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  1. Good point. All things considered, well done all.
  2. ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌
  3. Have no idea Hoggo, but someone will tell us yet again that we should have spent more on CDs this summer. Shall we have a guess at the odds of that. Probably the inverse of the odds you were looking for. Ha! By the time I'd posted Jobbo had already whinged.
  4. This is his 9 th game at this level, give him a chance.
  5. Constantly is a bit harsh, he's been 50/50 , which isn't good enough.
  6. The slightly more defensive style has reduced our options for the killer pass, patience lads.
  7. I've always rated Dack. Decent player.
  8. wcorkcanary


    I think they just might Mouldyo ( dough). Dont care if they not zillionaires. Said it before and I'll say it again, you dont need rich owners if you have a rich Club.
  9. wcorkcanary

    Stuart Webber on Radio 5 Live Right Now

    He has committed to 3 years, can't expect anymore from an ambitious man with no ties to the club, unless our success matches his ambition, then I suppose he may stay, though I doubt it.
  10. wcorkcanary

    What Joy

    Having had four keyhole surgeries in one go (don't ask) , I confirm that if successful, he should be healed in a few days, the main factors in a hernia op are size of tear, where in the muscle that the tear occurs and which muscle is affected. The use of a medical mesh screen to assist in repairing and strengthening the muscle also speeds the process. I still think two weeks between op and playing seems a little quick, but as someone said above, intensive rehab and physio could make all the difference.
  11. wcorkcanary

    Webber talks sence

    jesus wept.
  12. If I lost 3 inches I'd be a she.
  13. Best yet if I could give that more likes I would. Just told the missus and she may need advice from the above meeting
  14. wcorkcanary

    Webbers Interview

    Sorted that for you . You're welcome. Byeee
  15. wcorkcanary

    Pukki game here

    Correction...qualification not guaranteed 1 pt from 2 games needed, one of which being Lichtenstein
  16. wcorkcanary

    Pukki game here

  17. wcorkcanary

    What on earth does - Error code: 2F173/O - mean....

    Saving the world, plant by plant.
  18. wcorkcanary

    Webbers Interview

    Thank you Vince for trying to turn the financial and structural consolidation of our club into something negative ....and failing miserably. What bit of ' this is an unfinished project ' are you too dimwitted to understand. Get the feckoudda here.
  19. wcorkcanary

    Pukki game here

    Super finish by Teemu Pukki to pretty much get Finland to the Euros!!!!
  20. wcorkcanary

    What on earth does - Error code: 2F173/O - mean....

    Jeez, hate be nosey but what do you do that is less teccy than landscaping? No need to reply if you feel that your privacy is invaded.