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  1. Fact is, he represents our very best chance to getting promotion. if we sell in this window, then it tells us everything about our clubs future ambitions. Problem is it’s in the clubs DNA TO SELL . if we don’t go up then no one here would want to hold him back. He’s too good to stay here for another season in the Champs
  2. Would you even want to go right now, if you were allowed. NOT FOR ME!
  3. Could not agree more. While any team has a game in hand,as much as I would like Villa to be relegated, it simply is not fair. It just won’t happen. the only fair way is, as you say the German way.
  4. Clearly our financial situation must be really healthy to see us over this awful period. we have spent next to nothing on transfers, so the Bank Manager, and our board must be happy. However should the , by far, the richest league in the world, pass some of the huge amount of money downwards to the lower league clubs. Without doubt some totally rely on their week to week gate income to stay in businesses. I for one should love to see that happen, but knowing just how greedy the PL is, don’t think that will happen. Basically money has in many way spoilt football, the game we all love would gain a huge amount of credit if the PLdid the decent thing.
  5. It seems that the PL may consider giving Liverpool the title as no PL clubs object. Also they say the top two from the Champs at present go up, and next season PL will consist of 22 clubs. ( which means we will have avoided the the relegation) after next season five clubs relegated. Forgetting our 100 % certain relegation, it does seem like a very good solution. Personally I feel truly sorry for the EFL 1 & 2 clubs, about more of the huge amount of PL money was passed down the football chain, before some of them go to the wall.
  6. The board will be praying for that. It would then justify their decision to spend virtually nothing on transfers .
  7. Well that’s what the daily Mail is saying on line. Thats of course does not mean that will happen, but interesting scenario.
  8. Hard to believe that Coventry were the club who paid us around £5m for Bellamy. just shows how how fortunes can change in football. them playing Sunderland brings it home even more.
  9. Mario for me every time. outshine McLean and he can score goals, which we are in desperate need for.
  10. Just seen in the Daily Mail all games may be cancelled, and all results scrapped. this may happen by the Government stopping all games, due to the virus. If that happened we would remain in the PL, Liverpool would not be Champs. Even more heartbreaking Leeds would remain in the EFL yet again. I know its probably not going to happen, but that would be DF little miracle that he keeps talking about. But on a serious note it’s quite a conundrum.
  11. Clearly with his transfer budget for a newly promoted club being the lowest in PL history, where else can he buy players? Emi, Krul and Pukki have be terrific players at very little cost. But can’t rely on pulling of those bargains very often. sheff Utd spent around £44m we spent less than £2m, that show a real lack of intend by the board. Still over 20,000 season tickets sold already, so I guess the board will be happy about that at least.
  12. I saw that too. Seemed to me like begging to come back. Let’s face why wouldn’t he want to, as his family still lives here. not for me as a player in 2 nd or 3rd choice.
  13. Of course he can’t take them any further. because he was given the lowest transfer budget in PL history. Even the very best manager in the world would struggle with that budget. Every time we go up the gap gets bigger, shame the board don’t realise that. Still their main aim is to be self supporting , that they will achieve.
  14. The PL is not a level playing field, but has got worse by the likes of Man City working their financial clout to skirt round so called rules. there others doing the same, even in the Champs with selling their grounds and so on. Hope they all get stung. Sadly for many years now it’s all about money, very little about the sport itself. Clubs bought for investment rather than any real feelings for the club.
  15. Agree, Emi just see things that other do not. That through pass was brilliant, no one else can offer such vision.
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