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  1. Its just the scale of our respective economies, and the economies of our respective scales. We'd do more if we had the largesse..00
  2. Grant Hanley would have done exactly the same as Silva, Kane fell for it.
  3. Actually , yes , he's called Jimmy and he'd not take kindly to being called a servant. He pays good money to have his cattle graze some of the fields. Thanks for asking.
  4. Nope , make a mistake, makes you a liar, TuB says so.
  5. I cam understand that, focusing on anything other than that must be a relief , even if only for 90 or so minutes.
  6. Couldn't agree more, i understand that it's the Internet and the chances of him being held accountable for some of the things he posts are slim to non existent , but Christ, doesn't he have any moral compass at all ?
  7. I suppose it all depends on what you expect from a centre half, GH has been solid lately defending well and playing mostly fsimple passes . ...... job basics fulfilled, well. Hes also looking very much in charge . Good , solid signing that has proved his value to us .
  8. I think TuB has a bit of trouble knowing when to stop with the accusations/ projection/ venting, he's clearly troubled and unhappy, despite his wealth , loving family and bunch of mates down the Pub. He defends his flip flopping vehemently , which can be entertaining but occasionally realises he's gone too far and does show some humanity, though on previous form, doesn't last long*. *( or so I've heard)
  9. Fair point. At least he wasn't actually accusing Hertfordyellow of anything..... other than neglecting his children.... where does this fool get off.
  10. Was talking about you, not to you. One slimy.positive comment in amongst a tirade of negatve tripe, doesnt make you right, or decent , or even vaguely pleasant.
  11. Who do we turn on if he doesn't, him or you? Asking for a bollix swinging ' friend' .
  12. Yep . Funny how he'd been written off by the more , how do I say ' opinionated ' on here , Ws !
  13. He hasn't stopped working since he got here. Fair play to the kid for keepin on keepin on.
  14. In fairness, first half they had at least 3 at all times. They all did ok.
  15. Very valid point, though I suppose they would claim to be 'happily wrong 'should the club 'spend enough to survive'......as if survival in what is the bubbliest of football bubbles is remotely related to actual survival as a footy club.
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