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  1. Brilliant, since Brexit, there’s been a massive exit of NHS staff back into the EU, since 2019 the UK have recruited NHS staff from the Philippines, India and other countries outside the EU to fill the massive holes left behind! Only 30% of nearly 270,000 immigrants came from EU last year the rest were from Middle East, Friday and non EU, out of them only 1% have been refused entry! The racist bigots on here, have stopped those who actually contributed to our country in terms of growth and finances with free movement but haven’t stopped the influx of immigrants……I can tell you not many Europeans actually want to come to the Uk anymore and most in Germany, France and Central Europe really don’t want the Brits there either! Really was a win for Brexit wasn’t it!
  2. Indeed, there’s likely to be some form of restrictions in place by October through to February due to Flu concerns…..as Aggy said, too many people have become accustomed to as many restrictions as possible at the detriment of other factors. We need to get a grasp that we will live with this and there’s going to be a risk in the future as not everyone will want to be vaccinated.
  3. Yes it’s certainly the case in the younger age groups Ricardo, I bet their uptake would soar if they were threatened to restrict travel, nights out etc. Without double vaccinations!
  4. Have you thought about the need for a big holding midfielder or floating DM third CB to sure up the defence? Both Hanley and certainly Gibson are prone to injury in the pas5 and Ajer is a damn sight better than Zimmermann, Klose or anyone else we have at present. Would be great to have Sorensen & Ajer both young and both comfortable ball players in DM or CB. People are forgetting we’re Norwich City, not Villa, we don’t have the financial clout to offered stupid wages and we’re shopping on a budget, Ajer would certainly improve out starting 11.
  5. Not many decent kits in their range, don’t they do the Spanish team kits? Well I’ve not bought a new shirt since the Green Lotus shirt, I’ve bought a few retro tops instead. Be interesting to see the new kit!
  6. Ajer would be a quality signing, at his age and experience certainly fit our profile. Those who are writing him off because of this season at Celtic, well little narrow sighted as three seasons before has been superb and only due to the poor set up and changes this year has made more than Ajer look ordinary. But on the positive it’s put us in contention as has he had another outstanding season we wouldn’t get anywhere near him signing for us!
  7. Sorry but without Andy Hughes there’s no way that 11 can be used……come to think of it, big Dave Strihavka or RVW should be considered!
  8. I haven’t noticed the Brexit or Covid threads
  9. To be fair out of all the sarcamites we have on here, Cambridgeshire is normally just having fun, there’s the normal few who tend not to post on discussion until they can chip in with their sarcasm! Normally trying to be patronising….
  10. Isn’t this where an accidental contact should’ve a foul but indirect free kick and not a penalty! When did indirect free kicks go out the game?
  11. Stable figures, notice hospitalisation not moving either, looks like this so called third wave is in the Young which basically means no real impact to the important two measures, carry on like this and we’ll move into the next phase next month.
  12. That’s the way I go with things now Sonic, we have zero influence, so ride it and discuss only, no point getting angry at things which we really just waste energy on….as you say what will be will be!
  13. Rubbish, it was a clear foul, penalty! PS nobody would complaining if that was Kane given that in two hours time!
  14. I’m a little lost by this, I didn’t think AZ was being used that much in the EU? There’s no winners really, both need to work together to get things done for the good of the people.
  15. I did the figures in detail the other day, worked out at very much 96%+ for two shot vaccinations, but this is brilliant news.
  16. I said nothing lasts forever the other day, is this the start of sensible voters waking up? This government hopefully is on borrowed time and will be kicked out next election!
  17. I can see both Aarons and Cantwell going, if the money is offered. I can see Leicester coming in should Maddison go to Arsenal. Cantwell did very well last time in the premiership.
  18. Have to say, this is the way VAR should be done, great refereeing so far with good calls!
  19. Indeed, the trouble is it’s hay fever time and same symptoms!
  20. Well it would achieve natural herd immunity in that age group! Let’s be sensible, not massive increase as predicted two weeks ago, the majority are in age groups not at any real risk and the vaccines certainly appear to be holding up as we all hoped. Sensible measures in hotspots needed and I’d go as far as to offer AZ to ages 18 and above as an option to speed it vaccinations!
  21. It’ll be interesting to see who the new sponsors are, I’m hoping like others it’s Lotus, that’s would be good. As Purple said if the due diligence wasn’t done by Kensell and his team then with the reaction by a section of our fan base, he’s rightly been given the opportunity to agree to leave for a new challenge. Good for all parties. But there’s an interesting arguments to be had, should a reaction by some fans have such an impact? would you take a large hit on finances making it more of a financial challenge to our playing budgets to have a more ethical sponsor? Are there really any ethical betting companies?
  22. So six months on, are we able to directly quote anything positive yet? Or are we still in this “take the pain period, before we start to see the benefits” time? As for the Aussie deal, it opens up restaurants to be able to buy cheap Australian products substandard to what we are used to and put more pressure on our own farming community! I certainly won’t be buying any meat products labelled Australian.
  23. Agree, we don’t know, we don’t know what was carried out, what wasn’t and who, all we know is within a week of rolling out the new sponsor, it was ditched due to questionable links and now Kensell has been let go to new challenges. As I first said we can read our own opinions into it, I was part of a board, I have my own company now and I know that anything of this type of financial impact would certainly be looked into and made at higher levels. Ours was at far less the size financially and not a sponsor, but new suppliers from all over the world were vetted and vetted thoroughly before being given a green light. You’re probably right as I’ve already said, they didn’t know anything about a 5 million sponsor and it’s tenuous links.
  24. Very good Purple! could have been more likely that a few options were laid on the table, I doubt Kensell and his team had the authority to choose one, then after being discussed, BK8 we’re possibly given the nod to look into, the contract they were offering, their requirements for that sponsorship and then the due diligence process agreed. Before final agreement which I’m pretty sure would have to be done at higher level than Kensell would have been given a full report to overlook. But I’m sure you’re more in a position of knowing than me, so I’ll take your well educated view to be correct!
  25. Noticeable when we should be accelerating vaccinations it’s going the other way!
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