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  1. Onel. Sub a sub. No. didnt seem injured, looked bemused by body language
  2. Oh MP, there have been many questions on here that are far dumber. I do not disagree with what you say, just look past the facts, I just thought I would ask to discover honest feelings about the season and what it will bring. I never asked obout ambition and did suggest that we should be striving for the best. Personally I’m not so shure that once we get to the promised land we, as fans, actually enjoy the struggle in a league where we know we cannot compete financially from day one. As I said just thought I would ask for a bit of honesty, on this is a discussion forum.
  3. Go on, be brave, have some honesty instead of Social Media bile. Answer the question with what you believe not by attacking others.
  4. Exactly, but I am asking what people prefer. Some great replies, loving the honesty, but some good people answering without their emotion, just a statement of the Club’s aim. Ricardo, nail being hit there
  5. The Prem is obviously where we should aspire to be. But, be honest here, as a football fan, scratching about mid table ish in Prem with VAR etc or in a fight for Promotion in Champs, which would you prefer?
  6. Should be in the next England squad but Gareth Waistcoat will prbably just pick names as directed by FA.
  7. Ricky v Wolfswinkle would fit this team well. We never saw what he could do as the team at the time did not look for the openings we do now.
  8. After our last 3 league performances we do not deserve to be top. Not saying we will not be top again but we need to wake up to these poor performances now that the result of them has had an impact in that we are no longer top. It’s not panic time, its time to wake up, starting on Saturday.
  9. The 6 Nations is a fantastic tournament. Such a shame that Football is incapable of mirroring it. I would love to see the return of a Home Internationals annual tournament but fear it will never be again.
  10. Sorrenson in for Rupp and Idah for Pukki. Rupp was not offering much last night. We are already sticking with Pukki due to reputation. No goal from open play since December and he looks jaded needing a touch too many. Give Idah as much start time as we have given Pukki not 3 or 4 mins at the end of a game.
  11. I agree, it is a trait of Emi that he needs to work on as it is blackening his obvious talent. He looked frustrated from 10 mins in and disappeared for chunks of the game. Not the Emi we have seen while the Transfer Window had more time left. If Colin was aware then other Managers & Scoits are also aware. Emi will still be with us in the Prem next season
  12. Pukki 1st choice but not as clear as it was. Given the same continuous run in the first team Hugil or Idah could show that they offer just as good if not better. puts on tin hat
  13. He is playing well and it is good to see that, despite the many who think he does not fit in with our style of play, we are playing well and winning with good contribution from Hugil. there is more to our forward line than Pukki who imo has not been as sharpe as he normally is over the last couple of weeks.
  14. Would like to see Placheta on. His pace would be useful.
  15. The same alledged covidiot who was driving around visiting Parents and GF in 1st lockdown. who was very apologetic ( because he was found out). no consiquences so why am I surprised the allegded idiot carrys on doing whatever he wants. setting a great example
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