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  1. Flying Dutchman

    Time to move on.

    Not a chance. Blatant red. You might need to actually change sports because you don't seem to understand the rules of this one if you think that's soft...
  2. Flying Dutchman


    He was unavailable in the summer unfortunately, would have been lovely if he was. However, if anything we have benefitted from a situation nobody saw coming. Duda was a regular in the Hertha side last season, nobody could have seen him falling out of favour this season. So try not to look at it as we missed out half a season, so much as benefitting from an unexpected turn of events.
  3. Flying Dutchman


    I dislike VAR a lot. But it's very cynical to suggest the time was taken to try and reverse the decision. What's the point in saying that? A few Norwich fans need to stop feeling like victims, this isn't helping. As FTW said, there were a number of things they were checking. Yes, it needs to speed up, but those are the reasons. And it did get everything right today, can't hide from that.
  4. Flying Dutchman

    Help with ticket renewal please

    This is interesting, thanks City 2nd. Last season we were told we had to wait until the last deadline had passed before moving to any available seats - didnt stop me ringing every other week in hope mind... I might enquire, nothing drastic and I love our current location, but if I could move slightly away from what seems like the most depressing group of 3 people in the world behind me, I may consider it!
  5. Flying Dutchman

    Look out St Johns

    So in short, what would it mean if the Stadium company would up? Would it affect much? I have to hold my hands up and say I don't understand much about the ins and outs of such things involving clubs.
  6. Flying Dutchman

    Who will miss out

    I can see this happening. Duda to start, Kenny back in the middle with Tettey, which I believe it should be. Mario acting as fresh legs.
  7. Flying Dutchman

    If fans on here were were employed by the club

    Yep, this thread existing is proof that some just want to give each other grief for absolutely zero reason. It is truly a shame HHS, i love being able to share opinions and see others, and remain always open. I also enjoy a good debate about differing opinions, it can occasionally change my mind, or clarify my own view, but it's nice when it's conducted in a healthy way. I had one as recently as this week in fact. This, I'm afraid, is an art lost to too many on here. The very definition of a forum is the exchange of ideas and views, that's why I keep coming back. Unfortunately too many threads descend into this - petty point scoring and trying to be 'clever'. When in truth, to their peers (in shared interest only of course), they just look desperate for the attention. And opinions aside, the fact is that it's when certain posters get involved. We all know who they are. They know who they are. They love it. You can't fight that. It's all very 'look at me, why aren't you looking? LOOK AT ME'. Best thing to do is genuinely ignore them. I've started doing this, just dont rise, ever. Makes the forum more enjoyable for sure. I've also started to 'play the post, not the poster', it is difficult sometimes however, admittedly.
  8. Flying Dutchman

    If fans on here were were employed by the club

    Properly made me smile
  9. Flying Dutchman

    Help with ticket renewal please

    Yep, I can confirm this - We moved last season. I spoke to them when we renewed in Jan and was advised that we have our seats guaranteed, but once the final deadline passes for renewals they all become fair game so we can move to any available seat and pay/get refunded the difference (if any). There were a surprising amount available after the final deadline by the way, we had our pick of seats pretty much everywhere.
  10. Flying Dutchman

    Press Conference

    Also not to expect a CB or striker in this window. There's surely going to be hell on here then.
  11. Flying Dutchman

    Season ticket Prices frozen

    But you're paying a different price depending on what you are actually getting. If we're in the PL, it's about £32 a game. In the Championship it works put to about £26 per game (basing this on my seat prices). It's also to do with supply and demand, as mentioned above. We may be amongst the most expensive on average, but it's all relative. I'm happy to spend that money for what I get back. But I wouldn't be happy to spend £30 odd a fortnight for something I didn't enjoy, obviously. I can't be the only one who thinks the above prices are pretty reasonable to watch my team every other week?
  12. Flying Dutchman

    Max Aarons

    Was 4/1 to sign with Spurs this window with Sky bet when I saw the other day. Today that has gone down to 1/3... This would indicate that a lot of money has gone on this over the last few days. Read into that what you will - could be a lot of money wasted!
  13. Flying Dutchman

    Team for Bournemouth

    I see, thank you. Looking at those stat sites, it seems it's different based on what site you view. They also seem to be being pushed by a few select people, which is fine. We are a team at the bottom of the league for a few reasons, not just GK selection I feel. There are a number of things that seem to be evidently contributing to our plight over this - 1 fit CB 1st half of the season, defensive set piece set-up, whether zonal-marking should be employed, inexperience and/or naivety. Only the coaching staff know what Ralf offers as an alternative I suppose, and I';m not saying he has nothing to offer (I wouldn't mind seeing him play personally). Krul has been solid enough to win over an admitted doubter in me, I'm happy with that. Dropping a solid performer would be devastating to his confidence.
  14. Flying Dutchman

    Team for Bournemouth

    I am a sucker for some good stats, but in this instance I have to say that surprises me. Which other thread is this? I am intrigued and wouldn't mind a look (lack of time means I have to be picky with the threads i read sometimes!) I've been to all but 4 games this season and I still believe he has been a stand out performer in a rather leaky team. I admittedly was one of his harshest critics prior to this season, but even for me he has played consistently very well considering the circumstances.
  15. Flying Dutchman

    Team for Bournemouth

    Out of interest, what's the thought process behind dropping Krul? He's been a stand out performer all season, had a bad day at the office last week (as did most), but dropping a GK in those circumstances can annihilate confidence.