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  1. Poch leaves Chelsea 😂 all going to kick off now
  2. They seem to have this deluded notion that McKenna is going to take them to Europe next season. I know it's been over 20 years since they were last up there, but they have no idea 😂 Can't wait until he bins off the Binners for the mighty Brighton.
  3. Think he was hard done by to be honest, Wagner must have had some input about his arrival so to not use him or give him a proper chance must have been beyond frustrating.
  4. I can't see him leaving the scum right now but you never know - money talks.
  5. Yep, but "who cares?" remember, as our esteemed ex manager pointed out.
  6. Proper club with proper fans, Leeds. It was a hell of an atmosphere. Carrow Road is just full of people who see it as a "nice day out" these days. Only one stand in the ground sings/chants, it's an absolute library at the best of times. Even our "pitch invasions" are ridiculous, you see these other clubs' fans piling on the pitch to celebrate in their thousands, yet I can't recall one promotion where we've had one. The one we did have vs Ipswich in the playoff semis had about 50 fans on the pitch. Is it all a bit too boring at Carrow Road these days? It's like the supporters are asleep, surely there must be a way to liven it up a bit? Where is the noise?
  7. I read about this on Twitter the other day and found it all a bit odd - this guy was literally obsessed with NCFC. As has been mentioned, he was also obsessed with Daryl Sutch, when he left it was Gary Holt, Adam Drury, and I recall it being Carlton Morris and then Adam Idah too. He even used to have his own column on the PinkUn homepage for many years back in the day and buy all the merch etc. To then just change teams, and to Luton Town of all teams 😂...truly bizarre. I have also read that it was something to do with the club not putting on a big welcome for him as they had done in the past. I wonder if he still visits on this board?
  8. Will probably end up being a classic compared to our bore-fest. West Brom in the final would be my choice, if we should get there!
  9. Sara. Seems to love it here and gives no vibes off that he's desperate to leave*, something Emi always had about him. *yet
  10. Spot on, these were far better. Green was exceptional.
  11. Is this supposed to be inspiring and uplifting?
  12. I think losing 15 games in a season and still making the playoffs is quite damning too. Hopefully we can make the most of our chance, Leeds have faltered massively.
  13. Yeah I saw a quote from one of their fans on the BBC about how they are a "proper family club" who never leave their club behind. Well they clearly did up until this season 😂
  14. I was going to mention this earlier as I have a vague memory of an ex-CEO having a dig at us, in a similar vein to "that club down the road", was it Simon Clegg or someone else? That's something that that tells me everything about that club and I've noticed it before on many occasions - obviously their fans have a rivalry with us as you'd expect but to have those within the club making comments and sly digs at NCFC, which just goes to sum up what that club is - scum. They've clearly been very bitter and jealous of Norwich's success, just pretty cringe how much they make it show.
  15. Personally I'd say mentally weak is not being able to beat your local rivals for over 15 years. Or spending 4 seasons in League One and finishing midtable in 3 of them. Or making pathetic over the top pre derby game celebrations celebrating a win before you've even played the match. Or losing to Maidstone in the FA Cup. We've done the Prem and promotion about 6 times since they were last up there, the last thing the scum can harp on about is us being mentally weak 😂
  16. I feel sick about it to be honest. I remember coming on here months ago saying they'd 100% be going up and was told by many they'd fall out of the top 6. They've been relentless. Only losing 6 games all season is an incredible achievement.
  17. I thought that'd happen in 2000 when they went up but they spent a huge part of that season in the top 3 before finishing 5th. I know the football landscape has changed dramatically since those times 25 years ago, but it'd be just typical if they went up and stayed up comfortably.
  18. Idah won't be coming back whether we are promoted or not. Brings absolutely nothing.
  19. I don't think it's being silly at all. I do think it's being silly for anyone to even suggest that that goal scored at the other end would be chalked off for the same reason. They would never have had the balls to chalk off a Man Utd winner as late as that, so that's what also makes a mockery of the entire thing.
  20. What about when they are drawing the lines to suit their desired outcome?
  21. Surely offside was never created to be this forensic? Analysis by drawing lines that suit the desired outcome, clearly enabling all sorts of corruption. It is ruining the sport. Man Utd score that goal and it is given, and we all know it.
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