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  1. NWC

    That Fulham game

    Rose tinted glasses - or green and yellow tinted ones anyway compared to what I remember. We were in it for a bit and then when Saffri went off for Holt it was all over. Nothing against Holt, but he wasn't having the best of seasons - I think he had a lung infection it turned out later. After that, their midfield was immense and won everything especially Boupa Diop (sp?). Our lads didn't have much fight in them despite the rally call by some senior players (Helveg, Bentley, McKenzie, Francis all sort of non-existent from what I remember) - no one seemed to really give much, no one seem to really care. Most supporters just seemed to be on a day out in London (we took thousands though! ) - no one seemed to be really upset which was annoying, as I was bl00dy livid! Icing on the cake was on the lonely train ride home in a carriage with half a dozen baggies who had just done the great escape - crying into my tinnies
  2. Cup for me too - why should we celebrate being 17th??
  3. Ditto - proper Norwich!!
  4. What is the point of this guy??
  5. NWC

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Torture over...
  6. NWC

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Wolves didnt even try and have still won 3-0
  7. NWC

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Wheres max Aaron's playing atm?? Left midfield?
  8. NWC

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Mcclean, Duda and Rupp - possibly the 3 worst midfielders in the premier league
  9. NWC

    Wolves Match Thread.

    3 players unmarked 2 yards from goal
  10. NWC

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Been the better team and have gone behind - same old, same old....
  11. NWC

    Looks like the Spurs then?

    Great assist by Redmond... oh oh ..... 2-2 as I type........
  12. NWC

    Inside No. 9

    I was in a similar state, but I admit it - I wept!! It's the best thing I have ever seen on television - a work of genius.
  13. NWC

    Inside No. 9

    Its a good episode, but not a classic like Bernie Clifton's Dressing Room or the brilliant 12 days of Christine - both of those are on iplayer now and are thoroughly recommended!!