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  1. makham

    Relegated without Buendia?

    In the 5 games Max didn't start this season we got 4 points. That's the equivalent of 36 points from 45 games which is bottom of the table / Ipswich form. Following the nonsense logic of the OP, Paul Lambert was that close (1 player) to getting in the top two.
  2. makham

    Last game on TV?

    I've checked with ifollow. The advisor stated it's definitely available to watch live for non-UK subscribers. Anyway, good to know a BeIN channel are showing it too. Thanks for the info.
  3. makham

    Last game on TV?

    Yes, LDC, full live video coverage is available outside the UK on ifollow. UK - just audio - so use VPN
  4. yes... Bielsa is renowned for his sporting attitude. See any of his recent magnanimous and fair post match interviews. Spygate was a storm in a teacup, which we were able to exploit. All 3 - Bielsa, Farke, and Wilder have been brilliant for the championship.
  5. makham

    Championship Shopping List

    Aarons, Lewis, Godfrey, Cantwell were all under 21 on Jan. 1st, I believe, so don't need to be included in the 25. Godfrey is the oldest, whose 21st birthday was on 15th January. So quite a bit of room in the 25 for both categories, especially home-grown.Just checked ... Lewis and Cantwell have also had 21st birthdays, but after the Jan 1st deadline, so still considered u21
  6. makham

    Today’s games 🐥

    Over to you, Brentford.
  7. makham

    Today’s games 🐥

    Mc But Bristol will play Derby a day before Villa meet Leeds, and anyway Villa's goal difference is massively superior. Derby need to win both of their games to get within 5 points, or Bristol need a 2nd half comeback.
  8. makham

    Today’s games 🐥

    Villa highly likely to have guaranteed top 6 finish before they play Leeds
  9. makham

    I’ll take....

    sorry just read this
  10. makham

    I’ll take....

    That's a load of squit ALOS. We win, and one of the other two wins, while the other doesn't. Then we'll still need a max of two points to be champions, but promotion will have been achieved.
  11. makham

    Is the Stoke game on iFollow?

    Yeah. It's confusing. Everton 4-0 Man U now, just have to add.
  12. makham

    Is the Stoke game on iFollow?

    I mean, it can still be picked for international broadcasting, even if sky aren't showing it. And then it's blocked on IFOLLOW, anyway.
  13. makham

    Is the Stoke game on iFollow?

    It's listed as a blackout game for the UK and also, more worryingly, for 'other international not listed below'. Canada, for example, falls under that category. It shows as audio only for UK / other international. For individual countries in the list, it has no info. I'm hoping it's a mistake. I wonder, though, as sky aren't doing this game, it then becomes available for international broadcasting, as surfer mentioned on another thread that it is being shown on ESPN+. https://www.canaries.co.uk/iFollow/blackout-games/
  14. Srbeny was on bench at Wigan. Tettey has come in
  15. So what you are saying is that Sheff U. might better our results over the 2 Easter games, as that is the only way we can't guarantee promotion by the end of Monday. There will be a lot of nervy folks on here next week if Sheff U have closed the gap, even slightly, going into the last 2 games.