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  1. Apart from how much ****ing fun it is getting promoted. I hate the Premier League, with hindsight and given it as an option, I'd have preferred to stay down and defend our title. Wealth and good fortune with the officials are absolutely the main two influences on who wins and loses. That isn't sport. I think it's why I'm being drawn more and more to other sports like Snooker and Tennis. They reward almost only two things, hard work and talent. That's it. OK, the occasional fluke affects a frame or a game but generally the person who has trained hardest, honed their abilities and been blessed with a talent wins out. That's sport. I don't know what Premier League football is these days but it isn't sport. It's closer to WWF Wrestling than Snooker or Tennis.
  2. Farke has both the hardest and easiest job in the Premier League this season. Hardest because I can't think of a single manager in the Premier League in recent years who has been so pitifully backed in the summer transfer window. Easiest in that we could end the season with 20 points and still have people, myself included, arguing that he should stay in the post to lead us through another Championship campaign.
  3. Yeah, McLean was class. Was it the matchday sponsors call for MOTM of the TV studios? I only ask because of the three clearcut chances we failed to convert in the second half, McLean's was the easiest and really should have hit the back of the net, so if it was someone with Norwich connections then they may have been a little miffed by that and chose someone else?
  4. There were rumours that this rule would change this season but the rumours kicked off a bit of a stink and the IFAB came out and said that they were not considering, though no smoke without fire so they probably were.
  5. The free kick wasn't a foul. Xhaka dived. This whole "there was contact" thing is a relatively recent phenomenon. There was significantly more contact on Zimmermann prior to the handball than there was from McLean on Xhaka. Xhaka had his back to goal, McLean made an honest attempt to win the ball and makes next to no contact on Xhaka who then threw himself to the floor, reasonably confident he'd be given a freekick. Cheating pr!ck even then grabs his shin as if that somehow could have gotten hurt. David Luiz actually grabs Zimmermann's arm with one hand and with his other arm pushes it into Zimmermann's stomach and, as he already left the floor, actually alters the trajectory of his jump. I suspect had Xhaka been in Zimmermann's position, he'd have thrown himself to the floor and rolled around as if he'd been stabbed and the useless sack of **** with a whistle would have given him the freekick.
  6. It's like those councils using anti-terrorist legislation to catch people putting incorrect things in their dustbins. VAR should be used to eradicate clear and obvious errors that our referees make all too frequently. It also should not be triggered or operated by any of the clowns who have necessitated its need, namely our proven and consistently incompetent referees and officials. If encroachment was not so obvious as to be noticed by the on field officials then the player did not gain a significant advantage. Furthermore, the fact that if Aarons had been removed from the equation would not have affected the outcome of the penalty miss adds more frustration. The PGMOL, perhaps the only organisation that can rival The FA with their utter ineptitude, say that Aarons involvement had a material outcome on the game, which is objectively nonsensical. And I'm not even sure whether he enroached at all. His feet certainly didn't enter the box and whilst I am aware a football pitch is 3 dimensional and that a ball mid-air that passes a line is considered over it, are the rules the same for player's bodies? It's not like it's a throw in if a player has one foot off the pitch and touches the ball on the field with his other foot. By what happened yesterday, if a player was stood, toes to chalk on the edge of the box as a penalty is struck but had his arm pointing forwards and then subsequently cleared a missed penalty, that would be encroachment. It's complete and utter ****. And anyone who thinks if the boot was on the other foot that we would be getting a retake is two stops short of Dagenham. VAR needs to be taken out of the hands of these jokes. Give the coaches and/or captains a flag a la NFL.They get one or two challenges a half which they have to throw on the field within a few seconds of the decision. If the challenge is successful, they get the flag back, if not then it's wasted. It's very visual so once the flag has been thrown on the field, everyone watching, including the poor saps in the stadium, know there will be a review. No one from Arsenal would have been flagging for encroachment after that penalty. It would have also given us a chance to challenge when Aubamayang handled the ball near the halfway line in front of the South Stand about 30 seconds before they won their corner from which the second goal came. Complete ****.
  7. He didn't step foot in the box before the penalty was kicked. His body was leaning in. Lacazette and Hernandez had feet in the box. Even now, sober and having calmed down somewhat, I was correct with the title of this thread. Complete and utter ****.
  8. And again I'll ask, were the referees wrong with every single other missed penalty this season when a defender had encroached, as demonstrated a few posts back?
  9. Fair play, not many people on here can admit when they're wrong, even with photographic evidence showing it!
  10. Saw it, I missed the head to head so was bewildered when it said no red card as I was expecting a ruling on if it was a penalty. More horse ****.
  11. They're also saying all the other missed penalties this season should have been retaken but you're saying you wouldn't exoect them to be but that today's was right?
  12. I saw it at the game and took the still from video footage. It was, according to the letter of the law, absolutely a foul. Luiz makes significantly more contact with Zimmermann's arm and midriff than Zimmermann's hand makes with the ball. A foul is a foul and Zimmermann was fouled. I would have thought someone who felt the encroachment laws should be so rigorously applied would have the same approach for fouls. Do you think the refs got it wrong by not demanding all the other missed penalties this season were retaken?
  13. They were all missed penalties bar Milner's, where an attacker encroached. So why would you not want them retaken but think var got it right today?
  14. Are you standing for election? A politician's dodge of a question. You clearly are a stickler for the rules given your opinion on the encroachment (so presumably you think the refs in the other matches with missed penalties made mistakes?) so why do you think that Zimmermann wasn't fouled, when you've been presented with evidence that prior to the handball, he clearly had his arm held by the player? I admit a still does not show the whole incident, it omits to show the push with Luiz's other arm on Zimmermann's torso, but it does objectively show his arm being grabbed, which is as much an infringement as encroachment is it not? Or have I missed a rule update? Is it open season on limb grabbing?
  15. Does it show the Arsenal playing holding onto Zimmermann's arm? Is holding on to the arm of a player against the rules?
  16. And it doesn't even touch on the fact that Chambers should have been booked twice, there was a handball on the build up to their goal scoring corner and as someone else said, the free kick before the "handball" was questionable. And McLean was correctly booked. Game is even more dead than it is if you're giving a red for that.
  17. It's total and utter ****. There have been five missed penalties this season. Three we obviously know well. Tettey encroaching And again, with Lewis joining him. Leitner in the box. Maginal, but RuLeS aRe RuLeS. **** ref. Pogba v Wolves in August? Retake. Erm, no. Rashford misses again, James encroaching. Retake? Nope, man that ref must be rubbish. And how lucky did Liverpool get against Leicester? Last minute penalty to win it, but rules are rules and encroachment is clear... Retake? I'll give you a clue, the answer isn't yes. And Liverpool take all three points. For sure, apply the letter of the law absolutely rigidly and every single penalty miss this season should have been retaken, as should Milner's against Leicester. But it never happens and it shouldn't happen. But presumably you think the referees were incorrect in all the above instances but correct today, right? Furthermore, if you are applying the letter of the law to that, then you do it for all facets of the game... ...and therefore grabbing on to the arm of a defender as he attempts to head clear a freekick is a foul, even moreso when the other arm is pushing against the same player's midriff.
  18. It's now more a frame of mind than a generation bracket. And the idea that a six year old could "listen" to swear words on a message board is a pretty boomerish one. I thought a millennial would appreciate using the Internet to vent rather than subjecting it to his son. You are right though, it is a terrible shame he couldn't fully enjoy a 2-2 draw with Arsenal, owing to the fact that issues which have nothing to do with sport have prevented a good point that won't be thought of in a few years time from being what it should have been (and would have been, with a touch more competency and/or justice) a second historic victory this season that would still be mentioned years down the line.
  19. He was class and hopefully will only get better. Mind you, that awful pass near the end nearly killed us.
  20. If I'd ever witnessed the level of ****-uppery I did today then I couldn't guarantee a polite pitch side manner, fortunately the standard of unpaid officiating vastly, vastly exceeds the performances of Premier League equivalents so my behaviour hasn't been tested.
  21. I take it you watched in on TV and haven't forked out a **** ton on a season ticket to watch something that is starting to struggle to justify it being classified sport. And you didn't take a 6 year old who's been put off because of all the ****. I'm also pretty drunk so overreaction is inevitable, just be grateful it's moaning on here as the alternative was hanging around Carrow Road waiting for Michael Oliver to vent in a more constructive way. Constructive in that he'd never GE able to **** up a football match again. ****.
  22. And anyone, absolutely anyone, else reffing, even Arsene ****ing Wenger or Ian Wright, wouldn't have had the brass neck to not give Chambers a second yellow on one of his two blatantly bookable challenges. And again, Zimmermann was fouled, by the letter of the law (don't think if was Luiz, the other stupid haired ****). You don't like seeing them given due to the fact it'd ruin the game and it doesn't really have a material impact on the game. So he let that go but then suddenly gets all **** about the letter of the law over encroachment. Total ****ing ****. And again, the ball struck Aubamayang's hand as he controlled the ball in the build up to their goalscoring corner. Had it been a Norwich hand it's a freekick every ****ing day of the week.
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