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  1. The plans to go down, win the championship with the same players bar normann and kabak give the lads 2 seasons to gel and go back up and be equally as sh1te as this season?
  2. Hahaha fair point well made. We couldn't fight our way out of a wet paper bag at the moment. Ah well the players will still get the 40k a week
  3. I wouldn't have rashica, not seen enough of him to warrant a start. Gilmour no thanks. Not good enough for a fighting team like ourselves
  4. No i don't see he's under pressure but he should be. Enough is enough. I'm all for giving people a chance but look at the state of performances and formation. He shouldn't of changed so much so dramatically
  5. Ah mate don't worry. I can take it. Especially after this performance I'm just going to sit back laugh and be embarrassed
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