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  1. BigFish

    Ricardo's report v Villa

    Maybe you have, maybe you haven't. It would be impossible to switch from how we want to play to a Burnley style. I think Parma's point is you need to stick at it to ingrain the philosophy in the players rather than "mix it up" which leads to the worst of all worlds and prevents the team progressing. We keep doing and through that get better at it. That said there have been individual failings, although we have the players we have because they are the ones we can afford. The team is short of a decent CB & holding midfielder. And that is very much down to our injury woes.
  2. BigFish

    Ricardo's report v Villa

    Thing is @Parma Ham's gone mouldy is that there is a solid cohort of posters on here who have never bought into the philosophy. They went quiet when the team was winning but are back now with a vengence. They really do want to go back to old school English values because that is what they grew up with, and what they understand.
  3. BigFish

    We need a Plan B

    That didn't take long
  4. BigFish

    Team for Man City (h)

    Two keepers, good plan
  5. BigFish

    The Brexit Party

    Every extra vote for Farage is one less for Johnson. Come on the Brexit Company.
  6. BigFish

    The Brexit Party

    .......unless it is needed e.g. the UK falls off the trapeze. And as there is no working plan to avoid this, it makes sense to have a safety net, particularly when dealing with ****wits like the UK government.
  7. BigFish

    The Brexit Party

    The Irish Backstop is a common sense solution. It reduces the risk of dangerous and sub-standard products leaking into the EU Single Market, it reduces the risk of smuggling, it reduces the risk that NI gets detached from GB in commercial terms and it reduces the likely impact of the Brexiteers, who clearly cannot organise a **** up in a brewery damaging the EU. Now where is your clever idea to replace it @SwindonCanary?
  8. What more needs to be said......
  9. BigFish

    £3m or £30m?

    Its a market Lakey, they become £30m players as soon as clubs with £30m to spend think they would "help out" their squad, to use that horrible phrase, and we are willing to sell. I don't think any of our guys will be seen as top players until we win some games.
  10. BigFish

    Talk crap at it again!!!

    Honestly, that is just football. Most people, including pundits and many ex-pros, don't really know what is going on when analysing performance and outcome bias has an enormous impact. Those "in the know" will have taken pros and cons across all the teams in week 1. But before too many on here get "holier than though" the city support are just as prone to playing the "big time charlie" when they get the chance. The chant of "my shed is bigger than this" is well used in away cup games at lower league opposition. Its irritating to be on the receiving end but it is totally unimportant
  11. BigFish

    Alexis Claude-Maurice

    Lot of bruised feelings on here just because a footballer didn't want to uproot himself and face the risk of relegation. He made a choice and that choice was based on how attarctive we are as a club and how much we were offering. He doesn't owe us anything, and we don't owe hime anything, that is just football
  12. BigFish

    Are Norwich good enough

    Honestly, I don't think anyone knows. Looking around the views of other clubs about 50% think no (not really scientific) and that really puts us amongst the favourites to go down. Still a lot on here thought we would go down last season.
  13. BigFish

    Young fogeys

    Same for Patrick Roberts (22), I suspect that Man City think there is zero chance of him ever being a major part of their Prem squad but they are retaining him and farming him out. Shows our place in the food chain as well.
  14. BigFish

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Bit of carping here. Farke handled Jerome and Nelson perfectly really, they had no place for them in an outstanding team. We didn't get away with it, we won the league because of Farke's decisions - not despite of them. Rotating would have weakened the team, cost points and possibly cost us promotion.
  15. BigFish

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Not really, they are just waiting for the next slip so they can claim they were right all along......
  16. BigFish

    Best Promoted XI

    Maybe no one is losing sleep about this, however this gripe does seem a recurring theme amongst a percularly sensitive section of out support. This seems to be less my problem and more theirs. Farke gets credit, particularly within football, for what he has achieved though in a purely subjective arena of opinion the Wilder story is more interesting to those without Canary vision goggles. Even then the majority of supporters in the country are not particularly interested in either of them.
  17. BigFish

    Best Promoted XI

    In terms of achievement there is not much differences between first and second, both clubs are in the Prem. Constantly wanting a pat on the back for our players/manager smacks of lack of confidence and looks a bit needy
  18. BigFish

    Best Promoted XI

    Don't know why people get so wound up about this, smacks of little old Norwich wanting a pat on the back from the media. We know what Farke has achieved and if either him or Wilder or both keep their respective teams up next season they will have really achieved something outstanding. To be fair to Wilder he has moved the club he supports up two leagues after a period of dormancy. You have to a acknowledge this is both a good story and a significant achievement.
  19. BigFish


    This plays into the shear logistics of this, how would the club operate for the 18 months to 2 years that the stand wasn't fully operational, it could only mean some season tickets foregoing games.
  20. BigFish

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Does 7 months really make that much of a difference @Bethnal Yellow and Green?
  21. You'd love that @Big Vince, wouldn't you - chance to come on here and say you were right all along after being wrong this season. Miraculous 17th for me.......very hard season but I can't bring myself to predict anything lower
  22. BigFish


    Realistically, is Todd going to play much this season? Webber may be thinking of using him as contingency for 2020/21 in case we get relegated and some of the squad move on. So offering Champs level wages. Even if he runs off the end of the option we get compensation so Webber doesn't have much to lose. It might be better for him if he moves on.
  23. BigFish

    Ben Godfrey, MU and THFC

    I was thinking that, particularly if Potter turns round Brighton and Villa have money to invest. Last year, Hudersfield were a relegation waiting to happen and the two promoted teams relegated never really gave it ago (although Fulham splashed the cash). This year there are probably 18 Prem clubs who expect us & Sheff U to be canon fodder. Who else are we looking at to be weaker than us.......Southampton, Burnley, Villa?
  24. BigFish

    New signing?

    Use Chrome
  25. BigFish

    Transfer finance

    That feeds into Bethal's comments - likelihood is that the club ran at a big loss last season (factoring in the items he mentions) and the loan is covering the impact on cashflow