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  1. Yes, that does sound strange doesn't it. I haven't kept in touch with the system in Spain so much lately, do you know if they are allowed to just go and have a free test anyway. That would seem to make sense and is something I would certainly do in their position if it was possible. I got back from Amsterdam yesterday afternoon so am very relieved I won't have to self-isolate, just beat it
  2. I like it, simple, our colours, instantly recognisable as NCFC
  3. Let's hope it all turns out OK, KG
  4. I accept that there may be a lot of explanations Bb. But at least the fact that the virus may be weakening has been previously endorsed by Italian doctors with as much experience as anybody of it, surely makes it a better possibility than some other explanations ???
  5. Yes, hadn't thought of that, but very true.
  6. Yes, it would be very good news if true. Something worth keeping an eye on I think. I tried to do a bit of research on Spain because their case numbers have been rising for a while and should be being reflected in hospital admissions but I can't find the relevant statistics. I might try again later. The number of positive tests per tests conducted has quite a wide variation across different countries (and the UK's is quite low) but could be explained by who is having the tests, ie if you are testing more of the general population who have no symptoms and have just decided to be tested, your figures are very likely to be better than those of a country who is only testing those people presenting with symptoms and/or frontline workers.
  7. Has anybody seen any statistics from any country regarding numbers of cases versus numbers of hospital admissions ? I posted a statement from 2 front-line Italian doctors about, I don't know, 6 weeks (maybe longer) ago in which they stated that the virus was losing it's effectiveness and infected people they were testing had far less "viral load" than had been seen at the height of the crisis in Italy. I wondered whether that is true for other countries, and the fact that the number of cases rising may not be as bad as it initially seems ??
  8. I'm sure it does VW. I'm actually down South, just outside Portsmouth. My sister-in-law works in the big hospital down here and says that at the moment, it is pretty quiet in there so fingers crossed.
  9. I think it is the same everywhere, hence the rise in most countries. I know that a few weeks ago, I was so careful to wipe my hands and car handle etc with an anti-bac wipe after I had been to Tescos but now have stopped doing it. Stupid really, considering that they used to sanitise all the trolley handles and now they have stopped doing that...............not sure what the answer is but we don't seem very good at learning and persisting
  10. I thought I remembered that the EU had provisionally purchased doses of Oxford's vaccine........maybe I am imagining it, too much information going round.
  11. I guess if a vaccine can protect around 65% of the population from catching it or suffering from it - that is something. If the cases amongst those not vaccinated were to surge, I think the take-up would immediately become larger.
  12. In my mind, Bowie is one of the very few who can rightly be called a legend. Probably the biggest musical talent ever from the UK - and also a decent guy.
  13. Don't we have a year's option on him ?? - so we should get a fee if/when he moves.
  14. Given his normal views, whatever he is suffering from is surely worse than Covid-19
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