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  1. Bradwell canary

    Season ticket Prices frozen

    Frozen, just like their transfer fund! Just think all that extra PL income, and our next two years relegation PL payment. Richest debt free club in the Champs is their only aim.
  2. Bradwell canary

    Farke getting off lightly

    You’re right. DF achieved a miracle last season, on a shoestring! Sadly the board expected the same this season, and allocated nearly £1m transfer budget! How could any board have done more! Even more sadly my money is on him moving back to Germany next season. Why would he stay?
  3. For me the only two played at PL level were Todd and Emi. Both probably will not be here next year regardless of length of contracts. Face it.....we are a selling club always have been always will be. It’s in our DNA. Right back to the days of the great Ron Davies...........bought for £35,000 from Luton, sold to Southampton for £55,000
  4. Bradwell canary

    Jamal Lewis

    Personally I think he is suffering from a total lack of confidence. He is fast and good when in an attacking mind. These days he is always looking to pass back to Hanley rather than forward. Now it look He’s lost the confidence to go or even pass forward. hopefully being so young he will regain the confidence to be a fixture, but at present DF does not perhaps trust him enough.
  5. Bradwell canary

    Bounce straight back up?

    I don’t know if I care anymore. Will will have one season, then relegated once again. I’m beginning to think after watching them since 1960 out true home is in the second tier. The club is getting what it deserves......relegation. But us supporters don’t deserve that. No one will ever convince me that have a spend of around £1m in the summer would show any statement of intent from the board. A self supporting club cannot be done in the first two seasons after promotion. No point spending in this window as we are already down! Besides other than loan players who would even sign for us given our certain destiny. Picture it next season, riches club in the Champs, selling Cantwell and Emi ( on yesterday showing the only two who were PL class) Our tickets still one of the highest priced in the Champs. DF off to the Germany, Webber who knows where, as they will be completely fed up with having no money to spend. let’s face it, last season we spend nothing worth talking about, and saw some truly great football, and DF and Co achieved a true miracle. Then the powers that be decided that spend as little as possible, hopeful of yet another miracle. Everytime we go up the gap is getting bigger and bigger. So the question is, is football more enjoyable experience in the Champs?
  6. Bradwell canary

    How good is Emi?

    Far to good for the championship!
  7. Bradwell canary

    Srbeny off?

    Should have read do not.....sorry
  8. Bradwell canary

    Srbeny off?

    Do need him after watching Idah in the first half today! He was cool in his two wonderfully finish goal. Must be on the bench foe rest of season,
  9. Bradwell canary

    How good is Emi?

    I agree, sad thing is we have always, and always be a selling club. ITS IN OUR DNA! Must be truly great to support a club who you know will never sell their best players, unless it 100% suited them.
  10. Bradwell canary

    VAR conspiracy

    conspiracy? Not sure about that, but fact is if results relied on match officials instead of VAR we would have had an extra four points from the last two home games! I seem to recall some seasons ago referees were instructed when making offside decisions the benefit of any doubt should always be in favour of the attacking players.cant ever remember refs doing it through! Can others recall that instruction?
  11. Quite agree. low spending in the champ result promotion.......miracle achieved. low spending in the PL can only result in relegation. Such a small investment this year to me just shows a complete lack of intend by the board. A so called self funding club just can’t be done in the PL. I know there are a lot more knowledgeable folk on here, be nice if someone could point out a self funding club who spent a few consecutive seasons in the PL Fact is we are a selling club, it’s in our DNA.
  12. Bradwell canary

    Buying or selling?

    Bearing in mind selling is in our DNA January will be interesting It will give us an idea of how the top brass are thinking if no worthwhile signings take place they accept next season they think we will be in the championship if selling one of our best players takes place, it means the same
  13. Bradwell canary

    Just how good was Emi today

    In truth he was unplayable . That’s why Wolves kept taking him out. he is always great to watch but yesterday he was on another planet. He must have caught the eye of all the top boys. What ever happens we will sell him, that’s in our DNA.
  14. Bradwell canary

    Fire sale

    I agree, but that does not mean we wIll not sell. That’s the way it has always been, and that’s the way it will be. Self funding is a dream, can’t be done in the PL if we intend to stay there.
  15. Bradwell canary

    Godfrey out for six weeks

    But some are more irreplaceable than others! could be crucial to our season.