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  1. In 2021. Not exactly a huge shock. A couple of paragraphs from the article and link below: “How well the body can withstand that contract, I do not know. But by 2021, it’s over,” he is quoted as saying. “Then I’m too old. My body can’t stand it. As it is now, I can’t train on artificial turf, one knee has to be extremely well taken care of and it also requires a lot to be old and play with it. “It’s a health decision I’ve made, and it’s fine. I have played in Norway for many years before going abroad, so it doesn’t feel bitter. But I plan to go home to Norway with my family when the contract is complete.” https://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/norwich-city/canaries-alex-tettey-retirement-plan-revealed-1-6587556
  2. Flying Dutchman

    Match thread - City v Millwall

    2-3. Shambles. Farke out.
  3. Flying Dutchman

    Football Pools help needed..

    14 for me Nutty, Bristol Rovers V Peterborough
  4. Jackson V Derby without a doubt (9 years ago? Wow) Vrancic V Sheff Weds last season. Pukki V Millwall last season Been going since the late 90's, but 2 from last season from me, just goes to show what an incredible season it was I suppose! Honorable mention to the 4-4 with Middlesborough and beating Man City this season - 2 incredible games to witness.
  5. Flying Dutchman

    Season ticket refunds

    No, I have not. But you seem to have missed the point quite spectacularly...
  6. Flying Dutchman

    Season ticket refunds

    Hey, everyone. There's this guy you probably haven't heard of posting something you otherwise probably wouldn't have seen. He's using freedom of speech to ask questions and stuff. Now, I don't like this question, but instead of ignoring it and moving on with my day I suggest we all go and give him loads of hate, not that it will enrich our lives or make any difference to us whatsoever. Social Media: The one virus there will truly never be a cure for.
  7. Flying Dutchman

    Corona Virus main thread

    A novel idea Fuzzar, but this is NOT working. Not one bit...
  8. Flying Dutchman

    Void season - what the rules say

    With the sudden emergence of so many self appointed league specialists on here, let's all just remember this is a place to discuss such things, not put cases forward to the F.A. You may be right, but this is an entirely unprecedented situation, one in which they could easily apply new contingency rules depending on what is to happen (which, we cannot foresee at the moment). We aren't making the decisions so no, they don't need 'cold hard facts'. Not here. See below for the reason:
  9. Flying Dutchman

    Is it really possible

    Absolutely no way to know. But the speculation of what everyone believes will/should happen is likely to become tedious...
  10. Flying Dutchman

    Without using google

    Blur - Country House
  11. Depending on the games going ahead (and who knows at the moment!) I'll go for: COVENTRY V Shrewsbury - Home win For the City game, Teemu Pukki to score 2 or more, got a good feeling about this game, time for his hard work to pay off and dry spell to end Good luck all
  12. Flying Dutchman

    Keiron Dyer on Norwich City

    Exactly. Incredible that Keiron Dyer can see it (and as mentioned, must have really hurt him to say that), but some of our own 'fans' almost refuse to. Long may it continue for me
  13. Flying Dutchman

    Master Bill's class

    'Master Bill'. I see you haven't lost your sense of modesty on your return then Bill
  14. Flying Dutchman

    Drmic dilemma

    Not for me. Pukki's confidence will have taken a hit by not scoring recently, which is something he will feel responsible for (as a striker). He is a quality player, not just striker. He does so much more than put the ball in the net, Drmic is still a bit of an unknown with that. Competition for places is great, but it would seem that the benefits of waiting for it to come for Pukki outweigh the benefits of what the coaching staff see in training of Drmic at the moment. If Pukki were to be injured for a couple of games and Drmic came in and set it alight, then I can see the selection conundrum. But this is a different situation. Pukki hasn't lost his ability overnight, he's having a dry spell, it happens with all strikers. At the moment Pukki is seeing that everyone still has faith in him, Farke still picks him, the fans still sing his name. To a player with his ability, it will most certainly come. But remove that opportunity for him to change that, drop him, lose all that faith he is seeing and his confidence will be none existent when we arguably need the contributions we know he is capable of the most.
  15. Still, take out the ones on here that end in some form of petty point scoring, squabbles or completely irrelevant arguments and it's one more a month than we have.