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  1. Realistically, Norwich are never going to be more than a yo-yo club. People say Farke couldn't cut it in the Prem but it doesn't matter who we get, we are getting relegated sooner or later. If we survive a couple of seasons or even a few seasons we'll eventually be relegated - unless we are billionaire rich. So, until we are billionaire rich are we getting better than Farke??? Two things about him: Firstly, his brand of football was a joy to watch. Secondly, and this should not be underestimated, he bled yellow and green.
  2. Kane wasn't awful when he was here. And I'm not saying Idah is awful. But when you watched Kane you could tell he had the touch and awareness and he was doing the right things on the pitch. Idah is lacking that real sharp touch, the awareness of what's around him and the speed of thought.
  3. Indeed. Pukki's speed of thought remains our biggest and most reliable threat.
  4. Alternatively, Rooney carried England for years.
  5. People have the hump over Buendia leaving but root for Maddison? Not sure what the difference is. They both went to bigger/better clubs for lots more money. And you'd have to say that Buendia "did his bit" for Norwich more so than Maddison. For me it's just nice to see these quality players in a Norwich shirt for as long as it lasts.
  6. Wasn't McCallum beaten rather easily for the cross that resulted in the penalty? Wasn't the only time either.
  7. He created his own "luck" with a very clever piece of play. That is Teemu Pukki. Different class.
  8. He's not really a no-nonsense player. He's decent if you give him time and space but put him up against it against the better players and he struggles.
  9. The Sean Dyche who kept Burnley in the Prem for a number of years and got them into Europe? No. No. No. We are far too good for dross like that. I would hate to have a manager with that kind of record.
  10. I would agree about Bryan Gunn. I think we've had some better keepers than him since. I would also suggest a winger who played for us in the 90s. I know a lot of people who felt he was destined for greatness only for injuries to scupper that. He was a good player but never likely to be a great one, in my view.
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