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  1. My old family home was only a couple of hundred yards from Emerald Park, I can remember when Gorleston moved there from the "Rec". I actually now live within easy walking distance of AFC Portchester (Wessex Premier League) and sometimes wander over there on a Saturday afternoon.
  2. Thanks sonyc ...............that is much clearer I guess the only issue around it is each countries method of recording Covid-19 deaths. I know for sure that Spain under-reported relevant deaths at the start of all this, it caused a huge amount of controversy amongst the Spanish people and in the media. Conversely, I seem to remember something about Belgium almost over-reporting their death figures.
  3. Not sure if I'm misreading it but I set the weekly excess deaths to 2021 and seems to me we are pretty much in line with, if not better than, many European countries ??? Certainly seem to be better (lower average z score) than Spain, the Netherlands and Italy........and possibly Germany too ?? Happy to be corrected if I have read it wrong
  4. Ricardo has delivered.................. Hasn't really helped me though, the Netherlands has pretty much exactly 1/4 of our population, is doing 1/4 as many tests and yet has way less than 1/4 cases. Spain doesn't work out quite as clearly as that but still looks to be in much better shape.
  5. Yes, that is a fair point, I'll try and find out.
  6. I have to admit to being confused by our high daily case numbers versus some European countries. Within the last 3-4 weeks I have been in both Holland and Spain - neither of those countries appears to be doing anything different to us yet their figures (even adjusted for population) are way below. In both countries, masks are required on public transport (not sure if that happens here), but apart from that you rarely see a mask at all. Bars and restaurants are open with no social distancing, you don't see anybody in a mask in the supermarket and you generally wouldn't know there was any kind of issue. Yet we have had an average of around 30,000 cases a day for what seems like a couple of months now, it just doesn't feel right to me. Is anybody any good with conspiracy theories ???
  7. Would like to see more of Dowell, is creative and also can take a decent free-kick...........that ability could be the difference between drawing and winning.
  8. You're gonna milk this one, aren't you .................
  9. I remember getting back onto the coach (from Gorleston) after the West Ham game when there was masses of fighting in the Barclay and the coach driver asked everybody "who the hell brought this on my coach" ..................it was an axe !! Mad days indeed.
  10. I don't comment to suit any kind of agenda, it was a simple observation that the cases had jumped.
  11. I arrived in Murcia, Spain about 2 hours ago - and boody hot it is too Anyway, the point is, masks must still be worn in all shops and restaurants/cafes when moving about. According to my friend out here, it is being pretty strictly enforced.
  12. I did notice the Wales figures TJ but still seemed like a huge jump to me.
  13. Yes, I do understand and agree with that R, but I tend to look at the equivalent day from the previous week and that is approx 26,000 to 41,000 - a huge jump. Last weekend was a BH so probably has some effect but the schools have literally only just gone back so not sure how much effect that could be having already.
  14. Feels like it is taking off again to me
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