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  1. Here's mine, feeling very confident. · AFC Bournemouth P Crystal Palace P · Manchester City P Burnley P · Newcastle United P Sheffield United P · Norwich City P Southampton P Blackburn Rovers P Bristol City P Bristol Rovers 4 Ipswich 0
  2. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/budget-rushi-sunak-treasury-figures-brexit-dividend-a9395476.html Treasury figures from Budget confirm there was no £350m a week Brexit dividend The Treasury has confirmed that it will not be getting an extra £350 million a week after Britain stops paying into the EU budget, despite false claims by Brexiteers during the referendum. Britain is in fact expected to be overall poorer by £1,200 per person because of Brexit's economic drag, according to the government's spending watchdog. The chancellor's red budget book shows the gross EU contributions saved by the UK will be around £42 billion over the next five years, rather than the £91 billion claimed under the false figure publicised by Boris Johnson in 2016.
  3. RTB is auditioning for the disinformation unit.
  4. He'll be getting a lot more chances to be in the stands when he gets banned.
  5. ‘I was at a hospital where there were a few coronavirus patients and I shook hands with everybody’ says Boris Johnson.’ (Sky News) Except that there were no Covid-19 patients at Kettering, and if there had been his shaking hands practice would have been against all medical advice. Someone on here keeps telling us that the grown ups are in charge, perhaps they could point out who these grown ups are supposed to be.
  6. Here's one. "Over the last few days I've been called GWAIN ? Swindo, a pathetic little fantasist,village idiot,****hole as well as telling lies. Beware ! https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/abuse-online-law-police-social-media-harassment-review-commission-criminal-offences-a8610811.html"
  7. "Instant soup is a fast food" It's not food, it's a drink.
  8. There seems to be some confusion as to whether he can sign for a club outside a transfer window. Some reports say he will not be able to sign for a european club until June. The MLS transfer window is open, he might be off to the USA.
  9. We know that two of the people in the picture Hucks & Toddwell, are you one of the others, do you know who the others are? How about getting together to re-create the picture?
  10. I think what happens next is that the North Sea will part and the lost tribe of Brexit will be able to reach the promised land, once the Leavers try to follow us the gap will close and they will drown in their own foolishness.
  11. https://lawcenter.giffords.org/facts/gun-violence-statistics/ It's about 36K each year for shootings, probably why they think it's not that importatnt to deal with Coronavirus properly.
  12. He's beaten that one by appointing a man who doesn't believe in science to be in control of the USA response to Coronavirus.
  13. If only we all had a grace and favour country mansion that we could disappear to.
  14. No. What you said was, Because of EU rules, the Government has to put all public contracts out to tender to all EU countries. The EU stops us from restricting it to UK companies only. And I then informed you that it's not all public contracts.
  15. https://europa.eu/youreurope/business/selling-in-eu/public-contracts/public-tendering-rules/index_en.htm When and how EU rules apply? All public procurement procedures in the EU are carried out on the basis of national rules. For higher value contracts, these rules are based on general EU public procurement rules. The value limits (thresholds) that mark when EU rules are used depend on the subject of the purchase, and who is making the purchase. These thresholds are revised regularly and the amounts adjusted slightly (next revision is due in 2020). The main limits are: EUR 139 000 for most types of services and supplies purchased by central government authorities EUR 5 350 000 for construction contracts You can check the detailed public procurement thresholds or verify the limits directly with your national rules. For lower value tenders, only national public procurement rules apply but the general EU principals of transparency and equal treatment should be respected. Another Brexit lie busted.
  16. Didn't we make a loss in the year we got promoted?
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