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  1. NWC

    Away Kit Surfaces Early

    We were so spoilt with the home kit that this seems a let down. Its not that bad, but to me its not Norwich.
  2. Timm looks like the youngsters have given him the runaround
  3. NWC

    Andy Hughes

    Captain Clap
  4. NWC

    Tour de France 2019

  5. NWC

    Peter Crouch retires

    Daily podcasts??? Agreed, gifted player - and seems like a decent lad. Very media friendly, so should be able to make it on the punditry circuit somewhere, or get some presenting work like his mate Dion!!
  6. NWC

    Tour de France 2019

    That happened on a Sportive around my way a couple of years ago (North Wales) - should be charged with criminal damage at least!
  7. NWC

    Tour de France 2019

    I did Ventoux in 2016. Climbed it the day before with a mate of mine on hire bikes loaded with camping gear and wine. Got the best spot in the race,( just before the barriers) and had Chris Froome running a meter in front of me minus his bike after his famous crash. As it was Bastille day, the French were on pints of Pastis from about 9.30 - amazing atmosphere - the beauty of TDF, you get to watch the elite riders in beautiful locations and a carnival atmosphere for free. I am married with kids - but that is still the best day of my life!!! - don't tell the Mrs!!
  8. NWC

    Tour de France 2019

    Apart from G, l was also impressed with how strong Alaphillipe was yesterday, but disappointed with Bardet who never seems to have enough team mates for that sort of climb.
  9. NWC

    Tour de France 2019

    Looking forward to Bernal kicking a55 today, but it won't happen as he will be shackled by Team tactics. You can't win the Tour today, but you can lose it. I would also like to see Dan Martin put on a show, but i'm guessing that most of the GC big hitters will just be trying not to lose any time rather than win the race.
  10. NWC

    Zimmermann to miss pre-season

    Yes - tough luck for the big man. I'm guessing that this also cancels any ideas about playing 3 at the back for the opener.
  11. And me. Seemed a good guy.
  12. According to SSN, Ben is about to sign a new 5 year contract. That would be one of the best signings of the summer if it happens IMO. Future Norwich Captain, and future England star.
  13. Disappointed that we didn't take a punt on this guy. Prolific scorer albeit at a significantly lower level and would have fitted in to the current recruitment strategy. I work with a couple of Tranmere ST's and they are gutted he's gone somewhere as lowly as Ipswich!!!