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  1. Wasn’t part of the quote something about having a vast amount of number 10’s but no left back as well? Therefore referencing not spending transfer funds wisely.
  2. It’s completely irrelevant. It shows we’re not taking our chances and who can say that is categorically going to change?
  3. One point and one goal from two matches against teams expected to be near the foot of the table is far from inspiring. The some problems remain, we concede sloppy goals and we cannot break teams down. Not a great combination.
  4. He appears to be massively better than Rashica though which is odd as I thought the latter would be great at this level.
  5. Didn’t Farke abandon his philosophy on the grounds that we signed absolutely none of the players he wanted in pre-season to continue with his philosophy? I believe he only wanted three players to improve the first eleven and allow him to continue with Farkeball. Instead we signed nine, none of which suited Farkeball or improved the first eleven. Just padded out the squad with over-priced mediocre players (at best).
  6. He just doesn’t inspire anyone, how many of the players today looked up for it? Maybe Todd and Onel when he came on but the rest showed zero passion or intent. That’s not mentioning the fact we have no noticeable style or play or tactics, as well as the bizarre subs. Smith to date, has done absolutely nothing and I really can’t see it changing.
  7. Onel, this isn’t really even a debate. Look at his stats in the first year we went up vs Placheta second time around. Something like 10 goals and 9 assists vs 1 goal and no assists.
  8. Hasn’t it been confirmed that the sponsor is Lotus again for this season?
  9. I believe Rupp was offered a contract a while back but the terms weren’t to his liking (no idea if it’s length of deal or wages) so he turned it down. I’m not convinced that he is actually injured as often as we are lead to think he is…..
  10. Yes he should start as at least that may allow us to go to 4-4-2, which is the only formation that has actually worked this season. But yet we’ve decided to completely abandon it!
  11. I’m not sure what he’s said wrong here to be honest. All seems pretty fair to me.
  12. This is not saying we should have kept Farke or we should sack Smith but I am very concerned about our inability under Smith to start playing until halftime. This is a point I have raised before but the only match I can recall where we were even remotely good first half was Everton. A few other matches we’ve been ok at best but the rest we’ve been an absolute shambles until half time. Why is this?
  13. The handling of this this situation is one of the many disasters of this season sadly.
  14. I’m not sure the problem is Gilmour, I think the problem is Gilmour and McLean together. I think it’s the combination of the two that kills us. Of the matches that Gilmour has played and we’ve got points, was he in a midfield three with McLean and one other? I may be wrong but I recall Kenny having a spell out of the team, what was the points haul like in those games?
  15. Gibson can’t play on Thursday. Bear in mind we actually conceded 4 yesterday as well, with another piece of shambolic defending. If Kabak is fit, I’d play him, if not, Zimbo. Or both with 5-3-2, which quite honestly I cannot believe has not been tried at all yet!
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