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  1. Theres a huge difference between making outlandish statements, and making outlandish statements with supporting evidence. You sound very bitter mate to be honest.
  2. Has he not passed that point already ? https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/may/14/chris-wilder-lma-manager-of-year-sheffield-united-guardiola
  3. We were very lucky (again) that our opponents had a severe off day.
  4. Cheers, and good luck getting your players fit.
  5. Our recent history is littered with big teams having their worst game in years against us. We really are extremely fortunate in that respect.
  6. Fascinating read this. Some of you are close to the truth, some are miles off. In a nutshell, McCabe has shown gross misjudgement and done himself up like a kipper. He over estimated the Prince's wealth when he invited him to buy 50% of the club for £1, in 2013, and subsequently underestimated the Prince's ability to trigger a buy-out clause, instigated by McCabe as a means of getting the 50% share back, in 2017, when we started to perform well on the pitch. McCabe, although well intentioned, is a scheming megalomaniac who has invested a lot of money over the years, but always with an eye on feathering his own nest. He has bare face lied several times, and often has a version of events that differ from reality. In the recent court case he came out of it terribly, and was torn to pieces by the judge. The Prince actually seems an honourable bloke by comparison, and strangely I have a feeling he will do well. He is understated, happy to be in the background etc, but very ambitious I think. Not sure he has 'mega' money, but the hope is that he can attract backing from his obvious connections to the real Saudi oil money. Bottom line is if he keeps Chris Wilder happy, we should be OK. The whole saga is fairly unedifying clearly, and may still rumble on for some time, and that is the biggest concern that it may harm the dressing room and subsequently performances on the pitch. It could go either way, but I'm sure it will be 'interesting' to say the least. Anyway, well done on your fantastic result at the weekend. You must be buzzing and still on a high?
  7. I suspect we will both finish above Villa, but I also suspect that all 3 will be safe.
  8. Hi mate, fair to say we are happy so far, and we still have 5 new signings who haven't kicked a ball yet, so there is a degree of optimism yes.
  9. You have made a good start, and I like the football you play, certainly offensively, but defensively there are question marks I would have thought. Some of you seem a little over confident and rather disparaging. Might be wise to hold off the bold statements for a while, we know only too well they can come back to bite you. Good luck with the rest of the season
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you have pretty much the same team from the Championship last season?
  11. You do realise it's the actual managers who vote, including the foreign ones?
  12. Net spend of minus £6m actually. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite surprised that Wilder won this, and the award could equally have gone to the other nominees, including Farke. I can only guess that the other Managers have taken into account where we were when Wilder took over 3 years ago, 11th in league one.
  13. Gents, we have both defied expectations this season, and both Managers have done amazing jobs. It will be interesting to say the least to see how both clubs prosper next season, and neither will start the season with the same squad it has now, I'm quite sure. I can just about see why some of you don't like Wilder, but I have to say, we worship the ground he walks on. I should also point out that he is not built for failure, he has never failed anywhere, and I don't expect him to start now. Meantime, let's just enjoy the ride, no need for these negative emotions right now, let's leave that to Leeds and others eh? Good luck.
  14. As already said, many Blades fans are fearing the worst tomorrow, we do have history after all. But then Chris Wilder is going for his 3rd title in 4 years, so my money is on him to do the business tomorrow. Then it's all down to you guys to keep us at bay. I fear Villa will be resting their big guns against you, so you should do it (and deserve it tbf).
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