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  1. Jack Barak

    Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann

    That's the spirit! Just out of curiosity how is that motivational speaking gig working out for you?
  2. Jack Barak

    Tettey interview

    Ah, that's why I couldn't find it. Cheers for the heads up.
  3. Jack Barak

    Tettey interview

    Where is the interview Jim? I may be being daft but I can't see it. Thanks
  4. Jack Barak

    A bit of perspective

    Take your common sense words elsewhere, what we need now is some ore yelling into the ether about how unfair it is and how someone else should spend a load more money or give the club away. Bbooooooooooooo
  5. Jack Barak

    Norwich to be nationalised ?

    It's in The Express therefore it will be a load of old squit. Nothing to see here.
  6. Jack Barak

    Alex Neil

    Also, nothing not to like about Preston, not trying to buy their way out of the division so a good combination.
  7. Jim - you are right, I generalised as I think what followed was foretold by the poor Premier league signings - we had no plan, threw money at the issue and just kept piling mistake on top of mistake to try and get out of it. However, I stand by the point that this year is required to fix that damage and lay the ground work for 'hopefully' a far more stable and better run future. If we sty up this year then great, if we don't we go down with either a really good squad or very sale-able assets and a solid base to add to, but this year is a bit of a punt either way. Just spending money now in the hope of staying up could undo the good work of the last two years.
  8. This is a year to repair the damage that was done last time we pent to try and stay up. It has taken three years to clear the very expensive deadwood (and aging players) off the wage bill and as a result the 'riches' received on promotion have not been available to invest in this year's squad. This is just a fat of life and gnashing of teeth and wailing about it doesn't change that. This year was always going to be a struggle and any future year will be a struggle for any team looking to stay in this division without a billionaire owner but I would rather accept that reality and enjoy the highs and lows than complain and moan about it. If we go down we are well stocked to come back but we are also stable enough to operate at Championship level without the risk of going the same way as Bolton or Portsmouth or the many other clubs that have been crippled by overspending.
  9. Jack Barak

    Webber’s new contract official

    Anyway, let's enjoy him whilst we have him and hope he continues doing what he is, because he is doing superb work.
  10. Jack Barak

    Webber’s new contract official

    He has said wants to have a go abroad at some point and with his German connections it does seem the most likely destination. They do tend to take a more sensible approach to running their clubs as well so he would find fertile ground there I assume. If a Man Utd type club did come calling he would face a lot more constraints but it is Man Utd, imagine being credited with restoring the glory days to them, and the sheer quality of player your could buy. That might be too tempting for anyone to turn down.
  11. Jack Barak

    O/T Beardsley

    This does show that there is still a lot of work to do to try and eradicate racism from football. This is a guy who came of age in the spotlight, who has been in football and seen what happens to pundits and coaches who cannot contain their racism and yet he still felt able to call young black players 'monkeys'. Really shocking and disappointing that this is still going on.
  12. Jack Barak

    Webber’s new contract official

    I think that is probably true and if he continues doing what he is which of us would begrudge him that move when it comes, but hopefully the longer contract will mean that we will get a decent payment if he goes and that can be directed into hiring his replacement from somewhere else. Webber clearly has an idea of who the club would move for in the coaching department if Farke went but I do wonder if the board have ever asked him to consider who should replace him if he were to be tempted away. I hope they do because he seems to me to be the best person to pick his successor or at least have a big say over it.
  13. Jack Barak

    Points Target for Next 4 Games

    Four points keeps us ahead of the target of a point a game and would be a good return, anything over that would be putting us ahead of target. There are some tough games there and we still have a lot of injuries to contend with.
  14. Jack Barak

    Past and present Norwich players you’ve met

    He now works in the estate agent's in Hellesdon as far as I am aware, shame if he was a bit of a **** in the past. I met Dean Ashton - we were both on the same golf weekend - a really nice guy.
  15. Jack Barak


    Bournemouth are the darlings of the media, they will not have them below us - also they are spending significant money on players and have done for a few years now.