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  1. Absolutely dire. I’m not sure winning like this is the best result. Although there’s a fair chance it will all change in the second half if we continue to play like this.
  2. In a year we’ve not looked like Smith can get us functioning so I’m not sure why you think it could all change so drastically now?
  3. There’s been a valid point made on here that we actually looked a decent team in the Prem under Smith for a couple of games whilst playing 4-4-2. The fact that this is the only time under Smith that we have looked decent makes it even more astonishing that he refuses to budge from his flawed 4-3-3 system. He could potentially have two of the best strikers in the league playing in tandem up top but steadfastly refuses to do so. It would generally appear to suit us as a team and make us a much more solid unit. Cam anyone please explain this to me?
  4. We offered Rupp peanuts to stay and he quite rightfully, told us where to to go. How he hasn’t got a contract by now is mad thought!
  5. It is really annoying me that people think that Pukki is an issue as he’s missing ‘easy chances’. Pukki had one chance tonight and very few strikers, particularly in the championship, score with every chance they get. Andy Cole in a Man Utd team dominating world football, scored 1in 5 I believe. He’s lacking in confidence, like most of our squad, due to the turgid football we’re playing and only having these chances as he’s created his own opportunities. With him and Sargent up top we could be scoring hat fulls of goals but our manager decides to play one out wide and not to the others strength. The defeat tonight is down to Smith, not Pukki missing the only sight of goal he had all night.
  6. We’re now out of the play off places and defeat to Burnley on Tues would leave us 7 points behind them, in a terrible run of form and facing Alex Neil and and in-form QPR as the next two. It’s perfectly conceivable we’ll not even be in the top half after these matches.
  7. It’s probably worth pointing out that Swansea are one point behind us with a game in hand.
  8. I may be wrong but I thought after the match the other night he said we should’ve beaten Watford, today he says we deserved to lose? Also, I wouldn’t class having loads of keep ball in our own half and endless amounts of backwards and sideways passing as ‘dominating games’. Yes it’s more possession but unless that leads to something more productive than one shot on target all match, I wouldn’t call it domination. I can think of plenty of less savoury and far more accurate ways to describe it! He’s lost the plot.
  9. I don’t believe he wants to be here. He still wants to be at Villa. He always talks about them, he still wears their Luke gear. It’s embarrassing.
  10. The reason Smith has to keep making changes is because he keeps getting it so badly wrong in the first place. Does anyone recall a match under Smith in which we have played well for more than just a few spells here and there? The players are not motivated and that is down to him.
  11. Smith will be gone by the end of the World Cup.
  12. Completely. Krul was arguably at least partly at fault for two goals yesterday and made silly decisions all match. This seems to be the norm rather than the exception this season. He was a good shot-stopper but how many saves has he actually made this season? Most matches maybe only one or two tops, it’s not like the opposition are peppering our goal but he seems to end up picking the ball out of the net fairly frequently.
  13. 13 matches, no goals. Has only made it past the 75th minute once and usually withdrawn early on in the second half, which says a lot about what he is actually contributing. You would hope Cantwell starts at a Watford next week if we stick with 4-3-3. It’s a shame we have so many injuries to players who could play out wide. Nothing against Ramsey but shouldn’t be more than a impact sub for us currently.
  14. Kenny had a decent game defensively and covered a huge amount of ground. Unfortunately his distribution let him down massively on a couple of occasions. He was still way ahead of Ramsay and Nunez last night though in terms of performance. Ramsey was completely anonymous and I barely recall him touching the ball. Nunez was equally as wayward with his distribution (inc a great chance to put us 2 nil up) and horrendous defensively (inc the goal conceded). So whilst I’m not saying Kenny IS a better player than Ramsey and Nunez, last night he WAS. So it seems an odd time to be Kenny-bashing!
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