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  1. Absolutely. Big fan of that forum freedom. Certain posters just love to bang that drum over and over though don't they? And they always become more active when it's going wrong. I think they genuinely take pleasure in it. Its embarrassing really. But it speaks volumes about their psyche.
  2. I get that to be fair. It's horrible to watch, it has been for too long. My issue is the ones revelling in it. There's just a few too many for a Norwich fan forum.
  3. I mean I'm not wrong though am I. Also, why do you have to be either a happy clapper or the absolute opposite? I am not one nor the other. It is possible to not be an extreme version of something you know. It's called 'reasoned' or 'balanced', FYI. Also, the PS you refer to you know full well was tongue in cheek, for amusement. It was on your thread and blatantly obvious. But you knew you were taking it out of context. Makes your point 'valid'. Football aside, you generally are just a complete cnt. It's genuinely sad.
  4. Jesus. Some people really are loving our current form aren't they.
  5. 2 clean sheets running. I'll take us getting to only 18 or 19 goals if a lot of them are 1-0 wins We're basically defensive stalwarts at this point. I smell a solid 45 point haul. Disclaimer: I actually don't.
  6. Still. It was worth the accusational thread to attack the manager and claim he's 'losing the plot' before you knew they full story, hey?
  7. Wait. When Pep does it, it's to fire the players up (and it works). But when Farke does it, it's losing the plot? That's it, right?
  8. Seems a relevant time to raise this. Interesting effort to batter the club while it's down, I'll give you that.
  9. The. Worst. Ever? Some people on here need to have a little lie down.
  10. Really? No professional team EVER? From ANY professional division? Crikey. Bit excessive.
  11. So it becomes irrelevant to you that the Championship Norwich got IMMEDIATELY promoted after selling their best player and signing a relative nobody? Again, this is the basis of your 'talisman' argument here. Seriously, the selective memory is astounding.
  12. It's poor, very poor. But the most shocking thing for me is the amount of posters I've barely seen until we started losing. Pretty sure most of them haven't been around since project restart. Funny that.
  13. Christ, they're all out now aren't they... We sold Maddison (our best player at the time) and signed Emi (a complete unknown at the time). The very thing you are blaming is the very thing that supports your apparent argument. Your post lost all credibility after that for me.
  14. Ffs. Proceeds to give no credit. Well worth a thread. Such a good, solid 'supporter'. Obvious troll is obvious.
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