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  1. westcoastcanary

    Leeds Fined £200K For Spygate !

    A victim mentality is always boring. Good to know that so many posters now realise it. I'm sure they'll now think twice before indulging in it themselves .....................
  2. westcoastcanary

    Bristol City

    I now have to make sure every post confirms that minorities are always wrong ..........
  3. westcoastcanary

    Bristol City

    But "the best team in the league" still got beat 3:0 by Preston, who are currently chasing Bristol's coat tails. Should be a great game.
  4. westcoastcanary

    Bristol City

    As though it's entirely down to us whether we "lose" our passing game or "get it back"? I'd say a big part of the question is whether Bristol are Preston or Bolton.
  5. westcoastcanary

    Leeds Fined £200K For Spygate !

    I have a lot of such days Branston. Of course mine is a minority view from the perspective of a signed up member of the Old Boys club. As I said at the start, it is simply an offence against a peculiarly British sense of fair play. To pick up on what Stuart Webber said, it's like asking members of a monogamous society whether it's OK to have more than one wife. Doesn't stop UEFA taking action against clubs for racist behaviour by their fans in UEFA competitions, and yes, prompted by pressure from the FA amongst others, the widespread complaint being that UEFA have been slow to act and the action taken, including fines, derisory. Nor did any such convenient distinction as the one you try to draw stop UEFA fining Liverpool FC for the attack on the Man City bus.
  6. westcoastcanary

    Bristol City

    From whoscored.com They last lost 0:2 to Leeds in the match prior to playing Ipswich. The run also includes two FA Cup matches (not shown) before going out to Wolves this weekend.
  7. westcoastcanary

    Leeds Fined £200K For Spygate !

    She gets it.
  8. westcoastcanary

    Leeds Fined £200K For Spygate !

    It's on a par with the committee of an Old Boys club reprimanding a member for contravening "the spirit" of the dress code. "The blaggard actually turned up in ....... (I can barely bring myself to say it) ..... jeans" (sniff).
  9. westcoastcanary

    Leeds Fined £200K For Spygate !

    Not at all. All it shows is that it offended against a peculiarly British sense of fair play. Tut, tut, we don't want that sort of behaviour here (sniff). One of the most comical spin offs was Martin Keown pontificating about "the ethics of the game".
  10. westcoastcanary

    Are NCFC playing best quality football in Champs?

    There's a delightful irony to the comments provoked by my earlier post. In football, "best" is inextricably linked to winning titles. Just ask Wenger, whose post-Invincibles Arsenal teams played beautiful football but never won anything apart from the FA Cup (note how, in keeping with that concept of best, pointing out that Arsenal won the FA Cup several times counts as nothing more than damning with faint praise). The point about the Hungarians of the early 50s, the Dutch side of '74, the Ajax side that invented total football, Guardiola's Barca sides, the Spanish national team of a year or two back, was not just that they played lovely football but that they also won things, things that mattered like European Championships, World Cups and their leagues year after year. Broadstairs asks whether anybody would swap our team, style of play or manager for any others? Like the rest of you my answer is No! keelansgrandad asks whether anyone in the league better exemplifies the current trend towards "a fast paced passing game with a press on opposing teams"? And like the rest of you my answer is No! So where's the irony? It lies in the fact that the vast majority of those eulogising our football this season are totally committed to the inextricable link between "best" and winning things that matter. If at the end of the season we haven't won the Championship, or haven't won automatic promotion, or haven't won the play-offs, how many of you will truly be finding solace in being able to say "we played the best football in the league"? And here's the irony. One of the few who will genuinely not be searching for solace of any kind, will be me!
  11. westcoastcanary

    Audrick Kramer - Steven Naismith's agent?

    My goodness BB, that's some barrel scraping
  12. westcoastcanary

    Other Clubs Forums

    Only one link per club? As it is, other club's supporters will never have the benefit of morty's trenchant comments (or the half of Fenway Frank's) ...........
  13. westcoastcanary

    Are NCFC playing best quality football in Champs?

    What on earth does "the best quality football" mean? If it means playing football that has supporters and neutrals, and even sometimes opponents, purring, then we play some of the best quality football in this season's Championship. But that could be said of Wenger's Arsenal in the EPL through most of the long period of playing beautiful football but not winning anything. And it has been said of at least two of our rivals this year, Leeds and Sheffield Utd. Maybe it means the football that will see us crowned Champions? Well, we don't yet know; time will tell. Crabby thinks our football is "better" than the football Wolves played last year. What's the proof of the pudding Crabby? If the answer lies in the league table at the end of the season, to match Wolves's total of 99 points we'd need to win all but one of our remaining matches; we've already conceded more goals than Wolves did in the whole of last season, and we'd have to almost double our GD to match their +43. We are playing good but far from flawless football. Where it takes us, we must wait and see. And even if Ipswich have what Town fans consider would constitute "the last laugh", of being able to look forward to two derby games next season, the "quality" of our football this season will not have been diminished.
  14. westcoastcanary

    JR - top man!

    For heaven's sake yellowrider120 (or anybody else for that matter), don't distract the players when getting off the coach. If Teemu Pukki fell down the steps, or tripped on a bollard he hadn't noticed on his way to sign an autograph, that could be our season finished. Particularly in unfamiliar surroundings at away matches ......................
  15. The point can't be stressed too much, that a stat such as xG is retrospectively insightful rather than predictive, however much people in betting try to make out otherwise. For example, at the end of last season Sky (I think it was Sky) published a table showing how the EPL League Table would have looked had places been determined purely on the basis of each club's cumulative xG for the season. That's fine; it invites you to compare the xG table with the table based on actual results, and start thinking about why the two differed. If club X finished 10th in the real table, but 6th in the xG table, what can be learned from the existence of the discrepancy? That ex post facto insight gathering exercise is what analytics is all about; it's not a contribution to the art of predicting the future. Incidentally, on the question of what to make of our lofty topping of the Championship "Goals over Expected Goals" Table, here is another graphic from Norwich City Stats: Yes, that's right! The blue line was Ipswich last season! What it shows is that Ipswich began by massively out scoring their xG and then regressed to scoring in line with, and then well below, xG. To complete the picture you of course need to chart their league position game by game; suffice it to say they topped the league early on, but finished twelfth.