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  1. Well, we’ll leave you tell them that, keep them busy while making our own hasty retreats!
  2. Ah, my first complete set was ‘Soccer Stars’ 1976/77 - still have it at home somewhere….spent my hard earned pocket money and did loads of swaps at school.
  3. Me too - I was not looking forward to a possible Monday schlep, getting back around 2am.
  4. Even though we weren’t a particular consideration, this surely makes far more sense for supporters, too -having both matches midweek (if Mon/Fri) for the 4th/5th placed sides felt completely unnecessary.
  5. Wow, you just won’t have it, will you. The fact here is simple: he was offside, it was given immediately - I saw it from the Barclay - and what happened after that is irrelevant. The ref’s whistle went as/before the shot was made. In terms of ‘offsides’ we didn’t get away with anything on Saturday, however much you appear to want it to be otherwise.
  6. Not watching but just called up the live text and saw that Leeds were losing. It is odd that all of the top 3 are struggling for form.
  7. I’m rather hopeful that, if we and they need a draw, it is what we both get. That said, we do owe them one…
  8. Portugal: Pinto, France: Anselin Germany: Leitner Spain: Sainz Neth: van Wolfie Belgium: de Laet Poland: Placheta Norway: Hareide Sweden: Svensson Finland: Pukki Brazil: Sara Argentina: Emi
  9. No, it didn’t. That just isn’t correct, plain and simple. Our goal was onside*, their ‘second’ didn’t make it to the highlights so I can’t say, but the flag was up well before the shot was made and it is simply irrelevant. *At the time I thought it was onside, the linesman and ref said it was onside, and the goal stands. It was onside. Why are some so determined that it wasn’t?
  10. We didn’t, that is the point. As I said, some people - you clearly included - seem to have to come up with ‘oh, but…’ comments as if to excuse us from getting a result. It is weird. It was not offside. End of.
  11. Thing is I don’t think they are corrupt, just inept and poor at their jobs. If anything, Var has underlined just how bad refereeing is in general.
  12. The answer for me is that we need to (re)introduce the ‘benefit of the doubt’ favouring the attacker. For var, lines drawn should be much wider for the defender and narrow for the attacker. Level is onside, the toe of a boot doesnt, for me, constitute the player being clearly ahead of the defender.
  13. The first was one of those that ‘might’ be given, the other two look pretty clear-cut - that var didn’t feel there was enough to intervene on either is very poor. The weird thing is Forest having taken Clattenberg on as consultant, it hasn’t exactly changed their fortunes, has it?!
  14. That is a classic case of where the lines should be thicker - benefit of the doubt should always go with the attacker, currently it is weighted the other way.
  15. Utterly bizarre- how is it the fault of Nantes? Cardiff have behaved poorly over this , and look like a complete and utter bunch of a-holes.
  16. Coo - that will surely get them into trouble, but 3 pens not given is rather on the harsh side.
  17. Yes, but no one wants to see Wembley in the scum’s horrid shade of Chelsea-like blue. No fan of Cov, but good luck to them. Citeh would surely tear them a new one in the final but let them get there first, we’re all bored of Man U.
  18. I do wonder why so many seem to try to find something to worry about…whenever we win it’s always ’oh, but they created so many chances’, this time it’s ’oh, but our goal was offside’. It wasn’t. If Leicester’s goal against us earlier this season was onside, so was this one.
  19. Bit like the Leicester goal against us - probably 50:50, imo he was onside
  20. It could be either way - they could be looking for an important t win but Hull could as easily be already out of the play-off picture by the time of kick-off (which could help the binners).
  21. Not sure about the word ‘limited’ - we are presumably not talking about more than a few hundred. It seems odd that they don’t tell us how large an allocation it is.
  22. Hardly a ‘leap’. As Til said, it was clear there would be an anti-NCFC follow-up angle, and it turned up soon enough.
  23. Didn’t we do that against Blackburn at home? Oddly, it didn’t go so badly! Given how Hull went (and having watched the highlights this morning they should have won by a mile), yesterday’s draw wasn’t too bad. But the performance level will have to be much, much higher if we are to have any chance in the playoffs should we get there.
  24. Well, yes and no. It tells those with sense nothing they didn’t know already. Some saw the writing on the wall when the new PL was mooted, but were largely written off/ignored. I guess if we don’t like it we just put up with it, or can always do something else with our hard earned cash.
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