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  1. But... He literally asked a legit question that offended nobody... That's all. Straight, simple and to the point. Play the post. Not the poster. -------- I've been thinking for a while I might be done here. It just isn't a pleasant place to be anymore. Even many of the posters who generally post interesting/thought out stuff are becoming dragged in and really bitter. Always get an element of it but it seems it's all the fofum has become now. I'm hoping the start of a new season will change that maybe, but it isn't looking great.
  2. Whats the point in this? The guy asked a question, any reason to treat him like a lesser person? Maybe just the opportunity to get a cheap laugh at someone else's expense is enough for you? Well, I'm sure you ended up feeling like a big man. So all's fair, right? Are we actually celebrating this? And we all make fun of the people who say there is an elitism culture here. Maybe they have a point when half the members are treated like their questions or opinions don't actually count as much as others.
  3. I quite like that Grimsby one. But agree on those Newcastle socks! Incidentally, only 4 released in the Championship so far... Puts to shame the bleating on here from certain posters that are always the last to release a kit, like its some sort of weird race. Some people just want any stick they can get hold of the beat the club with, no matter how ridiculous they sound.
  4. Nothing wrong with the Palace kits from what I can see. The Watford ones however...
  5. Noted. Thanks for steering me right Hog. I don't know what came over me. I should really know better by now. I retract my post as fake news, no, needless propaganda in fact. Apologies to all those affected by factual information. As you were. Banner waving questionable Chinese businessman in, Delia out. Club's a joke.
  6. Welcome to the forum. And congrats on the Premier League title win.
  7. It's been a busy day for me and I haven't had much chance to follow this, but based on these 2 updates I've just seen I'd say that (if accurate) we are heading in the right direction to not hold the little old Norwich mentality and not be bullied.
  8. Rating Emi above Lewis makes little sense. Fast, agile, young, home-grown full backs with potential and years of training ahead of them are hard to come by, therefore in demand - and many of the bigger teams will pay through the nose for them. How different is the situation to the insane fee Wan-Bissaka fetched in the end? Whereas, though I rate Emi highly, many of these clubs already have very skillful wingers with widely varied positive attributes. Its not about how a right winger is rated higher than a left back, a mad comparison to make. It's about the value they place on having a position they want filled. However, this is more about what he's worth to NORWICH. The buying club's 'valuation' doesn't hold as much weight when the selling club don't actually need the deal to happen. The main variable will be how much Jamal wants it to happen. We can value him out of a move as much as we want as we don't need the sale. But if he has his heart set on this particular progression at this point in his career, there is usually only one outcome. Time will tell on that one.
  9. He would not be a backwards step. Not every ex player is now beneath us, despite some fans' arrogance. I wonder, if somehow we signed James Maddison would you see that as 'backwards'? On an aside: Been seeing your posts for a while now, and despite starting more threads than anyone in the history of this site, you do actually talk some absolute dross on many, many an occasion. I tried my best to ignore your immense amount of nonsense, as I do the others, but sometimes you just have to address the bell end in the room don't you? Oddly most of your posts are just for the sake of having something to say most of the time.
  10. But then he wouldn't hit his quota of newly started threads for the day...
  11. So a free transfer, wages probably covered by loan club (maybe a small loan fee could contribute to any shortfall if they aren't paying 100%) and taking a chance that he may get a work permit down the line. Minimal risk, possible benefit, happy with that
  12. You have a point that xperience is quite vital a lot of the time. However, we got promoted 2 seasons ago with a team generally less experienced than our current one. Maybe the idea is to bring in new, fresh 'hungry for it' blood and keep hold of a key experienced spine to the team in the meantime (Krul, Hanley, maybe Klose? Tettey, Pukki possibly), creating a nice balance between youth and experience. But then, who knows? As is say, it worked beautifully before. Seems a smart move if thats what we are going for.
  13. Not sure about that. My wife always gets me a shirt for my birthday which is early July and it's usually been out a week or so by that point (this year aside due to timings with the league etc.). Pretty sure there are many clubs that release later than that year on year.
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