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  1. NWC

    Godfrey and Lewis ...

    I thought Lewis was our best player against Watford despite a few mistakes. The trouble is that both full backs have been restricted in their forward play by the players in front of them.
  2. NWC

    Ratings v Brighton

    Krul 7 my motm again Lewis 6 Godfrey 6 Tettey 4 Aarons 5 Hernandez 3 Trybull 4 McClean 5 Beundia 3 Stieperman 4 Pukki 4 A poor team performance.
  3. NWC

    Match Thread v Brighton

    Shocking free kick too.
  4. NWC

    Match Thread v Brighton

  5. NWC

    Match Thread v Brighton

    Here comes drmic...
  6. NWC

    Match Thread v Brighton

    Poor goal to concede.
  7. Teemu gets NFL seal of approval https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/american-football/50260947
  8. Ticket office busy. Would I be able to get in to the match using a family friends season ticket? She is a female oap, I am an adult Male. TIA.
  9. NWC

    That's An Absolutely Superb Point

    First away point and first clean sheet - great stuff. There is a little part of me that thinks we could have gone one better - we were the best team 60mins onwards.
  10. Tettey and Trybull to stiffen up the midfield/ defence and Onel racing down the wing - ahhhhhh ( sigh of relief!)
  11. He comes from mid Wales Aber way, and worked at Wrexham and Liverpool before becoming "known" so maybe one of those clubs. Hopefully Wrexham not the other one!
  12. NWC

    Coventry/ the specials ot

    Saw that, loved it!
  13. I agree with most of this - we have to take the medicin, learn and move on. My only dissapointment is that defensively we don't seem to learn from our mistakes.
  14. NWC

    Mings again

    Yeah - was definitely El Ghazi and not the minger - this time!!!