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  1. I like the alliteration in the title. Just needs pinching into someone along the lines of 'Duda deal done; da daaaaa!'
  2. Chip20

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    Shame Maguire is back for Man U.
  3. Chip20

    Emi stats

    Oliveira, iirc.
  4. Chip20

    BT Sport

    To be fair, my reading of the OP was that Lakey was asking whether there was a legitimate route to getting BT Sport temporarily, perhaps in the same way you can get day passes for Sky Sports via the Now TV app.
  5. Chip20

    City v Spurs match thread

    Please don't let this slip away. Our play, courage and character deserves a win here.
  6. Chip20

    City v Spurs match thread

    And there it is...
  7. Chip20

    9 wins?

    Aye. It's massively unlikely that we will stay up from here, but not impossible. We keep seeing green shoots without really gaining any traction. Pukki is certainly doing his bit but there have been too few goals from elsewhere. It's hard to see that changing enough in the second half of the season. We keep plugging away until it is mathematically impossible, though.
  8. I have to admit I feel disproportionately better today. It was beginning to look as if we were already being cut adrift of 17th and I have been concerned about how uncompetitive we have been in several matches I had thought we stood a chance in. It was not so much the points total but rather the seemingly relentless defeats and the inability to score that seemed to have set in. Yet with one win and, more importantly, cohesive performance, the table looks so much better, as does our overall outlook. I know everything could change again in either direction in a week or two but it feels great to have a spark of confidence back and a glimmer of hope to cling to.
  9. Chip20

    Match Night Thread -

    Which appears was totally unfounded!
  10. Chip20

    Match Night Thread -

    I have a very positive vibe about tonight. COYY!
  11. Chip20

    Today's Match Thread

    Because it shouldn't have been taken in the first place!
  12. Chip20

    Article on Ben Godfrey

    I like that they refer to him as "overtime Godfrey"!!
  13. Please, God; make this isn't happening!
  14. Chip20

    Nature or nurture?

    I must admit I used to scoff a little at those who used the argument that none of our players had improved under x, y z manager as a measure of said manager's capability. However, I have completely changed my view having witnessed what the current regime has achieved. It is almost certainly not all Farke, it's the whole team and overall culture, but he is undoubtedly a massive part of it.