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  1. We'll just add it to the burgeoning list of other things that are beyond you.
  2. Maybe not, but saying he would walk into the England midfield is side-splittingly hilarious.
  3. Subtle. Praise a post telling people to lay off the Dark Knight and the bring up the World Cup. I like it.
  4. **** me, just watched Southgate's interview. He's a total ****ing dud. Worse than Smith.
  5. As soon as we meet a decent side we'll lose, as has always been the case under Southgate.
  6. The Mount playing every minute is even more baffling than the McLean situation at Norwich. It doesn't matter how abject he is, and he has been utterly abject consistently for England, he starts and is rarely subbed.
  7. He's dreadful. Utterly, utterly dreadful. We'll lose to Wales.
  8. Switch any one of the 31 other managers at the World Cup with Southgate and you instantly improve this team. He's the worst there. Negative, clueless, rubbish. I don't think I'd swap Smith for him.
  9. If my surname is a Welsh player, can I get a free pint during an England game? I'd need more than a free pint to drag me out to watch the Welsh.
  10. Best Fan Engagement Award? Brilliant, obviously nothing to worry about then, all is well!
  11. If I got to **** off to pursue my hobbies for weeks regularly throughout the year and only had to put in 90% effort, I'd do it!
  12. This is spot on, and yet you have people on here saying, "Don't forget, the fans had turned on Farke" whilst at the same time claiming that people against Smith are just a noisy minority or only exist on social media. Bizarre.
  13. Because there are none so blind as those who will not see.
  14. Why does the saying "there are none so blind as those who will not see" spring to mind here?
  15. Last time I went in was years ago and it was just cans back then. The drunk barman couldn't get rid of them fast enough. I bought three and he gave me five. Cash only as the cars machine "wasn't working". Absolute state of a pub, but it got our party nicely ready for a night out for very little cash! Can't believe it's still like that.
  16. I still can't access it via Chrome or Edge. Like others have said, I clear the cache and all cookies etc, can load the page but then when I log in, Bad Request. I can only get on using Samsung Internet on my phone. I won't download another browser just because Archant are incompetent.
  17. It's not cheap or undignified, but even if it was, they're just fighting fire with fire; turning up on a reality TV show as a politician who is a major subject in an ongoing inquiry couldn't be any cheaper or less dignified. The bereaved have every right to display their anger however they see fit.
  18. And Farke's 2019/20 win % was 13.1 Smith's 2021/22 win % was 14.8 The 19/20 squad had £750k spent on it.
  19. He had 4 wins in 27, not 6. And 43% when you are in charge of the favourites for a top 2 finish is awful. And it's interesting you only want to compare Farke and Smith at EPL level, why not look at their comparative Championship records? After all, that's the level we are now at. It's also interesting that you mention a short preseason, something everyone had to deal with, as an explanation/excuse for Smith's failings this season. However, the preseason prior to that was far more difficult with the Covid outbreak, something that only really impacted one or two others to the extent it did us. Yet you appear to have little sympathy for the manager overseeing that near insurmountable obstacle despite it being far more challenging than dealing with the same short preseason everyone else had to. Imagine being a club like Burnley with that short preseason, massive player turnover, manager unfamiliar with his squad, loads of new players to integrate. How are they doing? I guess that's cognitive dissonance for you.
  20. Bit hard for most European nations to gripe about stealing resources from Africa, to be fair.
  21. Careful @cambridgeshire canary, reporting him attending a game upsets Webber and Co.
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