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  1. One of those games when we can't do anything basic. The sheer numbers of balls spanged into touch off a knee, or a ball tapped to the opposition when a simple pass is on. A very hard watch when we've played better against better.
  2. I normally hate change for change's sake. I suspect I'm not alone looking above. And although my gut reaction is I don't like the lack of outline and the change to the canary, I expected to hate it and I don't. Lion and Castle are clearly good. I'm not used to it yet, but I think I'll become fine with it.
  3. Very true - if you shoved it all into Norwich we'd then be 1/1740 as rich as Newcastle
  4. Seems logical. Plus of course Farke has often wanted to take a bit of time to get the players settled in before they're regulars in the first team. We didn't see Emi for 4 or 5 games in 2018 I think. Obviously we didn't have so many fans expecting him in the team as he was fairly unknown. But we were getting "Farke out" type noises of course. And then the team settled and - well - things got considerably better.
  5. Absolutely this. We've gone from "Farke has no plan B and doesn't know how to coach in the Premier League" to "why aren't we playing like we normally do?"
  6. Seeing as you were accusing him of being "special", seemed a reasonable retort!
  7. Stops our losing record, answers a lot of people who thought Farke didn't know how to play against these battling/**** housing sorts of teams. I think it's very easy to see the positives today. But carry on whingeing if you like.
  8. No - and I didn't say I thought it was a "good" performance. But cut out the two stupid errors and Everton had very little to go on. And while we didn't make the most of our spell in the ascendancy, we'd have ground out a 0-0 to break the hoodoo. Academic. But the individual errors are costing us time and again. (sorry for repost - forum crashed)
  9. No, and I didn't say it was a good performance. But had we cut out the stupid errors, Everton had nothing to offer really. They were poor. Then at the least we'd have a point to break the hoodoo, or the second half spell of control is more meaningful. Academic of course.
  10. I don't think we have been awful. The problem is two stupid lapses of concentration (perhaps one being a lucky pen) have cost us yet again. And unless that stops, this'll keep happening.
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