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  1. Clint

    Press Conference

    I honestly do not believe any of what Farke has said about transfers. If he thinks our squad is adequate enough, what is he saying it’s adequate for? Relegation?
  2. Clint

    Jordan Rhodes

    Do we think bringing Rhodes in would give the club a ‘lift’ though? Clearly very well liked by the players, highly thought of by the management, has a great attitude and is a fans favourite (well, amongst most anyway). Football is largely about confidence and having this guy at the club, could improve the mood. I’m sure everyone within the club would see him as a much better option from the bench than what Dennis was, which could give the players more belief when things aren’t going our way. Possibly Farke’s use of subs has been restricted as he doesn’t think he has the right options. We’ve not come back from a losing position at any stage this season and haven’t really looked like doing so, to be fair. Last season we did this countless times as the belief was that we were able to do so. Rhodes coming on was always a big part of that.
  3. Clint

    Max Aarons

    If we fail to win tomorrow, let’s face it, we’re down. So we may as well cash in on him at a hugely inflated fee as we will at some point anyway. Byram at RB and Lewis LB for the rest of the season. I fully expect us to win though, leading to a miraculous revival, another season in the Prem and all our key players staying to enjoy the ride!
  4. On a player we’ve been linked with but were never going to pay the asking price.
  5. Clint

    Jordan Rhodes

    You’d think £2/3m and it would’ve been a no brainer. Not sure what Weds we’re after but having to play half a season with Dennis as more or less our only back up to Pukki, was very silly.
  6. Clint

    Newcastle Tickets

    I’m going. The match is almost incidental, the cheap beers and night out are the big sell. Obviously I’d like us to win though!
  7. I’d be very happy with Todd down the middle and Onel brought in out wide.
  8. Clint

    Team for Bournemouth

    I don’t get the physicality as Mario is a much bigger bloke than Todd but this season Todd seems to have adopted a more aggressive/tenacious streak. Surely it’s just down to this rather than pure physicality?
  9. Clint

    Team for Bournemouth

    Without picking a team, I’m intrigued as to how many people continue to pick Kenny. 1 goal and 1assist so far this season and can be fairly anonymous in games (last week being case in point). He’s had some very decent chances as well and not finished them (Arsenal and Palace spring to mind). Not good enough for that role at this level. Also a bit left field but I’d be inclined to play Leitner (not at no 10). He proved against Newcastle that he can dictate games against the lower teams in the league and our ball retention last week was dreadful. I think Bournemouth will play us at our own game so if he was ever going to play for us again, Saturday would probably be it.
  10. Clint

    Max Aarons

    Tanganga looks decent and they also have Walker Peters who is young. Add that to Sessengon on the other side, that’d be a very young group of full backs!
  11. Clint

    A dearth of strikers

    Thirsty, you appear to unwittingly be basically backing up my point. Firstly, I said most teams in the league would have 3/4 capable forwards, not all. By pointing out that Villa, a team also in the relegation zone and got battered yesterday, started yesterday’s match without a striker surely just emphasises my point?
  12. Clint

    A dearth of strikers

    All well and good spending very little money by premier league standards Thirsty but we’ve spent very little money by championship standards.
  13. I’ve heard a rumour that we’re looking to loan to a Championship club for the rest of the season, which I thought was rubbish but did come from within the club. However, the link with the Spanish guy seems to imply that there could be some truth in this. I’m not sure what the thinking behind this is as IMHO, Lewis should be our first choice left back. I actually thought he’d adapted better than Max in the early part of the season and offers much more going forward than Byram. I’d be very disappointed if this happens.
  14. Clint

    A dearth of strikers

    Most prem teams will have 3/4 forwards of varying degrees of ability but all deemed to be capable. I doubt any other team will go to Old Trafford this season being forced to give a debut to an 18 year old forward and no cover on the bench.
  15. Clint

    Prudence v Naviety

    The project solely appears to be about the financials. The non-financial impact of relegation on a team/club doesn’t appear to be have considered. If it’s so easy to bounce back from relegation with a load of money in the bank, why do so many teams fail to do so? It’s not all about money, there’s far more factors at play that make a team/club successful or otherwise.