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  1. As always and as circumstances have always prevented it. Our next manager is Ally McCoist
  2. Good news. Onto the next nobody to see if it works out or not.
  3. Farke "Norwich are a brave side with technically good footballers in the middle. They have experienced strikers and we have to make sure we are compact and aggressive. We have to be spot on today. We have a pretty good record when we go in the lead and scoring the first goal would make it easier from a tactical point of view. But the players know they have to be on it from the first to the last second." Wagner "We know it will be decided tonight and we are prepared for all scenarios. It’s important we start well, stay in the game. If we are able to score the first goal it will be a massive boost. [On Ashley Barnes] The medical department worked tirelessly. Barnesy is a tough guy and he was desperate to be involved. Josh Sargent’s ankle is fine; he was never a doubt."
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/article/2024/may/15/labour-begins-candidate-selection-for-jeremy-corbyns-islington-north-seat The process to choose Labour candidate to go up against lose to Jeremy Corbyn has started.
  5. Russia with the offensive the Ukrainians couldn't do last year
  6. I wonder if it would worth visiting another town in the country. No doubt there would be tourist there as well, but nothing like Prague surely.
  7. Well amongst a lot of rubbish songs a rubbish song won. But we watch every year
  8. Mind there wasn't a vote against Israel option so while supporters can vote for them, the opposite is not true.
  9. Israel not doing well.
  10. I miss the slower results
  11. I felt croatia had some good music and big noise feeling, but the vocals were just terrible and made it sound like some pretend goth trash metal,
  12. I'll raise you Emi. Sara. Huckerby Holt Pukki
  13. 1)Armenia 2)Austria 3)Estonia 4)Sweden 5)Cyprus
  14. None of the bookies faves to win! Austria is fun
  15. Norton finally getting a good joke in. Talking about host interviewing her mother in law. "thats an awkward Christmas"
  16. ****e from Switzerland
  17. Cute, shouty crazy, upbeat, harmony, grand. Yes best so far
  18. Is it inspired by the Austin Powers nude scene sketch?
  19. OMG It's Adam Idah singing for the UK!
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