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  1. Does anyone know if Bournemouth (who broke FFP rules last time in the championship) will be deducted points??
  2. You guys are mad - He was excellent for wolves the season before last - he's a premier league defender - only looked poor at times at Leicester as they often played him on the edge of a back 3. Much better than Hanley and Klose IMO.
  3. Looks like he's had both knees done and played all of last season? - should be OK now.
  4. Finishing 13 points adrift at the bottom of the premier league is more than embarassing
  5. villa staying up for 1 minute - spammers score!
  6. I thought this was goiung to be about Bournemouth returning to the EFL - last time in, weren't they accused of breaking FFP rules??
  7. Have tried not to criticise drmic but he is so static against a fluid defence. I believe he will do better in the championship but only because the defenders are a lot worse.
  8. Can Klose claim an assist for their goal like drmic had against arsenal?
  9. Onel playing well though .... if only he had shooting boots
  10. Can't believe Stieperman hasn't come in for criticism but Leitner has! Stieperman has done nothing for us this season, performances echoed by his appearence against Arsenal - came on, looked lost, jogged around a bit, rugby tackled a teenager, got booked. Pathetic.
  11. Or has been tapped up at Christmas He’s a quarter of the player he was unfortunately
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