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  1. Idah was the designated penalty taker and should’ve taken it. But I understand why a guy who gets 2 mins of game time here and there would’ve given in to the new multi-million pound Greek wonderkid. Isn’t the problem here the complete lack of discipline and leadership? Firstly, Tzolis went against the managers wishes but it only appeared to be him vs Idah to take it, with a bit of an interjection from our young inexperienced loan player. It’s hardly Gilmour’s job to sort these things out, is it? Not for the first or last time tonight, our captain was AWOL. Surely it’s his job to sort these sorts of issues out? And if not, the senior players? Can you imagine Roy Keane letting some young upstart go against the managers wishes? Can you imagine anyone wanting to defy Fergie? We have no discipline and no leaders, from the top down.
  2. He’d have scored that penalty though, which he should’ve taken. Perhaps, like everyone else, he’s completely lacking in confidence.
  3. With Vrancic, Tettey, Leitner and Trybull et al in that team?
  4. Gilmour is a very similar player to Lietner but even less physical. Lietner was deemed not the sort of player we require at this level so why do we now have Gilmour? Has to be dropped, he’s a complete passenger.
  5. Completely correct Bunny. Emi’s defensive work for a player of his type was second to none.
  6. This makes no sense. Playing Gilmour in that role is akin to playing Leitner and we all agreed he was not physical enough for this level, despite being more physical than Gilmour! It’s exactly the same as two years ago, just with different players. Although, I do believe we are much better equipped as a squad, Farke just needs to pick the right players in the right position.
  7. How can you lose 5 nil and not have a single yellow card?
  8. There’s a whole range of these for various teams all following the same template. Horrendous and I’m guessing, £70 a pop?!
  9. Yesterday we went into battle with a half fit team against one of the best sides in world football and competed well for 60 or so minutes. I also thought we looked ok once the subs came on so arguably they were just made far too late. But the game was already lost and I’m sure Farke was looking at the bigger picture (minutes in the tank for those that need them most etc). Personally, I took quite a lot of encouragement from yesterday’s match but still expect a similar result next match. For me, our season effectively starts against Leicester by which time, I expect the squad will be much more prepared and based on what we’re being told, bolstered by another couple of players. Im not worried yet. All eyes on Spurs today!
  10. I think it would look better without the weird stripe, which appears to have some sort of odd fade effect? Or is it just my eyes?
  11. This notion that we can sell Todd for £40m and simply spend the proceeds to make the team/squad better is nonsense. If he goes, we’d have lost 2 of our front 3 from last season and arguably our 2 best players. That’s probably the best part of 50 goals from last season in terms of the goal itself and assists. You can’t just go out and replace that for so many reasons. It’s just not that simple.
  12. Hanley has Covid, not sure on any of the others but very likely I’d guess.
  13. Surely if we sell Cantwell also, that’s a bit suicidal? We’d have sold our two most creative players and even if we spend the proceeds, it’s a big gamble on whether we can actually replace them. If he’s still here, I’d expect Cantwell to play a huge role this season.
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