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    Son’s broken arm

    He's talking about the cup...
  2. BobLoz3

    I actually want us to sell a player

    I overheard someone saying the other day... "Lewis has already gone"... This was after the Liverpool game. I am not sure of the validity of this, of course, but wouldn't surprise me seeing as though we've signed another young LB. The issue then is cover. Well, we've all seen that Byram can play in that position (if Aarons goes, probably get another RB as cover for SB). But his latest injury may force our hand again if we have indeed sold Lewis. Byram has struggled with that type of injury throughout his career so it is a worry.
  3. BobLoz3

    I actually want us to sell a player

    I think we'll sell 3-4 players. Lewis Cantwell Aarons Emi The latter has annoyed me of late with his histrionics...This didn't used to get on my nerves so much but I feel we've got a bit of a Nelson situ on our hands with him. He seems to be about number one and not thinking of the team so much. If he continues with that attitude it's also possible that nobody will want to take him of course! Plus he went straight down the tunnel after the Liverpool game on Sat and that was pretty ridiculous too.
  4. He still has two years too. So maybe not... I hope not. Definitely both doing a good job. Webber especially in terms of how the club is run and a long term vision.
  5. BobLoz3

    Hanley chosen....

    She's a Bolton fan. Their players don't even get paid! NEXT!
  6. I love the modeal they have there and I love what we're doing too. Even if we are more likely to have to sell our better youngsters than they would be. However, when that happens you have to find the next Aarons, Godfrey, Lewis, Cantwell etc. and that seems to already be in place to an extent. I guess the difference is that they can afford to pay Β£10 million for a young Sancho, who had not played any first team games at time of buying. That's not something we can do (yet) and may not ever be able to. However, the principle is very similar indeed.
  7. BobLoz3


    Love this! The bit about dancing! That pic is legendary... just like the great man! There is a numpty on the FB pages called Paul Selwyn Drake. If anyone has ever come across this total BORE of a man then please give him $hit at all possible opportunities. He seems to berate anything Norwich related. A massive WUM and likely binner. His latest was some slagging off of Tetts
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    Nice to see you back old bean. Seemed as though you were on some kind of hiatus??
  9. BobLoz3


    Love the news, hate the way the graphic looks as though we've accepted we're going down in 19/20. Why they did that I don't know! May as well have just left it blank, without the arrow. Anyway. Good to see he's been with us since the year 1213. Alexander the Great indeed!
  10. BobLoz3

    Best Norwich city player and why

    Becchio was only here for 5 mins and barely played so.... NOPE!
  11. BobLoz3

    Best Norwich city player and why

    Some players, yes. But when you said this I immediately thought... Well, Wes was with us for 10 years and Tettey has been here for nearly that long too. Plus Hucks and Russ Martin, neither of whom wanted to leave. You have to remember it is sometimes the club's doing. So, I don't think it applies to everyone.
  12. BobLoz3

    Best Norwich city player and why

    Triple H. Then add your name and it's quadruple H!
  13. Sure, but in my memory I haven't really seen us play the way we do now. Always wanted to be a passing team, of course there have always been elements of that, but we didn't base it all on possession football as we do now. There was still a lot of kick and run and Lambert used to get them playing percentage balls and suchlike.
  14. I love the team goals we've been able to score under the current coach. We never really played like this before and some seasons it was down to individual players to carry the team (a la Hucks and yes that goal was against Brum... It's the one the US news reporter called the 'best goal ever' even though Hucks didn't agree ) Let's be honest... Any goal is a good one and would be celebrated, but this Howson one was special because of distance, technique and the pure force it hit the back of the net with! Plus we were on a rampage against Forest that day and it was very enjoyable. Also, it happened three years ago yesterday so was topical.
  15. What I always remember when watching that ball drop, was that it seemed like it hung up there forever and somehow dropped in slow motion! I think it's because I could see Jonny was looking at it and I was thinking "He's gonna hit that isn't he??!"
  16. BobLoz3

    What is a.....

    There is no such thing as normal.
  17. Also a good goal but no way near the technical ability displayed as with this Howson one!
  18. Knew it would be this one! Best goal I've seen live at Carrow Road for sure. Loved it. Went absolutely bat $hit insane when that went in.
  19. BobLoz3

    Hail the Scottish badgers

    Yeah it was just a shame we never signed Jason Scotland during that time. (We WERE linked with him a lot which was pretty funny... "If you can't get a Scottish player Granty, just get one whose name is literally SCOTLAND")
  20. BobLoz3

    Hail the Scottish badgers

    Pffft... Don't know what you're talking about, Apples. I haven't seen any of the others do a 'Fozzy flick'
  21. BobLoz3


    Can you imagine if Webber (a Leeds fan) decided that, when he's bored of the Norwich project, he'd go to Leeds?! Oh my god. That's, like, my worst nightmare!
  22. BobLoz3

    Looking ahead

    Oh my god I hope Sheff Utd don't buy him!!!!
  23. BobLoz3

    Looking ahead

    I think we should have a look at Dennis Politic again. Playing for Bolton in League One and while not a striker, he fits the mould of what Webber and Farke look for. Young, lots of potential and he's a midfielder Also, apparently gave McCullum a bit of a torrid time when Cov played them recently. Gaining some good reviews on the way.
  24. BobLoz3

    Strikers next season

    The most annoying thing about some of this thread is not the discussing of selling Pukki but the fact a number of people are convinced we won't be in this league next season. We ain't done yet y'all! As has been said... All of our best players are on lengthy contracts and it will cost a fair bit for another team to prise them away from us. Also... what's all this about Pukki not being very good this season? He is crucial to the way we play. 11 goals, a few assists. Not bad really at this stage in the season.
  25. BobLoz3

    What constitutes a good breakfast

    I don't eat the meats, so I'm happy enough with porridge. Or perhaps some crumpets... Bosh!