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  1. As I said when I saw the post on FB... At least we don't have a tree growing out of our stadium roof
  2. Some people even set up a protest at St Andrew's Hall. Wild times
  3. Haha! Look through my posts and you'll see I always had Pukki's back. To such an extent that many of my friends rip the life outta me for getting ridiculously annoyed when anyone said "His legs hev gorrrnnn" The goat No question
  4. This is certainly the bit I focussed on when reading the article too. It makes sense. Potter's teams are always well set up, work hard and play nice football. We tried to do that but failed on most levels in the Prem. Billy was just exposed in that side and him and all the others had absolutely no confidence after getting hammered most weeks. I don't really rate him after the experience we had here, but I'm sure he'll go on to have a decent career.
  5. Nah. Things are starting to click a bit more for Smith and us. Parker hasn't really been in the managerial game that long. If it had been us getting hammered by Liverpool, many would be on here calling for whoever was in charge of us at the time's head. It's a no from me, Clive.
  6. “Do not let this become an emotional game. I said at the start lads, they have got it all to do. Not us. Not us boys. They have. So understand it. Be brave in our moments. Manage the game at times as well as understand at times we’re going to have to go long. That’s not a problem at all if their press is right. Perfect balance. “But understand as well lads, the front five in this team, in our team, in my team, are deadly against their team. So get them in the foot race, get it into our feet, be creative in and around the box. Then, in the other side of the game, do it to a tee like you have and we go again. Let’s go.”
  7. Sure, I totally realise this, as I was watching just like everyone else. My point is, if the stats said we had 12 shots then we had 12 shots. Doesn't matter if nobody remembers seeing them. And I agree. Milwall were hard to break down in the first half but they also offered pretty much no threat to our goal.
  8. "It said Norwich had 12 shots in the first half but I didn't see that happen" What an utter lettuce. The stats are there for a reason mate!
  9. They're all from Coritiba so a Brazilian side rather than Chilean.
  10. Was he? I can remember Byram ousting Lewis on the left but not so much Aarons (unless he was injured which he very rarely is). Byram is a great player but doesn't have the same attacking instincts as Aarons imo. Max has been our best player so far this season. I would be gutted to see him leave.
  11. You're getting your Saxons and Icenis mixed up mate!
  12. Wouldn't bother me really. I've felt quite let down by the signings we made last season and I can't work out why or how Farke thought Rashica would fit into his Norwich side. Never plays to the strength of our best goal scorer and also never looks like scoring when getting into good positions. So it'd be ok by me. Would we have time in this window to reinvest? I don't know. Might already be something on the cards
  13. Poor ol' J1zz doesn't know whether he's cumm1ng or going at this point.
  14. Yeah the kid who did it was literally that. A child. Summer holidays create these strange creatures.
  15. Presumably trawls all aspects of social media to find out these little Easter eggs and nuggets of info. I ain't hating on it, it's impressively mental.
  16. Definitely not his biggest game. Arguably, all of those were in the Prem and that didn't work out. The players are the problem I think. We need passion and togetherness but we seem to be seriously lacking in both depts. There are a few who seem up for the scrap but I think our signings (last season) have been woeful, unfortunately. Said it a million times but when you can't replace your best players and try to head up to the Prem, expecting to win games, then you're already going to war without a gun.
  17. This is what I was thinking when I read CCs comment. We haven't been able to feed the Goat properly since Emi left. It's incredibly sad. I am not even sure if the midfielders we've signed and are signing are the type to play incisive through balls to him so I don't know how Smith will solve this conundrum. One thing is certain tho. Teemu won't be enjoying his time! Like the game at the weekend where Dimi had a chance to cut the ball back but instead just wanged it across the box to absoflippinlutely nobody. Teemu looked incredibly annoyed
  18. The only issue there being that Sara is apparently not a box to bid midfielder at all. More of an attacker
  19. Forest. They've got one season surviving in the Prem in them, having pundits masturbate about what a "big team" they are with a "glorious history" and there will also be various Clough comparisons and stories surrounding all the media and VT on them. Then they'll get relegated in their second season. The new Brentford (who I'm tipping for the drop this season) Many thanks BobLoz
  20. Don't think he'll be like Buendia, from looking at his vids. I suppose the fact they're both South American has drawn these comparisons. He's probably not the finished article yet either and nor was Buendia when we bought him. But Sara seems more of an all round midfielder than a 10. Got good strength, shoots as soon as he sees the goal (albeit a lot of the time high, wide and handsome) got some tricks. But don't really see him playing those killer passes like Buendia did. I'm not sure his touch is as sublime either and he's very left footed
  21. I understand what you're saying but if you read what Smith said in the latest article "don't judge us on pre season" on this very website, you'll read that he isn't wanting to play a long ball game. Wants to retain position, do better in transitions etc. I mean, watching the games last season you could have fooled me! But that style of play always suits Pukki. Unfortunately what we saw a lot of last season and so far in pre season doesn't fill me with a huge amount of faith that we have the players to do that. So hopefully the new signing will help, when they are back from injuries!
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