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  1. percy varco

    Jostling Mob of Morons

    It is so sad to see that there are such selfish scum living amongst us. social media is good at self promotion and calling out those that were going to the pub. I do not know why the same social media has not shamed the pond life that stack trollies and use children with their own baskets to get around buying restrictions. photo and shame these to55ers. I don’t see it as a Government problem, they are already having to demonstrate to thick tw@ts how to wash their hands and clean their phones.
  2. 1. Bruce’s goal against scum 2. Kevin Keelan 3. The Man U fan who fell through the Barclay roof.
  3. percy varco

    Drmic dilemma

    Pukki to the bench would be my choice. He has had many chances where he seems to want to take too many touches than he did at the start of the season. I would love to see Drmic and Idah start. We have run out of games to wait for Pukki to rediscover his goal scoring form.
  4. percy varco


    Dr Mic and Idah up front. Can’t continue with Pukki, no goal since Dec 14 = time for a change.
  5. percy varco

    The Grey Strip

    Very hard for players to pick out players against the background of the crowd. should never have a grey kit. I wonder how many of the 3rd kit actually get sold. will be in the sale in a couple of weeks ready for next seasons pointless offering of a 3rd kit
  6. percy varco

    Farke out

  7. percy varco

    Farke out

    We dont need threads like this drivel
  8. percy varco

    match thread

    Not seen much creativity from him.
  9. percy varco

    3 points against Leicester?

    What really matters is that Maddison gets claps and cheers..............Not! He doesn’t play for us any more and will be doing his best to beat us. Move On and get behind our current team.
  10. percy varco

    Not much to be positive about...

    Same as after Man City game. The players didnt try as the mindset is that they are superb after the Liverpool performance. Only saving grace is that others around us did not win so we are not further behind. But we missed a chance to make ground. Has this team given up. Their words say no but their attitude says yes.
  11. percy varco

    Match thread - Newcastle

    Taking too long to get the shot away too many times in the last few games. Is he totally fit? Has he been sussed by other teams and not given space Don’t see many other options though
  12. percy varco

    Match thread - Newcastle

    We just cannot score
  13. percy varco

    Frustrating, but so proud of the way we are playing.

    This is not Ice Skating, we dont get points for Artistic Impression. Goals win games not pretty footbalL with no end result. When are these goals going to come?
  14. percy varco

    Canary Call

    Whats the point of it? Butler is not being a Talksport adjitator he is just defending his NCFC access. Every caller who slates is shouted down. I thought is is a discussion show , not Butlers opinion vs the rest. He is not even understanding Rivers thoughts on loan players as he is to busy shouting.