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  1. An ironic post after stating insult merchants are not welcome. lol
  2. It was a close run thing between the 2 of them…ahaha I’d like to see the pass success rates of the two of them - all I remember from the second half was Onel either ‘passing’ the ball off the pitch or to a Watford player… Admittedly I have tried to delete most of the second half from memory.
  3. Onel was truly woeful. You can never say he’s not giving his all, but he had an absolute stinker… Not that anyone covered themselves in glory…he was just glaringly bad.
  4. I think the reality is, teams / players get found out. If Pep was in charge here, we might be doing better, but certainly wouldn’t be setting the league on fire.
  5. No, it’s shanter. If I’ve learnt one thing from following Norwich over the years, is that it’s prudent to never celebrate early…it can often bite you in the ****. Let’s hope this is the case with this brain dead chav. The fact that he is only on loan there makes this pretty bizarre tbh
  6. Thanks for reinforcing my original point pal. The definition of vaccine was changed from ‘providing immunity’ to ‘providing protection’ from a specific disease. The decision whether to have the ‘vaccine’ or not is a personal choice….I’m happy with my choice, as you appear to be with yours.
  7. I’m pretty sure when I had a yellow fever vaccine it prevented me from contracting said infection and prevented me from spreading the infection to other countries… But you are clearly an expert, so feel free to correct me
  8. I wouldn’t waste your time, why would you know more about the culture and ways of life in the Middle East, than someone who gobbles up whatever propaganda the media in the UK provides?! It’s probably the same people who queued up for the vaccine and are now catching Covid…lucky that they changed the definition of ‘vaccine’ in 2022.
  9. I couldn’t agree more. Anyone who’s played (any standard!) football in their life will realise it’s pretty difficult to control header when the ball is fizzed at you… He’d have actually been better trying to ‘chest it in’…but tbf to Idah he didn’t have much time to react. I am no Idah lover…but this is not a ‘how did he miss that?’ chance!
  10. As they beat Wolves, who subsequently beat Man City, they are basically the best team in England right now.
  11. Don’t forget the positive noise, views and opinions of the potential future success of Springett and Hwang…you love to see it
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