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    NCFC - indeed all clubs and supporters - should be seeking some sort of investigation and clarification into what happened, whoever it is that has done it. The fact it is Leeds is irrelevant. The whole thing appears to be unsavoury and completely against the agreement signed in the summer by all league clubs - it’s a good test to see if that actually meant anything. And linking this Leeds thing - a systematic attempt to obtain information about other teams - to the colour of a dressing room is, quite frankly, pathetic.
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    I just think it needs squashing out of principle, because if it becomes the thing to do to spy on other clubs with binoculars and cameras, then everyone will start doing it. It's rank amatuerism imo - as has been said, there is enough footage and information out there that spying is unecessary and frankly pretty pathetic. But if Leeds want to be a laughing stock, far be it from me to want to stop them....
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    I'm sorry but I find the whole episode laughable. Bielsa looks a real wally for his obsessiveness and the rest of clubs look silly for making such a big deal about it. Points deduction? For what? I don't believe they have broken any league rules. Morally wrong? So shall we ask the league to punish Birmingham for maybe putting Buendia out of next match? We could lose and if we missed out on promotion by a point would we want retrospective action? How do you define if Leeds have an advantage? They have a bigger income than Rotherham. Is that unfair? Of course not. And if you think watching your opponents train is worth employing people to do it then you are short on reality. We all knew how Birmingham would approach our game (maybe not as violently) and it panned out just like that.
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    Yes, I do. I don't think he is the only one and to be honest I struggle to see what is wrong with it particularly, I am more concerned about the massive disparity in finances that impacts the league and the move to involving agents in the running of clubs (Wolves). Taking binoculars to another clubs training ground is a minor issue compared to those.
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    I think it's absolutely right to express concern to the authorities rather than just roll over and let them get away with it. It's for the League to deal with it properly, but we should stand up for ourselves and make sure they don't just ignore it. Anything that's happens is Leeds' own fault for doing something so shabby. It's the modern way that these things now end up in court, eg wasn't it West Ham who fielded an ineligible player ? Likelihood is that it just ends up with a fine, but it's important to have it established as wrong to stop anyone doing the same in future. Plus it will be a hassle for Leeds/Bielsa to deal with, which is a distraction, and that's their own fault. They shouldn't simply be let off the hook.
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    Lose to the scum? Not ever, never, no way, no how, no, no, no, no, no........
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    The little blue pen sounds like the ideal place to keep the Ipswich fans in 3 weeks time.
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    It's not the training facilities, the stadium, the fans, it's Argos and the 'shiny book of dreams'.
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    West coast canary said The fact is that, until the team sheet is published, opposing teams cannot be certain of who they are going to face Bielsa would release the Leeds team in advance and then the spying could establish how the opposition reacted and defended against the named Leeds team.
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    If you're playing a system that usually has one up top you're not going to be able to stockpile 4 experienced strikers. I think Pukki with Rhodes as back up is as good as we can expect really.
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    Of all the good players we signed Buendia is the one I'm still amazed we got here. He would surely get a PL club. Let's hope he plays there with us
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    So how would watching our previous games in regards the Birmingham game have told you who was going to be playing as close supporters we had no idea. We even could have dropped to 5 at the back. Our warm ups would also have shown falling into lots of different formations for particular circumstances. We changed everything big time in the 2nd half and used a system I had not seen before. A prime example is the Derby game where Leeds were aware that Wilson was not playing - this was not in the public domain. This could easily effect your own tactics. if all EFL clubs signed a charter at the beginning of the season if this sort of behaviour was not a concern why would there be a charter ? I don’t get why it is not serious or do you think that all EFL clubs sign a charter and 1 club breaks the charter week after week but they have not done anything wrong ? A punishment I think would be all Leeds sessions to be open to their next opponents.
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    I'm so glad we haven't done this. I would have been embarrassed for my club. What has stunned me is the reaction of their fans, ranging from the usual brush offs about how they will win the league anyway, how other clubs are hypocrites, comparisons with our pink away dressing room (yet this was up front in the press, not by subterfuge) and threats about post match violence when we visit Elland Rd. You'd think if we had been involved in this, fans would have been extremely critical. It's a question of morality isn't it? Too right though it's a distraction for them. And what is morally wrong ought to be challenged just because no law may have been broken.
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    I don't think the authorities wagging a finger at Leeds sends the right message. They must establish that what has happened is not acceptable and that all other Clubs are aware, so no one is in any doubt that it will not be tolerated in the future.
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    It's one of those, Leeds haven't covered themselves in glory but by complaining and moaning about it neither do we. All clubs do what they can to get an advantage and this seems like a pretty minor thing. The point has been made that painting the away dressing room pink was done to obtain an advantage, is that in the spirit of the charter? All in I think everyone is best served by just saying they won't do it again, give Bielsa a small fine and let's all move on.
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    Personally, I am far more upset when I see teams go out to deliberately "kick creative players off the park" as we have seen with Buendia and Leitner recently.
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    Beat Sheffield United, Draw with Leeds and Lose to Ipswich
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    I know I risk being banned for this...But if we HAD to lose one I’d let the scum have their small victory (on proviso they still go down). I’d so love Farke and this team to get promoted and have the success they deserve and beating Leeds and Sheffield will give us 3 points and also prevent them getting 3. Feel sick admitting that! And confident we can in fact win all 3!
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    Not losing is important and two wins and a draw in any combination would be great. A draw against Sheff Utd wouldn't be a bad result. Nor against Leeds as long as we win the other two. Having to think about losing a match is beyond my comprehension.....
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    Well i can certainly tell you one i would never ever want to lose.
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    Vrancic is key to everything good Norwich are doing in attack at the moment and his defensive numbers are really good too. Going to be a tough decision for Farke when Leitner is fit again and dropping Vrancic shouldn’t be done lightly. Hard to get them both in the same team though as neither excel in the number 10 role and the balance is lost with Tettey there to clear up scraps.
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    Vrancic doesn't deserve to be dropped after his recent performances. Thompson is playing for the U23s at the moment, so he won't be involved tonight. Just finished 2-2 after 14 minutes of injury time, Spurs keeper stretchered off. Idah and Thorvaldsson scored our goals.
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