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  1. It's Character Forming

    Sky Sports Lunchtime Kick-off

    LOL it's understandable that scummers have no concept of what it's like to play in the Premier League, any of them old enough to remember it will probably have very faded memories !!
  2. It's Character Forming

    Sky Sports Lunchtime Kick-off

    I had to check BBC website to understand this thread! I see the scum lost to Accrington, I thought Accrington were a non-league side but then the scum are not far away from that now! puts it in perspective when we’ve lost a few games in the Premier League
  3. It's Character Forming

    *****Official match thread v Bournemouth*****

    Solid away point and could easily have won that , after our recent performances and injuries I’ll take that.
  4. It's Character Forming

    Hoops, there it is

    Yep, definitely should have started Hooper more
  5. It's Character Forming

    BBC Sport Norwich article by Sutton

    I thought his article is pretty weak. The stats showing the number of goals we're conceding are a problem are stating the obvious. The comment he makes that we fielded nearly the same team against Man City as Villa misses so may points that it would take ages to list them all ! For example, we had our 3rd choice goalie, who's not nearly as good as Krul but is also uncomfortable playing it out from the back, which is key to our system. Also, part of the injury problem is that we have players who have to play despite being injured because there's no cover, so it's not surprising they don't play as well as they normally do. Also, the tactic we used against Man City was to close down the centre of the pitch and concede possession on the flanks, because they prefer to attack centrally. This worked because they were forced to put in a large number of crosses, not their preferred way to attack. Whereas against Burnley.... And having lots of players defending the centre against Man City made the lack of a specialist DM less important. In subsequent games, we've had less cover in defensive midfield which has exposed the fact that McLean/Leitner are not as good at tackles/interceptions compared to Tettey/Trybull (or Amadou for that matter who'd we'd prefer to have playing there). Also I think the Godfrey/Amadou CB pairing was more suited to facing the Man City style of attack using skilful, smaller players but less good against teams with a more physical attacking threat. Also, injuries have made it incredibly hard for Farke to change things around when we need goals late in the game. Last season he'd regularly bring on Vrancic and/or Rhodes etc and they'd often get us goals. This season, I think the goal Drmic scored was the first by a substitute. Injuries are not an "excuse". Clearly there were problems at the Villa game and our injuries are part of the explanation but not the whole story. But this injury crisis is unprecedented in the club's history that I can remember going back 25 years. And with a squad assembled on a shoestring in the first place, it's not rocket science to think the injuries are causing a real problem for our survival hopes.
  6. It's Character Forming

    What Joy

    Good news, let's hope they're all available for the first team soon. Hard to say any one of these is more important. We desperately need a natural DM on the pitch, but Krul is well ahead of McGovern for me, not just as a keeper but for the way he helps/guides/shouts at our young defence (both Tettey and Krul have Prem experience to draw on, not sure if anyone in our current first team does ?). Vrancic is key as someone who can come on and get goals late in the game. I agree that Onel is a natural wide player and more of a physical presence than Cantwell. Overall to survive this season we need these guys back and we need to have one of our better CB pairings back on the pitch soon.
  7. It's Character Forming

    Members’ Voluntary Liquidations

    Wishbone Ash ! Wow that’s a blast from the past... as for for your comment- I resemble that remark!
  8. It's Character Forming

    Czech Republic v England

    England lose possession trying to play out from the back?
  9. It's Character Forming

    Did we miss a trick here?

    Hmm yes with hindsight, but IMO decisions should be judged at the time they were made. My memory is that during the transfer window, Zimbo was out for an op, but it was expected he'd be available a few weeks into the season. It's a new injury which has put him out for such a long time now. Ditto I don't think there were any injury concerns about Klose, maybe a niggle, but the injury that put him out for the season was out of the blue - although his injury record is bad over his time with us. Godfrey & Hanley were fine. And Amadou was brought in as someone who could play at CB in emergency. So during the transfer window we had 3 fit CBs plus another due back soon, and Amadou as extra cover. Should we have paid for an extra CB on top, given we have kept the budget extremely tight overall. We wouldn't have paid for an upgrade so essentially we'd have been paying for someone with the expectation they'd sit on the bench all season. The article mentions his transfer fee but of course the main cost is wages. So at the end of the day, I can understand why Webber approached it as he did - it's one of those calls you have to make when you are keeping spending tight and sometimes they go against you.
  10. I have to agree with the OP, missing Krul has been a big part of our problem. Also he has played in the Prem unlike anyone else in our current lineup and uses that experience to good effect to help a very inexperienced defence. With the best will in the world, McGovern is, and looks like, the 3rd choice keeper in a side that was working on a very tight budget.
  11. It's Character Forming

    Villa must win

    Actually the topic heading is a perfect illustration of why punctuation matters!
  12. It's Character Forming

    Press conf / injury update

    It's a dreadful position to be in. The starting 11 is fine, the problem is we are really struggling if we need sub(s) to bring on and get goals. Last season there were plenty of options who could come on and score goals (Vrancic, Rhodes) and equally we could switch around the midfield to control the game when we were ahead. That's just not possible this season, until Drmic/Roberts start to find their feet. Also any injuries during games to any defensive/midfield players would really leave us on the rack.
  13. It's Character Forming

    Cantwell injury

    I think the difficulty for both Roberts and Drmic is getting the understanding with the other players which is so key to our forward line play - Hernandez, Buendia, Pukki, Vrancic, Cantwell etc have a solid understanding so that they know where to make runs and where to play the ball without having to wait and see where someone else is moving. Roberts and Drmic just don't have that yet and need game time but can we afford the time to let them build it up ? This is why I was keen to keep Rhodes this season, the Burnley and Palace games were perfect examples of when it would have been useful to bring him on with 15/20 minutes as a striker who knows our system/players and could snatch a late goal. Sadly that didn't happen.
  14. It's Character Forming

    Villa must win

    I hate it when people start talking about "must-win" games when it's only just the start of October. It's not. A win would be a massive plus, a defeat would be a major disappointment but not the end of the world and certainly not the end of the season. There's no such thing as a must-win game at this point in the season.
  15. It's Character Forming

    Turning attention to Villa

    I agree assuming Lewis is unavailable. Not that there's a lot of choice in most positions.
  16. It's Character Forming

    If we were playing the binners on Sat.....

    some people need a bit of a reality check. Being top of League one is still league 1. Losing to a couple of mid-table Prem teams is still two leagues above the binners. And it's still just a few weeks since we beat the current Premier Champions, something no newly promoted team has done against their current manager.
  17. It's Character Forming

    *****Official match thread v C. Palace*****

    Are people surprised that Prem teams are better than most of the teams we were playing last season? we had the chances to get back into that game before half time but you have to take at least one in this division.
  18. It's Character Forming

    James Madison

    Because he had just been injured and it was pretty clear we needed to sell, personally I think £22m + 15% onward profit was a really good deal, plenty of players just can't make the step up to the Prem. If he carries on performing with Leicester it's just a question of time till he moves to a bigger club.
  19. It's Character Forming

    Burnley Tickets

    I was at the back and there were a fair number of empty seats, you always get some people standing with their mates and squashing in etc so leaving empty seats elsewhere, plus you'll always get a number of no-shows at any live event due to illness or whatever. What I thought was really bad at Burnley were the very narrow gangways in the away section, much too narrow for comfort. Also did anyone else notice one of the Burnley fans going berserk after the end of the game - at the left hand end of the City fans, a few people were having a photo taken with the pitch behind them and he seemed to have a problem with this, really bizarre. I thought he was going to have a heart attack at one point. He was in the Burnley fans at the left hand end of the stand and the gap between them and the City fans was several times bigger than we have at CR, and all I can say is that if that's an example of what their fans are like, the bigger gap is definitely worth having.
  20. It's Character Forming

    MOTD penalty claim

    Not seen a replay yet and didn’t have a clear view from my seat. but overall the ref was awful and a clear homer who favoured Burnley in so many decisions it was embarrassing. Worse than I can remember in any game in the Champs last season. So if he did miss a pen for Burnley I’d say overall they can have no complaints because so much went in their favour from the ref.
  21. It's Character Forming

    *****Official match thread v Burnley*****

    I haven’t seen a replay of the incident yet but TBH Burnley got so much from that ref over the 90 minutes that on balance they couldn’t complain even if it was a clear pen. IMO the worst homer as a ref I can remember for at least the last couple of seasons. not that this caused the defeat, but if people want to understand why we struggled to create openings going forward one reason was that Burnley weee happy to foul us during the buildup to prevent our passing game getting going, with the “punishment “ being a free kick sometimes but often nothing given at all. We hoped creative players would get more protection in the Prem but thus far I’m not seeing it at all.
  22. It's Character Forming

    The Inevitable Comedown

    I agree with much of this but I don’t think we beat Man City because they underestimated us. We had an approach against Man City which worked well against them. Against Burnley we gave away a couple of early goals and then struggled to convert our chances. That’s football - you can beat the Chanpions on merit on Saturday and a week later lose to a team way down the league.
  23. It's Character Forming

    We need a Plan B

    ^^^ this
  24. It's Character Forming

    Points Target for Next 4 Games

    I think we will learn and improve , I’d be disappointed with less that 4 points now.
  25. It's Character Forming

    Did we miss Hanley?

    If you look at Burnley’s second goal it was very similar to the goal Hanley scored for Liverpool except at least today an attacker had to be there to score it. Overall I felt Amadou and Godfrey handled their strikers well and both played the ball out well which is Hanley’s main weakness. Really we've conceded a near post header at a corner which is a perennial weakness. Then Amadou has given the ball away playing out from the back and they’ve quickly scored. I thought last week we were all saying we’d accept the fact that happens with our style of play ? Overall it was disappointing wevould put it together better when we had possession. We had plenty of openings but didn’t gel going forward as we normally do. So I’m totally unconvinced we’d have been any better with Hanley in the lineup.