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  1. GJP


    Sublime player.
  2. Ref wasn't giving it but then went with Wigan's call.
  3. GJP


    That would seem about on the money to me.
  4. GJP

    Semi Ajayi

    I thought he looked decent when they played down here but got caught on the ball for our 3rd goal, iirc.
  5. Unbelievably talented and he works very hard as well. A joy to watch.
  6. GJP

    Changes for next game?

    In the latter part of last season, after a few months of settling in, Vrancic was probably our best player. A few more months down the line and the guy goes from being our best player to the best player in the league. Leitner is an absolute genius at what he does but Vrancic...he is some player.
  7. GJP


    Argentina have got one or two decent players tbf. But he is a very talented boy.
  8. Penalty for me. And I don't think it's entirely accidental his arm got in the way. It may only have been a split second but I think he got a good enough look as the shot was about to be struck before he turned away.
  9. GJP

    Mark Rivers Commentary

    Rivvo is class. Enthusiastic about Norwich but calls it as it is. Doesn't make it about himself.
  10. GJP


    A simply wonderful player. He was probably our best player in the latter part of last season and once he got back into the team this season he's just got better and better. They went after him because they know how f*cking good he is.
  11. GJP

    Team for Birmingham

    Vrancic and Leitner are just quality, quality players. It is a joy to watch two players with such great football brains and technical ability playing for Norwich. Difficult to get them in the same team perhaps but a good type of problem to have.
  12. It's hard to believe Freddy Adu is only 29. A bit like it was hard to believe he was only 14 when he made his debut.
  13. I'd have pretended not to see it.
  14. Thought Vrancic played some absolutely sublime football yesterday. Especially that first half. He took Derby to pieces. He also worked very hard. Although he was tiring I thought it was a mistake to take him off. Trybull is very slow and can struggle to adapt to the pace of the game, and Derby were obviously going to push forward with energy.