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  1. Didn't Rob Newman have the hardest shot on record IIRC?
  2. For @gregt Premier league - Arsenal to win away at Bournemouth pls. As for our bet for @Pockthorpe, Idah to score. Good luck to you all
  3. I must admit, I am feeling the pressure from the PUP of the month leaderboard!!, so not sure if to play it safe, or risk all for immortal glory!! Ha Ha!
  4. French Ligue 1 for me please Brest (No sniggering!) to beat Lyon - 2nd top verses 3rd bottom. As for our game - this is more difficult - I think it will be the classic BTTS, with possibly Kenny scoring after coming so close last night. Good luck to all PUPs esp. @LeedsCanary and @TheBaldOne66
  5. Agreed, ball played forward player in offside position puts it in - clear offside.
  6. Cymri Premier again - my work team Connah's Quay Nomads to beat Cardif MU As for our game, Idaho to score at anytime. Good luck all - esp. Sid and Jellytot
  7. Hi - Please put me down for Caernarfon winning away at Aber pls. Aberystwyth vs Caernarfon - AWAY win. Should get a good price on that. Good luck all.
  8. Wow, we've been smashed about everywhere today Unlucky both.
  9. Sky are literally wetting themselves - it’s all that’s wrong with football 🥹
  10. Twitter twits reckon Eiran Cashin to us for £4million. Got to be big Andy replacement.
  11. I am having an absolute shocker atm with big name regulars letting me down (Celtic, TNS) so take my pick with the distrust it deserves! League 2 Notts County to beat Acrington Stanley For our bet, I wiould go for Idah to score at anytime- just to calm a few nerves!! Good Luck to LDC and Branston Pickle and of course the rest of our motley crew
  12. Keeping everything crossed for you Kathy - 1 of my friends is going through exactly the same as you atm, she should be starting her treatment next week.
  13. Missed out a bit….. he’s really magic and don’t you really know his name is Jonny, Jonny Jonny Rowe da da da etc. Well that was what I was singing anyway !
  14. Cymru Premier for me pls where TNS should easily swat away any challenge from Barry Town for a comfortable home win. As for our game, I think Ashley Barnes will get another goal, and Gabby Sara will get an assist!! Forgot to add - the very best of luck to Cosmic twin and NFNFC - and of course all you other PUPs!
  15. I have never done this stadium, and was going to park at the Gas Club as recommended by many away guides online. Looking at Google Maps, it says that it is "temporally closed", so where else is good for a park and a pre-match pint for the non drivers? https://goo.gl/maps/hpGCZBbmU4mnoPrP6
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