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  1. The Sean Dyche who kept Burnley in the Prem for a number of years and got them into Europe? No. No. No. We are far too good for dross like that. I would hate to have a manager with that kind of record.
  2. I would agree about Bryan Gunn. I think we've had some better keepers than him since. I would also suggest a winger who played for us in the 90s. I know a lot of people who felt he was destined for greatness only for injuries to scupper that. He was a good player but never likely to be a great one, in my view.
  3. Even if he doesn't get his final ball right sometimes he can be effective just unsettling defenders and causing uncertainty. And if he plays enough minutes he will pop up with some goals and assists.
  4. As for Gibson, he's got a mistake in him. Sean Dyche worked out pretty quick that he couldn't trust him. But, he can do a good enough job at this level. He's a bit rusty at the moment but he has proven himself in this league and he'll be able to do it again.
  5. Agreed. McCallum didn't do much wrong... but nor did he add much. Dimi is a bit more dynamic.
  6. He was a decent prospect but he wasn't good enough to get in the team at the time and wouldn't have got in it since.
  7. Good player. Has suffered from the departure of Buendia. Needs to improve his final ball - as has been the case for some time now. I'd much rather he was playing for us than someone else next season.
  8. He's one of the best left backs at the club.
  9. I haven't watched the interview but Hugill is what he is. Hernandez has a lot of faults but is 10 x the player Placheta is. May even be more like 100 x. We were getting relegated whatever but Hernandez is so much better than Placheta... Dare I say it, makes me think they accepted relegation from the off and accepted a few dollars for seemingly non key players.
  10. Players also know though. Experienced, proven and/or higher quality players will look around and think "He gives the ball away too much" or "He isn't quick enough" or... "He's sh*t".
  11. Agree he's done it because he's fallen out with Webber, disagree that he's making it up. But there's every chance the pair of them are full of sh*t.
  12. Very, very good pass into Pukki for the 2nd goal. Those two are on the same wavelength.
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