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  1. Just out of idle curiosity, I checked the BBC's stats for our most recent ten games and in those we were awarded a total of 57 corners, so the average and total are probably not as high as you think. It's still a bummer that we haven't scored from one of them yet, though.
  2. I'm performing CPR on it as we speak...
  3. And the 'today's team now up' thread is also gaining some momentum. I could injure myself juggling these three threads all afternoon!
  4. That's a pretty sobering bench. Hoping somebody really takes the chance to make a name for themselves today.
  5. Ha! It works if I switch to mobile data. My home ISP must be blocking it somehow. Oddly, the stream continues if I then switch WiFi on again and the mobile data off. Bonus! Thanks.
  6. Are you watching there? The player screen goes blank for me as soon as the 10s countdown finishes whether or not I click the x to close the notification.
  7. Aye, I remember it as a typical case of trying too hard and getting out-foxed by a more experienced opponent. I read observations afterwards that Francis was laughing and smiling at the end despite the humiliation (the inference being he couldn't care less because he had a contract lined up elsewhere already) but IIRC we hadn't won an away game all season and that pattern was unlikely to be broken with the pressure on.
  8. Yesterday's win was most welcome and will give everyone in and around the club a psychological boost. We still have a mountain to climb, though. It is imperative that we do not drop points in any of our relegation 'six-pointers' from here. We won't know if we have finally turned a corner until we put a run together. I'm still clinging to the hope, though, until it's mathematically impossible.
  9. Me too. But I am seeing some very charming looking young ladies...
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