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  1. KiwiScot

    Liverpool Match Thread

    No luck with them. Normally I can find myself.
  2. KiwiScot

    Liverpool Match Thread

    Any Streams?
  3. Lots of postponements including in the 6
  4. KiwiScot

    Norwich 0-9 Liverpool

    Surely with your handle the dream would have come up Norwich 6:9 Liverpool
  5. Oh hello. Top 6 - Olympiacos v Panionios - Home Win Norwich bet - A penalty to be awarded. DJ - I will message you a few more picks for your 2nd line
  6. You can tap into the South African league and get some local knowledge.
  7. I'm a bit bored so thought I'd create some nonense here. No words if you can help it Pics or sounds only. dcs radio 1.wav Edit: Opps I've created it in the main board. How bad. Well some fine "citizen" will move it to the other reachers in due course
  8. KiwiScot

    Fish, Shellfish and Aquatics

    Fish everyone. Lets have it and what you like. I personally love scallops, but never afford them. Lovely stuff. Edit. Fishing also. And if you prefer to just watch them. Fish tanks and diving/snorkling. What do ya love about fish!
  9. Late escapes for the Top 2. Parma is waiting in the wings.
  10. In the championship I'd imagine we'd have Idah and Drmic so we might have a problem up front as its unlikely we are going to unearth another Pukki. Could we actually see big money spent for a striker or be lazy and bring in Rhodes?
  11. KiwiScot

    Norwich City games we can win

    Home to southampton, Everon, brighton and west ham. The end.
  12. KiwiScot

    Best brass band you’ve heard live

    Steady on chap there with all the posting. There is something called to much of a good thing.
  13. I'd never have had thought to check other websites to check for things that were not on bet365s main website so no. If it's a computer thing have you tried checking on a different browser or even checking on the old PC should you still have it.
  14. Well count me in. I can even identify as a woman should the need arise to ensure the gender bias remains biased.
  15. KiwiScot

    Central heating

    Thermals, double layers, woolie hats and hoodies - cups of tea. Who needs heating.
  16. KiwiScot

    Tesco £3 meal deals

    Amazng you drone on about it.
  17. KiwiScot

    Fish, Shellfish and Aquatics

  18. KiwiScot

    What constitutes a good breakfast

    Look how popular the odd non footy thread is in amongst the masses. And advertising for the other board. Mackerel on buttered toast with salt and pepper grinded over it. Black coffee and some plums.
  19. The phrase they've won a penalty or corner.
  20. KiwiScot

    SNP MP's

    Our young parliament getting a good few sleaze scandals under its belt. Bloody fool/pervert who should resign his seat.
  21. KiwiScot

    Kirk Douglas R.I.P

    I'm Brian
  22. Juventus are away to Verona this weekend
  23. Good Afternoon everyone Top 6 - Peterborough Sports v Alvechurch - Home Win BTTS - Germany Liga III - Viktoria Koln v Bayern II