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    Based on watching him yesterday, I think Hanley has learned that in this team he's expected to try to avoid hoofing it downfield and he no longer looks panicked when he has the ball and is expected to play it out. He tended to go for short and safe passing options, often to Tettey, which didn't create much but equally most often kept possession. IMO Godfrey suffered from being on the right of the two CBs which is not where he's played very often, also it means his trademark diagonal ball for Aarons to run onto was not available, a loss to our attacking options because Hanley is never going to try that pass. Godfrey was trying to make something happen and I'd guess this was influenced by having Hanley alongside him who does produce the least creatively of our 3 CBs. This is why he sometimes makes more ambitious passes which don't always come off, or sometimes will play himself into trouble, it comes with the territory. For me, yesterday demonstrated how important Zimbo is to us defensively and as a leader for the whole team. It's no surprise we lost the defensive solidity we'd got back when he was in the side again.
  2. It's Character Forming


    Yes when Farke made the subs he changed it to a back 3 with Hanley central , Godfrey right and Lewis left. Aarons was in front of Lewis as left wing back. With Buendia on the pitch it did improve things a bit for a time I thought but we had too many passengers on the pitch to really achieve anything. i thought Godfrey had a decent game personally, but without Zimbo we lack a real leader on the pitch and it shows.
  3. It's Character Forming

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Exactly how I saw the game. at least for the first half of the season we were playing a lot of good football going forward and always threatened goals. Today before Emi came on we were as bad as when Hughton was in charge.
  4. It's Character Forming

    TWTD Having Yet Another Meltdown.

    Hilarious Really looks like they’re going to struggle to make the playoffs right now , never mind the top two. Agent Lambert continues to excel.
  5. Makes sense, good to have your input as always Bethnal.
  6. I think we're more concerned about players like Cantwell, Aarons, Godfrey. Who are young and at that age it's easy to move location. I am more relaxed because we've signed them all up to long contracts and financially we're solid so have no need to sell. Therefore any club wanting to prise any of them away will have to make an offer at the top end of what they're worth. If we end up selling a couple for chunky amounts to top clubs, I can live with that, it will set us up for a few years financially.
  7. It's Character Forming

    How Awful...

    WOW, feels like a lot longer ago, thanks NN ! I must admit it would be hilarious if they fail to get promotion, that would definitely soften the blow if we go down !!
  8. It's Character Forming

    I actually want us to sell a player

    When we sold Maddison we were forced to sell just to balance the books that season, we were fortunate he came good as a player at the right time. This year assuming we go down, I'm pretty sure we won't need to sell in the same way. But some of our players have caught the eye around the Prem - paradoxically, we have more players that would interest other Prem teams than we've had in the past in some years when we've stayed up. But we don't need to sell, they're all on long contracts, so people will have to put in chunky bids to persuade us to sell. I wouldn't be surprised in the current market if we end up selling a couple of players at £30m + in positions where we are comfortable we can replace them. Which would set us up well for next season and I wouldn't have a problem with it. Not convinced at all about the "general exodus" idea.
  9. Wow, I agree with a post from Highland, whatever next ?!
  10. It's Character Forming

    More points against the top 5...

    Mentioned on the MOTD commentary, that we’ve got more points against the top 5 this season than against the other 5 teams in the bottom 6. I'm sure this is a unique stat forCity in a relegation season (barring a miraculous escape- not given up hope yet). And sums up our season. for me, this team is capable of playing the best football of any side we’ve had in the Prem this century, but we’re incapable of grinding out results and many of our good performances have ended in defeats or draws, unlike eg Lambert’s side after promotion. It’s frustrating to say the least.
  11. It's Character Forming

    More points against the top 5...

    No this is wrong, at the moment we've played the top & bottom sides the same number of times - we've played all teams in the league once plus the second fixture against two from each of the top 5 & bottom 6 (Liverpool, Spurs, Villa, Bournemouth), so the number of fixtures at this point is exactly the same. I'd be interested to compare it to previous seasons, but I'm pretty sure if we look back at City's Prem campaigns since Worthy's season, we'd have got more points against the bottom teams in all of them.
  12. It's Character Forming

    If Pukki had pushed......

    True, if he’d gone down it would probably have been given... if he’d been wearing a red shirt that is
  13. It's Character Forming

    If Pukki had pushed......

    Watching it again, I don't think it was a foul. If VAR was ruling out goals for that, it would be even worse than the farce it already is - it's exactly the same as judging players as offside from where their elbow is etc. Having said that, I agree 100% with the OP. If we'd taken the lead after that sort of contact with 15 mins to go, I'd fully expect VAR would rule it out.
  14. It's Character Forming

    Liverpool Match Thread

    There’s no doubt at least one sub should have been made earlier. Every game we can see midfielders who are knackered after 70 mins and we have players on the bench now, it’s incredibly frustrating
  15. It's Character Forming

    Liverpool Match Thread

    This is a season of might have beens. We’ve played the best team in the league, probably in the world, today, and lost by the narrowest of margins.
  16. It's Character Forming

    Liverpool Match Thread

    ****, could easily have got something out of that. on the steam I was watching their view was that Mane gave a little push to Zimmerman which was enough to make him lose his balance as he’d just jumped, so should have been a foul.
  17. It's Character Forming

    Tonight's games

    Hmmm I can't help wondering if there's a hidden section of TWTD where they are wondering whether people on this forum have rumbled Jobsworth as a poster... does he actually cut & paste his entries on both forums ?
  18. It's Character Forming

    Tonight's games

    It's so hard to distinguish between all these lower-league teams near London with names beginning with a W
  19. It's Character Forming

    Storm Dennis

    I think we need one of those "will Liverpool get a cricket score" threads... Have we lost any of the games after that sort of thread was posted ?
  20. It's Character Forming

    Premier League Injury Table 19 - 20

    Absolutely, I think last season we were overall reasonably fortunate injury-wise. I remember Pukki being out for a spell but by and large I think we had fewer injuries than average and we generally had decent coverage available. It's interesting to see Sheffield Utd with so few injuries, I already knew they'd been able to field an unchanged back 4 all season. I wonder what difference it would have made if we'd had our first-choice back 4 playing every game ? This season has been the worst I can remember in over 25 years following City, I can never before remember having to play a midfielder at CB for several games.
  21. It's Character Forming

    Despite everything

    The margins in the Prem are always very tight and often a team at the bottom can put together a run and escape. If you can win 2 or 3 games suddenly it will all look different. We have had the sort of season when we've had very little luck and lost plenty of games we could easily have won. But the odds have to be stacked against us. This is the sort of season where it would be so typical for City to beat Liverpool and still get relegated
  22. It's Character Forming

    Xg stats

    I've highlighted in bold they key disagreement I had with the poster (westcoastcanary) who quoted these stats a lot. If the xG is different from the actual goals scored or conceded by a team, the xG stat in itself tells you nothing at all about why there is a difference. It may be good/bad luck, good/bad performance, or some other factor not taken account of by the stat. You then have to analyse why there's a difference to come to a view on whether it's good/bad luck or whatever. WCC always assumed our xG against being less than the goals we conceded was due to "bad defending" (which was likely to continue) whereas when our xG for was less than the actual goals we scored, this was basically good luck which couldn't be expected to carry on. Sort of "heads I win, tails you lose" thinking. My problem was that he never put forward any reasons why.
  23. It's Character Forming

    Xg stats

    Very true - the thing that struck me about Baseball from reading Moneyball is that Baseball is a brilliant sport for statisticians. One of the things they did in Moneyball was use a grid to analyse where the ball was being hit on the baseball field and the outcome for the batting team. They then fed in the results of this for zillions of games, which allowed them to give a very accurate view on the expected outcome if you hit the ball to a specific location, i.e. stripping out the effect of errors or an outstanding bit of fielding etc on the specific play. This is what xG is trying to achieve, but as you've pointed out, football has so many more variables to be taken into account, to get an xG which is as good as for baseball is much harder. Having said this, I can see why DF finds xG a useful tool because of the vagaries of finishing in football, so for the manager the amount of xG you're creating is important.
  24. It's Character Forming

    Xg stats

    Ah, I think I missed that, I thought he'd given up before then ! My favourite quote from him was around Christmas when he said something like "No sign of Leeds imploding yet." Which was true at the time
  25. It's Character Forming

    Xg stats

    I feel I also should point out that the manager/coach can clearly influence how well your players do in taking chances, as well as creating them, by practice/coaching etc. Last season I thought we were particularly clinical whereas this season I think we've been poor at converting chances. Partly IMO this is due to not having Vrancic on the pitch who was outstanding in the quality of his finishing. But my point above is that the manager can't directly influence how a striker does with a given chance in a particular game, and I'm sure we can all relate to how a manager feels when a striker misses an open goal etc. Whereas he can influence creating chances via instructions on how to play, half-time, and substitutions etc.