What may occur upon promotion is that Klose signs a new contract and - when confronted by superior teams - we play with 3 centre backs, allowing Godfrey the slightly libero role. Godfrey would be wasted in midfield. There are many other players who can be found, bought or used at CDM, it requires positional discipline, but his gifts at centre back demand that he stay there. From a purely business point of view - we are self-sustaining let us not forget - our best asset must be placed in the best shop window. A fabulous player. Enjoy him now. Parma
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    Put a beard on Emi and call him Joey Jo Jo a new academy product.
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    I think some of the criticism is shameful, the comments about Steiperman beggar belief. Sure, we didn't get the result we wanted tonight but if they hadn't scored in the last minute I reckon that we wouldn't be reading this nonsense on here tonight. One draw, one, and the knives are out, Marco has played really well this season and played his part in getting us to within touching distance of the promised land. Yet here we are,people queuing up to get stuck in. I'm not his biggest fan tbh, but he wears our shirt and gives his all, even if it sometimes isn't enough to get us a result. FFS, get behind the Team, stop looking for someone to blame and help them over the line.
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    I've been nervy all day again and it didn't help when I arrived at the swimming pool and some amateur combo were attempting to blast out "Yellow Submarine". I didn't know whether to take it as an omen or not but it definitely struck the wrong note The crowd were in good voice as you would expect and right from the off the boys were swinging the ball about with a bit of style. Reading were sitting back with everyone behind the ball and consequently all the early possession was with the home side. When the first chance fell, Pukki couldn't quite get enough on cross from the right after good work by Cantwell and Aarons. The visitors looked a much tighter outfit than QPR and despite having hardly any ball they managed to restrict the Canaries to very little in the opening stages. Hernandez finally tested Martinez with a typical run inside and a low shot to the near post which the Reading keeper did well to push for a corner. A breakthrough looked like coming at any time but the overworked Reading defence stuck manfully to the task as frustratingly half chances came and went. Hernandez then found spce near the penalty spot when Pukki cut the ball back but he didn't get ptoper contact and Martinez was able to spring to his right and make the save. As we came up to the half hour mark a loose pass from Stiepermann allowed the visitors space down the left and a quick ball in found Meite running onto it and hitting a first time effort from about six yards that flew past Krul before he could move. It was a typical bit of smash and grab and for the first time I began to think we might be in for one of those nights. For the remainder of the half City surged forward with an expectant crowd roaring them on but nothing would fall our way. Stiepermann tried to volley a bouncing ball from the edge of the area but again Martinez was equal to it. Then Pukki got on the end of a centre fizzed in hard and low from the right but somehow the ball ended up in the side netting. Cantwell then had a go at a rebounding ball as a corner was scrambled away but once more the ball bobbled a foot over the bar. Reading were defending for their lives as we came up to half time and City oh so nearly drew level. Pukki got a foot on Aarons cross but not quite enough as the ball sailed a foot wide of the far post with the keeper beaten. It was a bit of a sombre half time as we discussed possible changes. I thought Cantwell had done o.k. but it was impossible not to say that we weren't missing Emi. In any event a quick slurp of Jamesons put me back in fighting mode as the crowd got back in full song when the boys ran out. It was all one way traffic from the off with City trying to work openings down either flank. Trybull hammered in a thirty yarder that appeared to clip the outside of the post but a corner was given and the pressure ended with Aarons slamming one just wide of the other post. Then it really should have been all square as a ball came in from Lewis which Pukki powerfully headed goalwards only for Martinez to react quickly and turn it over the bar. There was a rare burst down the left form Reading and it was Miete again who this time thankfully pulled his effort wide. City were committing more and more men forward and Zimmerman had to be at his best a couple of times to prevent breaks going clear. Time began to tick away very quickly and Farke reacted just before seventy minutes by swapping Cantwell for Rhodes. City were now virtually camped outside the Reading area as corners were scrambled clear and shots were blocked. Hernandez almost caught Martinez out with a low shot but it went the wrong side of the post and yet another corner came to nothing. Now Farke moved again and Vrancic came on for Lewis with under ten to play. As we moved into the last five minutes I for one would have certainly taken a point and when Godfrey powerted forward onto the end of a return pass before rocketing a shot into the top corner, I doubt if I was alone in feeling a surge of relief. The crowd were going insane as City set about getting another and there was total mayhem in our stand when two minutes later Zimmerman's header arrowed inside Martinez's right post. It has been a long time since I've heard Carrow Road that loud and now surely the points were ours. Klose came on for Pukki as we moved into six minutes added and City looked well in control. Rhodes might have aced it a couple of minutes later but somehow headed straight at the keeper from point blank range. As we entered the last knockings Reading came forward down the right and unaccountably a player was left unmarked to lift a ball from about twenty yards past eberyone and into the corner for an unlikely equakliser. Oh dear. Dreadfully disappointing at the time but on sober reflection after the ride home, I would certainly have taken that point with five minutes to go. Over the last couple of games we've still gained a point on Leeds and held the gap to Sheff Utd. Five to go and still more than a couple of games clear, a bit unfortunate tonight but we look well capable of doing this IMO. The Yellow Submarine was depth charged but it never looked like sinking. Zimbo my MOM. Absolutely superb tonight.
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    Yep. We are appalling. This week whilst Leeds and Sheffield Utd have taken 3 points and 4 points respectively we have only taken 4 points. In the last 9 games we have only won 8 and drawn 1 25 points out of 27 - a disgrace. We didn’t play that bad Reading just got lucky. 5 games to go 7 points clear of Sheffield United so I make that now a maximum of 3 wins required assuming they win all of Millwall ( h ) Forest ( h ) Hull ( a ) Ipswich ( h ) Stoke ( a ). Leeds will also need to beat Sheffield Wednesday ( h ) Wigan ( h ) Brentford ( a ) Villa ( h ) Ipswich ( a ).
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    Nah, keep him at centre back. His skill on the ball is vital to how the team play. Rather than seeing his midfield attributes as a reason to push him further forward, recognise that we are redefining the centre back role with the system we play.
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    Make sure you've had all your jabs.
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    Christ, a signed up member of the Pinkun Illuminati. I thought Stiepermann was sh*t last night and that his sh*tness cost us the game. That is all. I don't think he is a sh*t player; he's had a brilliant season and has been crucial in our upturn in performances. I don't think the draw last night will stop us going up. I think Farke is almost a deity but got it wrong last night. This shouldn't make anyway cry into their Weetabix and assume that anyone (whisper this next bit because it's heller controversial) criticising Norwich players performances on a Norwich City FC forum is having a meltdown The only meltdowns are from those who drop their shopping at the merest hint of a suggestion that we're not the planet's greatest ever team and that every player is as good as Messi, if not better.
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    There was absolutely nothing wrong with the team selection. Despite Reading's tactic of playing with nine in defence, 3 out of 4 of the scoring chances we had in the game were created in the first 70 minutes, with Cantwell on the field. All that was lacking was the finishing. Our chance creation in the last twenty minutes simply followed the pattern of the vast majority of our games, and had more to do with exerting rising pressure on a tiring Reading defence; Rhodes contributed more to that than Vrancic. And while Vrancic's arrival had little or nothing to do with the two goals we scored, it arguably had everything to do with Reading's late equaliser. When, for heaven's sake, are we going to learn how to defend properly, rather than leaving attacking midfielders to run unchallenged and take free pots at goal from just outside our box?
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    Jesus, Pete! Did any of that first paragraph make sense in your head before it all dribbled out over the keyboard and onto our screens in glorious stream-of-consciousness-o-vision? Even the thread title is afflicted with it! I agree with the handful of observations and sentiments I was able to extricate from the passage, though (ooer!) I do love the prospect of fulfilling promotion creams, though. Made my day, that one.
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    So there we go. If Cantwell is dropped it will be for tactical reasons, but if Stiepermann isn't dropped it is because he played well. Have you heard of cognitive dissonance?
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    Interesting. So, Cantwell had a bad game did he?
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    Ah, the bastion line of the flat-earther. You're wrong. I can't offer anything to prove it, but you are JUST WRONG. YOU'RE WRONG, OK!!!! Out of interest, what do you think constitutes a sh*t performance? I mean, the best pass he played all night was a cracking through ball; the only issue being that it was towards our own goal and straight to a Reading player. He also misplaced half a dozen passes, wasted several attacks and made a weak attempt at a tackle that allowed an assist for Reading's equaliser. Has anyone ever played sh*t in a Norwich shirt in your eyes? You can't ask questions like that. A wise old man told me it was childish. I did think it was you who told me that, but clearly that couldn't be the case, could it?
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    We completely dominated the game and no-one had an awful performance. Stiepermann was far from a problem for me in that game. Still linked the play up well and looked most likely to make things happen in the final third alongside a couple of others. No need for a shake up, we were all over Reading and in other games, on other nights, we'd have been comfortable winners. Vrancic may well start on Sunday - although I wouldn't be worried if Todd still started.
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    My comprehension skills are lacking when I'm coming down too.
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    C'mon, let's sleep it off. We'll still be six points clear in the morning. YEEEEEEEEEEEEELLOWS!
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    Six points clear. See you at Wigan, folks!
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    One of the most schizophrenic posts I have ever read. Are you taking any medication? I'm not taking the **** mate. I am seriously worried.
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    Calm down everyone. If Rhodes's header would have gone in we'd all be giving it "team is...." and all that jazz; oh, and I'd be £550 up FFS!
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    Arguably very slightly less fluent in attack, but a lot more solid defensively. The team that won us the last eight before Reading hit the sweet spot for balance for my tastes. Mind you, Reading were superb tonight in my opinion. Their goalkeeper was outstanding tonight and they fully deserved the point for doing a Norwich on us at the end there.
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    No shake up for me. Vrancic in for Cantwell and leave it at that.
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    Should help to lubricate the process of 'going up'.
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    Stiepermann away at Bristol City and Leitner at home to Millwall were decent strikes, but as the OP says we haven't really scored many screamers this season. Delia out!!