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  1. "'Marcus Evans reiterates that he is not actively looking to sell the club' - Ipswich Town respond to US takeover Ipswich Town Football Club have released a statement in response to today's report that a group of American investors are 'on the verge' of buying Ipswich Town for £17.5m."
  2. Good job we've kept up our form as none of the results going for us so far tonight. Wtf is with Cardiff? And Barnsley too!
  3. Didn't John Kennedy start the season at the back with Stefanović? They only played a handful of games together and looked quite decent until they both disappeared through injury, never to play again. Proper crazy year 08-09, felt like we went through about 3 different squads throughout that season.
  4. Just stumbled across these, never seen them on YouTube before:
  5. Hilarious, they've won a game for the first time in forever and suddenly they're all for Lambert and promotion is back on.
  6. Oh so he's not going to Ipswich then?
  7. One thing that always sticks in my memory about "Fozzy" for some reason was in that season we got relegated 08-09, I think a month or so into the season we got our first win away at Plymouth or something and he did the post match radio interview, and he was talking like we were then going to storm the division that season. It was truly bizarre. We were woeful but it was like he was making out a win against Plymouth had fixed everything. Later that season he got in a strop after being subbed off and was never seen again. As for Jason Jarrett, it's crazy to think we signed him to replace Francis. The warning signs should have been there, he had just got promoted with Wigan but decided to join relegated Norwich.
  8. Jarrett. Fotheringham. Sheron. Watkins. Pretty much 90% of players signed during the Grant/Roeder/Gunn era. Just too many to pick from.
  9. How long did we keep the black shorts for, and was there any reason for the change
  10. They really are unbelievable over there aren't they. The other day I saw posts saying how they all want a Kieron Dyer-Terry Butcher "dream team" like scenario, in another they were discussing getting George Burley back to replace Lambert and now they are talking about getting Sheepshanks back in as chairman you couldn't make it up, if you ever needed any further clarification that they are completely stuck in the past then TWTD is the place to be.
  11. Danny Mills is a total bell-end. Bang average player, and even that's being generous (how the hell did he go to the World Cup?), but has somehow become one of the go-to pundits over the years since he has retired, and even there he has nothing interesting to say, but will slag us off at any opportunity. The bitterness from him is incredible, maybe it's because he was bombed out of NCFC for not being good enough. I vaguley recall a match (not involving Norwich) where Clive Tyldsley was commentating with Andy Townsend on co-commentary and Tyldsley tried bringing up the subject of Norwich and Townsend just said nothing. Seems to be these types of players out there who feel they are/were too good for us and can't stand to be associated with Norwich.
  12. I saw something on there which cracked me up last night, someone posted that they have a "rich and envied heritage" The delusion is real. Surely they can see what an embarrassment and shambles of a club they are. I almost feel sorry for them. Almost!
  13. Why do they all seem to think they should be doing much better than they are? Their squad is absolutely dire! I have no idea how they are still 4 points off the playoffs, does nobody above them want to win games?
  14. Hahaha that's absolutely tragic. Sums them up perfectly.
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