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  1. 11 Got 1,6,7, and 10 wrong. Had to think a little bit about no.15. No 3 was based on an educated guess, something I think I had heard / remember from the back of my mind.
  2. Red for a professional foul is a one-match (Arsenal) ban, right?
  3. https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/connor-southwell-s-verdict-city-short-of-quality-in-another-carrow-road-defeat-1-6715896 Good for you, Connor. No grovelling apology, just an acknowledgement of Daniel's pre-match conference rant. An excellent piece posted at 6 a.m, hours after the game. Seems CS has the backing of his employers, and rightly so. He seems to have made a big impact in his first few months there, as well as doing a degree at UEA at the same time, it seems. I felt that DF got it completely wrong in the pre-match presser. It was fine for him to be upset at criticism after the Southampton game, but he could have easily expressed those feelings generally toward comments in the media without making a personal, pointed attack on one article written by a 20 year-old local reporter. Farke went on and on with comments like "poorest analysis I have ever read" amongst other things. For me it felt like verging on classic bullying - "it doesn't affect me, but my coaching staff brought the article to my attention and weren't happy". The PL club coaching staff vs 20 year old. Surely a private phone call from the club to archant to air their grievances would have been a better way to have dealt with this. Don't get me wrong. Daniel Farke is my favourite NCFC manager of all time. I dearly hope Webber and him don't depart any time soon. It just seemed that it was the first time his humility deserted him. During the most critical week of the season, a general rant would have been understandable, and he'd have been better to have expressed his own personal hurt more. He is doing an incredible job and we'd probably have been fine had we had another quality CB and a midfielder like Bissouma (Brighton) in the squad. Top marks, though, to young Connor for not backing down, and still producing excellent work hours after such a public dressing down. He should go far. Clearly far cleverer and thicker skinned than I had imagined.
  4. I think the local guys do a very good job. I guess CS is just trying to establish himself as a serious reporter, and may possibly get slightly ahead of himself at times. Don't understand the criticism of Dave F on here either. They seem to be fine any time I've watched one of their podcasts or read one of their debate thingys. They work hard and come across pretty well, I feel.
  5. A deal fell through at the last moment in Jan. I assumed that was for a CB / Full back. I was gobsmacked at the end of Jan. that we hadn't bought in a fullback and CB, having trimmed back the squad even further. We're 6 points adrift because we got 1 point from 21 in the autumn, against mostly relegation rivals, when the injury crisis was at its height. Aside from that, we have competed well. Just don't get it. Think we've gone a bit too far with the longer term thinking, small squad, etc. 2-3 available CBs and 3 1st team FBs end of Jan. Now down to 2 and 2.
  6. Old Bailey?? High court more likely. Old Bailey is a criminal court. Dealing with sporting legalities of that kind would go to the High court. (RCJ)
  7. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/51401149 Really could have done with this, this season, with our injury crisis and losing Klose and Zimbo in the final week of August. An additional (defensive) signing of 2 would probably have made a huge difference and helped us avoid the run of one point from 21in the autumn between the Man C and Everton games.
  8. it's just as annoying when one of our players does it, though. For the next few moments I am always anxiously waiting to know how serious it is and worried that one of our most influential performers may be out for the season. Then follows the more positive emotion of relief when you realise it was all exaggerated. The emotions are reversed when it's an opposition player. I'll add a couple of annoyances that I don't think have been mentioned yet - headphones and haircuts. Actually, the headphones thing, I sort of understand. As players come off the bus and make their way to the changing rooms, it must be the perfect way to avoid distractions, selfie and autograph requests, small talk and helps maintain focus and control pre-match nerves. I just wish they would all use something inconspicuous, like the in-ear totally wireless types. Maybe ban players from wearing them after matches, unless they've had a stinker and need to avoid hearing the abuse. Haircuts: Robbie Keane seemed to play for 20 years with the same short, back and sides haircut. He must have been in the barbers thousands of times to have a millimetre off. Our players seem to take a lot of pride in the hair. Seems to match our style of play. I mean if you had never seen Mario Vrancic play, you would know he was a cultured footballer just by looking at his hairstyle, certainly no Micky Milligan, terrier-like style, snapping in with challenges. I remembered seeing a pic of one of our u23 signings from last year with a really scruffy barnet, and thinking he doesn't quite fit the look. I could imagine DF taking him aside on the first day, and having a word, something like "Son, no need to put your training boots on today. We have arranged for Mario to take you down to John Oliver's to get the hair sorted and then on to the John Lewis men's grooming department to get you kitted out with the necessary moisturisers and mens fragrances." First thread I have ever read where I have found myself agreeing with almost all of "rock the boat's" posts.
  9. just goes to show how things can change so quickly. Brighton were very fortunate to end up in 17th last season. Had Chelsea's equalizer against Cardiff been ruled out like it should have been, I am pretty sure Cardiff would have got the 3 points and finished above you. This season that 'goal'wouldn't have stood. They also had other poor decisions go against them. You must have been sh1tt1ng yourself in the second half of last season. Very lucky not to be back in the championship.
  10. Top right hand corner of Pinkun banner at top of page , there is an icon and drop down menu for your account settings / sign in / out etc. There is 'ignored users' in the list. Click on that. Then you'll see a search box where you can put the name of the poster you want to block. As you key in the character string of their name, it quickly narrows down the users. By the time, you type in the letter "V" after Big<space>, you should find who you're looking for. You could also just wait a bit. An upturn in our form, and they won't post much anyway.
  11. John Ruddy red card vs Chelsea was the only One that season. We conceded a lot of very 'soft" penalties in the first 4-5 games, which is what you might be referring to. edit: sorry, you're right Bill. Leon Barnett. was also s/o early on in that season. 2 reds (Ruddy vs Chelsea/ Barnett v stoke) in first 3-4 games. after that, none, though.
  12. You're right it's a concern, Ron, and we are kind of adrift from the comfy mid-table (almost 2 wins) . As for the bottom 4 or 5, 17th place (Everton) this season is achieving 1 point a game - much higher than at this point last season, where our current points tally would have us in 16th. So, at this stage, you could tentatively predict that 38+ points are needed. And, of course, you need to aim a little higher. This looks like the season where the magical / mythical 40 is the reality. In one respect, we have been lucky that the awful injury situation has hit us during a period where there have only been 3 games a month - only 9 games between end of August and beginning of December. On the assumption that we fare much better with injuries from December (7 games in December alone) onwards, I think we have a chance of rediscovering our form and confidence. We have shown glimpses already, and we have yet in any game been able to field our strongest defense/ defensive midfield. no more injuries, Zimm back fighting fit by beginning of December, 10-12 more points by early Jan, we might have a sniff Still I'm proud of the team, especially with the 3 youngsters at the back, and how they tried to cope with recent adversities, with players playing through sickness and being nowhere near fully fit I know it can't have been easy for the loyal away support this season, and easy for me to say watching from the comfort of my armchair.
  13. Nice post, MS. Although I quoted you earlier, thinking about it, my post was more a reaction to a few negative, unfair comments made elsewhere about DF. I was a bit hasty. I think it's just a case of missing MB. I agree I liked the 3 together.
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