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  1. Ward 3

    Ben Godfrey or Tom Trybull

    I'll say yo haven't seen godfrey snapping at heels as I'd guess farke has told him to yield his positioning and not get needless bookings
  2. Ward 3

    Ben Godfrey or Tom Trybull

    Keep godfrey CB, farke done well to spot him being a CB.. plus hes rapid to recover/cover any mistakes
  3. Ward 3

    Sky TV

    All in for sky I pay £90 a month with line rental and unlimited broadband. That includes all channels. But as someone said above if you're solely using it for Norwich then now TV would be your best bet to be fair.
  4. Ward 3

    i love jordan rhodes

    Had his best days and didn't play in the prem. What a guy but will he cut it in the prem? Very doubtful
  5. Spurs away 1230 on Sky (Really hope so) 1500 Games; Bournemouth vs Sheffield United Palace vs Arsenal Everton vs Newcastle Southampton vs Chelsea Watford vs West ham 1730 on BT Sport Burnley vs Liverpool Sunday 11th Aug (Both on Sky) 1330 Aston Villa vs Leicester 1600 Manchester United vs Brighton Monday 12th Aug (Sky) 2000 Wolves vs Man City We shall see tomorrow
  6. Ward 3

    New membership scheme

    Premier league has its pull so I can see why the club has made these changes. 30 quid a game is cheaper than some of the home games last season when we where right up there. If people want to guarantee their away tickets who didn't go to many games last year they should suck it up and pay the £50, I know people who paid over 5p quid to go to old Trafford a few years ago, itll soon break even for a lot of people. Also more money goes towards the club and can help bring the next max aarons, Jamal Lewis, Ben godfrey to us at a young age.
  7. Poor chap. RIP Justin
  8. Ward 3


    I do like VAR but I think football should use it like tennis and hawk eye, maybe they should limit it to 2 appeals per team each game if not it will ruin the flow of the game in my opinion.
  9. Ward 3

    Buendia cost 5 Million then .

    Who cares. Not like hes not worth 5m after this season. We have got another gem at a low cost to us. We still have a lot of money to burn yet . As long as we dont do our usual and waste a fortune on some
  10. Ward 3

    Crying out for Madders!!!!

    Madders isn't a defender sadly.
  11. Brilliant signing. Absolutely class
  12. Ward 3

    Graham dorrans

    Still utterly pathetic in my opinion mate
  13. Ward 3

    Graham dorrans

    If it Is football rivalries then its utter pathetic. I really hate the phrase 'Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that' no, its a sport, you shouldn't go around assaulting players because they play for someone else. Hope dorrans is ok
  14. Ward 3

    Iwan Day at Crewe

    I was there!! What a day, what a player he was for us. I remember crewe letting us on the pitch!!