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zema abbey football genius

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  1. zema abbey football genius

    Jordan Rhodes

    I’d take Gayle over Rhodes if they were the same price...but they’re not.
  2. zema abbey football genius

    Jordan Rhodes

    With 6 months left on his contract at Sheff Wednesday and the lack of fit strikers available atm, surely we might as well offer Weds a few mill and get him in NOW? I know at 29 (30 in Feb) he’s not exactly one for the future, but would be a useful addition for next season...whichever league we’re in.
  3. zema abbey football genius

    Nelson Oliveira

    I see Nelson has scored 4 for AEK...despite being out injured for 4 weeks
  4. zema abbey football genius


    I was at Selhurst Park and 100% agree. I thought Drmic was awful - his first touch was horrific and he did not compete in the air. Tbf to him he was playing in a ‘Midfield’ role from what I could make out...and obviously this isn’t where he wants to be. I was actually pretty happy when he was coming on, as it was a show of intent. He was very disappointing tho, but one bad game doesn’t make him a bad player / option.
  5. zema abbey football genius

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    Really appreciate the heads up on this - me and my bro have tickets now. Let's hope they're not right behind a massive pillar!!
  6. zema abbey football genius

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    Sold out by the time a got to the front of the queue....32 mins. Oh well - best do some work I suppose
  7. zema abbey football genius

    The Murphys?

    Although there isn’t much support for a return for either of them on this thread...I wouldn’t be disappointed if either Murphy returned on loan. Both are lightning quick and capable of turning a game...traits that will be particularly important in our away games next season. I saw Josh play a number of times for Cardiff last season - he can be massively effective at times. Out of the 2 I’d be happier if we could get him back....but only on loan.
  8. zema abbey football genius

    Timm Klose on Ipswich

    What a lad
  9. zema abbey football genius

    2019-20 Priority Memberships

    I’m the same, I’ve always had a priority membership...although I have never actually lived Norfolk...even though I tell everyone that’s where I’m from I live in Staffordshire and unfortunately last season even with my points n membership I couldn’t get a ticket for Forest away. My bros and I have said that if we’re at CR first game we’ll go if we can get ticks...we’ll probably end up in different stands but I don’t care
  10. zema abbey football genius

    2019-20 Priority Memberships

    Cos I’m excited I also really want to go to the first game of the season (home or away) - but as I only got to 4 games last season I fear I won’t be able to get a ticket
  11. zema abbey football genius

    2019-20 Priority Memberships

    Still no word on the website...anyone in the know? I promise this is the last time I bring this up
  12. zema abbey football genius

    Maddison to Spurs....

    Arsenal also linked with Maddison... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7088185/Arsenals-finances-disarray-missing-Champions-League-means-45m-spend.html
  13. zema abbey football genius

    Dwight Gayle

    I agree... If the Sheikh buys them they won’t be bothered about a few mill anyway
  14. zema abbey football genius

    Jordan Rhodes?

    Do you work in the public sector?
  15. zema abbey football genius

    Saido Berahino

    He is obviously talented...but hasn’t got so much talent that he’s got worth a punt on IMO. Nélson Oliveira on the other hand...