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  1. I was sad to see this lad so out of confidence in the last game. Almost every pass he made was in a backwards direction. It’s such a shame as he possesses possibly the most pace in the club. But he seemed so reluctant to use it. once confidence has been lost, it can be a hard road back to the level we all know he has.
  2. Bradwell canary

    What on earth has happened to Stoke?

    Not a great fan of Tony Pullis.........but.... three team went backwards after he left them, Stoke, WBA and Middlesbrough. Most of them during his time in charge were always in a decent league position. Never popular with any of their fans, but shows you have to be careful what you wish for, how many Stoke fans now wish he had never left?
  3. Bradwell canary

    Where is Mario?

    We really need him. Marcus Stiepermann will, sadly, never make it in the PL. Pukki is working as hard as ever, but need more attacking support.. Is Mario the change needed. All seems to be very quite on his injury, anyone out there has an update?
  4. Bradwell canary

    No central defenders?

    Tettey as a make shift Central defender today. What can you say? Still all than PL Money will look nice on the NCFC bank balance.
  5. Bradwell canary

    Our summer business

    Seems to me that last season the greatest concern was the amount of goal we conceded. Our youngsters were getting lots of praise despite that. that was in the Champs, it was clear with promotion their task would be much more difficult at this much higher level. Needless to say this is yet again our main problem this season, yet nothing was done in the transfer window to bring in some experience to help out. Hard to believe we spent less than £1m, nothing on earth will convince me that we could not spend more than that. We could well end up with the record for the club promoted to the PL and spent the least ever on transfers. having said all that I would not want to follow the Fulham model of last season.
  6. Bradwell canary

    Time to cash in?

    Rich, this is the biggest concern. A player can be replaced easier than a top, top class coach. one thing also of concern is that I understand DF family have never moved to the UK. could mean a top German side could take him back home...
  7. Bradwell canary

    I wonder if,,,,,,,

    Herr Klopp phoned Herr Farke to thank him? what a huge difference could our win make to Liverpool’s season. i would Liverpool to win the league this year, as they are the best team to watch.
  8. Bradwell canary


    This boy has almost overnight become a Man!! Hard to believe he is the same person.
  9. My bet is they will be full of how awful Newcastle were, not about how brilliant we were. That may well be the case every time we have a win
  10. Bradwell canary

    Membership Consultation

    A public consultation is simply a PR exercise. The ones over new road, new airports and new runways , high speed HS2, means nothing. They will pretend to listen, then simply carry on and do just what they intended. I would love to think our club is not like that, guess we will find out soon!!
  11. Bradwell canary

    Changes to the ground

    One big thing missing is another big screen. With VAR those in the Barclay will be disadvantaged as by the time that screen is turned round towards them the moment will be lost. Bet we will be the only club in the PL with just one screen. At times it seems the club is only interested in using it for advertising, most clubs use them to show play all the time, or a least the teams.
  12. Bradwell canary

    Maguire £80 million!

    It was reported that our total spend on transfers would only be 20m. So far nothing to speak of has been spent. So £80m on one player just indicates what we are up against. Oh well!!
  13. Bradwell canary

    VAR Extra Time

    Saw the VAR game this week. struck me that if replays of VAR incidents are shown on the big screen, what use will that be to those fans in the Barclay? By the time the screen slowly turns round for them the moment will be lost. Bet no other PL clubs will only have one screen for the whole stadium. we need another one that can be seen by those who can’t see our present useless set up.
  14. Bradwell canary

    Jordan Rhodes

    Make Webber Brexit Secretary and get the job done!!
  15. Bradwell canary

    Bury FC

    Goes back a long way. Big Sam used to spend way beyond their means when in the PL. Relegation means a huge loss in income as we well know. So Its better for our board to take their present financial actions, and ensure our club does not follow Boltons. If we are honest the promotion seasons are the most enjoyable for all of us, not the constant concern over getting stuffed by the big boys, who spend more on one player that our income for the season.