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  1. Yep, guilty only of not being 'on the ball ' so to speak with his own tax affairs ......and who could blame an average guy for not knowing that stuff, it's what we pay accountants for.
  2. This Madders is a twerp convo has got me thinking. I wonder, given DFs fairly rigorous training and his Germanic way if the current academy students and other young players have been told in no uncertain terms about their behaviour when not actually at work. I played against lots of reserve and under 23 sides in the Dortmund /Paderborn/ Beilefeld area and those young guys were seriously focused, no messing , little or no backchat to referees etc. The after match drinks were an eye opener too, those players, though given access to alcohol , mostly stuck to minerals or 1small beer and then onto water etc.Very disciplined indeed.This was early eighties though so things may have changed. I hope DF has brought some of that with him , as in the long run it will serve us well as a Club.
  3. It is possible to be young, loaded , have a few drinks and not be a knobbber. Believe it or not, it's not compulsory or even mandatory.
  4. The absence of a reply suggests he is researching his answer. Which will of course prove he was right all along.
  5. You wont get a conversation out of Bilious ,Nuffo. He'll just tell you how it is . He knows you know.
  6. I mentioned Putin because I was replying to TvB Nuffo. Hopkins granted, is vile, but correct on the one point I made, that most if not all people, if they eat better and move more, clinical issues aside ,will lose weight. This is a fact , I dont think that is harsh at all, I apportioned no blame, unlike Hopkins. I think its a bit harsh, though im not offended, for you to extrapolate this statement of fact into having no imagination or empathy, because I have Plenty of both, cheers. My Imagination and empathy have prevented me from being offended, as I can see why you might think what you do. No offence meant or taken.
  7. No one would be complaining if we did that. Essentially as Solanke wasnt exactly a cult hero at Anfield.
  8. Agree Doomo, hes probably not costing us much at the moment, the potential was definitely there, a shame for the lad if he never gets to play first team again for us but at least as a club we know we have given him plenty of time to fully recover and show his ability. We may recover a few quid for him when he moves on permanently, if he does. I don't see what more we could have done though. Best of luck to him, whatever happens. After all , its safe to say pretty much everyone wanted him to succeed here . Just hasnt happened .
  9. He's a quantity not quality man. Not Ampadou...the expert fella.
  10. Ouch, sorry to hear but glad you o.k., it'll take your mind off the saddle soreness .
  11. Excellent, though I had a fiver on him to win in straight sets. Cant win em all I suppose, main thing is the result , does the team have sufficient investment to get promoted next season?
  12. Did Gazza play well? are they all knackered now?
  13. Now there's a thing. What are the chances of a home game...or even an away game on june 18 next year, depends on this covid shoite I suppose. Late play off final at Wembley anybody? ✈✈ Fekkit , any big event would do Wimbledon etc, it'd make the National news I reckon.They couldn't resist showing it . Many thanks to the 'Delia out' brigade for costings, research etc. It was 900 quid needed wasn't it?.
  14. Wolfo has raised far far more on his own, jumping on a bike for christs sake . If there was a whip round to fly a plane on Delia's Birthday over Carrow rd wishing her a happy one it'd raise more money in less time than the Delia out version.
  15. Sitting on a kiddies rubber swimming ring may help as it woould help to reverse the pressure created by the saddle. Similar to the way they are used to relieve piles. Maybe , as they do so much cycling there is why it called the Netherlands
  16. That's why it would have to be worldwide , from the top down ie Fifa, otherwise we would probably end up with all top level footy being played in Qatar in air conditioned stadiums , cant see it though, worldwide wage cap thats is , Turkeys dont generally vote for Christmas.
  17. Fair enough, didnt know they'd changed manager, hopefully a change of style to match. Cant imagie Wes liking being in a team of cloggers, he's pure football in a pint sized bottle.
  18. Pay no heed to the fella who knows more about your Club( and everything else) than you possibly could ,he takes a very self righteous one eyed slant on everything. Fwiw I think Bournemouth are a side that played generally good football under EH, though i dont have much time for him , it was a shame for ye that he and the owner/ board came to a mutual decision for him to leave, I feel your chances of a successful rebuild post relegation would be enhanced under him. .... he has been there before. But as they say , a new broom sweeps clean and refresh/reboot could be just what you need. Your finances, despite what Bilious has researched, are your own business and as you explained , the ground issue is complex, plus you do ,unlike us, have a wealthy backer.( id have Delias dosh in a heartbeat but it isnt much use in footballing terms nowadays.) . Solanke, you are correct , could be very potent in the Champs, he has also had to deal with the mental side of being let go by a huge club, that can't be easy. Just look at Pukkis second half of this season to see how confidence, in all its forms,can affect a player. Forget the guff and noise as we are not in dissimilar positions in that if we get it right , we should both be strong enough for a top 6 finish, get it wrong and Christ knows where it bottoms out. Best of luck next season, except against us,if we both beat our rivals we should be well set for a tilt at promotion. Regarding Tindall, its a gamble, I consider ours to have paid off so far with Farke..... he's not perfect . Tindall , if appointed, will need a grace period to get things going his way, we endured a very dull first season with DF but you could see what he was trying to do ....it came good in his second season. Still not perfect, but im much happier about the all round state of our club than I was four years ago. Hope you are feeling the same in a couple of years.
  19. We did that season before last a bit,Pukki and the other forwards pressing often turned the ball over to us. It wouldn't work as well in the prem as the defenders and gk are usually better equipped to deal with our press. We are playing in a division lower again and may well use it as a tactic in the right circumstances. Hadn't realised Farke had a limp .
  20. We should not give cambridge anything. Full stop. Friendlies can be played at high intensity without crippling the opposition. They disgraced themselves that day. Should be on an ignore list.
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