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  1. I can't see us winning a single game the way things are. It's that bad. We deserved to get to the Premier League but f**k we do not belong there.
  2. He is absolute dogsh*t and to be honest I've been struggling with people desperate to get him in the team for the last few seasons - on what grounds? Terrible, shocking performance tonight.
  3. Garth Crooks has had his say again: "Ismaila Sarr: The movement and anticipation for both his goals was quite outstanding. At 23, Ismaila Sarr has a lot to offer and has a similar game to his Senegal team-mate Sadio Mane. Sarr's performance came against a Norwich side who I said were doomed even after their first game of the season against Liverpool and they have shown no signs of recovery. Norwich have lost their first five matches under Daniel Farke and a further 10 when they were previously in the Premier League. No-one has lost 15 Premier League fixtures under the same manager, so what makes Farke so special? He's been relegated but has brought them back and now has no points on the board and still has a job? Is that because he is not the real boss?" A lot of people were upset at the start of the season when he wrote us off but again, he hasn't said anything that isn't right - we are doomed. Well, apart from that "real boss" bit, not sure what he's getting at there.
  4. This might be the most cringe thing I've ever seen related to that cess pit down the road. Still, it's good they can celebrate sitting 1 place above the relegation places in the third division.
  5. Yeah, totally just our supporters It's a legit stat, get over it.
  6. Why would anyone get upset about what Keown said when he was absolutely right? Just what do you expect him to say after 5 straight defeats? 15 in total at this level. Also, we don't look like a team of Premier League players. It doesn't matter the fact that they are Premier League players - he's saying we don't look like we are, and again, is spot on! It's going to be the longest and most miserable of seasons, so you'd better get used to more honesty from the pundits like this. I don't understand why some fans get so upset about it, do you expect them to be praising us?
  7. Wasn't Hamilton already in that role with Rioch? Or was he joint manager?
  8. Yes it's a while back now but I seem to remember Delia being devastated he resigned because he was "such a nice man" - and yes I said resigned, they clearly had no intention of sacking him, just like they never wanted to get rid of Worthington even though he stayed well over a year too long. Russell Martin is such an NCFC appointment and is blatantly going to end up here, regardless of whether he turns out to be a good manager or not. I can't think of anyone I'd want to manage us less. When Farke goes Webber will go too, if he is still here by that point, and we will be back to the NCFC of old - appointing ex-players as manager because they used to play for us and is a nice man
  9. Gary Holt started pretty much every game that season until the final few - he was finally dropped for the Man Utd game and replaced by Safri who had been signed at the start of that season, and also Edworthy (another player clearly out of his depth) was dropped from right back for Helveg and suddenly we went on a winning run in our final few games. And as we all know, it was far too late.
  10. If Rupp starts then you really need to question the management. Normann is clearly fit and ready, he should be starting tomorrow, it really is a must win game - don't care what anyone says. Rupp offers nothing at all but running. It's like Worthy with Gary Holt in the Prem all over again.
  11. Sad news, RIP Sir Clive. This is a good watch for some nostalgia. I loved my Spectrum, was still using it well into the late 90s!
  12. I saw a Twitter thread where they genuinely reckon they're in with a shout of getting Eddie Howe?
  13. Yep, all Shearer and Cantona, just like episode 1. It's not even the lack of Norwich mentions that annoys me (lets face it, we could really have only been involved in the first episode as we've done nothing in the Prem since) but there were so many other stories in those seasons that don't get a mention. Might as well have called it a history of Man Utd in the Premier League
  14. I can't see where the goals are coming from. Normann must start, agreed, as well as Kabak. What's coming up is the last thing we wanted or needed really, no way should a match this early in the season be a "must win" but Watford really is. It also doesn't help that it's against a team who seem to have our number in recent seasons.
  15. To be honest I hate the fact that we can't even trouble a team who has looked absolutely abysmal in their first 3 games and we can't even lay a glove on them. We need to worry about that more than the officials.
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