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  1. I have already made that call after attending live VAR matches, thats me done, until its scrapped or were back in the championship, also going to cancel Sky after yesterday.When they ask why i am canceling ,I will say because its not football any more. Fans from all the clubs I have spoken to are all saying the same, its killing the game.
  2. RIP. A privilege to have watched him play for all his clubs,without a doubt the best player to play for city. He was so tactically good on the pitch he was John Bonds manager on the field,as he would make decisions for him, and John was ok with that as he had so much trust in him.The best £50,000 spent in football.
  3. After watching saturdays match, it struck me that if Pukki was in Leicesters team he would be scoring goals regulary with the service that Leicester provide Vardy with. Theres plenty of teams in the premier league that would pay £25 million for his services,now or in the summmer.
  4. Think its safe to say we would be much higher in the league with a full squad of players, gives a option of giving players a rest and keeps the rest of the players happy.Nobody could see the defence wiped out like that .
  5. Watched him play for 85mins last season at Bournemouth in the league cup, he was very unlucky not to get a hat trick that match,hit both posts and had one kicked off the line. Bournemouth had a lot of changes that night but still put out a good team so was up against a reasonable defence. He was a bit lacking in sharpness but that was through lack of game time in my opinion,like last season until he gets a decent run of games we will not be able to judge him properly.
  6. The guy on the left of Kevin is Chris O Dywer, and his mate on his left,whos name I cant remember. On Kevins right is Ginger, dont know his proper name though. Chris and his mate both used to drink in the Tramways in Lowestoft. When i first saw this last week was trying to remember the match, was approx when Justin Fashanu started playing for the first team,late 1979, early 1980.I would have been at the game with these guys though have never seen this picture until last week, dont know were i was when the photo was taken though.
  7. Watford done well last season in the F.A Cup.......until they reached the final only to be hammered by Man City, whatever happens in the early rounds one of the top 4 teams will put a strong side out for the final,though Man City did lose to Wigan a few years back.A Watford fan I know was not happy, spoilt a good day out.
  8. Spurs had two chances to win the two biggest pieces of silverware, the champs league this year and the premier league the year Leicester won it. They should have beaten Liverpool who had a off night, and failing to beat teams like Newcastle at home when they were bottom have cost them the premier league. Cant see any change with Mourinho in charge, would have been a gamble but Eddie Howe would have been a good choice and deserves a chance at a bigger club.
  9. It was Ron Saunders who brought Hockey in ,the 1st season in division1 72/73 and yes it did work,think he lasted until the end of the season and was off again after playing approx 13 games. We should have kept him as he was a great little player and a real character, who was sadly missed the following season.
  10. RIP Duncan, best captain the club has ever had, a true leader.
  11. Same here for me , am on the data base so will try the that, worked before
  12. Eddie Howe is safe even if Bournemouth get relegated, though cant see that happening. Villa fans getting impatient already,Smith will do well to see the season out with the money they spent if results don't improve.
  13. Yes your correct, thought that myself, was at Southampton v Cardiff last season, with some saints fans and said Norwich would have beaten both of them on that performance, which most of them agreed with.We can hold our own with most of the teams in the bottom half of the premier league.
  14. First was Charlton away in August 1968, lost 2-1, remember sitting on the giant standing terrace and H.Curran scoring a goal,first home was Villa which we won 3-1 with K.Foggo on the score sheet was behind the goal in the river end, think it was the following season.
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