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  1. It will be looked back on as £144m well spent if they can push on and become re-established in the Premier League beyond this season, as they were for many years before their relegation in 2016. We spent f**k all, went down with a whimper and have absolutely no intentions of even trying to become established. So on that basis, fair play indeed.
  2. Lambert. In his almost 3 years here I don't recall there ever being any questions or anger directed towards his team, his tactics, even his signings. I never remember a performance where the fans got on his back or the players didn't put in 100%. That alone singles him out from pretty much all of the other managers/coaches from recent times. We were a totally different Norwich for those years, no "little Norwich" culture and I always felt like we had a chance in every game. I really thought that that would be the turning point in our history and we'd go on to be established in the Prem under him. Then he f**ked off to Villa.
  3. I don't like the all-yellow Colman's kit at all - just too much yellow and not a very nice yellow at that. The fact that we were absolutely shocking in the 2 seasons we wore it probably also tinges my opinion of it. I like the Hummel Foster's Lager one from 86-87 with the arrows down the sleeve. In more recent times the 11/12 kit for our first Prem season under Lambert looked really good and is one of my favourites. I think we should try green socks again
  4. That impressive goal difference could come in very handy for Brentford. It's not over yet. They couldn't could they?
  5. That's fair enough, had no problem with us selling him for the money we got which was a pretty good deal, I just don't see why the guy is considered some sort of Norwich legend in these parts. He achieved nothing here and when you look at the grand scheme of things, contributed nothing and was barely here 5 minutes. It was clear he didn't want to be here.
  6. But a "Norwich legend" apparently. No idea why the club and some fans seem to want to put him in this category: Came to the club for big money, scored some goals that almost kept us up. We got relegated. He sulked, got a new contract to be the highest paid player at the club. Then did **** all and suddenly started playing well and scoring again near the January window so he could get his move to West Ham. All in just a year. Legend my ar$e.
  7. Expansion should definitely be on the cards, and it is long overdue. It's not right that Norwich fans without season tickets can't get casual tickets.
  8. But of course they were right! We spent 750K in the summer window and blew a few million on loan fees for players we didn't even play in the team! What, in all honesty, did we expect?
  9. I really like it. It's timeless. Everyone knows which club the badge belongs too, and we don't need any text or slogans. I think it's perfect as it is. I'm sure I've seen variations where the shading on the ball was replaced with "1905". Also seen it with the white castle and white ball as mentioned.
  10. I do miss the yellow nets and old style goalposts. You don't see those types of goal frame anymore.
  11. I think Wiggins only played some EFL Trophy games for us in the end but it says it all that probably 90% of Gunn's signings that summer didn't even last the season once Lambert came in. Some were gone within months. Am shocked as I also had no idea Wiggins was a Premier League 'player' until fairly recently.
  12. Goran Maric Simon Whaley Rhoys Wiggins Theo Matt Gill Those names are enough to make you shudder. Back when Gunny was throwing out contracts like confetti. I think Mike Sheron has to be up there for the expectation - we spent almost £1m on him to replace Sutton but he was gash for us. Knocked the goals in for fun elsewhere though.
  13. Villa are going down whether or not we win or lose our remaining games against their relegation rivals.
  14. How tinpot do you have to get, yes fair enough they won it but it was 40 years ago. What sort of milestone is that? They still seem to think they are some European heavyweight because they won something 40 years ago. I suppose they are desperate to remind people of the last time they actually did something. Tragic.
  15. So we go into the next game against Arsenal away as the favourites because we actually put in a bit of effort yesterday unlike the previous two, actually winnable games vs Southampton and Everton?
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