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  1. I remember being a very optimistic 21 year old when Peter Grant was unveiled as manager, not sure why, as we had been linked heavily with Alan Curbishley and PG wasn't even mentioned as a candidate, but I just never could see it going as bad as it did. It was all over for him within weeks of taking the job when he called the fans a "disgrace" after a home win against Leicester I believe. Also used to have a dig at players in the press so no wonder they had no respect for him.
  2. alex_ncfc

    Daily Mail......latest thoughts

    If this was all a week or two before the end of the season, then I could see how they determine the outcomes, but literally nothing is decided yet. Yes obviously Liverpool were going to win the league, but even that wasn't mathematically certain, and as for the relegation places, everyone still had a chance, so I don't see anything they can do other than void the season. You go into a season to play all teams twice, if you haven't had the chance to do that, then it makes a mockery of the sport to then try and work out who should go up and down based on guess work. Obviously we would end up staying up but it would be pretty sad for it to void our best FA Cup run in years.
  3. alex_ncfc

    John Ruddy to return?

    No way Tim Krul will want to go anywhere, clearly loves it here and definitely our Player of the Season, will be shocked if he doesn't win that award. Although it's not ideal for your GK to win POTS.
  4. alex_ncfc

    TWTD Having Yet Another Meltdown.

    Christ, what a total shower. They have lost pretty much as many games as we did all season when in that league, they are f**ked.
  5. alex_ncfc

    Ipswich v Peterborough

    They thought they'd destroy League One but 6 wins in 25 is shocking. This time 10 years ago in our League One season under their current messiah, we were on a 16 game unbeaten run and winning 14 of them. Miles more than their 48 points too. There was a point where I thought they were going to steamroll it but now there's not much between them and midtable. It's great to see
  6. alex_ncfc

    We can still do this!

    For goodness sake, we are down! Accept it.
  7. alex_ncfc

    Canary Call

    Butler is the main reason I no longer listen to Radio Norfolk coverage of NCFC. It's all about him and he only let's the same callers through week after week, why would I want to hear the same people calling in? Constantly kissing the club's backside.
  8. alex_ncfc

    Cheer up - we could be the scum

    They had a 6 or 7 point lead at the top a few months ago, now there are 5 points between them and 11th. Fingers crossed the teams below them start to step up even more!
  9. alex_ncfc

    Kevin Keelan

  10. alex_ncfc

    Arsenal v Brighton

    Arsenal were a shambles tonight so it's a shame we couldn't hold on on Saturday. We are slowly but surely beginning to be cut adrift at the bottom.
  11. alex_ncfc

    Do you think we will stay up?

    No. Not a chance. We just aren't the sort of club that has the fight or the stomach to put a run of wins together - when you consider we have already lost 10 of 15 games and it's not even Christmas yet, it will soon be getting to the point where we can't afford to lose many more. We won't spend because come January either we'll decide it's not worth spending, or transfer targets will go to other clubs who look like they have a better chance of staying up. Sad to say, but it's all so typical Norwich. Another woeful top flight season is on the cards.
  12. alex_ncfc

    Shouldn't be surprised I suppose....

    I thought that Keown was about to burst into tears, he got very emotional about the whole "if I was out there against Pukki today he is not grabbing the headlines" and then had the gall to admit that Arsenal should be embarrassed that Norwich got something out of the game. When was the last time Arsenal actually did anything of note? Kept going on about the "good old days", he'd fit in well at another club down the road.
  13. It's getting boring now, what is the point of getting promotion if we are just going to p!ss the opportunity down the drain each time we do? A question for the owners that, who seem to always play things so cautiously that anyone would think we are constantly on the verge of going out of business. How many clubs go bust?! We have spent 5 of the last 10 years in the Prem and look no better or stronger for it. What good is getting promotion if we are just going to embarrass ourselves each time rather than give ourselves a fighting chance of staying up?
  14. alex_ncfc

    VAR - F*ck off

    Still think (and hope) that VAR will be binned off within 5 years. It was never ready! As Making Plans said, goal line tech was enough. It is instant and is black and white, either a goal or isn't. But VAR is sucking the life out of the game.