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  1. Idah had a good impact, could see him starting instead of Josh.
  2. That is total and utter crap. Only one side deserved anything from that game and it wasn’t Newcastle: they had just one shot on target and that was from a dubious penalty and yet you think we were lucky? Looks to me that your village is missing its idiot.
  3. I was astounded, it didn’t even appear to be looked at or mentioned; there were actually two good shouts and IMO if the one against Gilmour was a pen, all three could easily have been.
  4. Eh? They had 1 shot on target in the entire game, but we won one point more than we should.? Utter utter ****!!!
  5. Can’t agree with that being a good result for Newcastle - all the pundits and all their supporters said it was a ’must win’, so how can drawing luckily be seen as a good result? I’f have much rather seen Pukki be left alone, score and their player remain on the pitch - I’m 95% sure we’d have gone on and won. if anything, it actually made things harder for us.
  6. I’m not saying it’s a great result or performance - I’m not insane! - it was just about ‘ok’, but the crucial thing was to not lose. The table looks far better than it did 4 games ago, and they’ll be wondering just who they can beat ( with the likes of Man City, Liverpool, Man U and Leicester in their next 5 games)
  7. Hadn’t won, but has drawn plenty (and lost fewer than us). I don’t see a problem - it’s difficult to break any PL side down, even when playing away against ten men when you’re without two of your more creative players.
  8. That’s what I said - I’d have hoped for more but taken it. All day long. The win was hugely important for them, less so for us. I’m totally convinced we’d have played a lot better against 11 men, it’s just one of those things.
  9. You’re 100% wrong - I’d have hoped for more but taken it, all day long. Period. Far too many can’t see the bigger picture.
  10. Oh, I don’t know - perhaps against Brentford and Saints a couple of weeks ago? FFS, lighten up. Four games unbeaten, after losing 8/10 is not something that I’m doing to get too downbeat about. We were away, it’s a point, we move on.
  11. I’m not going to ever complain about getting a point away in the PL. Maybe it ought to have been 3 but people are forgetting they still had 10 men behind the ball for 75 mins and scored with their only shot on target, a pretty lucky penalty (right to be given but it was going nowhere and hitting the elbow is rarely ‘deliberate’)
  12. There’s many who aren’t. He wasn’t at his best tonight but people are forgetting all too quickly how he helped turn the Saints game
  13. Imo we’d have fared better against eleven - it’s a huge mistake to think it’s loads easier against ten men. There tends to be no more space in the final third , and it’s still difficult. Ultimately, they had only one shot in target and that was from a slightly fortuitous penalty - the header was going nowhere. We could and should have won but I’m not going to complain about an away point in the PL.
  14. Ah - looks like we have a nailed on winner for the season’s scapegoat….
  15. Tbh a draw for us is a decent enough result, but after us they play Burnley and you’d think they want a minimum of 4pts from those home games…they then have a run of Leicester, Liverpool, Man City and Man Utd.
  16. It was a huge shock to see Lawrenson has gone for 2-1 to them - really bucking the trend, has he ever actually predicted anything other than a defeat for us?
  17. I did see something a few days ago saying they wanted Mbappe - I think it unlikely that he’d go there, given the clubs who’d be interested, but it does rather show the finances they suddenly have.
  18. It does have that feeling - is Howe’s first home game (that he can go to), too.
  19. With only a third of the season gone, there’s far too much time to go to be writing anyone off. The idea that we’re ‘too far behind’ is odd, given that a win midweek would see us level on points with the side that’s currently 4th bottom.
  20. Turned the corner? Really? Two pretty tedious nil-nils followed by one of our most abject ever performances v Chelsea and then the most confused XI selection v Leeds? That’s not too much of a corner, though the win at Brentford was of course very welcome!
  21. If anyone was doubting that we needed a change, for me these two games will have surely helped. Yes, there’s the new manager bounce (that often doesn’t actually happen) but we’ve looked far more assured in defence, positive in attack and far less ponderous; Cantwell and Gilmour being left in the cold has been sorted and in the same way that 433 didn’t seem to work for DF, it seems to be doing so for DS.
  22. It’s strange how different the feel of the side is vs the start of the season. The defence looks far more solid and we seem to have an attacking threat that just didn’t seem to be there earlier; there’s less ‘pondering’ with the ball and we look like we know what we’re trying to do. Long may it continue!
  23. Anti-vaxxers were warbling in about this the other day as proof it’s jab-related, but it is far more likely to be after effects of the illness if it’s linked at all.
  24. Looks ok to me, quite liked the black outline but not that bothered.
  25. Nothing we did on Saturday said ‘hoof ball’ to me - we have long needed to mix it up a bit more and be less predictable.
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