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  1. This club fully deserve to be where they are in the league. After they why they sacked the manager who got them up last season. As always feel sorry for the fans not the club.
  2. The headline make me think it’s a copy and paste from the era of one Robert Chase. In those days we all sung it from the terraces, would you get thrown out singing that today?
  3. Don’t care, anyone but Gibson to play for me. The largest ship in the world turns quicker than him.
  4. Three teams promoted last season, now rooted at the bottom of the PL. My bet is that three of them almost certain the be relegated. The three will probably sack the managers who worked minor miracles to get them up. A few managers later nothing will have changed ( after all they all can’t get Colin at the same time) clearly every season the gap gets wider and wider. It’s almost getting to be impossible to stay there. while some clubs like Chelsea continue to total waste money with no improvement, others newly promoted have to survive on the weekly wage of a couple of Chelsea players waste. Lve football but absolutely hate what it has become.
  5. If there was no need to sell, then why were two players openly put up for sale just as the window opened? Webber spoke openly about that himself. Always been a selling club, will always be a selling club.
  6. After they went three up, after some really good football, what did they do then? Go for the jugular, no they started to play around in their own goal area. Which they are that good at. That is where this very entertaining game completely eased off for me.
  7. Sadly no one will ever make a Grant Holt. Best thing Gunn Senior ever did was bring him to Norwich
  8. Reminds me of the young Sterling before he left Liverpool for Man City. If he carries on in this form he will command a very big transfer fee. Big question, as always with such young players, keeping them away from night clubs, betting shops, and of course greedy agents!!
  9. Remember the best Centre forward ever here. Ron was bought fromLuton for £35,000. Was fantastic here. Then sold to Southampton for £55,000. Best header of a football I’ve ever seen. Over the years little has changed in the mantra of our club. Begs another Question, what on earth would a player Like Ron be worth in today’s silly market place.
  10. Not yet quite as good as Emi, BUT in time he will be. Need as least another full season from him. But know City’s mantra anything could happen if the offer was good. BUT TODAYS GOAL WAS FANTISTIC……….
  11. The Daily Mail reports today that our average season ticket at £635 is the most expensive in our division. Bearing in mind what an average season we may well have, poor value. Taking advantage of a captive audience, with nearest league club 50 miles away. SORRY DID NOT SEE EARLIER POST ON THIS SUBJECT.
  12. Fact is that when SW made it clear that two of our players were up for sale, doesn’t put you in the driving seat to get the best price. If these two are as good as some think, then other clubs would approach us first. It give the appearance of being a fire-sale, which is just what it is.
  13. I thought we did well to sell him for the amount we got from Newcastle. He had great ability going forward, but rarely used it. When he did it was then a pass sideways, of more often behind him, and the momentum of his pace going forward was lost. Never really cracked on at Newcastle.
  14. Its what all ex manager do Lambert bought some in from Colchester. Bought in Russel Martin who I think was with him a Wycombe. If you bring in player and staff you have worked with, it’s the only way to know an individuals true character.Just watching them from afar will never ever tell you that.
  15. Sadly football as we know it, died the day the Russian bought Chelsea.
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