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  1. Ward 3

    Shouldn't be surprised I suppose....

    Estonia are a hell of a national team.
  2. Ward 3

    To the "child"....

    I dont understand why the idiot didnt throw the ball back when they saw another ball being put down by ozil for the corner. It annoyed me let alone the arsenal players. Was no need to hold it for that long. And yes I think it did contribute to the goal, arsenal looked more motivated to score from that set piece. Well mustafi did in particular
  3. Ward 3

    Should Srbeny start?

    Haha. Who knew what a win could hey!!
  4. Ward 3

    Should Srbeny start?

    I actually agree with you!
  5. Ward 3

    Should Srbeny start?

    Pukki had no international break, he carried finland to euro 2020 so probably was tired after a few games and celebrating
  6. Ward 3

    Are we going to survive ?

    No we wont. Last season was a massive over achievement. This season we are facing the horrible reality
  7. Aww glad you're flattered sweet cheeks
  8. Yes Sir. I hope I grasp life in general. Hows tactile going?
  9. Ward 3

    Steer clear!

    Cool reply that
  10. Ward 3

    Steer clear!

    Already relegated. Players know it, fans know it. Cant get anything from bottom of the league at home. Hope we dont go down but looks so so bleak.
  11. Ward 3

    Grow up

    Posh motor? A red Mazda
  12. Ward 3

    Grow up

    Here we go again. Mr Correct
  13. Ward 3

    A club without ambition

    you still going on Callum
  14. Ward 3

    A club without ambition

    Maybe. Aww cute story hun.