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  1. Ward 3

    Too much loyalty, too much hype?

    We're Norwich city we'll buy 8 more midfielders and try to play them cb
  2. Ward 3

    Look out St Johns

    The mistake is them as a whole.
  3. Ward 3

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    Why did they feel the need to change it in the first place. Such a load of balls just to get extra50 quid out of a lot of people.
  4. Ward 3


    Yes pal. Buzzing for ya.
  5. Ward 3


    Seems that way pal
  6. Ward 3


    Times have moved on. This is 2020 not the 90s anymore.
  7. Ward 3

    Luke Woolfenden

    For a player who is in league 1 and win 1 league game since November? However much are our boys worth winning the championship and having PL experience....?
  8. Ward 3

    Jordan Rhodes

    Vile are doing well
  9. Haha love this; The equivilent of a car insurance fraudster who slams his brakes on in front of you in the hope of a smash and a payout
  10. Getting ready now for the grealish love affair on sky sports. Can't believe they compare him to maddison. Not even in the same class
  11. Neither where Watford until they played us and played better. If we can beat Bournemouth then who knows
  12. Ward 3

    Carlton Morris debut goal

    He's not really done anything anywhere. Dont really know why he is still a city player as harsh as it sounds
  13. If we win games and others lose then it is about what others do isnt it. Jesus christ. Some people have 0 sense