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  1. The thing that always rankles with me is when a relegated player says 'But I want to stay in the Premier League' So did we son, so did we... You stay in the Premier League by grafting to keep your team up. You havent earned the right
  2. If anyone saw the Ricky Hatton v Flloyd Mayweather fight, that assessment reminds me of that
  3. Reading Damien Francis' comments on that game, I wondered how other people remember it? It's known as a game City bottled it and didnt turn up. But that wasnt my assessment at the time. I remember this game as a freak game that could easily have been different. A niave start I remember, a bit too keen to push forward and caught out twice early on to put us 2-0 down after about 20 minutes. I then remember a spirited fightback. I think we went in 3-0 down, but I remember thinking we could easily have gone in at 3-3. I think we were denied two stonewall penalties and came close on another occasion - maybe hit the woodwork or had a goal disallowed or something. Seem to remember Dean Ashton being pivotal. But we went in 3-0 down and hard on our luck. In any other game we might have tightened up and kept the score respectable, but this was no ordinary game, a respectable defeat was no use to us once the other games started to go against us. We had no choice but to push to get back back on terms, and as we became ever more unbalanced, Fulham exploited it mercilessly. I think the result was a freak result, a product of the dynamic of the last day scenario. I never saw it as a game where the players didnt try or werent comitted. I have seen numerous comments from players criticising certain individuals, so clearly my view isnt widely held. How do you remember that game?
  4. Sorry if posted already https://talksport.com/football/681824/chelsea-struggle-tottenham-wolves-best-every-premier-league-stadium-rated/
  5. Must be nice for McGoldrick to finally know how it feels to beat Norwich...
  6. Yeah, nice to see his physicality. Would have preferred Onel if he was on the bench to stretch the game, but Stiepermann was dependable. Hope he can be a big player again for us next season
  7. Fahrmann - proved to be un-needed, Krul been outstanding. Smart to get better back up than McGovern. Roberts, something clearly wrong there, similar to Marcus Edwards. Didnt earn his place it would seem. Question the individual. Amadou - asked to leave. Proved to be capable cover when we needed him, had a bad injury, option to buy if it went well. Byram has been called bargain of the season. Drmic - Looked to be a quality player, but tall order to displace last seasons top scorer - who found scoring form almost immediately in the Premiership, had Pukki not been able to step up in the way Stiepermann struggled, Drmic would have had the opportunity and a run of games. We all see things differently, but the team bought insurance, and astutely in my opinion. So not tragic. If we'd have paid £20m each for these players (or similar squad players) it might be a different matter
  8. I love Krul. Such a character for us, such a leader, so important in a young team. Been outstanding for us all season. Im prepared to lose the talented youngsters, realistically their futures are elsewhere, but I would be gutted if we lost him
  9. Grant Hanley. Much better than many give him credit for. Proper defender
  10. Bet the odds on that, especially considering the opposition were astronomical
  11. So if things stay like this am I right in saying all of the bottom 3 won this weekend?
  12. So it's 7 points now instead of 5. Disappointing. But games against Brighton (whom a victory against would close the gap between us to 4) Watford and West Ham means we do still have a chance, but we have to be beating them
  13. So, before the kick-offs today, we found ourselves 5 points from safety (our GD meaning a point more than our rivals would be needed). Suddenly this seems far less insurmountable than it did. Another result like we had against Leicester is not outside the realms of possibility and suddenly we're back in with a shout. So, whilst it's the hope that kills you, here are our remaining fixtures Home Away Sheffield Utd Southampton Everton Arsenal Brighton Watford West Ham Chelsea Burnley Man City Our away form this season has been generally atrocious, and we are bottom (20th) of the Away form league. This is somewhat moot when you consider 3 of or 5 remaining away games are Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City. So unless a miracle happens Nil point there. Watford are beatable but they are 7th in the Home Form table. On paper it's a Watford win. When we played Sheffield Utd I thought we were the better team but we threw away a winning position sloppily. They've been brilliant this season and are 6th in the Home Form table. So whilst, as a fellow promoted team we might have ear-marked this one as winnable, realistically this will be a loss as well. So anything, particulalry against Watford away for the remainder of the season has to be considered a bonus. So it's all about the Home games. Southampton I think are definitely beatable if they have an off day. We are 11th in the Home Form table. Unfortunately Southampton are 3rd in the Away Form table with 4 wins from 6. Everton, well we've beaten them already this season. They are 7th in the Away table and 4th of form overall. Seemingly not a great time to play them. Brighton offers some improvement in hope, as they are 18th in the Away table and 19th overall. In 5 games time though, who is to say whether they will have picked up. This leaves us with West Ham and Burnley. Burnley we've already beaten this season, though they ae 5th in the Away form table. So West Ham then, 17th in the Away table and bottom of the form guide overall as we speak. Unfortunately at the time of typing they are 2-1 up at half time against Saints, perhaps rallied a little by our result. Overall it still seems a massive ask, but while the points gap remains only one or two good results, there is always some hope. And often one team throws the form book out the window at this stage of the season. I hope that can be us
  14. I wouldnt call this season atrocious. We have played well. We have been the better team many times, yet failed to get the reward our performances deserved. We've not been unlucky, we're just not a Premier League team. We tried to compete with practically no investement. This was a choice the club made. You could say it backfired, but I havent really felt like staying up this season was pivotal to the clubs model. Perhaps bagging the TV money and the parachute payments and enhancing the reputations of our saleable assets was the main objective, with the plan to keep the core of the team together and be in a good position to mount an immediate promotion challenge with a clearly embedded philosophy. To stay up probably would have required a huge amount of investment, it's not like we're missing one key player 20-30m would fix. I think they looked at Fulham previously and chose a different strategy. I still maintain the club were not too fussed about staying up. Had they been we'd have seen ever more desperate splurges in the transfer market. I like this team. Its a good team that plays some great football, but has proven it is not Premier League standard. Doesnt make it sh ite, nor our season atrocious. Not the way I view it
  15. Interesting to hear the German commentators (or at least German coverage) pronounce his name as 'Shur been'
  16. https://www.11v11.com/matches/sheffield-wednesday-v-norwich-city-03-january-1999-25321/ For anybody else there for that game
  17. Let's just say that my first visit to Sheffield was to watch us get beat 4-1 in the FA Cup. I declared at the time that Hillsbrough was the sh ittest ground Id ever been to and that Sheffield was the biggest dump Id ever been to in my life. Even though I've ended up living a stones throw away from Sheffield, my opinion hasnt really changed. So imagine my shock (to quote a Dee Dar) to find myself in a dream version of Sheffield which was actually pretty nice. So I am hoping that 9-0 is as far fetched as Sheffield being nice
  18. OK so I just had that moment where I had my dream broken, and I remembered that last night I dreamt Liverpool put 9 past us and created a new Premier League record. Grim. However, I've been known to have fooball premonitions before about teams I didnt even know were playing. And I've been wrong every time. So here's hoping Im wrong again. Incidentally I also dreamt I was a student in Sheffield and it wasnt sh it. So there's hope at least
  19. I disagree. When the concept first emerged I thought it was quite revealing in terms of player performance. I remember they evaluated all Premier League strikers at the time using this stat. Harry Kane was in a different category when it came to chance conversion. He was scoring goals he wouldnt really be expected to put away, yet Rooney by comparison was missing many 'easier' chances. I think there's a lot in it. Compare perhaps the Xg of a player like Matt Le Tissier, with a Gary Lineker. Lineker probably reliably putting away expected goals, but probably little else, but Matt Le Tissier scoring goals from nowhere. Very illustrative of how transformative a player can be for a club. Can a player score against the run of play, is he only effective when its served on a plate, is he not even effective at doing that? Id be interested to know what RvW's Xg was at Sporting Lisbon. Id imagine he only really put away the chances you'd expect him to. For a struggling team, you might be more interested in a player with more of a record scoring against the run of play or putting away more difficult chances. Without being harsh Id be interested to know how Sam Byram rates this season. While not charged with scoring goals, he's had a number of chances which if converted may have made a difference
  20. It sounds to me like a swipe at the inconsistency. Man City ran away with it and those comments were made. Liverpool are doing the same, yet its nothing but plaudits
  21. Barely watch any BBC content these days. But must also point out that Line of Duty (less so most recent series) is another rare outlier in terms of quality
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