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  1. Ward 3

    Fabio Quagliarella

    Quagliarella has always been class. Got excited all them years ago when we where 'Linked'
  2. Ward 3

    Lawrenson and Nicholas

    Defending like league 1. Playing champions league winners. Give us some credit you mug
  3. Personally I still think we would've lost 3 or 4 1 so not much different conversations. I dont get why jamal Lewis was marking virgil van djik from corners
  4. Ward 3

    Spurs v Villa

    Hope villa get a stuffing. Hate how they've gone about the transfer business
  5. Ward 3

    XI for Liverpool

    Nervous answering questions? I don't think so
  6. Ward 3

    XI for Liverpool

    Yea that's great.
  7. Ward 3

    XI for Liverpool

    McLean an engine? Last season he gave the ball away and made little effort to chase back
  8. Ward 3

    Todd to start?

    Some donkeys spout some **** on here
  9. Ward 3

    3rd kit apparently leaked...

    3rd kit is sexual
  10. Ward 3

    Norwich v Atalanta live stream

    Heise showed that he couldn't be bothered to chase back after his error. Atalanta goals where all 12 yards out sp should be effortless. Good side to be fair
  11. Ward 3

    Norwich v Atalanta live stream

    Missed zimbo putting his all on the line and his leadership
  12. Ward 3


    Fahrmann is a very good goalkeeper but he needs to learn the english style and get his confidence back after his injury. Angus Gunn didn't start off great and ended up brilliant. Same as timmy k
  13. Ward 3

    Norwich v Atalanta live stream

    Are you joking? Either that or you've been on the sauce
  14. Ward 3

    Liverpool weaknesses

    Liverpool weaknesses, none really as they have got to consecutive CL finals...
  15. Ward 3

    Team for Liverpool

    I like this the most but we have just under 2 weeks. Maybe we can get a player or 2 to come in