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  1. Absolutely awful. 1st goal tonight? Couldn't even see him anywhere. Not good enough. Really shouldve got cover in that area.
  2. Can remember when Sheffield United had over lapping centre backs. Kn0bs. Never liked them
  3. Right on the back of winning us 3 points. And how many more will he win us from now to the end of the season?! . Jog on
  4. And it did villa over too... no shame though as I hate villa
  5. Normally you don't change a winning team or formation so hopefully smith sticks for Friday night
  6. Can only play whats on the field in front of you....
  7. Me too... 5 to 7.5m will be our maximum... Was excited to see him play for us. What an utter disappointment
  8. Doesn't matter who he scores against. Goal scoring brings confidence to strikers.
  9. Because the parents are too selfish
  10. I think hayden will be the making of our season. A proper midfielder. Drop KM, his time is done and has been for a long time, wish he would move back to Scotland. Hayden has the physicality we need. It'll give us some more freedom to play the way we do and he will commit a foul if he really has to
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