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  1. We had a good young centre back but panic sold him and spent the money on players we did not use.
  2. It looks like they wish they had. Then they would have been by the pool today
  3. You are forgetting his Arsenal connections………………………that we have seen no evidence of
  4. Burnley relegated for 2nd time in 3 seasons but get no grief from the media. Its all poor old Burnley on Sky.
  5. Everton and Leicester should be delt with this season. Leicester would not be going up and Everton would be going down. If their finish position is helped by breaking the rules this season why wait until next to administer justice? but they both get a chance to play their way out of it next season. Big Everton stay up and Darling Leicester are back amongst the money.
  6. No. I agree. its a miserable song. not uplifting before any game let alone a play off game. All for local talent, but this does not inspire.
  7. Thats the bit that bothers me. the club see it as an opportunity to balance the books, dip into the Premier League for a season to fill our pockets. I hope we give it a better go if we go up
  8. We will see the level of worship next season.
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