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  1. alex_ncfc

    Stars in their eyes.....

    Are they still banging on about the Texaco Cup?
  2. I first went in December 1994, we beat Chelsea 3-0, Ashley Ward scored twice and it was also Jamie Cureton's first goal for us, but I remember absolutely nothing about the game. A couple of games after this Gunny broke his ankle at Nottingham Forest and that was that.
  3. alex_ncfc

    Norwood Digs Out Pukki and Max

    Who cares what this nobody has to say?
  4. I think it's time to park the bus, even if Farke says that's not our way - can't afford to get absolutely tonked on the first game of the season.
  5. Need to make sure this doesn't turn into a disaster!
  6. alex_ncfc


    Speaking of pundits spouting the usual crap, it's no surprise that even in day 1 of Mark Lawrenson's match predictions, he believes that of the 3 teams who went up, Norwich will struggle the most. Well who'd have thought it?!
  7. alex_ncfc


    It did amuse me over there that someone posted that they reckon us Norwich fans are annoyed that we didn't get the nickname of "The Tractor Boys". Oh yeah, we're all absolutely devastated about that one
  8. alex_ncfc

    10 years ago today

    I can't believe this was 10 years ago. I just remember it being a lovely hot summer's day and I was following the game online. After an unbeaten pre-season this was a result no one expected. It was a strange atmosphere in the city that evening. I think everyone was in shock.
  9. alex_ncfc

    BT Sport forecasts

    What a load of b0ll0cks from BT. I'm all for predictions but going this much in detail is a little on the sad side to be honest.
  10. Exactly this. He has previous for this too. Back in 2001 he managed 3 different clubs. Quit Wigan when Palace came in for him and was there for a few months before Birmingham made an approach and off he went again, resigning from the club. I guess loyalty isn't his thing, especially as you say, you'd expect that considering SWFC allowed him some time off. Amazed he's never been manager here considering how many times he was linked early in his managerial career.
  11. alex_ncfc

    Laptop and phone wallpapers

    Long pressing on the image should give you the option to save it. Then set it to wallpaper from your phone's gallery app.
  12. alex_ncfc

    My Norwich City story

    These are great to watch, and I hope there are many more. It's always interesting to hear stories from the players themselves. Top work
  13. alex_ncfc

    New Academy and Gym

    Looks great!
  14. alex_ncfc

    New Kit???