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  1. That is filth, utter filth. Going to be hard pressed to find a better goal this year.
  2. Because the club think the rules will change post brexit possibly making it easier to gain a permit in the future. If they cannot get a permit it seemed like a no brainer anyway, loan him out and he does well and we sell him for a tidy profit. Win Win for the club.
  3. Sadly the spending on a new stand is going to be capital and therefore not deductible against CT. However, I would imagine we have some losses to soak up any profit so I wouldn't sweat that particularly. This does seem like a good time to rebuild the stand but it would require us to be pretty confident that next year we will be allowed to have fans back in the ground. If it runs on after that then I struggle to see how many of the clubs that have been in the Championship for a while can survive at all. I would expect there to be some replacement signings and the club will retain the cash as a buffer against uncertainty, it seems the sensible thing to do at this time.
  4. Agree with this. The gap in quality is really substantial between the top teams and the rest but the crowd does make a difference. It is all a bit cliched but when the team is struggling the energy and noise from the crowd does help to pick them up again. Could be a really difficult year if crowds aren't back until the second half of the season .
  5. Clearly a really good player but he needs a run of fitness, we have seen it before where a player has a long term injury and then never really makes it back properly, only every playing half of a season at best. I really hope he does get fit and stay that way because he is a steal if he manages it.
  6. It's a mix of things at the moment. He doesn't look 100% fit, maybe the toe issue still having an impact. He isn't getting very good service at the moment or the necessary support. He looks short on confidence, as most of the team do and he needs a lift. None of these things are insurmountable and he is a definite keep for next year if we can - Strikers are expensive and difficult to replace and we have a proven one already on the books. Would be strange to let him go at this stage unless the offer was too good to turn down and would allow us to finance a reliable and proven replacement.
  7. This season is a write off now. Without crowds and the advantage that gives to teams we are likely to see this till it is done. We know our players are not up to the standard of the teams we have played and without the atmosphere we can't close that gap at the minute. Let's just take the next few games for what they are, take the summer and the recruitment during that period and see where we are. Statements from the club aren't going to help, if anything they will just cause more distraction and put more pressure on a squad who are clearly already feeling it. In terms of next year - I haven't seen or heard much with regard to people thinking it is going to be a walkover. We are well placed financially and on the playing side to be in with a good chance but anyone who says otherwise has not been paying attention over the preceding 15 years.
  8. For the reasons set out above I always remember AN fondly. I always thought his weakness was in 'arresting a slide', he didn't know how to pick the players back up and build again. His route seemed to be to keep throwing different players into the mix to see if that changed things enough without trying to build confidence by being solid again. I would echo what others have said though, be careful what you wish for. Who would you look to replace him with who is a realistic target who could get more out of the group at this point. It seems he needs to get to the year end and then start again building from there with an idea of who the starting 11 should be. Although, as said above, he does need some guidance in the transfer market. Football is moving towards a head coach set up and this would probably help him. All in he is an honest guy who speaks well and honestly. He isn't the best manager around but he does a good job in the Championship and, with the right club structure, should continue to develop his skills.
  9. But that isn't because it is not possible but because there was no money in it - the virus could be contained and pretty much eradicated through traditional measures. The consensus seems to be that it is possible.
  10. A deferral does help because it solves immediate cash flow issues especially with uncertain return dates. It also passes the risk of continuation of the clubs to the players, they only gat paid if the clubs continue as going concerns so it is useful.
  11. Day at the beach - probably Cromer. Fish and chips from the Mary Jane and a Mr Whippy as big as your head. Knacker the kids out playing fotball on the beach.
  12. I think the financial cost of not starting next year is far greater than writing this one off. Money will talk. They will try and finish this one but they will definetly start next year.
  13. Good to see another youngster extend his contract but judging by the photo with this article he might not have that much longer to make the breakthrough into the first team. It is now or never! https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/daniel-barden-pens-new-contract-at-norwich-city-1-6579638
  14. https://www.imperial.ac.uk/news/196234/covid19-imperial-researchers-model-likely-impact/ This is the Imperial landing page and from there you can find the report. It is clearly written and easy to read. Makes some very stark points.
  15. It does seem irresponsible to let games take place at all if the situation is such that fans cannot attend. Exposing the players, staff and club personnel is unnecessary. Best thing to do is just call it off and we can have a do-over next year. Safety first.
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