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  1. I'll never forgive him if the scum come to city and take 3 points away from us. Nah joking he's doing alright old dave
  2. Also look at his goal conversion rate and shot accuracy. Very very good stats sarge
  3. What was everyone's expectations back in August? Mine was top 6 as there is some strong teams in here, oh and just don't lose to the binners. Yes we've had some rocky patches and injuries but lets get behind DW and see what can happen from this topsy turvy season
  4. Why don't we give him a big round of applause when his names read out on Saturday and give him there's only 1 Ben Gibson, show the man some love support and appreciation. He might not be the best cb we've seen at cr but to be fair to him he's a decent bloke and always gives his all. At least he doesn't score as many own goals as Duffy
  5. Lack of confidence, many doubted him due to age and inexperience I guess.
  6. I'm going to renew not having a season ticket until things actually change for the better of this club. Such a shambles
  7. I think he's still getting up to full match fitness, I think he's a very good player, well out of our league. When he's fully fit we won't utilise him to his full potential
  8. Absolutely class goal. This time next year he won't be here
  9. Since half time we've had 81 percent possession but not even had a shot at goal at all. Odd we're so bad with doing anything with the ball.
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