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  1. Terry Venables Euro 96. Southgate better?
  2. Southgate is dull. Picks names not form players. Couldnt care whats going on we bottle it when the pressure at finals increases. Kane may have all the records but he will never be the best or he would not still be at Spuz
  3. Of its day and fitted in its day. Now in modern times much of the content cannot be used
  4. At least 1 point away and 3 points at home…….is half of this making Wagner a happy boy
  5. Wagner has spent the last weeks working with a complete squad and we have not seen the results. Cant see any problem with part of the squad being away. Gives Wagner a chance to work with those left, he may find more hunger from those players
  6. Mr & Mrs Webber are part of the take over. The new Delia & Michael.
  7. Exactly. Manure would have got some other dodgy decision if Mitrovic has not lost it.
  8. Sky run football. Its their money that has it where it is. Us fans are now Customers whose ticket purchases are a very small part of a clubs income.
  9. We do not need to be anywhere near the play offs. It would be embarassing if we got promoted
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