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  1. Have the fans considered that the manager isn't the problem? Bold i know, but they may just actually be sh!t.
  2. Some of the stuff you read on here..... These are young and exciting prospects. Why, for you, are the only options: 1. Replace our star performers by the start of next season. Or 2. Transfers are baffling.
  3. Great performance from many, Kenny really put a shift in though, superb. This thread robably won't go down well with many. And I will never understand why he is so unfashionable.
  4. Waits for Cambridgeshire Canarys imminent spin off thread..... Too long out of the limelight.
  5. Wednesdays are an acceptable drinking excuse during lockdown.
  6. I know every club has them, but we really do have some pr!cks amongst us here. RIP to an actual human being, and one who seemed a real decent one at that. Thank you for Wes.
  7. He has since deactivated his Twitter account too . I hope it's because he got a substantial amount of abuse for being a bitter little pr!ck.
  8. For anyone watching on ifollow, do you know what Coventry's nickname is? I'm not sure the commentator has mentioned it yet...
  9. Probably not ones who understand what they are actually watching.
  10. He didn't play a massive amount in the second half of the promotion season, arguably the big push part. Suppose that isn't really his fault though. He had quality, of that there is no doubt and I genuinely enjoyed watching him. But I think idealising him is a classic case of believeing the best player is the one that isn't playing. He could be so beyond ever wanting to play for us/Farke at this point that it may well be mostly irrelevant anyway. Either way, I'm not sure he is the answer.
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