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  1. You lot make me laugh. Say how you want us to keep the same philosophy attacking football that got us where we are now. And now you want us to defend. ncfc fans are THE WORST
  2. He just asked him if he was man city, a couple of people asked the same, but the man city fan took it out on my mate as he was directly next to him. But you know everything eh TVB.
  3. It's wrong to ask a person if they support home or away team
  4. He simply asked him if he was a man city fan then he kicked off. But biting is ok? Sod it, let's all ditch away seats and mix the stadium, let apparent home fans buy season tickets and sell tickets off per game and make money. Good logic LDC you ****
  5. I dont know if that's sarcasm? Will be interesting to see what the club say about appeal
  6. I know one of the men in the 'altercation'. He said to the other 'norwich fan' you're a man city fan arent you as he didnt get in on any chants or celebrate after the first goal. So the other man said I'm from norwich so what does it matter. Then he tried to attack the guy I know very well, they fell down a few rows of seats and then the man city fan BIT the norwich fan and left a massive bruise on him. The norwich fan walked down to the turnstile to talk to stewards as they saw it, then got told he was going to go to Wymondham for questioning. Then after that he got told he could get done for affray when he did nothing. The police released him 22 hours later with no charge. He has 14 days to appeal the decision. If NCFC dont agree with the events he tells them then they can extend his ban.
  7. Ward 3

    Soton vs Cherries

    Soton are so so poor. I fancy us to finish above them
  8. Ward 3

    Todd Cantwell

    Fair play to you guys holding your hands up. Todd has been so good. Much better than last season
  9. Ward 3

    Man city game

    Recorded that to watch when I'm home. Be good to see/hear it
  10. Ward 3

    Todd Cantwell

    People said at the start of the season to loan him out to a championship side. Bet they feel stupid now.
  11. Eceryone keeps going on about man city's defence, laporte being out injured, kompany leaving in the summer. Not being funny but man city are reigning champions and the defenders have all played together in the past in champions league, premier league, all other cups. Our main back 4 only started playing together last season in a league below. Yesterday we only had 2 of them in lewis and godfrey. Amadou is more of a CDM who can play CB when needed and did an exceptional job in his 2nd premier league appearance. And Sam Byram at RB, I know hes played a few games for us but to be chucked in the deep end this week he was pure quality, didnt give sterling much to go off. I just wish people would say we played city at their own game and took our chances instead of saying about man city defensive issues.
  12. Ward 3

    After the Crawley and West Ham defeats

    good banter this one. We played UEFA Champions League winners and lost 4-1. We beat Newcastle 3-1, which some fans would expect. We lost 3-2 at home to europa league champions and a top 4 premier league team which isn't a bad result, let's be fair to the lads they gave it a hell of a lot. We lost to Crawley through a deflected goal and a completely changed 11. We lost 2-0 to an Established premier league team who spent £45m on a striker. A lot of people would've expected us to be on 3/4 points going into the international break. If we had played a load of lower end of the table then you could have a reason to open your stupid gob. Until then do one.
  13. This bit-chfest still going on
  14. Hope you're right. Missed zimbo reading the game at the back
  15. I ain't comparing him to nobody. Just saying hes turd. At least the others you quoted worked and tried hard