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  1. BobLoz3

    So who is off to Southampton this evening?

    I can actually vouch for this
  2. BobLoz3

    Do you think we will stay up?

    Screw giving those guys any money! Haha! As for my answer to the OP. Yeah. We can survive. Too early in the season to determine anything. Farke wasn't calling the game vs Southampton a six pointer. He recognises, as do I, that lots can happen between now and the end of the season.
  3. BobLoz3

    What y'all listening to?

    Yes I know Postal Service well! Used to listen to this record a sh!t tonne. I was never a Death Cab fan but liked this stuff. Ever heard One AM Radio? Quite similar style. This is taking me back!
  4. BobLoz3

    So who is off to Southampton this evening?

    A rise in his trousers?
  5. BobLoz3

    Tonights officials

  6. BobLoz3

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    It seems so difficult to let go of these players who have been with us from a young age and progressed so well. Ben would fall into that category and I'd be sad to see him go. I don't think he'll be off in Jan, though. Even if we are going to sign Strandberg (if he is indeed on trial with us) I don't think we'd want to let Ben go now. We need another CB in for cover as it seems as though Hanley's issue is only going to persist. We all know we won't see Klose any time soon either. So that would be consistent with needing at least three fit CB's. Also, Wolfie, if they offered him all that money he wouldn't be the one making the choice! He may want to go earn that money but we hold the cards. The value is between 20-25 million according to that article. Yes, it is a lot of money for us but I think our survival in this league would be worth lots more. As Webber said, they don't have a gun to their heads at the moment with regard to selling players.
  7. BobLoz3


    Yeah dude, I got that! I was saying that if we go down we may have to give Tetts another year as we wouldn't sign Amadou in that instance. I wouldn't be against the two playing together in midfield, but what would concern me is the lack of long range passing ability they have (so, when I said 'technical ability' this is what I was referring to). Both Tettey and Amadou prefer to play shorter passes and are better at those. Their pass completion rates have been good too, when playing in that '6' role. Perhaps it's because of Farke's tactics but you don't see those two attempting 'Hollywood' passes. It's not their strength. However, when you play Leitner or Trybull alongside them there is a bit more grace involved. So, that would be my preference although Leitner doesn't look like he's going to get back in any time soon!
  8. BobLoz3


    Yes because if we do go down, we definitely won't be signing Amadou permanently! As I said yesterday... if we want to continue to see these players we all rather like at our club, we need to stay in the Prem.
  9. BobLoz3


    Hmm... tough one for me! Tettey has never really let us down when called upon and, at the rate he's been going, I wouldn't be surprised to see him given another year. Amadou, though, will likely only improve in this league now he's had a chance to play in his preferred position so he edges it for me. Love both, but don't think they'd work in the midfield at the same time. Not enough technical ability to complement one another imo.
  10. BobLoz3

    Stefan Strandberg on trial?

    If this is accurate, when would we be able to sign him up given a successful trial period? January?
  11. BobLoz3

    Farke's fortitude

    He was actually talking about McLean. The only one among those players to have held the title of 'Mayor of Norwich' for a few days.
  12. BobLoz3


    If we go down, we won't sign him. Only way we probably will is if we stay up. Which is another reason fans who constantly say "OI PREFER THE CHAMPIONSHIP OI DO BUH. LET'S GOO BACK THERE" drive me absolutely insane. I think the quoted fee was around 10.5 million.
  13. BobLoz3

    Shouldn't be surprised I suppose....

    The Finnish
  14. BobLoz3

    Will Emery last for Sunday?

    I think this actually makes our game a bit tougher. So frustrating! The fans will be buzzing as they now have what they've wanted for a while and the players will likely be happy about it too. The feeling has been that they have not been playing for the manager and also wanted him gone. Will be a huge struggle but still looking forward to it!
  15. BobLoz3

    AGM tonight......

    Quite funny that China actually tried to ban puns in the media back in about 2014! I don't think it worked out...
  16. I think IF we go down is when you'll see us sell players! Probably wouldn't be able to sustain ourselves properly without it. I believe we have some money to spend in Jan. It'll depend on where we are in the table and how we're looking as to who we'll bring in and what we'll spend. Webber has said he isn't a fan of that window but may have to do things a bit differently this season!
  17. BobLoz3

    Moritz Leitner

    I was wondering the same thing, Nuff! He's still active on Twitter. Probably somehow got sucked into the Brexit thread on here and now regrets ever signing up to the Pink Un!
  18. It would indeed be hilarious if they didn't get promoted and on that current form... They may not! But they still have two games in hand on a lot of teams in that league I think. However, after all their bleating about how they'd walk that league it would be really quite some chuckle if they cocked it up!
  19. Said it on the other thread. Gonna have to say it again. We won't sell any of our first team players in Jan. Just can't see it happening.
  20. BobLoz3


    Well, BP, I am not sure we really know that he will! He hasn't played in that DM position for us yet so it's a bit dificult to say how key he might be. But he's already proven his adaptability and shown he'll give his all for the team, even if in an unfamiliar position. Fingers crossed we'll see him in that DM position soon but Tettey and Trybull seem to be getting the nod at the moment and we all know that Farke keeps a settled team wherever possible after a win. Have to say though, I think Tettey has been brilliant, so the fact we can play two defensively minded players in the CM positions now (combination of Tettey and Trybull, Tettey and Amadou or Amadou and Trybull) is quite reassuring!
  21. BobLoz3

    Villa interested in Emi

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Let's not worry about January! I am entirely confident that we won't sell any of the first team players. We don't need to, so why would we? Yes, Jan can see some stupid figures bandied about but I really can't see us selling any of our better performers. Case closed.
  22. BobLoz3

    Salaries / Wages

    Aarons alone had THREE new contracts thrown at him in the space of a season. The £5K mentioned could well be what they were on last season (or the one before last) but doubtful it's that little now.
  23. BobLoz3

    Moritz Leitner

    I am reasonably disappointed that Leitner hasn't played that much and would be even more so if he's fallen out with Farke. I thought his range of passing, ability to dictate the tempo of a game etc. would be a huge plus point for us this season but it really hasn't worked out for Mo thus far. He looked like he was doing lots of work in the off season and I definitely expected more game time for him. The reality is that although he has those attributes I mentioned and prefers to play from a deeper lying position, he is too easily dribbled past and doesn't add the required ballast we need in that position. A shame, as I feel he's a gifted player.
  24. BobLoz3

    can you tell who is who ?

    Klose is the pirate (aka Captain Morgan) because he's a rum bug! Stiepi is a flamingo man... whatever the heck that is! I've just made it up. Tettey looks like something out of Peter Pan. Drmic has a green face (Shrek??) Aarons is Elvis Pretty sure McGovern is a giant crayola Toddy is apparently Griezemann!? The Mayor is that dinosaur Mario is indeed Ali G Krul is, by the looks of it, a man riding a German man (no not from your weird video collections!) Nobody knows who the minion is. Nobody knows who Buzz is but I'm going for Buendia.
  25. Come on then, which of you more mature folk on here are in this picture??! In all seriousness, it would be quite some thing if anyone recognised these fans from back in the day!