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  1. I think Normann will be our best midfiuelder - was impressed with him today. Once he is up to premier league speed I think we will have a proper player on our hands. Plus if all else fails we can turn into a Stoke tribute act with his long throws!!
  2. I very rarely call players out, and don't want to make a habit of it, but I feel like Brandon Williams is no better than we already have. Not tackling or marking, sitting in no man's land for the second goal, and wandering around the penalty area with his arm in the air for the third. Agree he was pretty solid at Arsenal, but also arguably at fault for both Leicester goals before that. Is he really better than Giannoulis?? I would prefer to see Dimi given a run against Seamus Coleman next week at Everton.
  3. Deleted due to another thread on same topic
  4. Going back to the whole "Stein Army" thing of the 80s, does anyone remember a guy (Stanley?) who used to clib up into the rafters of the barclay most home games??
  5. Interesting Idea. Webber and Farke = Dan Asworth and Paul Warne? Genuine Fan owned and Fan run football club!
  6. Watched this from the get go - some episodes are comedy genius with touches of wonderful sentiment, but others fall short- it's generally worth a watch though! #believe #footballislife
  7. Yes KH the very same!! Yes I remember a few of those as well - also another few that I can't remember the internet names (Lisa Q's hubby and a nice guy from Midlands way) I also remember getting into internet bickering with some guy called "Mind the Van" or similar - he didn't like me for some reason!! Good times!!
  8. Or He’s Ozan Kabak and he stays at the back cos he plays centre back for Norwich He’s Ozan Kabak he breaks up the attacks then he passes to Max for Norwich
  9. Didn’t think he was an improvement on Gianoulis - mistakes on both goals, and not as dynamic going forward. I hope it’s a one off, but would think Dimi starts against Arsenal.
  10. I expect Sorensen to be loaned but Idah to stay. Would not want to lose Todd or Max. If we keep them both we give ourselves every opportunity to become an established premier league team.
  11. Pink ‘un Forum Rating: Todd Cantwell 1 Wears an Alice band, posts on Instagram, and didn’t go mental ballistic when we scored a goal against a team that were already beat! sarcasm intended
  12. Was just going to post the same!! Should never be allowed to leave - amazing player whose little indiscretions we should forgive and celebrate, as he is our player and one of us.
  13. Little advice needed pls. Thought I would surprise my boys by getting them a ticket to today's game as we are in Norfolk for a family birthday. However 2 of them have forgotten their fan cards - the tickets are bought in their name so is it just a case of showing the email at the turnstiles or do I need to go to the ticket office to sort it before the match. TIA
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