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  1. alex_ncfc

    Canary Call

    Butler is the main reason I no longer listen to Radio Norfolk coverage of NCFC. It's all about him and he only let's the same callers through week after week, why would I want to hear the same people calling in? Constantly kissing the club's backside.
  2. alex_ncfc

    Cheer up - we could be the scum

    They had a 6 or 7 point lead at the top a few months ago, now there are 5 points between them and 11th. Fingers crossed the teams below them start to step up even more!
  3. alex_ncfc

    Kevin Keelan

  4. alex_ncfc

    Arsenal v Brighton

    Arsenal were a shambles tonight so it's a shame we couldn't hold on on Saturday. We are slowly but surely beginning to be cut adrift at the bottom.
  5. alex_ncfc

    Do you think we will stay up?

    No. Not a chance. We just aren't the sort of club that has the fight or the stomach to put a run of wins together - when you consider we have already lost 10 of 15 games and it's not even Christmas yet, it will soon be getting to the point where we can't afford to lose many more. We won't spend because come January either we'll decide it's not worth spending, or transfer targets will go to other clubs who look like they have a better chance of staying up. Sad to say, but it's all so typical Norwich. Another woeful top flight season is on the cards.
  6. alex_ncfc

    Shouldn't be surprised I suppose....

    I thought that Keown was about to burst into tears, he got very emotional about the whole "if I was out there against Pukki today he is not grabbing the headlines" and then had the gall to admit that Arsenal should be embarrassed that Norwich got something out of the game. When was the last time Arsenal actually did anything of note? Kept going on about the "good old days", he'd fit in well at another club down the road.
  7. It's getting boring now, what is the point of getting promotion if we are just going to p!ss the opportunity down the drain each time we do? A question for the owners that, who seem to always play things so cautiously that anyone would think we are constantly on the verge of going out of business. How many clubs go bust?! We have spent 5 of the last 10 years in the Prem and look no better or stronger for it. What good is getting promotion if we are just going to embarrass ourselves each time rather than give ourselves a fighting chance of staying up?
  8. alex_ncfc

    VAR - F*ck off

    Still think (and hope) that VAR will be binned off within 5 years. It was never ready! As Making Plans said, goal line tech was enough. It is instant and is black and white, either a goal or isn't. But VAR is sucking the life out of the game.
  9. alex_ncfc

    Big Dunc’s send-off

    I was gonna say the same, someone will definitely start clapping and that will cause everyone else to.
  10. alex_ncfc

    Big Dunc’s send-off

    Always think a minutes silence is more respectful, not sure why the applause thing caught on. Is it because some people can't keep their mouths shut and show respect for a single minute at a game?
  11. alex_ncfc

    Webber’s new contract official

    Great news, can't believe there are so few posts on this thread. This is our biggest new signing of the summer.
  12. alex_ncfc

    Binner supporting work colleague!!!

    Ah the same old deluded retorts from Ipswich fans - cups and "provided" England managers. They forget that all this was half a century ago, if not further back. They'll be devastated after all the focus that Norwich have had not only this weekend but in recent months, as they still seem to have this delusional belief that they are everyone's second club, that they are some sort of footballing superpower known throughout the world for their "rich history". They are completely irrelevant, not only to us, but to the footballing world.
  13. alex_ncfc

    If you weren't there....

    Pay all that money for a season ticket and get to see one of the best matches in Norwich's recent history. And then spend the whole match videoing yourself. Each to their own.
  14. alex_ncfc

    Last Nights Shirts

    The Lotus logo on those shirts look dreadful. Cheap and tacky.
  15. Well at least this ought to be a wake up call to shut those up who were delusional after Newcastle, our second game, we ain't finishing in the top 8! It's going to be a long, hard season.