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  1. Has he also posted a message that he'll be back 'soon'? Great news if he's back some time in October. Only 3 more games before end of September. Originally wasn't it predicted he'd be out for about 8 weeks? Now in week 5.
  2. Like a good ref., you don't really notice a good moderator (Pete). All the very best in your future endeavours.
  3. I'd be very surprised because it will be impossible after the window closes. And what do you mean by short-term? The earliest a loanee can return to parent club is when the window reopens in jan. Like today was last opportunity for the flyn Clarke loan to be cancelled as this window still open.
  4. Hadn't realised you had produced the chart yourself based on ftw's data. Great work by you both.
  5. According to Google, Barden is actually 4 months younger than Mccallum. On 1st January, Barden was not yet 21, but Mccallum was. So Sam would be part of the 25, not Barden. That chart has them the other way around.
  6. "Joe's father, Alan, is a cardiac surgeon, specializing in aortic surgery. In 2017, Alan famously performed a successful surgery on football manager Lee Johnson's father Gary." I wonder if he's any good with knees and ankles. we could have some work for the Dad too.
  7. Didn't Fulham beat some team 10-1 in the 60s. And who was it that lost 0-9 to man u. In the 90s? Cole scored 4 or 5, I think, and could have had another half dozen. Too lazy to Google. Someone on here will know. Probably a lower league team who had a short spell in the top flight.
  8. When he landed awkwardly and needed treatment yesterday, my stress level immediately rose. For a minute or so, I was thinking 'oh no, another key player crocked.' I realised he's now right up there in the bracket of those who I would least like to see pick up an injury or suspension. So lively, even when out on the right, still had a great presence in the penalty area. I was worried in pre-seaon and first couple of matches. But wow, now we're really seeing there is so much to his game.
  9. Happy to have missed the first 30. The last 15 that I did see were bad enough. Hope Gibbs isn't out too long. Where's Isaac? That first month is nearly up.
  10. Only 6th game, but already a must-win, surely. Otherwise, it'll be unbearable on this forum and we'll never hear the end of how Neil would be so much better than Deano. I'll go for an unchanged lineup from Millwall, and a slightly fortuitous 2-1 win to us (XG S'land 1.7 N'wich 1.2). Then I'll feel slightly better about the dropped points in the first 3 games, and our XG and real positions in the table will be getting similar. I do it nearly every year. Thinking how many points we could have / should have had compared to what we actually have. Always think we should have had more, of course.
  11. Agree. I like the way he handles interviews - friendly, polite, keeps his ego in check ( doesn't get defensive), and hasn't tried to force a rapport with fans .Probably the most challenging period of his managerial career, and he seems a very genuine bloke who has encountered a tricky new challenge in the last 9 months, the likes of which he hasn't exactly experienced in his career so far. Loved at Villa and Brentford, and played a major role in establishing the latter as a top championship club, a big part of their rise. Very early on, there were those 2 promising performances at home to wolves and man u. Then injuries and covid struck. As they did again after Watford away. Like the way we've been playing, and team and squad seem to be evolving. All for plenty of the Deano chants.
  12. I make it 3. 22 'senior' players, I think. And that currently includes the likes of Rashica and Hugill, who may or may not be off. Haven't included Soto, who clearly isn't involved. Plenty around the first team picture who are still u21, including Idah and Barden who just evade going in the senior '25' list for another season. Barden by only 2 days. Well done Webber & co, by the way, for so many great youngsters
  13. 2 - 1 would be the ideal outcome. Contented Happy clappers, but still plenty for the miserablists to get stuck in to. Keeps everyone happy, and a busy forum. More importantly, XG prediction: Norwich 2.07 - 0.79 m'wall
  14. 3-0 Hull. More green shoots. more possession, more corners, better XG. Their 1st was never a pen. 2nd a foul on krul. 3rd bundled in by ref. Ref gave us nothing. Last year's signings need time to gel. Will be like new signings when they do. Deano needs time. Not his team yet. Plenty of characters in the dressing room. Haydon has a great presence...in meetings. let's see where we are in October, or with a fully fit squad. State of the art physio facilities at Colney envy of all other championship clubs. Always going to be a tough start. Hull will be right up there. Atmosphere needed the drum today.
  15. I guess that's the 'straight bat' response the manager has got to give to appear like we are not too desperate to sign someone, to avoid potentially inflated price tags. I would be amazed if we haven't acquired a loan of a left-back before the end of the month, considering the the major fixture congestion caused by the WC. We play almost a quarter of a season in the first 7 weeks, and almost half by the time the WC starts. Sam M. is basically out for half the season, and Dimi probably a third. Can't see too many of those who have been around the first team during preseason and the first couple of games being loaned out either. Maybe Rowe / Springett if it wasn't for their injuries.
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