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  1. Mark .Y.

    Ricardo's report v Newcastle

    Thanks for the report Ricardo, always a plasure to read.
  2. Mark .Y.

    David Powell

    RIP Dave, very sad news.
  3. Get well soon Ricky, I'm sure you'll be keeping positive and everything will be fine
  4. Mark .Y.

    The best 1-4 loss we'll ever play

    I actually felt sorry for Hanley. He knew he was down the pecking order but i'll bet he was hoping to himself to have a really good game and push himself into a starting slot. Unfortunately, the own goal really did him, you could see his face after it went in, very unlucky and a real shame. As for the rest, I think most of them displayed "first night" nerves but grew into the game the longer it went on. Special mention to Tim Krul who I thought had a very good game. Leitner made a real difference when he came on and I think he will start against Newcastle. Our goal was a repeat of some of the championship ones and for me, that is a very encouraging sign. Overall, despite the scoreline, I think there were plenty of positives, I was proud of the team's efforts and the fans certainly did their bit too. Onwards and upwards
  5. Mark .Y.

    The best 1-4 loss we'll ever play

    Result aside, I thought we played as well as could be expected, and maybe even better. Continue like this and I don't see us getting relegated.
  6. Mark .Y.

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Could he really be on 3 million Euros a year ? Sounds an awful lot to me for a club like Sevilla to be paying/
  7. Mark .Y.

    Happy Birthday Nutty Nigel

    Happy Birthday NN
  8. Mark .Y.

    Fer to Sheffield United

    Oh s4it, Bill's going to love you
  9. Mark .Y.

    City and the binners

    Done, the full £13, this past season has been priceless so very small amount to cough up ..........and we've bailed the binner out completely
  10. Mark .Y.

    Ricardo Remembers Part 1

    Yes, I remember that game, featured on "Nationwide" I think. We used to get the coach from Gorleston and was a bit of a nightmare for us because we had to come out of the Barclay and get through the away fans to get to where our coach parked.
  11. Mark .Y.

    Ricardo Remembers Part 1

    Great stuff Ricardo, thanks for sharing. Didn't the Barclay just stay like that right into the 70s, I seem to remember it exactly like that - unless my memory is playing tricks with me.
  12. Mark .Y.

    R.I.P. Roy Blower.

    RIP Roy
  13. 9.............and I'm a proper plastic
  14. Mark .Y.

    Pinto’s gone.

    Good luck to him, been great having him here.
  15. Mark .Y.

    Another interesting analysis of Norwich

    They pretty much seem to suggest to me that he won't be able to cut it in the Prem