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  1. Well, I'm not quite sure how the statistical models work, to tell you the truth. I look at the graphic you put up and I'm surprised that Sara has a higher score than Sarge, I'm a fan of both of them but I'm not sure Sara's score is justified. Anyway, I'm not sure if at least 3 other players could do better for the 2nd goal (and I can't be bothered to go back and watch it again), but I do maintain that Hanley was the defender marking the striker who got his shot off and scored, that to me says he was ultimately responsible for not preventing it. I suspect he would admit that, too ?? I think at his best, he gets a foot in there and blocks the shot.
  2. Well, we all see games differently so I guess there are dozens of different player ratings out there. Regardless of Gibson's positioning, and I'M not particularly defending him, but both for the earlier header and for the actual 2nd QPR goal, Hanley is marking the forward - and both times he fails to get a challenge in. As I said previously, he has mitigation as he must still be pretty rusty but I think he is definitely at fault for the second goal.
  3. I would have to disagree about Hanley there, he has mitigation in that he has been out injured for so long but he was beaten to the ball easily for QPR's second - and there had been a warning as there was a very similar situation a bit before that where the forward got a header in that just went wide. Also picked up a very silly yellow which could have put him in a difficult situation if he had been forced into a "tactical" foul to stop a break. One of his more forgettable games, for me.
  4. The one I didn't agree with was bringing Sainz off, thought he put in a great shift today, and is always capable of something a bit out of the ordinary when we are attacking. Otherwise, nothing to complain about.
  5. Well, the owner is a Norfolk boy, was in my class at senior school in Gorleston
  6. Moved to this thread as seems more relevant to the Knapper discussion - context from Feedthewolf comment was in response to my observations that Knapper had started being abused by fans in the City Stand and I laid into Knapper somewhat ungraciously. My response below Perhaps it is a little harsh and i don't expect him to react in any other way than to perhaps consider why people are already turning their ire on him. The answer is simple. The complete lack of communication from him is concerning to fans who expected to see the new person hit the ground running and change the sense of decline and torpor around the club. In any professionally run organisation I would have expected him to have mapped out a timetable upon starting of what he expected to achieve in the first x days and publish this to all stakeholders (of which fans are a key and crucial group). Having conducted this process several times myself (in different exec roles) I would have expected him within the first two weeks to have engaged with representatives from all stakeholders and have asked those stakeholders to come prepared with their views and thoughts on the key challenges and opportunities the club were facing. Certainly within 30 days I would have expected a strategy to have been made public so that everyone is clear on the direction of travel and some roadshows to gather that all important buy-in with supporting appearances from the board and other senior execs. If you cant discern the issues and corrective action plan within 30 days the organisation is in an even bigger world of pain! From my perspective I see absolutely no engagement with the fan base apart from patronising comments from Delia and club sources about how Delia deigns to appear with the "little people" before the games as if that substitutes for proper fan engagement and opinion forming. Again most customer facing organisations routinely gather their customers views as to how the organisation is performing. Perhaps he is busy whizzing away on his powerpoint deck and I'm going to be blown away by what I see but I am extremely fearful we have hired a guy who has precisely no experience of the much wider and much more strategically important role he is being asked to fill. No visible fan/customer engagement does not bode well nor does the radio silence around timetables for vision/strategy to be communicated The real evil (but not recently) genius Webber may have played his most hurtful card of all - saddling us with a guy he knows will not outshine him and doesnt have the gravitas or confidence to trash the legacy of recent years. The best way to ensure your legacy? Hire someone much worse than yourself Good post, I have to say that you have to love our club, even our Ultras are execs
  7. Yes, get off the lad's back. He's a very promising youngster who is learning the ropes, today he was played in a completely changed team who didn't have any semblance of understanding or balance. That's tough on even a seasoned pro, he will come good in time - he has already had a couple of very decent games for us.
  8. Sainz for me, at least looked as if he was genuinely up for it and trying to make something work
  9. Merry Christmas to all fans of our great club, wherever you may be in the world - have a good one
  10. Should have bussed in a load of Pompey fans
  11. Great hard-hitting and factual journalism, Big V. There's a job just waiting for you at The Sun.
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