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    The Premiership is about income and this time it looks like Norwich intend to use it to grow the Club. Something they should have done before but p!ssed it up a wall instead. The paucity and irregularity of games is miserable compared to the Championship which is mainly midweek and Saturdays as suits most supporters. This is for the benefit of the few who play in Europe and have the temerity to whinge about too many fixtures whilst having deep squads. And then there are the sudden spates of games around Christmas which also punish sides with smaller squads. The best things about the PL are getting there and the first season with your promoted side. Thereafter, for most it is dire, with one home game only some months and weeks without a win. Demoralising defeats by state funded teams to remind you of the unbridgeeable gap and arrogant fans. It used to be so much better when sides had a chance to dream as we did in finishing 3rd. But I really feel for our team, their spirit and unity, the aspirational youngsters and the born again stars and I desperately want to see them flourish along with our humble manager and thoughtful DoF. Can a system and team spirit overcome? It will make the whole greater than the sum of the parts. And finally, I'd love to see the overpaid and underinformed pundits confounded. Will it happen? The EPL isn't the dream factory it could be. Atalanta who we play in pre-season are from a similar sized city who have rubbed their Milanese neighbours noses in the dirt. Is this our omen?
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    I got lost after Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato.
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    Blackburn brought the title. To suggest Leicester did is nonsense of the highest order
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    Don't think that applies to Rory who has already ruled out working for Boris on several occassions, though you may be right about the others. Quite remarkable that we've had the two worst Prime Ministers in living memory (probably ever in fact) in succession, and yet still the Tories are trying desperately to complete the triple
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    Nominate your goal of the season. Post a youtube video if you can. Will then run a poll for people to vote on. I'll get the ball rolling with these two Emi Buendia vs Hull Marco Stiepermann vs Bristol City
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    We have discussed, at a club level and on this board, about Godfrey's development and if he is a better fit for that defensive midfield position or centre half. Farke has said Godfrey's development at centre half would mean potentially more opportunities for him to play at the highest level and it is in that position that all the interest has arisen. However we are very aware we need a dominating defensive midfielder who really owns the park. Tom Trybull is a very popular player and quite rightly made that position his own last year. Tettey is great cover for the group who can easily come on if and when needed. But what if we cannot get in that defensive midfielder or whoever we brings in struggles or gets injured. With klose signed up and Zimmerman a true leader would a battle for Godfrey and Tom Trybull for that position be worth looking at when we are so short on finances. Godfrey has begun to read the game well from playing the centre half position. He has one hell of an engine, as seen in the Stoke game running from one box to another to break up a break away in the 2nd half. He drives at defences and you can see he can play the ball forward which is another depth to his game which could be taken advantage of. He has been a goal scorer. The alleged interest may be from his role at centre half but it is reported that others see him as that defensive midfield position. As we attack he can sit back and help klose and Zimmerman by knowing the two so well. I just wonder if a battle between Tom Trybull and Godfrey maybe a good battle to have so that we have better players on the pitch in klose and Godfrey, rather than Trybull and Godfrey. The Defensive midfield position is critical and I hope we bring in an upgrade, however top 6 teams are looking at Godfrey in that position. So should we this season?
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    Maybe we need something similar to what I believe the Watford owners do, and have other clubs that we can use as a proxy? Leeds worked as a feeder club before and they’d probably be glad to get some attention from a genuine big club.
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    I think kinky food lovers are covered in the + part of the moniker, it was added to cover any other varieties of persuasion.
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    This is the "genius" who said unequivocally: "Absolutely nobody is talking about threatening our place in the single market." And whose "cake and eat it" promises that the UK could cherry-pick the nice bits of the EU because the latter would cave in have proved to be 100 per cent false.
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    Fixed that, and no, I don't wonder why.
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    Godfrey is a centre back. Farke didn’t feel Ben could play defensive midfield in the Championship, so I doubt anyone thinks he can do it at Premier League level.
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    If it was logically or economically feasible it would have been built by now. It all goes back to the board taking the cautious option when rebuilding after the main stand fire. In hindsight it was the wrong decision but there ya go, it is what it is. We would all like to see another three or four thousand on the capacity and it isn't a case of season ticket holders saying fcuk you, it's just economic reality.
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    I think behind the scenes the other candidates are jostling for Cabinet positions. They will withdraw from the race when they get what they want and this process will soon be over.
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    To be fair to him he is expressing an opinion unlike that Freezer fella how just copies and pastes articles from the club website and other publications
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    Not like you to post a picture of a player's partner with her clothes on.
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    Call me an old softy but I was just overcome with sympathy for your heart-breaking life story, Bagster. You are forced to live in France (reason for this permanent exile from blissful Brexiting Blighty unspecified). France, which has the worst cuisine in the world, barring the Icelandic, with undrinkable wines, the dowdiest, worst-dressed women, with the possible exception of the rather unchic ladies of the Andaman Islands, and the least varied scenery to be found anywhere on the planet. And now it turns out, which I didn’t know, that in France, unlike every other country, you can’t just declare – rather like Donald Trump – that you owe no taxes and they trustingly leave it at that. They actually have the nerve to check your accounts! Go through receipts!! It is an outrage!!! Revolutions have been started on the back of lesser injustices.
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    Frank Lampard’s Chelsea
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    I was really quite impressed watching tonight. Ok so you could argue it lacks the power of the mans game, but I have got to say the way England played was superb. Perhaps George you should try watching a game, you might be pleasantly surprised .
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    I think the current membership/supply and demand situation shows it’s important we do expand the capacity if we are able to stay up for a couple of seasons. its going to be more or less impossible to take my sons to Carrow Road next season. And I’ve ditched the junior canaries membership because it’s not worth it with the price increase and reduction in chances of actually getting tickets. If this situation continues long term it will damage the club.
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    In fairness, it's quite straightforward. You made an implication that poor old Nigel had been unfairly targeted by the EU for fraudulent use of funds, despite the fact that he was one of several individuals, of all political persuasions, who have been punished for their questionable use of taxpayer funds. A Load of Squit is claiming that this pretty silly implication highlights your idiocy. Is that translation clear enough for you?
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    Please please let this happen the humiliation of them playing our kids will go down in history