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  1. Mark .Y.

    R.I.P. Roy Blower.

    RIP Roy
  2. 9.............and I'm a proper plastic
  3. Mark .Y.

    Pinto’s gone.

    Good luck to him, been great having him here.
  4. Mark .Y.

    Another interesting analysis of Norwich

    They pretty much seem to suggest to me that he won't be able to cut it in the Prem
  5. Mark .Y.

    Another interesting analysis of Norwich

    Bit disappointed with the Vrancic comment, was just saying to my mate this afternoon that his ability to score from range and his free kicks suggest to me that he ought to start for us in the Prem. We obviously won't create as many chances from open play as we have done this year so any kind of "x" factor might turn out to be really important to us.
  6. Mark .Y.

    Farke Chokes !!!

    I'm just looking forward to the DVD of the season - will surely be the best one we have ever produced
  7. Mark .Y.

    Pukki for 30!

    Thought he was terrific today, never stops working and a great finish for the goal ......MOTM for me
  8. Mark .Y.

    Fabulous goal

    I still spend my time looking at the goals we scored against Bolton I'll catch up with this one later
  9. Mark .Y.

    Mark Rivers Commentary

    I can't even tell you how many times I've watched our 3rd goal from yesterday
  10. Mark .Y.

    The Lambert Chronicles - Ep4

    Brilliant, loved it
  11. Mark .Y.

    Ricardo's report v Ipswich.

    I expected to be nervous but there was such a gulf in class between the two sides that after we went one up, I could never see us losing. They gave it a proper "derby day" go but we were always better and never even got out of second gear.
  12. Mark .Y.

    Emi Buendia

    Been simply magnificent
  13. Surely it will be a local Weatherspoons.........................
  14. Surely it will be a local Weatherspoons.........................
  15. Surely that was the Championship performance of the season. To go into that atmosphere with such a young team and to achieve that result was nothing short of amazing. Special mention from me for somebody who doesn't seem to have been talked about a lot regarding this game - Emi Buendia, incredible selfless work rate, broke up so much of Leeds' play before it got to the edge of the box. Truth be told though, they were all fantastic and I hope they enjoy a well-deserved day off today.