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  1. You can’t spend what you don’t have, we had debt to pay! I’m always lost on spending shed load, surely it’s about assembling a team capable of promotion and then staying there within our means? If fans are that fed up with it, then don’t pay for season tickets or start a new movement to force the owners out! Accept or protest.
  2. I don’t think we’re too far away from salary caps and squad limitations in all divisions. Totally agree with Bill, it’s all too easy to say spend money, the other considerations are......do our primary big money players want a move to a small yo-yo club, if we’re to entice them inevitably we’ll have to pay more in wages to attract them. Will they accept relegation clauses, will we be able to off load them if we needed to! I really like what Webber and Farke have done in bringing in key younger players to cover those who will probably depart, meaning they are already part of our youth and coaching system and will know what’s expected. Sinani, Sitti, McCallum, Mumba (when complete) to mention a few this year, but add to those from summer and previous seasons we have a sound young base. And before those go bleating about only having potential, just look at a Idah v Duda, Duda value was said at about 20 million, but Idah has more quality in his performances.....you can’t buy motivation, but you can lead young players to be motivated by showing them what it’s all about, how far they can go if the focus on continuing improvement by self motivation to prove themselves. I’m far more excited about next season waiting to see our own youngsters succeed than spending millions on the likes of Duda, Drmic, RVW or Naismith.
  3. If that’s true then it’s little wonder we lose the runners and very concerning that Hanley the tank is faster than most of our squad!
  4. Bang on, i was hoping that we still had that form in us and would come out and win our first two home games back to cut the points. As soon as we lost to Southampton and the manner of that performance I definitely knew we weren’t staying up. Still it’s been a season in the top flight and money in the bank.
  5. Not having the finances means we build on what we can afford, as said our youth structure is our future, selling a few which we have cover for might be the best way to go, refreshing the team for a go at promotion.
  6. I do have to wonder with the season going into the summer, if as above not tapped up but Webber has already talked with the players and some have asked to move on. This would certainly explain the strange choices in line ups and Farkes lack of really getting anything out of his team.
  7. Idah must start next game, hopefully we’ll get rid of Drmic to Leeds for a few million.....
  8. Alex I’m not but I’m signalling him as he has to be our outlet, he’s not moved, held the ball up or linked anything......that’s a key for a loan striker. Yes we haven’t been great but we’ve had nothing to get out forward.
  9. It is, if we have no outlet then we can only play sidewards. Absolute liability.
  10. Why because just shown he stands does **** all and shows no effort. Offside all the time. We have no outlet because he doesn’t move or link anything up.
  11. Lazy **** Drmic, I have t seen such a lazy forward with zero talent since I played Sunday league!
  12. I can understand giving players time to recover as we’ve played lots of games, but Drmic starting is just bonkers, what he sees in him is beyond me.
  13. I must admit as much as I love Farke, bringing back Drmic instead of Idah is mental and almost smacks of Roeder I’ll stick by my stupidity regardless of how ****e it is. Idah deserves a start on his last performance against Arsenal.
  14. If we had two younger fit Tetteys we’d be well above the bottom three. He’s shown more quality and is a class above McLean and the others. Vrancic last season was very good at a lower level.
  15. I’ve watched a number of Big Match Revisited, boy those pitches were awful. I think we forget just how bad they got through the season. I really don’t think these modern players would cope playing on those old ploughed fields.
  16. I put the blame on the modern pitch, 30 years ago by mid November the pitches were so terrible it evened out all teams, now we have so pristine pitches it’s unfair that all good players can show off their skills. 1970 / 80’s pitches were a great leveller!
  17. This has been our issue all season, yes injuries to our defence hasn’t helped but our utterly weak midfield has been an issue and one Farke has tried to sort out with Amadou and Rupp, both no improvement on what we have. If we can get a solid base then we’d see the City of last season. The problem comes when Amadou came with a 9 million pound price tag, Duda 25 million, if that’s all you get for that value I’m not surprised Farke and Webber have gone to youth to try and build for the future.
  18. Reality........first year set up a youth system to produce top talent, hands tied by massive overspending of Alex Neal, limited funds to build a new squad. Second year, still with minor funds brought through four youth products, with Webber got in Pukki, Buendia, his brand of football paid dividends and outperformed expectations by winning the league. Third year, hands tied by financial restrictions, kept hold of our talented youngsters, played some very good attacking football, lots of injuries in key areas and losing confidence in attacking football resorted to trying to keep the ball becoming more solid.....restart again massive injuries to key players meaning no chance of staying up. So the summary, great set up and coaching, offloaded high paid rubbish journeymen, got us promotion and a massive pay increase for the next three years, developed a set of very good young players and has certainly deserved some criticism in his match day tactics and subs but he’s earned his right to do his tactics as he’s outperformed our expectations on a very tight budget.....maybe the criticism should be why the owners haven’t done more to secure finances to give Farke more money. But even that should be given careful consideration as the two clubs who will come down with us will have spent millions of pounds.
  19. Never a fan and as said he inherited a very good side, got us up then absolutely ruined us, turned us into a ****e team with massive wage bill on older ****e players with long contracts. Not very good, hopefully you’ll get shot soon and bring in a manager with more about him. Good luck.
  20. Unfortunately Drmic is another to add to the list of strikers we’ve signed who’s just not performing at city, no doubt with over 30 international caps he’s got something but it’s not here. Was abysmal yesterday, Idah on the other hand shows how motivated to prove their worth young players can be, movement, strength and willingness to have a go. I had suggested Drmic would be ok in the championship but I think Farke will cut him this summer.
  21. We can write this season off, time to blood a Idah and those who are available who might retire next season. As we know we’ll no doubt lose a few players, also it’s important to o give as much time to those youngsters in the premiership to gain experience of top flight players to give them additional motivation to succeed. We go again next season.
  22. The reality is we have missed a solid central midfield, we must play Hernandez, move Cantwell into the number 10 and Buendia behind Pukki. Vrancic and Tettey are our best two midfielders and firs5 change has to be Idah, he’s so big powerful e jus5 brings a different game, so if Pukki is having a poor game Idah first sub. This was only ever a season of learning with the acid test being the summer transfers and next season.
  23. Benny Hill is better and has more energy that Drmic and he’s been dead a good few years!
  24. Have to say great vision and pass by Drmic........what a totally lazy player, lazy on the pitch and in his play.
  25. Cantwell & McLean as Trybull wasn’t on the pitch!
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