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  1. The height MacDonald gets for his goal............ yet he doesn't have to lean on anybody or have his arms spread into somebody's face etc etc
  2. I think he is playing really well and fully deserves the shirt at the moment
  3. I don't see that Gunn has done anything to lose his place
  4. The timeline might fit for what you have stated but it has been widely accepted for a number of years that D & M were open to outside investment as long as the investor was the right fit for Norwich
  5. I would be hugely surprised if the board hired Dean Smith as the Head Coach and then immediately reacted when he told them to find outside investment. Don't you think that the board were already working on that one ?
  6. Amongst all the angst flying around after today's game (and I DO understand why), can we all just take a minute to say that Kenny had a bloody good game today and was very unfortunate not to have a goal to his name. Disclaimer - I am not his wife/mum/dad or in any other way related to him
  7. That's a bit of a turnaround, previously it seemed clubs sacked their manager if we beat them - now its if they beat us !!
  8. My god, those "red card" tackles were bad weren't they, cannot see for the life of me how they got away with them
  9. Good luck Pete, thanks for your help and your subtle moderation of this board
  10. I think the trigger events are just for his safety, are they not ? It looks like the plan is that he works with D & M for a period and then gains full control of the club. So his purchase of the C shares will provide a cash injection for the club and I guess at that stage he is still vulnerable to D & M selling the majority shareholding to somebody else - who he may not want to work with. So this particular trigger event provides him a safe, non-costly exit from the club.
  11. Agreed, but if they do sell their full shareholding, that becomes a "Trigger Event" which potentially changes everything.
  12. I did exactly the same myself a couple of years ago
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