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  1. This is quite a poignant thread for me right now. Norwich 3 Chelsea 0, December 10th 1994 - my first game aged 9, with my dad as well as my lovely sister, who sadly passed away last week 😔 it's a game I always remembered fondly anyway, but it will forever be even more of a special memory for me now.
  2. I can see him being at the next World Cup. His ego won't allow him to not set some sort of record for oldest player at a tournament or something or other. It's shocking that he played every minute of every game for Portugal. Totally ineffective. And you can see it's all about him. In the shootout the other day vs Slovenia, I am only surprised that took the first pen and didn't take a later penalty in the shootout so that he could whip his top off after potentially scoring the deciding kick.
  3. That's true, I just thought he might have been tested in the cup games ahead of Long. But we'll see what happens this season.
  4. I really hoped Barden would push on and get more opportunities after he played in the first team 3 or so years ago. He did really well.
  5. Also the whole "I understand" thing. We're all as much a journo as he is.
  6. I am rapidly finding myself falling out of love with football due to the constant changes and interpretations of the rules (VAR) and also the lack of a level playing field for all, meaning that even us supporting Norwich is becoming increasingly pointless - what can we ever realistically aspire to without a billionaire coming in and totally transforming the club? And at which point, is it even the same club? We will never win the Premier League, which is something that 95% of other clubs in the 92 can also say. It goes without saying that money has ruined the game, probably beyond repair. The new "innovations" such as VAR are just the final nail in the coffin when it comes to enjoying football as a form of entertainment. I honestly find myself looking forward to each season less and less.
  7. This isn't sexist though. They are there because they are footballers, but that's where the similarities end - they are commenting and giving their opinions on a standard of the game that is worlds apart from their own, and quite frankly, it's embarrassing to listen to.
  8. Gunn will never be a Premier League-level keeper. He showed at Southampton just how poor he was against that sort of quality, which he'd be facing every week. If he was that great then someone would have taken him off us by now.
  9. If that kn*b Reeve gets the gig (either of them actually) then that's my Radio Norfolk listening days done with. Insufferable.
  10. Poch leaves Chelsea 😂 all going to kick off now
  11. They seem to have this deluded notion that McKenna is going to take them to Europe next season. I know it's been over 20 years since they were last up there, but they have no idea 😂 Can't wait until he bins off the Binners for the mighty Brighton.
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