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  1. Good luck Todd and hope things work out well
  2. Has Keith had a bounce or a flounce today?
  3. Mark Robins looks very much like a tortoise these days, chewing a little piece of lettuce
  4. yep a bit like one of those big fireworks that you keep till the end, you touch the blue paper, you get lots of sparkles..... but then it goes......... pfutt....
  5. Wise words, I like everyone else got carried away with the performance yesterday, and why not after all the dross we were subjected to under Smith, but lets hope we can sustain the level of performance and improve over the remaining season.
  6. TODDY CANTWELL IT COULD HAVE BEEN YOU Loved watching him play, top player at his his best.
  7. Might have to pop over to twatted later, haven’t looked in there for a while
  8. Seeing that brings a tear to the eye.. brilliant response to the travelling faithfull
  9. Kenny runs the length of the field with a fridge on his back
  10. Just imagine what it’s going to be like at training next week
  11. Sargent’s hair has turned a nice shade of Auburn, must be his winter coat
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