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  1. It's quite a hard position to play, I think. And, although maybe not always the most stylish player, Stiepi has shown that he is effective in this division. I'd argue that we might have put up a greater fight in the Prem (would still have got relegated) had he been in the team more because of the understanding between him and the other attackers. In my opinion it doesn't totally suit Vrancic but he's still creating chances, creates angles for others and he's getting chances on goal himself. It'd be more of a concern if he wasn't getting chances to score but we know he's a good finisher so he'll get there.
  2. He was chopping and changing too much. He did a bit of that at Derby too. I suspect a lot of players didn't quite know where they stood. Apart from Mason Mount.
  3. Indeed. Yet players like Maddison (who only really turned out for us for one season) and Godfrey are still very much supported.
  4. On this sorta subject I would say we are lucky to have three outstanding players here at the same time - Outstanding goalkeeper - Krul Outstanding goalscorer - Pukki Outstanding footballer - Buendia In their positions (and in general for Buendia) you don't see many better players in a Norwich shirt.
  5. Yeah, he's scored a few goals in the Championship. Not convinced about him in the Prem but he's got time on his side and he might need the right club.
  6. Is he "absolutely brilliant"? I get there's a difference in the quality to what Liverpool require to us or Sheff Utd, however, I do wonder if Liverpool thought his ceiling might not go much higher and took good money for him.
  7. There's more with Buendia. More natural talent, more in the locker. And he puts it in for the team. As good as it gets in a Norwich City shirt.
  8. Hmm. He isn't always the strongest tackler. Good player though.
  9. He slowed the play down too much at times and he also ran out of steam in the second half - which he is prone to doing.
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