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  1. Chip20

    Match Night Thread -

    Which appears was totally unfounded!
  2. Chip20

    Match Night Thread -

    I have a very positive vibe about tonight. COYY!
  3. Chip20

    Today's Match Thread

    Because it shouldn't have been taken in the first place!
  4. Chip20

    Article on Ben Godfrey

    I like that they refer to him as "overtime Godfrey"!!
  5. Please, God; make this isn't happening!
  6. Chip20

    Nature or nurture?

    I must admit I used to scoff a little at those who used the argument that none of our players had improved under x, y z manager as a measure of said manager's capability. However, I have completely changed my view having witnessed what the current regime has achieved. It is almost certainly not all Farke, it's the whole team and overall culture, but he is undoubtedly a massive part of it.
  7. I cannot wait. I have no idea what to expect but the Club have my full and unerring support in the way they have approached things. I am so proud of the NCFC family at the moment and I really hope we confound the experts and have a terrific season. Even if we ultimately fail, though, I am glad we are trying something different.
  8. Aye. It's considerably more than I was earning for the first ten years of my career.
  9. Chip20

    Is this a football site or not!

    Indeed. And, by the same token, the 'sofa' thread is relevant because there are many armchair fans of our great club, and the 'hero' thread is relevant because we all have those on the pitch, right? The Carrow Road stadium is there primarily for us to watch football, but I bet the conversation sometimes strays off-topic there and occasionally it is hijacked for other purposes. How much time is actually wasted clicking on a thread title that transpires to be non-football (and to close it) in any given day and how does that compare to how long some of you have spent moaning about it? And, finally, I would observe that there are plenty of football-related threads on here I have regretted opening after perusing the contents. Dismissing the non-football ones pales in comparison.
  10. Chip20

    Check down your sofa

    Put them in a shavings account...for a rainy day.
  11. Chip20

    Luton today

  12. Chip20

    Luton today

    And an immediate response from City!
  13. Chip20

    Luton today

    Goal to Luton.
  14. I can't wait to see what this guy can do in the Premier League this season...
  15. Chip20


    Hoping it's with us!