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  1. Fact is we are sitting number five in a play off position. Our manager is not popular according to the local press, and comments on this board. But three of the related sides are in the top six, So is the manager doing such a bad job? or are expectation just too high? We are not watching the flowing football we were used to under Farke, and are grinding out some results, so should we wait until more toward the seasons end before we judge him.
  2. I have been watching them for 60 years. So there are far too many for me to list. However the worst in modern times was when Webber admitted he sent Farke to war without weapons. think less than £1m was spent on promotion. The record lowest spend by any newly promoted side ever.
  3. He will never be dropped that’s for sure. I can’t never understand what he brings to the team.
  4. There has been many lapses by Gibson this season, some directly leading to goals.
  5. Let’s face it. If Webber in the past could have got some of the transfer fee quoted in the past season……he would have been sold
  6. I agree with your comments about Aaron.does not seem anywhere the player he was. Now he is alway looking to pass the ball backwards. Who knows if he is instructed not to make the forward attacking runs.
  7. It seems to me that Krull often put us in danger, trying something that he did not have the ability to execute. Very few keepers have. But since Gunn has taken his place we seem to be going far more direct. Must be that Smith has directed him to do this. Which do fans here prefer, as both have some merit.
  8. Isn’t this the same Zaha who left CP for Man U ? Could not get a regular first team spot, the returned back to CP.
  9. Totally agree with the post. Far too many mistakes this season. As you said any other player making the same mistake would be dropped, well almost apart from the Mayor.
  10. I guess there are many like me, who would not have thought in their wildest dreams that our club would be second at this stage of the season. After last season , and the early days of this one, it looked like it would be a massively poor season. so what has happened?
  11. Even if we go up, we will still sell our best player. It’s in our DNA.
  12. As long as they don’t do the same as with Emi. Just promoted then sell your very best player. Did Brentford sell their very best player No. furthermore more he is now being called up by England.
  13. Let’s face it, he is not up to it these days. His passing out from the back alone is bad enough, and kick outs not brilliant.
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