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  1. I’d probably have Grabban back too...proven goalscorer in the Championship...and Johnson won’t sh@g his missus this time
  2. There’s been a few rumours flying around recently regarding former players potentially returning to CR. Many of the views on here have been negative towards the players linked (Bennett and Martin) - I was wondering who would be welcomed back (if money was no object)? Limited to players still actually playing ( & discounting Maddison and Kane) I would go for Nathan Redmond. I would not be disappointed to see Josh Murphy return RVW...? Thoughts?
  3. He looks pretty much the same as when he played for us - positionally good, neat & tidy...not a patch on Alex tho
  4. I actually stated it wasn’t down to a lack of effort in my original post... It’s the excruciatingly slow, possession based game we play - all the sideward and backward passing...we lack intensity. Godfrey aside I can’t remember a player making a full blooded challenge since the re-start either.
  5. The most disappointing thing for me since the restart is the lack of intensity. I expected us to be fired up & in people’s faces...if we lost then it was down to quality, not effort. I’m not saying the boys didn’t put effort in...Farke just seems so reluctant to change our approach. Confidence is low...so surely a ‘high press’ and no risks at the back would have been better? I don’t know the answer...but I have become more and more disillusioned with each game (Man Utd FA Cup game aside)
  6. If he’s fit then definitely worth a punt to the end of the season! https://www.teamtalk.com/news/sturridge-a-free-agent-after-surprise-trabzonspor-exit
  7. I’d take Gayle over Rhodes if they were the same price...but they’re not.
  8. With 6 months left on his contract at Sheff Wednesday and the lack of fit strikers available atm, surely we might as well offer Weds a few mill and get him in NOW? I know at 29 (30 in Feb) he’s not exactly one for the future, but would be a useful addition for next season...whichever league we’re in.
  9. I see Nelson has scored 4 for AEK...despite being out injured for 4 weeks
  10. I was at Selhurst Park and 100% agree. I thought Drmic was awful - his first touch was horrific and he did not compete in the air. Tbf to him he was playing in a ‘Midfield’ role from what I could make out...and obviously this isn’t where he wants to be. I was actually pretty happy when he was coming on, as it was a show of intent. He was very disappointing tho, but one bad game doesn’t make him a bad player / option.
  11. Really appreciate the heads up on this - me and my bro have tickets now. Let's hope they're not right behind a massive pillar!!
  12. Sold out by the time a got to the front of the queue....32 mins. Oh well - best do some work I suppose
  13. Although there isn’t much support for a return for either of them on this thread...I wouldn’t be disappointed if either Murphy returned on loan. Both are lightning quick and capable of turning a game...traits that will be particularly important in our away games next season. I saw Josh play a number of times for Cardiff last season - he can be massively effective at times. Out of the 2 I’d be happier if we could get him back....but only on loan.
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