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  1. Clint

    Match Analysis

    Pockthorpe, I’m not sure how changing the tactics periodically would change the ethos of how we play? You can play the same way but with different tactics. Liverpool and Man City don’t set-up exactly the same every week, they set up to get the best possible result but their style and footballing ethos throughout the whole club doesn’t change.
  2. Clint

    Match Analysis

    Exactly right CD, Thirsty is not talking sense. It’s clearly not the only reason we’re bottom but it’s clearly one of the main reasons.
  3. Clint

    Match Analysis

    Our tactics are the same every match, which is one of the primary reasons we’re bottom of the league.
  4. Clint

    6 goals in 15 away games...

    I didn’t watch today but I’ve seen most of our matches this season and our reluctance to shoot is so frustrating. Even when inside the box and seemingly in decent shooting positions. I’ve not seen many goals scored by teams that don’t shoot!
  5. Clint

    match thread

    I didn’t watch it today but bar the Bournemouth match, Duda has been shocking. We’ve not scored a goal in open play in any match he’s played!
  6. Clint


    Surely you can’t just relegate teams with over 1/4 of the season still to go? The financial implications are huge so that would be a legal nightmare!
  7. The state pension was commonly referred to as the ‘old age pension’. This is when life expectancy was a lot lower. As such, those in receipt of this were ‘old age pensioners’.
  8. Clint

    B****y H***

    We can’t expect all the results to go our way. Watford and West Ham are the most likely candidates to escape given the quality of their squads. We need Brighton, Bournemouth and Villa to finish below us and we’ve gained points on all of them. Newcastle look dire but if they’re being dragged into it, I think we’re doomed!
  9. Clint

    Farke post match press conference

    He won’t be playing in the cup though will he? He’s not available for Weds.
  10. Clint

    WE SHOULD BE 16TH!!!

    Presumably this just means we’re missing lots of chances we’re expected to score? Which we kind of know anyway.
  11. Clint

    Team V Leicester

    Krul Aarons, Hanley, Godfrey, Lewis Trybull, Vrancic Buendia, Stiepermann, Cantwell Pukki Farhmann, Tettey, Rupp, Duda, Drmic, McLean, Idah
  12. If Emi doesn’t start on Friday, I think we have our answer as to whether there is really a problem or not.
  13. Clint

    Time for change

    I’ve posted on another thread that Pukki is far too isolated and easy to defend against currently. This is not his fault, he needs a player much closer to him. People will argue that Marco is not up to it but he makes Pukki a better player. Most of his goals from open play have come with Marco in the team (inc the no goal bs Spurs). No-one else in the no 10 role offers any physicality or fight. Marco causes defenders problems for that very reason. Whilst his shooting has been very questionable, at least he was getting in positions to get the chances, no other no 10 has done that. I’d be inclined to bring him back in the team and if not him, I’d be playing Drmic either behind or alongside Pukki. No doubt Farke will just stick with the anonymous Duda though.
  14. Clint

    Duda v Rupp v Buendia

    It’s always the same. Why are we persisting with the same formation week in week out? I’d like to see Buendia, Vrancic and Drmic start on Friday night. It’s not going to happen and I’m not saying Steiperman and Lietner are the answer but we looked significantly better going forward earlier in the season. Pukki also looks a much better player with Steiperman at no 10. I would hazard a guess that almost off of Pukki’s goals from open play this season have come when Steiperman has been in the team inc the one that never was vs Spurs.
  15. Clint


    He was awful today but hasn’t really played for 10 weeks. Klose can’t come back soon enough!