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  1. Flying Dutchman

    Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann

    That seems to have quickly improved. Before the break they seemed to be making noises of Hanley being available after the international break (Everton) and Zimbo shortly after that (likely Arsenal). The fact they separated the 2 made it sound like they were rather unlikely to return at the same time. I'm not doubting it WBB, but if its accurate it's surprising, impressive and a hell of a boost
  2. Flying Dutchman


    That's the spirit. PS: It's 'Premier', if you're going to be miserable, at least do it right.
  3. Flying Dutchman

    SWiss Ramble on NCFC

    Exactly. The whole Pritchard thing seems like... a waste (on his part I mean). Such potential, I really thought he would end up doing better. Well, better sooner I should say, but he must still only be 25/26 or so.
  4. Flying Dutchman

    Just a few cities ?districts bigger than us.

    Unrelated to this thread really, but I was a regular at Priestfield for a couple of years when I went to college there (aaah Medway, you can't have it all), close friend of mine (best man) is a big Gills fan. I enjoy that they put the away fans in the only uncovered part of the stadium - nice touch in the winter months.
  5. Flying Dutchman

    Farke gets vote of confidence

    I echo the sentiment above. Well done Pete, thank God you're here. No kiss of death in this. Farke is going nowhere, and rightly so. We can't allow him to surpass expectations so incredibly and then judge him harshly so quickly. I believe that this 'vote of confidence' is exactly that, which I appreciate is a novelty in this day and age. But again, thanks for chipping in, kind of. Good luck tonight* *I don't mean that.
  6. Flying Dutchman

    A club without ambition

    I'll be honest, this makes as much, if not more sense than a lot of posts on here. Well played Surfer.
  7. Flying Dutchman

    Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann

    Judging how much you underestimate Zimbo's possible lifting effect on the team, the quality he possesses and his overall contribution, I'm guessing the last time you watched a City game coincides with the last time you were actually active on here: The beginning of the Championship season. They really do all come out, don't they?
  8. Flying Dutchman

    Dubliner chasing Arsenal tickets

    You seem well aware of who Chippy Brady is, therefore it really should have occurred to you that seeking Arsenal tickets having joined the forum for this purpose would not go down well, your nickname or otherwise? It's like someone wanting Man Utd tickets and joining under the guise of Nobby Stiles just to ask for them. I really try to see the best in everyone, but you just didn't help yourself here I'm afraid.
  9. Flying Dutchman

    Is 'The Model' flawed?

    We may not always agree with people on here, that's the beauty of opinions, and creates grounds for a reasoned debate. That's the difference, reasoned debate. But resorting to that is just entirely unnecessary and there is literally no excuse apart from being a crap human being who, when it comes to people challenging them, has no 'plan B' Ironic, right?
  10. Flying Dutchman

    Is 'The Model' flawed?

    You absolute petulant child. What a way to react to someone rightly calling you out on something you said. And it's not like this is even a one-off, this is just the latest in you being a little pr!ck to anyone who dares to have an actual opinion based on facts you dont like. You use a large amount of bull***t to support your so called 'arguments', and when someone says you might be wrong, you become a little playground tw*t. Not that you have much anyway at this point, but you now have absolutely zero credibility or respect. You come across like an absolute cnt, I feel for whoever might be in your life. I think I'm done giving anything you post the time of day. I imagine I'm probably not the first to do that either.
  11. Flying Dutchman

    Paddy D and Daniel Farke

    Behave Behave.
  12. This guys though... Life in Brighton* must be properly sh!t. *Read 'Ipswich'
  13. Flying Dutchman

    404 not found

    Probably Delia's fault too.
  14. Flying Dutchman

    Some hope in the aftermath

    Though having been clearly important to us and how we play previously, I still have massive questions about Marco's ability at this level. Frankly there were a couple of times last season he left me rather frustrated, flashes of the future at a higher level (however his overall contribution was incredible, obviously). I like him, and I dont really get the whole scapegoat culture, it isn't for me, this is just an observation that worries me. But I echo the OP here, I checked the league table last night, and it turns out we didn't get automatically relegated in November. I was shocked, I found myself thinking 'I wish this were a game where anything can happen, fortunes can change and things aren't set in stone'. If only.
  15. Flying Dutchman

    As i've said for the last 20 years

    Thanks for posting. Not really too fussed what Ipswich fans deserve or get though frankly. But again, thanks.