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  1. If we lose at home to Wycombe, without any mitigating circumstances (eg most of the team missing due to CV19 / 2 players sent off in the first 10 mins etc etc), it would be a disgrace. I wouldn’t advocate sacking Farke if this did transpire...but lose the next 2 games after that (Brentford & Bristol) and I would expect a resignation
  2. Indeed. I was merely highlighting the fact that we haven’t got the cash from the sales burning a hole in our pocket!
  3. I would expect both deals will be in the form of stage payments / instalments... Only a % of the deals will have been received in ‘cash’. That said, it should certainly be enough to bring in a couple of defenders! I still don’t really understand the logic of the McCallum loan tbh
  4. If Webber was any good, he could have got a fringe player from Everton on loan as part of the Godfrey deal... nkounkou would have been great. Just saying
  5. Unfortunately not... Have I negotiated multi million pound contracts? Yes.
  6. I can’t claim to have bought and sold football players in my career...but negotiations are part and parcel of all business. The principles of negotiation are not any different....but I’m not here to talk about work
  7. I was actually being serious. When you consider all variables in the negotiation, I don’t think holding out for £30mill was unrealistic. Webber thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips - the reality is, he’s small time...
  8. Touché Tbh I don’t really trust anyone in life...apart from my 4 yo son
  9. F**king Strihavka - Didn’t Roeder bin him off 6 months into his contract...on account of him being utter s**te?
  10. It just seems strange to me... Obviously NCFC will want to project a ‘offer they couldn’t turn down’ ...
  11. On reflection suggesting we sign a 28 year old former England international on a ‘short term deal’ is ludicrous, considering the hugely talented Kenny McClean and Rupp are vying for a place in the starting line up... You are clearly the genius
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