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    Yep! Sounds about right - apparently!
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    Often people are more motivated by anger on message boards. Injuries are why we are so low in the table not Delia or Farke.
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    The chart shown on this page illustrates nicely the increasing temperature trend. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-50547073 Apples
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    Much to agree with here and I have Jewish family (and children!) who would agree with you. There are dolts in all nations and all peoples - we see some on here! Most of the extended family have the same views of Israel and its behaviour as any other rounded (non-Jewish) person - the good and the bad. Sadly as with all people there are some simpletons and nationalists amongst them. However - I can't help but think this 'anti-Corbyn' stuff has more to do with domestic politics and point scoring than the true problems of anti-semitic or indeed general racist behaviour - which seems far stronger but less exposed to me on the right of our politics. Rise above it.
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    I agree that neither should get a workable majority but I also think Johnson's jovial brand of fascism, Brexit and the no deal trap set for next year are the biggest threat.
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    I can see both sides of this. There are a fair few on this forum who seem to view any critique of a Norwich player as heresy and shout SCAPEGOAT at the slightest suggestion a player maybe isn't that great. On the other hand, Cantwell comes in for more than his fair share of stick, generally from some of our 'older' fans. I genuinely think he'd get less if he didn't have floppy hair, alice bands, gloves, and a baby face. I feel like these elements allow some of our fans to dismiss him as lightweight and reminisce about how football ins 70's was played by real men's men.
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    "Zimmerman wont make any difference" "Hogesar how deluded are you" "We will go down with record low points" "Farke doesnt have a clue" "Zimmerman might make us a bit better defensively but nothing more than that"
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    Aka: Ade Akinfenwa. The "Beast" is making an appearance at the 'Loo tonight in the League One battle of the giants, ITFC v Wycombe Wanderers. I don't visit TWTD much these days because, as has been stated that famous "gap" is so big that the affairs of the binners fail to generate much interest these days. Tonight is the exception though and, failing the likely appearance any time soon of the likes of a Suarez, a Salah or a Vardy at their dilapidated ground, the binners seem to be getting a bit concerned about the appearance of Ade and what he might do to their fragile defenders. I'd watch this with relish, but they don't seem to stream League One fixtures.
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    As this is the Brexit Party thread, I think it only fair to point out that they have risen 33% in that poll and now command a heady 4% of the sampled voters.
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    Think its safe to say we would be much higher in the league with a full squad of players, gives a option of giving players a rest and keeps the rest of the players happy.Nobody could see the defence wiped out like that .
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    I actually though Leitner looked decent this season until he started playing in the no 10 role, which was an absolute shambles. Leitner and Amadou in CM is a pairing that I’d be interested in seeing.
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    Think this is relevant: https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/canaries-daniel-farke-real-reason-emi-buendia-replaced-todd-cantwell-1-6395772 "In a group of 25 players, you might have one or two who are 100pc happy. The rest will be somewhere between thinking the coach is alright and wanting to kill me," he joked. "Here you have a group of 25 and just 11 are allowed to play and maybe eight of those play 90 minutes. One of the key topics as a coach is man management. That's quite normal and I have to deal with it."
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    Not sure about the 18k bit....
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    I still think he earns £18K and is just a bit thick.
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    very true! Also I hope we can rediscover the knack of doing well away from home, now that we can actually have a lineup with 4 defenders...
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    We beat the team in third place, we can beat the team in second!
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    "This is why halal should be banned. Not for the squeamish viewer" It is not just Halal slaughter that is conducted in this manner, which you seem to fail to mention. Interesting. https://www.rspca.org.uk/adviceandwelfare/farm/slaughter/religiousslaughter Apples
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    Wait til the end of the season after all one swallow doesn’t make a summer and even I would have converted that chance pukki did the hard work
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    Lots of assumptions on this thread. From what Ive seen of him this year he doesn’t deserve to be in the squad at the moment, certainly not ahead of Mario. Like others I thought he may have flourished at this level. Lots of season left so might still do.
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    Like Tony Blair I'm not a Labourite.
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    Yes, although to be clear I would not say Corbyn is anti-Israel per se. Only that he is, quite rightly, opposed to Israel's Zionist-inspired repression of the Palestinians. And there is a wider point here. There are probably more anti-semites in the Tory party than in Labour, but you hardly ever hear from them because they don't give a toss about the plight of the Palestinians and so do not make statements than then get demonised as anti-semitic. There was a very rare case recently involving a former UKIP MEP now standing as a Tory: “Young men are going over from England where I come from – people of the Jewish faith who my grandchildren have grown up with as decent young men. But have come back as extremists – as people that are brainwashed. They will not listen to reason. There is something very peculiar and wrong going on Israel.” That is certainly anti-Israeli. Whether it is that anti-semitic is a question. It is over the top to talk about brain-washing producing extremists, but it is the case that Israeli students going abroad have to take a course that has been attacked as blatant propaganda with a Zionist slant. It doesn't take much of a leap to imagine that Jewish students visiting Israel, while not being brainwashed, are at the least encouraged to believe the same. And it is hardly controversial to argue that there is something wrong in Israel generally. Of course the trick of demonising anything anti-Zionist as anti-semitic doesn't just apply in national politics. From memory you and I were both so attacked here a while back. Perhaps luckily for the poster concerned it was on the Brexit thread that later got pulled. But then the sensible law of defamation would have applied - that you only sue those whom others might take seriously.
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    @Rock The Boat for me, I think there is no chance of a Corbyn majority (and it seems Heseltine agrees) and that is probably a good thing. However, for the first time the ICM poll moves us into possible hung parliament territory which is very much a good thing. What @ricardo would lose on the Tories I expect he would make up on his LibDem position? Answer your question?
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    I did notice that about Hernandez, but let's be fair... Several months out and now trying to find his feet, he'll win us a lot of points over the course of the season and we look a much dangerous team when we gave the option to switch play with a long diagonal to Hernandez. He gives the opposition a lot to think about. Not squaring to our chance-starved striker was criminal really, but Onel probably looking for a goal to settle his own anxieties. Stiepermann and Leitner definitely failed to step up, I didn't really expect Marco to do much in the league. Emi has had good games but definitely has some growing up to do. We forget he is only one year older than Cantwell though... So same applies the other way. Can't justify Cantwells lack of consistency by pointing out his age but then not do the same for Buendia. Both still learning and both need more consistency.
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    I've read through all the posts on this thread since I started it and on reflection I feel that I got it totally wrong. Cantwell deserves nothing but the harshest criticism.................. .......... those light blue boots with the bright red kit!?? What on earth was he thinking?
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    Ooh, have Labour's polling figures improved Winky?
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    I just wonder at those who cannot recognise the combination of extraordinary talent and exceptional workrate. Those inside the game have no such struggle. And if you are looking for basic, fundamental errors, then look no further than Onel's failure to square the ball to Pukki at 0-0 on Saturday which could easily have cost us the game, which seems to have escaped the attention of the collective intelligence of our greatly diminished local press pack, much as it escaped there attention that Onel also failed to deliver quickly enough from good wide positions against Watford which cost us so dear as Pukki had made his run, but the ball in was delayed. Or Emi's continued immaturity as he clearly feels that he has reached the level which will facilitate (or has facilitated) his next move therefore he does not need to listen and learn and improve. Or Steipie's inability to raise himself. Or Leitner's...well, don't get me started. No wonder he is giving a passable impression of someone who has been abducted by aliens. Just keep an open mind. No ****-eyed prejudices. That's something all our players deserve. And maybe an understanding that players don't need support when things are going well; they need it far more when they are struggling to find their form. Young players even more so.
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    Actually, I wouldn’t mind at all if being a Norfolk boy did give him an advantage ! ! Absolutely massive plus point for me . I’ve always longed for more local lads and Norwich fans to be good enough to play for the club . Now we’ve got one , let’s all get right behind him and then we’ll see just how good he can be . Pretty sure the Evertonians I was drinking with on Saturday would be going nuts if one of their own played that well in the game .
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    I do agree with that. There's a big difference between the one's who only have interest in any downfall of NCFC despite being apparent fans, and those who wish to discuss criticisms and problems within the team properly. And there has been some great talking points this season. It was just frustrating that certain people went from "the injuries are an understandable problem" to "we cant use the injuries as an excuse anymore" even though the injury situation hadn't really changed.
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    A few guys who sit behind me at the game like to single out someone for criticism, and whilst it was initially Vrancic last season, without question Todd is the scapegoat this term. From Krul's comments I'm assuming it's not just limited to Block D of the Barclay, and it really is an odd phenomenon as to why some players always seem to get unfairly slated by the crowd. However, if you actually look at Todd's end product this season he is one of our top performers, a young local lad, and from our academy. Just can't understand why he would be a boo boy. Envy?
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    I'd second that- the collective delusions of grandeur amongst Villa fans are something else. Since I've been able to remember Villa are a lower mid-table Premier League team yet their fans think they're as big as Spurs or Arsenal.
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    Agree mostly with these Wacky. Byram, Zimbo and Cantwell looked great. However I would say that 6.5 for Kenny is a touch harsh. I thought his all round display warranted being at least level with someone like Tettey, and probably mentioned amongst the most solid efforts of the day. But that's the beauty of differing opinions, nice write up
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    Now Srbeny is firing we can let Pukki move on
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