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    Boris is flexible on most things - much the same as with Trump. The truth, his politics, marriages, morals - are all subservient and dispensable to his ego and what's best for Boris. Always ends badly.
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    I know BV is a troll but there is a certain amount of truth in his post. Yes, we can claim bad luck on the injury front but there can be no denying that central defence has been a constant weakness during our recent tenures in the Premier League.
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    From the title of the thread I assumed Vince was giving us a sneak-preview into his auto-biography....
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    Yes and he also played brilliantly against Arsenal and Chelsea in the cup, in his first season here. So much so, Wenger was apparently quoted to say to Farke "Where did you find this guy?!" Of course, many people have short memories about this sort of thing when it suits their narrative.
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    I'm a Quins fan, and I love Joe Marler. He's certifiably insane.
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    I know, made me snort with laughter. And (spoiler alert) "I don't like horses" at the end.
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    Ciao Parma! One of my very favourite posters in charge this week. I'd like to put forward the following offering, although proceed with caution as my recent form has been questionable to say the least. In the Austrian top flight, I'd like to back ASK Linz to win away to Swarovski Wattens. Swarovski are in the bottom half, with a very poor home record of 1-1-4-5-14. Linz's away form is perfect so far, with a record of 7-0-0-14-2, and they're hanging on the coattails of leaders RB Salzburg. Odds of 4/11 look enticing. For the match bet, I've found a tasty little number in the #YourOdds section of the Bill Hill website: Pukki to score, Alex Tettey and Lucas Digne to be carded: 45/1. Pukki's bound to break his duck sooner or later, and if Tettey plays he's the man most likely to get booked! In bocca al lupo a tutti... e forza canarini!
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    A rightish tory party??
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    Haha! Yeah I saw this yesterday too. Absolutely brilliant! "It's a slightly Irish horse"
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    Precisely, FPTP makes it impossible for such a party to emerge/prosper. Perhaps you should turn the question around and ask yourself why if you think there is such a desire amongst voters for a centrist party it doesn't exist already - its not hard to set up a politcal party/company, even Farage has managed it quite successfully twice. Perhaps it's worth adding that whilst FPTP is the main culprit it isn't the only one, our media (also pretty useless) would either crucify or totally ignore a centrist party so they would be at a huge electoral disavantage - it just isn't going to happen. Nothing is going to change unless Labour somehow wake up and realise that a PR system would actually benefit them but I think they're still mired in 20th century political thinking so I'm not going to hold my breath for that to happen.
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    Definitely not - FPTP has always polarised our politics and now more so than ever. It is binary and driving the two established parties to extremes. There simply is no centre ground in UK politics any more and the voters are gravitating to one or other of the only two parties that they think can win even though they have both vividly demonstrated how useless and untrustworthy they are. A very dire demonstration of how a sh*t electoral system delivers sh*t parliaments/governments, which if we were honest with ourselves we'd realise has happened in this country on a very regular basis over the last 50 years and looks set to continue.
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    I don't think their manifesto is bad. There are some good aspects to it. Some aspirational, some unnecessary. But there is enough in there to give people some hope that this country can move forward. And no, older people have clearly proven that they don't have more sense to fall for **** promises.
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    P.S. DO NOT FEED THE TROLL. The sooner we all stop replying to “Big” Vince’s threads, the sooner he’ll stop posting them.
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    At least there hasn't been a prog rock revival, Barclay James Harvest et al , puke enducing, bombastic tripe. I suppose the closest we came to a revival was effing Marillion, glad that didn't last. Uriah Heep are playing Norwich soon. Oh Dear Oh Dear. Don't they look so, so, er, I wonder if they trash Holland & Barrett nowadays?
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    A very good idea from the EU to give Cornish Pasties protected status to avoid poor immitations. Nothing in Johnsons plan to continue this, will probably lead to the market being flooded by crap pasties.
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    Don't get me started, Saint Bleeding Bono and Co drive me up the fecking wall. The whole lot of preaching turds can go to hell in a hand cart for all I care. I really do sort and recycle as much as possible and dont need any of those Ws to tell me what I should and shouldn't do. Didnt that pratt Chris Martin make his latest statement somewhere exotic....I bet he didnt cycle there., To$$er.
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    Yes, I wondered if you'd fall into the little trap I set, by saying Allcock had only 'filled in'. In fact he played 22 games in the 1964-65 season in central defence, and pretty much all of the 1965-66 and 1966-67 seasons, and part of the 1967-68 season.
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    Terry Anderson and John Deehan too. So there must have been a Suffolk Socialist Time Machine involved....
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    Ill health or lack of funds could force me to give up (but I usually find a way). But losing games or relegation never will. Just watch people get all precious when I suggest such behaviour would be fickle and spoilt brat like.....
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    I think it's called evolution sgncfc. Times change. I do not think that you are in a minority of one, as it seems that many see it the way you do. The fact that I sensed a little touch of the John Major "warm beer" speech in your posting is comforting rather than critical. Gerry Harrison and the highlights on a Sunday afternoon was once the treat of my week as well. However, I will pick you upon one point:- "Money and TV have destroyed it." If there was not an appreciative audience (worldwide) for today's fayre then it would not generate the money it does. If there were not a ready made and rather large TV audience watching every game (worldwide) then all those television companies would not be interested in broadcasting it. Like it or not, it is a success story. Perhaps we would like the PL more if we were consistently more a part of it. I don't suppose many Leicester City supporters share your view, for now anyhow. It's not just footballers who command these enormous riches either. Millions abound in the movie world and even third rate celebrities who eat insects in a jungle can demand the same because for some peculiar reason a lot of people want to watch them do it. Does the audience dictate the product or does the product dictate the audience? I suspect the former for the most part.
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    OK, so I'm not a binner but I do hate everything about the Premier League (and UEFA/FIFA) and if that's OK with everybody I'll stick to my opinion thanks, whether you all think it's wrong or not. I genuinely would rather there wasn't promotion and relegation to and from the Championship and would very happily never watch a Premier League match again, mainly because since the Premier League began it has sucked almost all the enjoyment from the game I used to love. The club which we managed to reconnect with after our last disastrous foray is already moving away from us again. That's much more important to me than being in the Premier League, watching puffed up prima donnas and waiting for some people near Heathrow to decide if it's a penalty or not; or going to matches at 2pm on a Sunday when most sensible people are still having a nice family lunch. If you started with a clean sheet of paper and designed a league structure in which to play our national sport do you think you'd design what we currently have? Money and TV have destroyed it, and our FA have allowed them to. The only downside to actually winning the Championship is that you then have to play in the god-awful Premier League for a season rather than being able to defend your title. We could sell those players who think they want to play in the PL so they can earn their millions of pounds a year for sitting on the bench or in the stands and support the new ones we bring in, just like we always have; and we can keep laughing at those multi-millionaires when they dive in the box or fail to qualify from their group again at the world cup. I suspect I am in a minority of one, but I am very happy that we'll probably be back in the Championship next year and I can't wait.
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    I find it a bit weird that people back somebody that we know so little about, who has no track record in business, no wealth that we know of, and we have heard so little from... Just because he shares a surname and a little bit of DNA with our current owner. The argument seems to be that rich people tend to not take clubs forward so let's get somebody skint because that's the left field anti-football thing to do. The Queen has done an excellent job of being our head of state, but thank the gods that Prince Andrew isn't the succession plan. Is there any precedent for this type of inheritance of a big football club? Blackpool possibly the only one I can think of. At Blackpool Owen Oyston was always of dubious character, but it was Karl Oyston who went to war with the clubs fans, let the ground fall into a state of disrepair and took them down 3 divisions. Leicester different because the son inherited the entire business empire and was already running half of it.
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    I think the first question you should ask is whether 'surviving in the Premier League' is the most important objective. For me it most definitely is not - I dislike the Premier League (for many reasons) and much prefer to watch the Championship, especially when we are in it. My main objective is to watch Norwich City play football, ideally exciting and entertaining football which is exactly what Farke has provided and Alex Neil too, for that matter. The Premier League has nothing to do with sport, it is a business providing football based entertainment and if you think your club is participarting in a sporting competition whilst in the Premier League then you are always going to be disappointed. It is first, second and always a business and it is run in the interests not of football supporters but the business owners. Of course I want to see NCFC do well and when we do very well in the Championship then we have to put up with a stay in the Premiership, but its exciting when we go up and it can often be pretty exciting when we go down. Do I want to play every year in Premiership mid-table mediocrity, watching a bunch of mercenaries who have no real link to the club and are there for no reason other than the money?? No I ***** well don't - give me yo-yo every time.