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  1. Jack Barak

    Play Off Dilemma

    Bristol, Boro or West Brom for me.
  2. Jack Barak

    Daniel and Liverpool connections?

    The only loans I think would want are if we can get a promising young striker to act as cover. Strikers tend to be the most expensive players and with figures of £20m being talked about for the best young players in the Champ it would make sense to borrow this for yer one if we can.
  3. Jack Barak

    Funniest Leeds Tweets

    It's difficult for us, we get promoted quite often so know how to behave, more of novelty in other circles. Also, the pitch invasion is a bit of a cliche if it happens every time.
  4. I saw that quote and wondered too, having listened to the Owain Tudor- Jones podcast where he speaks to Russ Martin I wonder if it was the catalyst for his departure.
  5. Jack Barak

    Out of Contract Players

    I would like to see us keep him so long as the deal isn't too onerous in terms of fee or wages. He offers something coming off the bench and has been invaluable when we are chasing games. Also, he seems to be a really big character in the squad and I think we need to preserve that as much as possible.
  6. Jack Barak

    Prem TV money next season ?

    The overseas money is only split on league position after the current level is split evenly, so this isn't too bad. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/jun/07/premier-league-big-six-win-battle-overseas-television-rights The TV money seems to be in the region of £90m - £100m if you finish bottom and then obviously the increased ticketing and merchandise. All in it will probably a £130m - £140m season next year. I guess it will be similar to the last time we went up though in that we will show a smaller profit in year 1 due to the bonuses that become payable on promotion (as I remeber we did post a small loss when we up under Lambert or this reason), this then washes through in year 2 and beyond.
  7. Our wages already exceed this so I assume they are talking about a £20m addition to what we currently have.
  8. Jack Barak

    Norwich transfer budget next season

    Olivera will most probably go to Reading, Pinto, Jarvis, Wildschut and Naismith are out of contract as far as I understand which will save a serious chunk of money. I would expect Marshall to move for what we paid for him but we are probably stuck with Husband for another year until his deal expires. Either way we will have trimmed most of the waste from the squad so have wages and transfer money to spend. Like you I expect us to be looking for bargains in the Bundesliga 1 and 2 again, but so far that has gone rather well. I guess the only consideration might be the need for homegrown players especially if we have an eye on what might happen if we are relegated at the end of the year.
  9. Jack Barak

    Wee Alex

    He would do well with the squad you have but as many have said, don't let him pick the signings. His football isn't bad - quite direct at times but not in a Warnock way, more of a very quick transition from front to back. He reminded me of the Lambert approach at Norwich more than where we currently are. He struggled to arrest the slide when it came and was prone to chopping and changing the team. He didn't always give the impression that he knew his best 11 and was going to make alterations until he stumbled across something. He was very reluctant to play one of our best players at that time - Pritchard - despite us crying out for the creativity he could offer. However, that sounds a bit negative but he has had a reasonable time at Preston and seems to have developed over that time. He had the foundations of possibly being a good manager and he may well be that now. If he has learnt how to stop a slide and can pick a player now then he could do good things.
  10. Jack Barak

    How wrong was I?

    Great OP, really well thought through and balanced. Good stuff, keep it up.
  11. Jack Barak

    Leeds of Sheff Utd

    Sheffield Utd to come up. It pains me to say it but Leeds are a big club, it is only their poor management off the field and historic errors that have helped keep them down. If they make it to the Premiership and accessed the money on offer I do think they could invest and build. However, Sheffield are a club of our size and will have similar constraints to us, they pose less of a longer term threat. Also, it would be hilarious to see Leeds do a Leeds and balls it up again.
  12. Solid number 2 / 3 I guess. Happy to stay on what, I assume, are reduced wages and finish his playing days here. I guess he wasn't going to get any better offers and if his family are settled then why not. Have to admit I did not see this one coming but so long as his wage is on the cheaper end of the spectrum then so be it.
  13. Jack Barak

    Onel Article

    He seems a really nice guy and like you said is a bit of an unsung hero. Always seems happy to be playing and here, perfect.
  14. Jack Barak

    Onel Article

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/mar/29/onel-hernandez-cuba-carrow-road-norwich-city-championship Thought it might be of interest.
  15. Jack Barak

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Mark Carney has never said that. He has consistently warned about the dangers of no deal and the shock that it would cause. He has only ever issued warnings and is pretty certain it will be a sh1t show.