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  1. A bustling team that want it more. Simple as that
  2. Exactly my point. He did once but did not in the second half of the last Prem season and doesnt look like he will to any degree now. Its that loyalty that is my issue. Try something else how can it be worse as we are not scoring now
  3. And that is the only reason he is kept in the team now. He has faded since then. Was V poor in the last 6 games last time in Prem
  4. Idah. Strikers are moving towards being big units again he is a better target man. Pukki is not where he is meant to be too often in the game nowadays. Yes he runs about a lot but there is not much option given to team mates
  5. Have been saying for a while that Farkes loyalty to Pukki will be our and his downfall. Pukki was poor last time in the Prem. He is a championship striker
  6. Diluted by spending big money on many players who are still strangers to each other.
  7. We cannot do it never have been able too. bin it now.
  8. Which other day is this then. It has been the story of Pukki for too long. Farkes loyalty to him is not paying off. Pukki is not Prem quality.
  9. Today there has been very little threat goong forward. No points until October if we do not find some midfield creation amongst our new players
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