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  1. Cornerstone is my favourite Artic Monkeys song full stop! Nice and easy to play on the guitar too
  2. They were a brilliant band with probably the best debut album ever, but have seriously driven downhill since and are now firmly in the "Had it - Lost it!" category IMO. I blame "A M" It should be a good show though....nice to see the stadium attracting the big acts.
  3. Also jumping on the Wrexham bandwagon as it is hard to see beyond that on this tough week. Also it was the anniversary of the Gresford Colliery disaster this week, and I know the club were involved in that, so there will be extra motivation. So Wrexham Vs Torquay = Home win As for BTTS - how about Netherlands Vs Belgium in the Nations League on Sunday
  4. Was going to say similar- have we ever swapped Pukki on the right and Sargent up front? Seems a logical thing to try esp. considering Teemu’s work rate.
  5. Off to sunny Portugal for me where I fully expect top of the table Benfica (6/6) to beat lowly bottom place Maritimo (0/6) at home. Benfica Home Win. As for our game - I think it will be even tougher than midweek, so both teams to score and hopefully we will slug it out on top. Good luck to LDC and Lincsy88
  6. Good Luck with the new role.
  7. Ah, OK - France Ligue 1 Saturday, Lyon Vs Angers HOME WIN Lyon are considered by most to be the 2nd best in that division and Angers are 2nd from bottom.
  8. A trip to my adopted homeland of the Welsh Premier League tonight should see Caernarfon (who also play in yellow and green) easily beat Airbus (who haven't won yet!), so Caernarfon Home Win. Cofi army!! Iawn Conts! As for the Norwich bet, I think Teemu will score. Good Luck to First Wazzock for the 6 and Astro for the City Bet.
  9. This is my (now) neck of the woods. Wrexham sell out, and people struggle to get tickets. They are easily the best supported club in that division with regular gates of just under 10K, and so I can see there being a market for a streaming service, especially considering all the new american "fans" thanks to the Hollywood takeover. But if you look in the same division you have Boreham Wood, average gate 1165 (just checked) and they need fans at the pitch, not at home on the telly as they need to maximise their retail sales. I'm just not sure that a streaming service would be beneficial to them as there would no doubt be some cost to administer and maintain. Premier league clubs and bigger clubs would will have a global fan base where as lower league clubs do not unless something remarkable happens to them as it has to Wrexham.
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