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    Seriously though, what could possibly be Ipswich's moment of the decade? They have only finished in the top six of any division once, losing to us in the semis, and they haven't won a derby. The only thing I can possibly think of for them is the League Cup semifinal in 2011. Meanwhile, we've had four promotions, several Premier League seasons, we're unbeaten in the derbies plus we've spanked them numerous times and we've beaten a few of the big boys in the Premier League. And some people still have the nerve to complain about our situation and how the club has been run.
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    Gender neutral now means even Ricardo could qualify this year
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    Clear it is absolutely vital we sign a central defender in January- we can't exist permanently one injury away from crisis.
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    Got mine after waiting 20 mins online this morning.....still planning on camping outside the ticket office on new years eve morning for spurs (a) tickets though....
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    He neednt worry his empty head about that, we're already way ahead of him on that one
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    I do know that he has played on the right and left of a front 3 for Ireland as well as in the centre , so he is adaptable, whether DF would play him there is of course another issue. When he was younger he often played wide right for club and country, and made a decent job of it. So hard to judge a kid at his present level though, put him in and he may swim or sink, I suppose its all down to the manager and whatever he feels is right for the team and the player. If we go down, I'd rather he stayed as first back up to pukki and found his senior feet with us , getting used to our style and embedding himself in the squad. 46 league games plus cups and international is a massive workload for pukki alone, and if idah IS in DFs long term plans, he'd be better served staying imo.
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    Yep, having seen Idah since he was a 11/12 year old , would love to see him make it, so much more so that hes at City. We had a lad that very nearly made it at Sunderland a few years ago, given pro contract at 18, but that was as far as he got, not playing professional footy now. Idah has progressed further than that lad, in as much that he's a regular at Ireland u21, but still a long way to go, that one small footstep over the touchline , into a regular senior competitive position is a massive leap in standards, international u21, though competitive, is still development football. Look at Troy Parrot at spurs, a year younger than idah, very well thought of , regular Ireland u21, CL U19 top scorer, penalty taker,bags of swagger,and a senior , albeit friendly,start,has played very little indeed for spurs seniors, making his senior debut as a sub when spurs were 5 nil up, so no pressure. I can see Idah being introduced as part of a front3, right or left, as opposed to dropping him in as main striker, less pressure.
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    Who would want to be normal anyway? I can't wait to see what Idah's made of either... I'm sure we will in 2020, whether that's with us or on loan.
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    "How’d you like these, Apples?" Well really, how rude. Apples
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    How’d you like these, Apples?
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    I’d play Buendia up front. Mainly because no one else has suggested him yet.
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    Yeah, I get that alot from him. The problem really is whilst I agree Srbeny would be the likely candidate, we would completely have to change how we attack. He isnt going to make the kind of runs Pukki does and he isnt going to have the sort of movement that naturally creates space for others.
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    Hardly, Paul Moy is your man for all matters Venezualan. He's always banging on about it although since his very confident assertion that the Brexit Company would sweep all before them when the election happened he's gone remarkably quiet...............
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    I think you've missed the point. Yes the game was more ugly in those days but it was Wenger and Ferguson who taught their players to work the referee. The reason that teams do it is that it works
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    With such an unfortunate use of phrasing by the OP it's surprising that this thread has now stretched to two pages. Webber has said more than once that there's no need to sell any player at the moment. Hence a "fire sale" is out of the question. However, we all know that there is a fair chance that one of our younger a talents may be poached/lured to more lucrative pastures. That's the way it is. Webber's job will be to make sure that: 1.The maximum value is attached to the sale price, including winter window loading. 2. That the best possible add-on deals are negotiated. 3. That no player is sold to a relegation rival. 4. That a suitable, nay excellent, replacement is lined up bearing in mind that an experienced rescue act defensive player (eg. T. Hockey style) is lined up without regard to age, potential or any likely sell on value (for once.) So much has been said about our trio of young defenders being prime for picking by the big boys. I'm beginning to think that our most valuable asset could well turn out to be young Cantwell. Clearly he's not the finished article yet but his skill, style and swagger seems to be being noticed at the highest of levels MotD (?) and beyond. Furthermore he is a goal scorer/forward.These types always fetch more. I cannot see Pukki wanting a move whatever. His move to Carrow Road seems to have been the making of him. He's obviously well compensated and he's happy/setteld and he's no fool, whilst his place is cemented in the Finnish squad for the next World Cup. Buendia has problems with temperament to overcome before any likely buyer will value him as highly as we all do. He still has a bit to prove. Fire sale? No way. Sensible dealings? ... every chance.
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    Ammadou and Zimmerman for me as CBs if this is true.....
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    Totally disagree. Last season by the end he was as good as anyone. He started poorly but significantly improved as match fitness returned. As for "best ever" - not for me. I consider John Ruddy a better keeper, and that's before you consider Gunn, Keelan, Woods etc
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    In the last 10, 20 even 30 years we've not had many better in goal. Maybe none.
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    I suspect that Liverpool's priority will be winning the League title, there is no doubt they will qualify for the Champions League and of course they will have two legs in the Champions League which means there is more margin for error in that competition......
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    84th in the world - yet according to another thread, valued at only £10m. Something doesn't add up......
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    Greeno is up there. The season we got promoted he was brilliant.
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    Srbeny is number 2 striker. Idah current number 3. I don't see why we would change that. Usually a player gets better with every game they don't play. Poor old Dennis!