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  1. It's almost like professionals within the game, players, coaches, managers, all know more about what makes a good player than randoms on a forum. Madness.
  2. Everything you post suggests this is a lie.
  3. I'd imagine not many of our players will be playing midweek...
  4. Honestly. I just can't wait for our form to turn. One way or the other. Whoever our manager may be. Because so many of these posters will crawl back under their rocks, until form dips again. But just for that blissful period. Happens like clockwork every time.
  5. Mine was a gift from my daughter, one of the new brand ones. I had high hopes for it, felt like a new era of mug to me after being disappointed by last season's effort. But as you can see there are already signs of wear, chips and it just looks... tired, already. It hasn't lived up to expections. It's done something of a job, but not what I was expecting considering its apparent quality at the start of the season. I still believe that it can turn a corner and be the mug I know it can be. But as they say, it's the hope that gets you. Maybe it needs some TLC, maybe with just a little work it can live up to expectations, but all I can do is give it my support. But I'm just left with the overriding feeling that it will never hold a candle to previous mugs. The one I had about 4 years ago for instance was superb, thoroughly enjoyed that one. Sorry. What was I talking about?
  6. I see your cappuccino and raise you a half drunk latte.
  7. I always want to see a win. I never go to a game with any other desire. I do have a sneaky suspicion though that a negative result today would spell the end of Smith. I have absolutely nothing to base this on given our track record of not being a trigger happy club. But the discontent, the massive game coming up on Wednesday, the fact that the connection (or lack thereof) to the fans has been mentioned a LOT, a month long World Cup break on the horizon. Not to mention an old Norwich manager in the opposition dugout. I don't know, it just feels different. If, big IF, it goes wrong today, this could be the one that breaks the camels back.
  8. Check back in at 5pm today. Won't be able to move for them.
  9. This just shows you really don't remember the Chase era. It's NOTHING like it, thankfully. And the lunatics pointing out table finishes and beating Bayern also have a very selective memory.
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