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    What a nice man and modest too.
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    My heart is willing us to get 7 points (draw, win, win, loss). I would take 2 wins though from this set of fixtures. If we manage that, we should be still sitting around mid table. And as long as we have more points on the board than games played I will be very happy at this stage of the season (6 points giving us 12 pts from 10 games).
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    Great news, can't believe there are so few posts on this thread. This is our biggest new signing of the summer.
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    Thanks for everything so far, clearly you think you can take us even further forward. New contract is until 2022, think that’s everyone signed up now.
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    At the end of this season we'll finish in the top 4, next season we'll win the Champions League, in Webbers final season we'll be crowned World Club Champions. Stuart can go with our thanks.
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    "A fool doing some stupid thing a second time is like a dog going back to its vomit" Lawro's stupidity goes back to biblical times.
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    When did he manage? (Who was... confident enough to unleash him in their first team)
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    I’m sure that’s right and I think he’s predicted zero goals for us also? Which is beginning to look spectacularly stupid. at least a touch of self awareness is starting to creep in as he says “ this normally means Teemu Pukki will score”. Yes, well another way of putting it is that he said he thought Teemu would not get 10 goals this season and after 5 games he’s already got 6. His comments about Burnley being a tough test are true, if hardly surprising.
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    Keep them coming folks. For Norwich I'll say Pukki to score first.
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    We could win every game from now until Christmas and he’d still predict a 2-0 loss.
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    I don't think I'll ever invite him to be guest picker on PUPs
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    Agree with this. For example, we only play with one recognised striker, so you could say that Grant Holt, Chris Sutton, Flecky, Kevin Drinkell, Craig Bellamy, Iwan Roberts etc would not get into this team-or that one would get in and Pukki wouldn’t-but that doesn’t recognise that they were all excellent players for us at the time, and who knows how they would have played in this team? It’s interesting to compare the present day players with past players but ultimately it’s meaningless!
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    I may be wrong but I never credited him with much intelligence. Whether it was his look, accent or slight speech impediment, but I always had the impression of someone at the front of the queue as a footballer but at the back of the queue for everything else.
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    I think they realised that wearing a shirt was a damn sight easier than eating a hat.
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    Blessed with a gift granted to very few.
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    I do actually agree, but don't think any new system could come in effect this season now. I've seen somebody suggest a ballot and that seems fair, if the premium memberships came with a guarantee of 4 tickets a season for example that would be fairer. Its what clubs like Man Utd do, my mate is guaranteed tickets to a league home game every season. Man Utd are of course a behemoth, but if we limited to an amount which could guarentee 'x' amount of tickets that would at least look ethically better. If the average is 3000 tickets per away game over 19 games then that's 57,000 tickets. Then you can guarentee one ticket over the season to season ticket holders. That leaves about 36,000 tickets. Which goes easily into 4. Limit to 9,000 away memberships = 4 tickets each for them. Option to have both a season ticket + an away membership, which gives 5 games to those people. Would be quite complex to devise and introduce but I do agree that a far more equitable system is possible, and now I've typed the above I do agree that a fairer way should be found.. Also, £50 doesn't feel like much if it brings up to 4 away tickets. It puts £12.50 on the price of a ticket, and I think they are all £30 in this league? Now, £42.50 is actually less than I paid for a Leeds away ticket last season.
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    So apart from that, what did I get wrong
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    A man called Matthew who went to the London meeting tweeted this I spent the evening with Ben Kensall at a consultation on the membership scheme. I have some observations. Ben is very impressive. I’ve worked in politics for 20 years and let me tell you that a lot of politicians can’t do what he did tonight. It was an impressive show of normalcy, niceness, competency and determination. The evening was also clearly a genuine attempt to listen. It wasn’t set up as a show trial. He could’ve won points by coming down to London for a verbal beating. He did a bit of that *and* ran a proper, professional, thoughtful listening exercise. It was good and interesting. The club is in a tough spot. There aren’t enough tickets for what fans want. And the club wants to make as much money from the process as possible without pissing people off too much. There are - imho - somethings they can do. 1. Make some tickets available to people who can show they have a long-standing commitment (ie points holders). And make some (25%?) tickets available to people who can’t or haven’t attended many games. 2. Do allocation of tickets by ballot/lottery not a 9am scramble. 3. Create an international membership so fans who travel hundreds or thousands of miles to see a game can get a ticket. 4. Have some sort of concessions 5. Whatever happens, definitely keep the glorious silky scarf they gave out with this years membership. Anyway, the membership stuff has been annoying af but tonight’s meeting is another reminder that we have it *infinitely* better than any Norwich fans in decades. They got this one wrong but their efforts to fix it are genuinely impressive (so far). OTBC
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    Gosh what a coincidence after Saturday!
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    What a mess thank god for delia, frankly
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    Any post about Wilder will always be a welcome excuse to repost these...
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    Fascinating read this. Some of you are close to the truth, some are miles off. In a nutshell, McCabe has shown gross misjudgement and done himself up like a kipper. He over estimated the Prince's wealth when he invited him to buy 50% of the club for £1, in 2013, and subsequently underestimated the Prince's ability to trigger a buy-out clause, instigated by McCabe as a means of getting the 50% share back, in 2017, when we started to perform well on the pitch. McCabe, although well intentioned, is a scheming megalomaniac who has invested a lot of money over the years, but always with an eye on feathering his own nest. He has bare face lied several times, and often has a version of events that differ from reality. In the recent court case he came out of it terribly, and was torn to pieces by the judge. The Prince actually seems an honourable bloke by comparison, and strangely I have a feeling he will do well. He is understated, happy to be in the background etc, but very ambitious I think. Not sure he has 'mega' money, but the hope is that he can attract backing from his obvious connections to the real Saudi oil money. Bottom line is if he keeps Chris Wilder happy, we should be OK. The whole saga is fairly unedifying clearly, and may still rumble on for some time, and that is the biggest concern that it may harm the dressing room and subsequently performances on the pitch. It could go either way, but I'm sure it will be 'interesting' to say the least. Anyway, well done on your fantastic result at the weekend. You must be buzzing and still on a high?
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    Agree, they're all winnable and the confidence after the weekend should be there. But we all know that there's no easy game and beating Man City doesn't give us the right to expect to beat everyone else so I'm hoping for 7 from these fixtures.