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  1. Long term lurker, rarely post, but I wholly disagree with this OP.
  2. Banjoman

    Todd Cantwell Instagram post

    Well said, Todd is into generation Z, being born after 1996. Millenials are roughly 24-39 year olds currently. I don't think the poster you quoted was doing it, but it does bug me that a lot of people use the term wrongly to deride young people, often meaning teenagers, when older millenials are pushing 40. On topic. To agree with Pugin, I think many hugely talented ambitious young footballers would have done exactly this throughout time, if social media had existed.
  3. Banjoman

    City v Spurs match thread

    Absolutely - this year has been amazing as a Norwich fan. While I accept the table makes grim reading, and a lot of people have thrown in the towel already, I choose to stay positive.
  4. Banjoman


    Can we have a re-do? Since the data has been collected at the start of 2003-04 season, only ONE player has created 9+ chances *and* completed 9+ take-ons in a single Premier League game.
  5. Banjoman

    Broken toe

    Errrr...? This means the same thing.
  6. Banjoman

    So, if we beat Arsenal and Southampton

    I must have missed Everton's boost.
  7. Banjoman

    Farke - Klose's season could be over

    I agree with that in a vacuum but you have to wonder why DF came out saying it looks like an ACL injury. If it was just on the mechanism of injury why would they specifically mention the worst case? Makes me fear that Klose has an obviously positive anterior drawer test and Lachman on examination which then makes a full tear much more likely. (although not certain in acute setting if I remember right) Otherwise surely DF'd say he has a bad looking swollen knee and we're waiting for the scan. Obviously I hope I'm wrong. DOI while I am a medical doctor, I'm not orthopaedic.
  8. Banjoman

    Tomorrow’s national papers!

    Hoping they do this again next year as, given our respective positions in 1969, there is no outcome this season that doesn't see us correct the anomaly with Ipswich.
  9. Banjoman

    ifollow is no more...

    Is that still the case? When I look it says 140 games live, the other 240 on demand from 9pm (Eastern Time).
  10. Banjoman

    The Fans

    Only watching on the TV but I thought the fans sounded really great. Blasting out OTBC as soon as they scored, for example. Piling on the noise in Farkie-time...