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  1. It was a foul, but hardly deserving of anything other than a free kick. He was making a driving run and slightly over run the ball. How on earth is 9 months out poetic justice? Very unfortunate. Hope he gets over this and still can have a relatively lengthy playing career ahead of him. From a purely selfish perspective, I just don't get why people are in such a hurry to see Ipswich go down. Surely, it's in our interests that all teams lower down the table pick up points over our rivals. I suppose there are people on here hoping Derby beat them on Wednesday. If things don't pick up, Ipswich will be down with around 4 games to go. They really need to be picking up 3 or 4 wins asap, somehow. That could prove to be in our interests. Their last 2 games are against Sheff U and Leeds. With nothing to play for, you could see a situation like that at Everton the other night, if we are fighting it out with Leeds and Sheff U for top two. I would rather them be celebrating an amazing relegation escape than celebrating their defeats to our rivals costing us. Let the relegation dog fight go right to the wire, however unlikely that will be. I'm kind of relieved the derby is now out of the way. We've got the 3 points. I'm in the minority but I find all the gloating over Ipswich's plight boring. Fortunately we aren't Sheff U, who play 10 derbies - Rotherham, Leeds, Derby, Notts F, and, of course, Sheff W.
  2. makham

    Counting Chickens

    All of Ipswich's defeats this season have been by 1 or 2 goal margins, bar two 3-0 defeats. There haven't been many "tonkings" in the championship generally this season. Yet, there has been a lot of posts on here expecting a chance to stack up the GD. Just focus on trying to win what's going to be a tough game. Agree with the OP, no counting chickens
  3. makham

    Remaining Fixtures

    Are you so sure about that? Boro's next 2 league games are Leeds and Sheff U. Need them getting a hard earned point from each of those, surely. Now WBA v Brighton is a different matter. Lets hope for both to continue their cup runs, though. Check out the fixtures for the next couple of weeks, and also the potential 5th round ties. it gets awfully complicated working out what to wish for. it was like when Sammy Ameobi got sent off earlier this season at FCR, and we scored. it did mean, though, he missed Bolton's next game against Leeds.
  4. makham


    Thanks, VW. That narrows it down to 3 hours, 4m, 59s. Found it. Starts around 1:39:00
  5. makham

    Can Only Hope For Good News.

    awful news if worst confirmed.
  6. makham


    Added to that, Reading still have to play all the sides at the top bar Derby. So let's hope he finds form and has a positive impact in all those games.
  7. makham

    Saturday’s games

    Maybe Marshall will have his most telling impact so far for us ... Millwall 1 up at 'boro. nice sitting back and seeing which of our rivals drop points.
  8. makham

    Next 5 Games

    Another way of looking at it, though, would be that our home record of W8 D1 L4 has given the opposition 13 points. Our record away W6 D6 L1 has gifted just 9, and only 1 point difference between the respective records. We've conceded 22 goals at home, with a GD of +4; only 12 away with a GD of +10. We've lost 3 times to close rivals at home, and just once away. Let's see how some of the reverse fixtures go. We're also top of the away league table for the season - on goal difference ahead of Leeds. Certainly those stats back up Splendid Rush's feeling. It'll be interesting how the home and away form pans out. We've certainly had less defensive issues away from home. At least, we are playing these next five games with a week between each. That falls pretty nicely really for a tough set of fixtures. Avoiding defeat against the big 3 rivals would be great. Sorry my posts are pedantic. By the time I get around to checking the message board, the interesting stuff has usually already been said.
  9. I believe that games have to be re-scheduled asap.Looking at last season, there were 7 championship games moved to Wednesday 31st Jan for teams who were in the 4th round cup on the weekend of 27th / 28th Jan. That was all but one, I think, played in the week immediately after.(Just Cardiff v Bolton moved to later. So we may well be playing the blades 3 days before Leeds or, say, between Leeds and Ipswich. Injury news seemed a lot brighter this week. So I think on balance, it's difficult to say whether a postponement is possibly in our interests. Depends it it can be moved to later in Feb, maybe. Agree, though, re. elongated moderate run. / autos.
  10. Depends when the game is rescheduled. The fixture with the Blades could be rearranged for mid week immediately after, and that's just before the Leeds game. That wouldn't be so good. Think if, fingers crossed, only Leitner is out by that stage, I'd rather play Sheff U at the time scheduled, although highly likely they'll on be in 4th round.
  11. Ryan Jarvis? Fakenham born?
  12. makham

    Final 2 games for Ipswich

    Sorry Crabby, there is no way we can relegate them as early as 10 Feb, with a further 45 points still up for grabs. I agree with LDC and hope they pick up a few points against our rivals. They have Sheff U, 'Boro and Forest in December. I wouldn't mind them getting a point or more from any of those.
  13. I'm surprised no one has mentioned it already. And sorry if someone has said this on another thread. It's impossible. However I'd happily offer some long odds for anyone's bet if they don't believe me. There are a potential 432 points available to be won between now and the completion of 31 games (12 rounds of games X 12 games X 3 points per game). It would be impossible to distribute those points amongst 21 clubs so that the club in 21st position (the position above the relegation places) couldn't be caught by Ipswich. It's a mathematical impossibility. That's even allowing for there being no more drawn games, and those in the relegation spots not picking up any points ensuring the maximum number of points possible going to 21st place and higher. Even if a club had 0 points at this stage (not 11), and 22nd and 23rd place just had the points gained against the 24th place team and from the game/s between themselves, the earliest the bottom team could conceivably be mathematically down would be around the 29 game mark. And that would only be in the completely absurd situation where the first 21 teams had almost the same points total and there were no drawn games in the first 2/3 of a season. It will never happen! Only scenario would be where a team has had a points deduction. Sorry for sounding like a numbers geek. If every team maintained their form of the first 19 games over the whole season, Ipswich would be mathematically down with 4-5 games to go. I would say the earliest they might be confirmed as relegated would be late March / beginning of April. Their results may even improve slightly; they can't get much worse!