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  1. Well, without checking I'd have put him at 23 tops . His youthful looks are an asset. But as judge Judy would say , beauty fades, dumb is forever.
  2. He's a believer. Not only that , he knows. Nobody else does, except Dean Smith. Once Birdyo says its so, it is so. No arguments.
  3. I'm only playing the same stupid game as you, fun isnt it .? Making shoite up and claiming its fact. I see why you do it now. As for time out..... thats just a footy cliche , just as players say..." its a massive Club"... when joining a Club struggling in the champs. Aaaaanyway have a few things to do now so catch you later for the next instalment of " why Dean Smith should be next manager of Man City".....you know it makes sense.
  4. I was being kind, we were his consolation prize after losing his dream job. It was never gonna be skipping off into the sunset together.
  5. The largest part of Smiths problem was the football served up. If we'd played anything approaching exciting footy , there would have been much less ag. Yet you cling to concepts imagined in your head. The footy caused the unhappiness, not the other way round. No amount of circular arguments will bring him back. Mourn and move on , youll thank us for it , once you let your ego dissolve and let the truth in.
  6. Yes, we've heard what you think, ad nauseum in fact. None of which alters the fact that as a Club , we are in a happier place with him gone. You can argue the opposite as much as you like, but there is hardly anyone ( if that many) that support even your less ridiculous assertions. Now you could be the only person that is right......but its not likely. If you dont feel that as supporters, people are able to voice their opinions, why do you voice yours.?..is your opinion more valid than others? We both know the real answer to that. You dont like what went on, and yes , it wasnt pleasant , but needs must sometimes. This was one such occasion.
  7. Exactly, anyone with more brain than ego can accept that it was a bad fit altogether. Unfortunately someone is determined to make themselves look stupider by the day.
  8. I'd rather win 2 and lose 1 than draw 3. Which is about as much as we could expect from Deano.Stop trying to defend him , he's almost certainly moved on. Why cant you?
  9. Yes. Stop torturing yourself with tis illusion that you have the slightest idea of whats going on. Oh , and stop torturing us with it too. As they say round here.... fack off you snipey cont.
  10. We don't so much play out from the back as paint ourselves into a corner. One of the precepts of playing out from the back is that every player involved has the option of going long if required at any given point....we don't do that, we let ourselves get squeezed resulting in mistakes.
  11. Whatever he is on , it has led him up a fools path and he refuses to see it. Lets just let him skip down it and amuse us as he does so.
  12. No , im taking the pi55 out of you , you egotistical clown. I never do anything cheap. No it isnt. P.S. Everything you wrote in between the bits i quoted was rubbish too. PPS Its hilarious watching you cling to such tripe . PPS You cannot believe the rubbish you post unless you are deluded.
  13. Could you post a picture of your calibrated Successometer? As you seem to have some standard measure of success in mind.
  14. And they cheered more, dont forget that. Our players would be better if we screamed like Beatle fans in the 60s. We should have kept Smith until the fans learnt how to support him properly, the results would, naturally pick up at that point , as would performances creating a snowball effect that would take this league and the next by storm . Mind you , it does take a ' special' kind of mind to beleive this.
  15. Thats all very well, but Dean Smith would have got us 3 draws from the last 3 games due to his scintillating tactics, which 'proves' it was a waste of money sacking him. We should have cheered more, idiots!!
  16. I think that you are now pretending to be thick. Did you go to a facking Steiner School? Expecting praise for thinking something, anything , no matter how wrong and stupid it is.
  17. Utterly ridiculous conclusion. Even for you. Smith was taking us nowhere, that would have cost far more.
  18. What an exceptionally reasonable chap you are. Do you own a hat , festooned with Corks by any chance ?
  19. All ireland hurling club final to be replayed as winning team finished with 16 players on pitch, 15 is regulation.
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