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  1. He is simply a genius for us, his contribution cannot be under-estimated. He is Argentinian and hence he has their typical fiery temparament................I'll enjoy him whilst we still have him
  2. I don't think there is any reason why they couldn't be is there ? I thought you could just book a PCR test and head on down and get it ???
  3. Hi CK, I'm an NHS responder and we have had an email saying they expect to ramp up the vaccine effort from the 15th March. Hopefully that is true as we will surely have to be doing a lot of 2nd dose jabs soon.
  4. We're on pretty much the same page then. I actually said to my missus that they should probably get 4%, around twice what inflation may rise to over the next few months
  5. It's entirely in tune with most things this Government has done, their lack of empathy and understanding is simply incredible
  6. Gt Yarmouth is what you are looking for...............
  7. Absolutely storming tihs league, whoever got him in deserves some serious credit
  8. It was our performance of the season for me, so many immense personal displays added up to a team that just wasn't prepared to lose
  9. Seen a lot of players over the years, but this guy is the best.The real deal, delivers when it matters, if Teemu had his shooting boots on he would have had 2 more assists tonight..................... complete class act and a totally nice guy too
  10. Immense performance, everybody deserves 9/10, Emi and the Mayor so close for MOM. Personally I give it to the Mayor as Emi gets enough already Seriously, performance of the season for me.............. kept the 2nd best team in the league in check and could have won by more
  11. Condolences to you and your family, RIP Wooster.
  12. One thing I would say about the Netherlands is that the people are, generally, pretty sensible and compliant to their Government's wishes. And yes, I say generally because I'm fully aware of the recent anti-curfew riots. I was actually there at the start of their first lockdown and some of the Dutch guys were telling me then that they expected their country to handle it better than the UK because of that tendency. Their first lockdown was also more relaxed than ours, parks and playgrounds remained open and many parents took their children out every day for exercise - not sure what that tells us but it was certainly different to the UK.
  13. And so another thread descends into a Brexit war.........................
  14. Yes, I do think we are massively improved when both Emi and Todd are on the pitch though. They both have very good movement and must be an absolute nightmare for the opposition defence. It is bad enough trying to deal with one player like that but when both are there and on form, and Teemu is playing, I think we are pretty much unstoppable at Championship level.
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