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  1. Got to say the scum's start to the season is less than ideal and very surprising, I thought they'd really struggle to adjust but a few more wins into October and you'll have to say they'll probably be up there.
  2. Why exactly does anyone really need to know about this sycophantic, wannabe celeb being stranded? Does this really constitute news?
  3. What is this thing about the newly promoted side having the worst possible start by being given last seasons Champions? And they still expect us to believe the fixtures are "random"?
  4. He might be trying to look like him, but he wishes he was anywhere near as being as good as Farke. Won't ever be close.
  5. That'll be everyone tuning out then. Unbearable.
  6. They might not be stepping away but they certainly aren't stepping up - what is going on with it all?
  7. I have the feeling Farke will be a Mike Walker-like manager - for whom it clicks at Norwich but nowhere else. Hopefully that is the case.
  8. For all those who are petrified of Little Old Norwich being sold and being without darling Delia, and the "if we get new owners it'll go badly and be a disaster, just look at Team X" brigade, we have to have new owners one day and one day relatively soon. They aren't going to live forever. If not now, why not now? They've had more than a fair crack at it, it's time for some new blood, fresh ideas and most of all, money. I honestly don't see what we gain from sticking with ancient owners who are so out of touch with modern football that it beggars belief.
  9. Both the home and away shirts look absolutely dreadful, cheap and nasty after last seasons efforts. Wonder if the third shirt will make it a hattrick.
  10. We signed Elvis at the very start of that season, soon sending him back after the Hucks and Crouch loans. So hard to believe that in 2 months time that'll be 20 years ago.
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