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  1. Yes, and as you point out it often does, the story on the official website mentions the club have the option for an extra year. https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2019/july/teemu-pukki-signs-new-norwich-city-contract/
  2. Maybe they're better at playing on pitches with grass on them.
  3. Ah great, I can just about get home for second half injury time.
  4. I missed a lot of the last 20 mins but saw Cantwell limping about after the whistle. Did he take a knock?
  5. Agreed, he was otherwise impressive today and I thought looked very promising apart from the lapse.
  6. It's a thread about Ipswich so you need to have some pointless stars on it.
  7. I'd always thought - perhaps naively - there was some advantage in training for the size of your pitch, given that there is quite a large variation.
  8. Unexpectedly working on Microsoft Edge but nothing else.
  9. And then for years after, the ex who chose to leave spits smears and blame back at the first person? Certainly sounds like PL.
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