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  1. alex_ncfc

    Kit nerds assemble

    Haven't we had pretty much the same shade of yellow bar for the (awful) Colmans kits and the Xara ones? With Xara we had a sort of yellow-gold thing going on, until they finally got it right with the last kit they did for us, in 2010-11:
  2. Can hear it being sung about 1 minute into this clip, sounds so much better how it was. http://www.eafa.org.uk/catalogue/923
  3. alex_ncfc

    Joe Hart

    No thanks. Been past it for years and he's still young for a keeper. I don't see why so many people have an issue with the GK situation. We have just won the league, losing just 6 games all season, with a keeper who has Premier League and World Cup experience. Give the guy a chance.
  4. alex_ncfc

    Dare we support Sheffield United?

    I'll be cheering on Ipswich It won't happen, but still.
  5. alex_ncfc

    Norwich vs Leeds 25/8/18

    Wasn't this the day Leeds won the league?...
  6. alex_ncfc

    A picture paints a thousand words...

    Lambert on the reception the fans gave the squad after the game and confirmation of relegation: "I’ve been involved in some unbelievable moments in my career, that’s as good as it gets for me, that’s how emotional it was." Really?
  7. alex_ncfc

    Fabio Quagliarella

    Sign him up?
  8. alex_ncfc

    The Man Returns!

    I think it's good to see old players and managers invited back for an occasion like this, even though Worthy's last season and a half here was quite bitter, I doubt any of us could ever forget that 2003-04 season and his achievements at the club. And he knows what he's talking about, I remember that season, probably around March time then he said "We will get promoted" and it was never in doubt, so let's hope for the same again this year. Not one "know what I mean?" though. Disappointed.
  9. alex_ncfc

    Norwich City vs Bristol City Match Thread

    That's got to be a p!ss take!
  10. alex_ncfc

    Kind hearted binners

    3 grand is nothing to him but would be funny as f**k if they raised the amount and he actually accepted it.
  11. alex_ncfc

    Penalties - Go High!

    I think we need to keep the same spot kick taker, rather than chop and change - Pukki was on a hattrick today, for example, he can't miss them every time.
  12. Let's hope that we avoid the play-offs, what with all this penalty nonsense...
  13. Nice early goal, could do with a hand from Nelson today too. And just as I say that they go 2-0 up
  14. We simply have to win today.