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  1. Feels like Southgate has the job for life to be honest, can't see him going anywhere soon unfortunately. I'd love to see Mourinho take the job.
  2. Sure Alex Neil turned out for the reserves a few times for us or am I mistaken?
  3. I see after playing the race card, his pathetic apology and the mental health card, he has now posted a selfie with his dog on Twitter. He's finished. Absolute moron.
  4. Don't be silly, Southgate has a contract for life, the ultimate "safe appointment" for the FA.
  5. Who is the drummer who has got into a snot because they weren't chosen to do it then? Bit pathetic to get wound up about that. Anyway, saw a clip of the drummer behind the screen pillar and next to the away things and thought it was an absolute cringe-fest. What bright spark came up with that idea?
  6. Scott then scored as many in his first two games as Sheron had in his whole time at Norwich. I remember thinking we'd played a blinder.
  7. Did someone cut him off at the end? Wanted to hear the Huddersfield story!
  8. Coventry in disarray this season, surely it'll be the game on Saturday when we get 4 or 5
  9. When he came on as a sub vs Cardiff a few weeks back, someone on here said we should loan him out to a League One or Two side for the season, no chance. That place in the middle is his to lose now.
  10. Well yeh, you didn't actually believe their bullsh*t excuse for changing it about making it "ready for the digital age" (that thing we've been in for over two decades) did you? just because the club have changed the badge to apparently make it more consistent, they have no say over which badge other media outlets choose to use, and as you've rightly said, I've already seen plenty of inconsistencies like this too.
  11. 2 games in or not, Brentford look at home in the Prem. They can actually win games, they are determined and don't fold under pressure. They are an extremely well run club. We always think we are well run, but are we really? Put it this way, could you ever see a Norwich Prem side beating one of the bigger teams like Man Utd 4 nil? It'd never, ever happen. Last season Man Utd were similarly dross and we still managed to lose to them in both games we could have won, especially the home game!
  12. It is really bad for confidence. Farke had some dodgy starts in the Championship, but we were never bottom. I think the most telling thing from today was when Mark Rivers said on Canary Call that Dean Smith is "boring", and he switches off when Smith is talking. When asked if the players would do the same, he said "of course they would".
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