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    He's going to sack Johnson.
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    So if you are worried about your eyesite, put all your family in the car and drive 30 miles is an appropriate eye test??
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    Thanks Indy. This thread is purely for info. I just check certain checks each day and watch Jenners tweets. I don’t want this to be political, it is just me putting in info for people to judge for themselves. I hope in fact that people are happy and won’t take offence where I see a story like 50/50 that it works or not and I quote what they said and not what the papers changed it to. I have seen nothing over the last few days that show the Oxford vaccine as Brits is our best hope at present.
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    Not on this thread BF, there’s more than enough politics in the main thread, you’ve been asked by lots of people to just stay on topic the ongoing trials, treatments and how they’re going. You’ll soon be joined by the rest and this thread will be another ruined by the same old posters it’s their agendas. Just leave the politics out of this thread please.
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    Not really into politics but that press conference tonight was a car crash! Boris was completely out of his depth once the questions started coming.
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    Is that the new single from the Manic Street Preachers? Though I doubt anyone will get the reference.
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    There weren't any extenuating circumstances. They're scamming you and you are falling for it. Stop falling for it.
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    Cummings took his wife on a birthday outing to Barnard Castle. He broke the regulations. You've got to take away all the hype and frenzy that has built up around this story and see the human element. So much of what we have been told by the media was wrong. One of the misconceptions there has plainly been on social media is that Barnard Castle is a castle...it is not, it is a town which happens to have a castle. He only drove as far as the outskirts of the town and turned back - he did not go into the town - and even if he had have gone into it, there is nothing to do there as it is shut, including the castle. My main sympathies are with those people who have found themselves in dire situations and just have to ride out the storm where they are, but I also have a little bit of sympathy with anyone who does what they do for the sake of looking after their family when all those around them are falling ill and with a good chance of themselves falling ill too - and with a young child to look after. The guidelines were clear of course - you stay home - but there was always the caveat that there could be extenuating circumstances - and given the factual information we now have, it looks as if there were extenuating circumstances in this case. Time to let this rest and move on imo....unless people are just relishing the tory bashing aspect of all this and just want to perpetuate it for that reason.....the media too have been parasitic in pursuing this, repeating rumour and stuff that has appeared on social media as if it was the truth. Plenty of it has just been a witch hunt which has got out of proportion to the reality - a man looking after his family to the best of his ability and resources.
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    A final point (at least for tonight) which I have’t seen made in the wake of Cummings explanation. If this was all above board and entirely in line with the rules, and not at all illegal, and Cummings thought so at the time, why didn’t his wife detail it all in her Specsavers, er sorry, Spectator article, rather than writing it in such a way that everyone was left with the strong impression they had stayed in London the whole time?
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    How on earth did people fall for the anti-elite, anti-establishment schtick these people came out with? It's truly bizarre because it is so brazen.
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    Not for me, I’ll wait until normality has returned-I’m not “dying to see the game”.
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    Funnily enough a lot of people learned a lot of hard lessons from the Iraq War scandal. A lot of faith was lost in British institutions especially the Government and Fleet Street, which persuaded a lot of good people to back something that turned out to be extremely rotten. But then again, a lot of people didn't learn a single bloody thing from that disaster.
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    Do we still have the Championship trophy? If they promote from the EFL w/o completing their fixtures I say we keep it...
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    That was almost two decades ago, and completely irrelevant - but agreed a horrible mistake to follow the US lead on that lie. This is about the twin crisis the country is in now, as it relates to dealing with the biggest health and potentially the biggest financial crisis in a century and the biggest change to our trading relationships in two generations. So the fact that the current government is currently "spaffing its credibility up against a wall" means it won't be able to properly govern through these twin crisis - what's so hard to understand or controversial about that?
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    An unelected Civil Servant gets a TV platform to mug us off further and laughs as he leaves the table. Boris is waiting for his puppetmaster Cummings to tell him he can sack him. Meanwhile the Country stumbles to economic disaster as this arrogant untouchable to$$€r pulls the strings. Grow some Boris and get shot of Cummings, look at how other Countries who are “ahead of us” are doing and get this Country back on its feet.
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    Barnard Castle's Trip Advisor is getting a bit of a hammering. I have the sneaky suspicion that they are not all genuine reviews.
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    Bugga the Ballot......Attend the games incognito.....dress as a Seagull or a Pigeon..... They perch on the support structure of the Jarrold/South Stand and are able to see the games for nothing......
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    Why the fook has nobody asked about driving a child in a car when you can’t see
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    Jackanory.......what a total crock of made up ****e! He should have resigned honourably to protect Bumbling Boris! This is now really messy and going to get worse!
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    Why is he being allowed airtime? I cannot believe an unelected adviser is being allowed to put his case to the public.
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    Judging by your username, have you considered getting your size right?
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    I slightly agree but I think you've got to factor in the role our electoral system plays in keeping this duopoly. Too many people in this country have votes that either dont count or only count if they hold their nose and vote for one of these two parties.
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    "What planet are they on ?" ask the Daily Mail. Same planet they've always been on - planet unicorn, planet fantasy world, planet 'loose association with the truth', planet 'me me me' and so on. It doesn't really matter - if you were mug enough to vote for them don't be at all surprised to be treated like a mug. After all many (even in the Tory party) gave due warning. Surprised it's taken the Daily Mail this long to realize. Mugs too. So what are they going to do about it ?
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    Yes, saw that - amazing and once again the polar opposite of Johnson yesterday who was just asked a few simple questions and reacted as if he'd been hit by a major quake! Also very refreshing that even when on national television she talks like a normal human being rather than mouthing political spin, difficult to avoid wishing we were New Zealand right now - well for the last two years actually!!
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    How is it that Mario has spent most of the season out of the team? 11 league appearances and most of those as a last ditch sub getting 5 minutes on the pitch if he's lucky. The man has the ability to influence games and turn them in our favour. He's the best free kick taker we have by some distance. IMO he's a superior player and a a far better all round option than Duda, Rupp, Stiepermann, Hernandez and Drmic. If we are going to avoid relegation, he should start every game from now on.
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    I thought the wording was 'exceptional circumstances' rather than extenuating, not that it really matters either way. What are these exceptional circumstances??? There must have been tens of thousands of families in the same or very similar circumstances to the Cummings where one parent catches the virus, and I think its a pretty fair assumption that the Cummings are better able to get assistance with childcare if they needed it than most. The instructions are absolutely clear cut and they are instructions from the Government not advice. Cummings completely flouted them and I haven't heard a single word to justify that there being anything 'exceptional' or 'extenuating' in his circumstances, just the arrogant assumption that he didn't have to follow the same rules as the all the plebs. So far he seems to have assumed correctly, which is good news as he is dragging Johnson down with him and PMQs this week is going to be an absolute treat
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    Dynamite if true Squito!!!!!, not doubting you but theres been so much BS flying in all directions that I'm gonna wait until I get my hand on my still wet from the press copy of The Sun in the morning then I'll learn the facts. Or I could wait until tomorrows briefing to get the truth. This Cummins guy is literally unbelievable.....and I dont often get the chance to use ' literally ' correctly.
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    How were they unable to look after their child at the time they went up to Durham when, as Cummings said earlier, he had no symptoms whatsoever and his wife had some symptoms of covid but no fever and no cough (so basically a mild cold). Or are you suggesting that if you have a kid you’re fine to flout the law every time you get a sniffle just on the off chance it becomes something more serious?
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    Dont worry, I was looking forward to all my pre season City bets being null and void, its been like having my toenails pulled.
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    Can't wait for my refund.....I'm gonna get myself an adult size Seagull or Pigeon outfit with the dosh....(see the 'ballot for next season thread').....
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    On a side note, 121 deaths today, with about 1200 new cases today, positive as it’s still coming down.
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    Will there be a membership fee to entitle you to enter the ballot ?
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    Tested his eyes by putting his child in a car, stopping at an isolated river bank, sitting around there for a bit until he got spotted, droving to a forest, playing there for a bit until he got spotted again and then went home. Don’t you test your eyes like that as well?
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    No need, Nappies will be sold on Carrow bridge by the guy who sells half n half scarves. The real bonus is that if you dont actually use said nappy or if you have a tumble drier then the Nappy will be ok to use for another match....unlike h n h scarves.
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    Top man, I do agree with a lot of what you’ve said on the main thread BF, this is one thread where we can all take heart on the good work by those doing the trials, the scientists working on the treatments.......there’s certainly good feeling on this thread BF.
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    I agree you have to factor the electoral system into this and it is infuriating to live in a place where your vote basically doesn't count. Until people get so fed up with the two party system that they stop voting for either of them, this mad duopoly is going to carry on. It could change - but we probably need a new party to come up with something that can grab a huge amount of people's attention and make the breakthrough. Unfortunately the Libdems aren't up to the task, the Greens......well they could make headway if circumstances were right.....but to get enough people to vote for something other than tory or labour, it is going take something radical - or a green/liberal alliance based - or something totally new.. Brexit might still do it - if Boris and his crew carry on like they are, the brexit negotiations are likely to p*ss off enough voters to vote for another party next time. Unfortunately, it looks as if Labour have someone in charge who has a bit about him so all the labour voters who voted tory will probably go back to labour.....but then if somehow the tories can completely break down as a party, it might just see a sea change in the two party system. There are other factors - further devolution may happen with NI being a particular issue with brexit and who might start heading towards independence and/or a united Ireland and Scotland is always likely to vote for independence if the brexit thing unravels. Wales might tag along for the ride too when hey see NI and Scotland go. All this will take years to happen, but the one thing I am totally sure of is that the way we choose our governments is so outdated as to be utterly impractical. Year after year of inept t*t for tat politics, style over substance and a media that can't help itself is gradually producing a dystonic society. All those films that depict different versions of dystonia don't look half so far fetched as they used to. I always think of The Running Man where the dystonia is almost complete - with people engulfed and addicted to the media/government led games.....accept as in the film there will always be people who will fight for freedom. To stop us heading towards that kind of world, it will need a huge change in society because as it stands with Trump in America and the UK echoing the way the US are doing things with it's "style over substance", the way forwards is going to be rocky. Bringing it back to today, the way the virus situation has been handled from the word go was predictable, with no preparation or planning and then half measures - but then we did vote Boris in, so maybe it is all our fault..........
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    My tear ducts leaked at a Norwich game
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    If we went for a regional approach do we think that people would stay in theirs or would it encourage the sort of mixing that would be terrible? I reckon that we are a very mobile society naturally who are getting beyond fed up and prepared to push at the laws anyway. Regional opening might actually make the problem worse.
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    https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/three-years-of-farke-at-norwich-1-6669088 This post should be enjoyed, purely for Big Vince's contributions.
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    Some people are either so stupid and believe anything they are told or they choose not believe what they are told. For Daly to rattle out about Corbyn is just to paper over the fact that Johnson is a complete and utter and contemptible fool. We have had the Secretary of State for the Environment out more time than the PM at briefings. And when the PM does finally bother to turn up to the lectern it is only to lie about an unelected Svengali like rule breaker. THe UK has made up its mind about what has happened, not only with this situation, but the lies and exaggerations that have marred the Government's handling of the Covid 19 crisis. Sunak has come across as someone in command of his ministry but the rest have been poor at answering questions and the PM doesn't even bother answering. So to compare what might have been if the election had been different is ridiculous. This mob won and have now shown, whatever pretend sympathies they have, they cannot govern properly especially with a buffoon as leader.
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    Correct But now we have a PM who is happy to let old people die. Someone who hasn't got the backbone to face the nation except to try and save the skin of someone who wasn't even elected. No fool like an fool is there?
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    Do you know what, that's pretty much exactly what I was thinking. This thread is surely the most important and interesting one on here because it talks about the chance of basically eradicating this virus. Anybody who is truly on this message board to talk about the virus would have looked at this thread. The fact is, those who make the most noise on the other thread are pretty much conspicuous by their absence on here. It is funny that they can always find something to talk about and comment on over there but here, where there is no room for political posturing/comment - they don't say a word. To me, that shows what is actually the most important thing to them - and it isn't the virus.
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    Great effort Mr Apples.........
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    That’s excellent, Mr Apples!
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    I think Tilly may need a lay down after I post the latest PUPPPs league...
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    Splendid stuff Mr.Apples !
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    Webber is right in that it''s a brave decision from Farke as well as the club. He''s even had offers in Germany where he''s built his reputation, I''m sure most would take the safer option and go for a Bundesliga 1/2 club, Farke has risked his burgeoning reputation in coming here. We''ll never know how good he is until well into the season but at the moment all we can do is judge the little bits we get and I really like that he''s obviously a brave, determined character. I think we could well end up having a slow start. Most of our players haven''t worked for any really renowned coaches before or have ever had to work at and improve their game, most are just trained and keep themselves match fit, it could be quite a shock to adjust to the new style but I think with the type of quality we have and the style Farke is trying to bring in we could be onto a real winner here. Could see us having a similar season to what Reading have had this year, hopefully with the occasional thrashings excluded!
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