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  1. East Rider

    The Great Escape mini-league

    I certainly hoped, but did not expect anything against high flying Wolves. They are the exactly type of team we would struggle against. Unlikely to trouble the top but a great chance for European stuff next year and they were certainly not going to be easy on us just because they are in a comfortable league position. Leicester however, are in a 'slightly' different position. They are 3rd, with 6 points and much better goal difference to 4th place. No chance of wining the league and 10-11 points (incl goal difference) above the last possible Champions league spot. They could have an off night Friday and we could have our A game on. Who knows.
  2. East Rider

    Not much to be positive about...

    I haven't given up and will be there making as much noise as I can Friday evening. However, the reality is we just played a team recently back from a European game and who we performed against really well last time out. We didn't touch them. Worrying times indeed.
  3. East Rider

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Not really sure what to say after watching that. Apart from the first few minutes we were not in it. Weak generally through the middle today, poor at the back and the less said about our forwards the better. Where's that beer.
  4. East Rider

    Radio 3 dj - Norwich fan??

    Love a bit of Radio 2 (use to enjoy Wogan on it as well). I find Talk sport a struggle at time due to the incessant adverts, but do like Paul Hawksbee in the afternoon. other than that on a day like today it Radio Norfolk all the way
  5. East Rider

    VAR - what needs to happen

    The non red card yesterday against the Spurs player has to down with Pukki's goal as one of the biggest mistakes. Perhaps even the Bornmouth goal which was oddly disallowed. The apology and quick admittance that the foul/stamp yesterday was called wrong is an easy one to put your hands up to as it was not a game changing VAR decision. There will be a clear correlation at the end of the season with who has been disadvantaged the most and visa versa because of VAR and it it be very similar to the actual PL final standings. Who'd have thought that?
  6. East Rider

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Thought Rupp played well against Liverpool (apart from the shot/pass mix up) however EB on early second half if we are struggling please. #needthreepoints
  7. East Rider

    Lambert’s a binner

    The way things are going down there, and where he is certainly taking them, you will struggle to find a smaller club by the time he leaves. They make mistake after mistake in the appointments and for him to have a 5 year deal is an outrageously funny and desperately poor judgment call again
  8. East Rider

    More VAR rubbish

    Think we have seen that the call can be subjective and with that a goal can be offside when another VAR ref may have given the attacker the benefit. However, we were playing the media darlings when Pukki was put through onside so...……...
  9. East Rider

    Weekend Results So Far

    Not only would this scenario be superb, it would be funny as hell considering the amount of experts who have written us off. Bring it on. If there ever was a week to do something great, this is it.
  10. East Rider

    Team for Wolves

    Wolves players are going to see this game as a chance to shine individually and put themselves in the lime light. We will as a team, have to be as committed as we can be and as we were against Liverpool. However, this time actually convert the very few chances that may come our way into goals. Otherwise, we are likely to get spanked against them, that's for sure. Fingers crossed.
  11. East Rider

    Klose Getting Closer

    Would be good if true. I can see a scenario where we started the season with only one crocked CD on the pitch to having all 4 on in a game towards the end.
  12. East Rider

    Season tickets

    True. I believe virtually all clubs at least in the PL include all season ticket holders and complementary tickets sold whether they turn up or not. Due to advance notice for safety planning I understand. Why they then do not give the real attendance is probably down to wanting to projecting the club in the best light possible. Arsenal were highlighted in having many thousands less in the ground than advertised, as were that lot down the road I believe. Season before last in August we would often quote 26/27k in the ground when it was clear there were many seats empty. Made us laugh anyway.
  13. East Rider

    Season tickets

    I was referring to the season ticket holders who sold/gave their tickets to those of the red persuasion I'm also fairly sure that the figure of 27,110 is our maximum, with segregation taking up the others
  14. East Rider

    Season tickets

    There was a number who couldn't be bothered to turn up for the Liverpool game, perhaps they will not renew.
  15. East Rider

    Season tickets

    If we stay up there may well be a waiting list but certainly not if relegated. If we stay up (and you get a season ticket) you will have no problem selling it/giving it away. If we are relegated, you will probably struggle to sell it/give it away unless we are on course for promotion. I have twice put mine through the ticket office whilst in the championship to sell on (you get a fiver per ticket I believe) but they have not sold them.
  16. East Rider

    The Great Escape mini-league

    I'm quietly optimistic we can get a good result there this weekend.
  17. East Rider

    Webber interview

    Certainly a measured response from him (Webber) and well said. Listening to Raiola on the radio the other day it is easy to see why management get fed up and frustrated with some agents and their players. Especially when they are hawked around publicly whilst still under an extensive club contract which they were quite happy to sign very recently. It would be good if a number of clubs refused to deal with a particular agent just to restore some balance. However to expect the big clubs to have any moral high ground in this murky world themselves is probably unlikely.
  18. East Rider

    Man City and the likes

    Would love to see them relegated to the championship for two seasons. Not going to happen of course as they are owned by one of the worlds richest families. That buys a lot of legal power and influence.
  19. Was hoping cr4p teams like these are sucked up into the super league
  20. Putting it another way. Up until they scored we had used 12 of our players against the best club team in the world right now and we were 0-0, having had at least one golden opportunity to score. Of that 12 probably only 2 or 3 will go in the summer. The rest will in all probability be playing in a league below, for us, and not against probably the best club team in the world! I accept we 'could' have done better in a few games, but by and large DF has been superb for us and what ever happens at the end of this season, if he stays I for one will yet again be enjoying my season ticket at Carrow Rd.
  21. East Rider

    Man City 10 1p5wich 0

    Yep, big, big difference in quality so good on their ladies team getting to the round before the quarters. I'm not sure if Marcus Evans's ipswich actually supports them financially though?
  22. Thought the Justin Fashanu banner display was superb on Saturday in the River end. Inventive design using the commentary as well. Secondly, I see the flag display has migrated to the lower river end as well so the Barclay can now see some of what we see each game, which is quite a spectacle. Well done to all those involved.
  23. East Rider

    Why doesn't Farke rate Vrancic?

    I think Vrancic is an excellent gifted player but it appears against a very fast paced team or an aggressive/physical one he sometimes doesn't perform as well as he can. I honestly thought Stiepermann would be a revelation this season with his often awkward style. Shows what I know!
  24. East Rider

    If Pukki had pushed......

    We are not good enough generally, that's for sure. The table doesn't lie. But there is no refuting that without either the horrific injury situation at the start or without VAR, we would have a few more points and be much better placed. Are we good enough for this level? Yes, I believe we are. Are we good enough at this level to nullify the effects of the injuries or some dubious decisions against us? No
  25. East Rider

    Tottenham look to be absolute ****

    Good result.