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  1. Jack Barak

    Derby in the doo doo.

    I don't think they can. I am sure the rules were changed to stop transfers of grounds and land between the owners and clubs. Also, any sale back to the club would have to be at market value as the parties are connected.
  2. Jack Barak

    Jordan Rhodes

    It was quoted at the time as being £5m. I think we expected them to move when it became obvious no body would pay that as they needed to clear his wages off the bill but once they had dug in they were then left with him. If they had asked for £1m he would already be a City player. for what it is worth I think he would be good signing if you can get the wages right. He will score goals in the Championship and is a cost effective back up option for what we have now. He was content to be involved from the bench and din't make the disruptive noises others have. The problem with signing an immediate first choice contender is that they don't often like waiting for long periods to play and with Pukki's form this year and last they would certainly have had to. There is always a need in a squad for players who are not regular starters but are happy to come on and do a job when called on.
  3. Jack Barak


  4. Jack Barak

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Apparently Bowen has a 1 year option in the contract so their need to sell is less than it appears. would like to see him though but it may cost more than he would if he had 6 months left.
  5. Jack Barak

    Fire sale

    I do get the age issue but realistically he has until 33 or 34 at the top of his game. Bearing in mind what completely unproven strikers are changing hands for at the moment I can see more. Some of the fees paid to Championship clubs have been outrageous over the last few years, this only seems to be going up not down. Either way,I hope he stays.
  6. Jack Barak

    Where does it go from here?

    Can I ask, why do you 'support' Norwich? You seem to derive no enjoyment from them at all, in fact it seems that the whole club, the way it is run, the way it aims to operates just annoys you. Why would you willingly engage with something that seems to cause you so much consternation?
  7. Jack Barak

    Fire sale

    A few assumptions here but let's assume we did go down then I think the values you have may be a bit low. Godfrey - your value seems right, I would expect £20 - 30m with a decent sell on clause. If Pukki continues to score at anything close to the pace of the first half of the season you would have be looking at £30m plus for him. a proven goal scorer at premier league level who would have behind him 15 goals in a season in a team that got relegated should demand a good fee. I think Cantwell is looking like the other stand out performer at the moment, young, English and attacking running from deep. If he replicates the first half of the season he should be hot property in the Summer.
  8. Jack Barak

    Is Tim Krul our best keeper - EVER?

    I think Ruddy is much underrated by us, one of the most solid keepers I think we have had and did not look our of place in the top division at all. I think ability wise he is top two for me. Always had a soft spot for Gunn (snr) but I think Gunn (jnr) is rated higher than his performances warranted because of the family connection to the club. If he had come in without that I think we would have considered him to be a good keeper but not top draw.
  9. Jack Barak

    Palace on New Years Day

    Careful if you drive, I burnt a clutch out on one of old cars on the hills around Selhurst park once...bloody annoying.
  10. Jack Barak

    Moritz Leitner

    If we had continued to play as we did in those first three games he would probably still be in every week but with us being on a bad run and conceding goals for a variety of reasons it seems Farke took the decision to shore up the middle of the field with two holding midfielders in front of (finally) two specialist Centre Halfs. if this allows us to rebuild some confidence and to 'stop the rot' I expect both he and Vrancic will start to appear more again.
  11. Jack Barak

    Now that optimism levels are on the up...

    Maybe another player to bring pace to the attack. Onel has been very influential since he has come back and with us playing better teams and being pushed deeper with less space to knock it around in it is really useful to have the option of a ball in behind or to run at their defense.
  12. Jack Barak

    Smartcard Update?

    We've never had a problem, keep the email on your phone in case there is an issue but shouldn't be a problem.
  13. Jack Barak


    I do think some people don't remember just how bad it can be: the end of the Worthington period and the dreadful football that brought (singularly the worst game of football i have ever paid to watch when we lost 0-1 to Sheff Wednesday), Peter the Pointer playing it long to the shortest man in the league, Roeder selling everyone and replacing them with dreadful loan players. This is a really good period of football for us, we are having a rough time but we have a young team playing passing / attacking football. Be really careful what you wish for because I remember how bad it can be!
  14. Jack Barak

    PSG Owners To buy Leeds

    Isn't the problem that oppressive regimes are 'sports-washing' their reputations with the purchase of sports teams and sporting events, around the world. I understand it is a part of life but we don't have to be happy with it. To be honest I would rather they didn't, Leeds is more 'up their street'.
  15. Jack Barak

    Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann

    That's the spirit! Just out of curiosity how is that motivational speaking gig working out for you?