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  1. Hilarious - - "failing to control their players" fines for both clubs, and possible further bans/fines to individual players.
  2. Possibly, but DF obviosly thinks these players are good enough or he wouldn't have signed them. If we can't beat the basement club with what is still a very strong team for this division then we will have a much bigger problem moving forward if/when promoted. Hugill, Rupp and Sorrenson were on excellent form before injuries/lost place - I'm sure they have played with similar scenarios in training.
  3. I would rest Skipp, Pukki and Beundia for this match. Time to rid the Beundia hoodoo with a few goals and a secure win. Krul Aarons Hanley Zimbo Gianoulis Kenny Sorrenson Rupp Dowell Plachetta Hugil That team is easily good enough to beat Wycombe. Would really like to see Sorrenson start at the heart of the midfield as that is his preferred position.
  4. I believe Sorenson is an excellent player, very mature and calm on the ball - it would be nice to see him as CDM for a few games (maybe in place of Kenny), and then we can make a comparison.
  5. I’m amazed some people are posting on a football message board as they seem to know nothing about football!!
  6. Keeping kenny on is either genius or madness !!
  7. We're not that good - that's 1 short!!
  8. We are in a strange and unusual position - currently I believe that we have 3 on form and talented CDMs in Skipp, Rupp and McClean. (Not to mention Sorenson waiting in the wings) All are great players, and all are playing well. Coupled with our excellent attacking full backs, the only formation that can accomodate all this is the Christmas Tree: Krul Max Hanley Gibson Giannoulis Skip McClean Rupp Emi Todd Pukki
  9. He was noticeably (via the highlights) playing further up the pitch where he will be more effective.
  10. I thought the commentator said that the Spurs guy was monitoring the progress of Skip?
  11. Andy Carroll and the chavvy Barnes that plays for Burnley - not the Barnes who plays for Leicester. Also really hate mascherano!
  12. Not exactly a massive statement of intent - I wonder how many of those 6 months he will be fit for? https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/jan/18/jack-wilshere-joins-bournemouth-until-end-of-the-season?utm_term=Autofeed&CMP=twt_b-gdnnews&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1610985147
  13. So, I live about 8 miles away from Wrexham, and I can tell you the buzz around the place is amazing. I have lots of friends who are ST holders and in the supporters trust, so were present at the virtual takeover meeting - they said it was, unsurprisingly, very slick. Wrexham is an old club with a ground with lots of history (first international game) - however, the town itself is a bit rundown, so this is a gargantuan shot in the arm for them! Hopefully this will benefit all parties involved - they have very little to start with, so can only be good news for Wrexham AFC.
  14. I believe the problem for Adam Idah was that after that amazing hat trick at Preston in the cup, everyone expected him to get some game time in the prem after. That just didn't happen, which was for me a mistake, as his confidence was high. Since then, he's probably been understandably a bit disappointed.
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