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  1. Or, OR.. A stupid offer that was rejected. Honestly, some people.
  2. I'm very confused as the Udinese V Milan match is currently in the 75th minute and still ongoing...
  3. I was absolutely ridiculed when I pulled this up pre-season. Told I know nothing. He is just angry, but definitely not a good footballer.
  4. And what about the rest of the league? That this nomination comes from? Has the entire league been that bad? Or is Kenny just better than many give him credit for? This forum and some of these 'fans', honestly.
  5. Not really interesting to anyone who actually knows anything about what they're watching. Well-deserved.
  6. No, they didn't. As I work in the construction industry I can tell you that this would have been nowhere near enough time to have this completed. Also, we didn't know how long it was going to last anyway. It was smarter to not commit to something like an expansion during this time. People need to stop using the pandemic as an example of 'when they could have got it done', because it isn't even close. It's just shows you have absolutely zero idea what you're talking about.
  7. This is simple mind games, and wise from Klopp. It was a League Cup game on the last Wednesday night before Xmas, the fans don't really care much for the competition and the players aren't as up for it as the league - the atmosphere was never going to be rocking, was it? It's a great excuse for Klopp to point it out to ensure the fans get really up for the massive game they have against Arsenal, it's smart and simple fan management. I am not keen on Liverpool as a football club at all, or Klopp for that matter. But I've been to Anfield a fair few times, not only in my capacity as a Norwich fan (father-in-law supports them I'm afraid) - and i can confirm they categorically do not have an issue with atmosphere.
  8. And the creator of the democratic voting system rests happily in their grave.
  9. Right time, right place? No such thing in football, it's called positioning. Who criticises a young, up and coming player having a quality breakthrough season on THE DAY he scores 2 in his first East Anglian derby? I think Rowe's signal of (ahem), 'the number 2' to the Ipswich fans today is relevant to the OP as well.
  10. This isn't the flex you think it is. You lot thought today was won. Now p!ss off back to your own forum and cry. Disgusting little place. 15 whole years by the time we play you next. Absolutely delicious.
  11. So because I watch Sky Sports and have an opinion I'm not a fan? Behave Dan, you daft little boy.
  12. Myself included. But Jesus, way to really look for a problem. Make a choice. People want to b!tch about Sky and their super evil ways, but then those same people want us out there spending money. We can't just like the money when it suits us. That Category 1 Academy, producing players in the U21 squad - pay for itself, did it? Get a grip.
  13. Talk about actively looking for a problem.
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