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  1. I think he has told the club he is off back to Germany.
  2. That was a dive by Wood. VAR check my ar$€ Thought simulation was a bookable offence. Inconsitant VAR
  3. I care because their faillings with spending will have our Board using it as a justification for not spending as the outcome is the same for both clubs. If we ever get back to the prem then this will be trotted out and no money spent again. Hamster wheel strategy by a club with no ambition but to avoid any debt.
  4. Zero Fight Zero Passion Farke disinterested Embarassing.
  5. Hang around - as if their performances entitle them to believe that clubs will be forming a line to snap them up. the most disinterested squad to wear yellow
  6. We haven’t turned up so far. what will change? We cannot score. Rest Pukki for the remaining games he has lost it since his toe injury. Big changes needed, it cannot be worse. blood our new crop of youth now.
  7. All the FA Cup home teams, who could be said as being the underdog in each tie have all lost. ( Newcastle looking likely) The Home advantage clearly lost due to the lack of a crowd to generate an atmosphere. A full Carrow Road last night and .................
  8. An unelected Civil Servant gets a TV platform to mug us off further and laughs as he leaves the table. Boris is waiting for his puppetmaster Cummings to tell him he can sack him. Meanwhile the Country stumbles to economic disaster as this arrogant untouchable to$$€r pulls the strings. Grow some Boris and get shot of Cummings, look at how other Countries who are “ahead of us” are doing and get this Country back on its feet.
  9. And looking at pictures from yesterday, many Londoners dont give a sh_t either.
  10. It is so sad to see that there are such selfish scum living amongst us. social media is good at self promotion and calling out those that were going to the pub. I do not know why the same social media has not shamed the pond life that stack trollies and use children with their own baskets to get around buying restrictions. photo and shame these to55ers. I don’t see it as a Government problem, they are already having to demonstrate to thick tw@ts how to wash their hands and clean their phones.
  11. 1. Bruce’s goal against scum 2. Kevin Keelan 3. The Man U fan who fell through the Barclay roof.
  12. Pukki to the bench would be my choice. He has had many chances where he seems to want to take too many touches than he did at the start of the season. I would love to see Drmic and Idah start. We have run out of games to wait for Pukki to rediscover his goal scoring form.
  13. Dr Mic and Idah up front. Can’t continue with Pukki, no goal since Dec 14 = time for a change.
  14. Very hard for players to pick out players against the background of the crowd. should never have a grey kit. I wonder how many of the 3rd kit actually get sold. will be in the sale in a couple of weeks ready for next seasons pointless offering of a 3rd kit
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