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  1. Yes, 100% agree Barnes goal at Southampton was exactly the same. So one was given and one wasn't. We were very good in this game, very good. Fassnacht should have passed to Barnes early in the 1st half for a clean strike on goal and his lapse of concentration gave an opportunity for a penalty when Duffy was in position to potentially block the shot. But otherwise we gave them plenty of problems, they marked Rowe out of the game, hence his substitution although he had most shots in the 1st half. So shows you can be out of the game but a moment of class could change a game, he has that. It is good sainz is getting back to fitness, hopefully an upgrade on placheta and onel.
  2. If we score in the next 10 mins then you could also say 3 points are not far away. Put the foot down and go for it, 20 mins to go and bits of magic and team effort can lift us up. Could be an og, deflected shot who cares just push on with the goal being to win.
  3. Great moves, sold a couple of young guns who had been at the group and earnt a move away, trimmed the wage bill a bit and brought in steady heads and young talent. Championship nous is in the building, leaders, experience and showing they are working well at the start of the season. 4 strikers who can find the net is exciting, all have experience and will be a challenge for any champ defence with different skill sets. The bench looks deeper and, stronger and physical. Fassnacht who hopefully could be a steal. Sainz, we look forward to his progression and then developing a group in the u21s with additions from Portugal, Brazil and now a talented Man City prospect. It's going to be exciting to see how both teams perform and develop this season for now and the years to come.
  4. I never said we Need 18 million haha You put that in this conversation and the player, I never mentioned both at all. Ha ha Simply need to look at players, do our due diligence and if it fits amazing.
  5. Well that is who the blades want. You plan for the future and right now we need to plan for right now and have 2 strikers, excluding Barnes, who are young and showing pedigree. Idah has had a career stalled by injuries and who knows how sargeant comes back. So another is sensible planning for now and thereafter
  6. A centre forward signing is exciting. Josh, as many have said, will return and how he performs or how long he takesto reach levels as he has shown already is anyone's guess. So paying £££ now is worthwhile. Idah, a new striker and Josh can all learn from Barnes. They can become better and score goals this term. If one is sold next summer, the likelihood is that we have made some cash on them, based on current performances. If we were to be in the prem we would have 4 strikers all proving they can compete and finances can go across other areas of squad. We have needed to purchase a striker who is young but ready to bang them in, use this opportunity to bring in another so we are never short of goals.
  7. I always am club before country, not even a debate. This club is involved in so many aspects of my community, access to training for all, access to football through reserve football (back in the day), the nest and helps contribute hugely to Norfolk. I suppose I also suffer from what ifs with England, 1990 being the biggest one when I was 8. So I am delighted we are in the final, I love the development of the women's game but a Norwich win on Sunday will mean more for me in the immediate term. You could remember where you saw the win and the day, but I know I will have the emotional, soulful and more meaning in any Norwich result. A Norwich promotion season means more to me than an England (mens or womens) championship.
  8. We have had a few players over the last few years that we have missed good fees for. The problem is that while they were at the top of their game we could not get players to support them of a same level. We have developed some great players in the last few years and made great fees but we have also missed the boat a bit. Either way I wish him well and hope we do now have some finances to add to the squad, we do need upgrades. One thing that we realised last year was we had no plan B and it seems 2 tall forwards and great quality on the box is one route but we also have Sara and Njnez able to pick a pass for players to run on to. So I would like a young hungry striker and a central defensive midfielder. If Andy O goes then def a centre back but as previously noted I am sure we will have replacements or new recruits lined up if fees land and a player departs.
  9. Absolutely the cohesion through till around November was poor. Not too many areas were showing superiority in this division. It clicked but it was very clunky. Hopefully Hayden can bring some balance in. I want us to go up and want us to show our style so we can then add some real quality to help with hopefully one or two areas not across the whole team. But it feels like we would need too, with few showing that they are the best in the championship in their position or that they are prem quality (exception bring Pukki) Nunez and Sara need to settle but we need the players to step up. Gibby and Byram certainly are not in this bracket but it would be great to see players levels rise at thus point. This is an important stretch and then after Christmas every team will need to find form again.
  10. I hope we put in a option of a purchase at the end of the loan. Firstly if I look at our season if we stay down, Rashica is not going to be wanting to play in the championship and and will become another Naismith. Tough to sell or loan unless he has a good season, but no guarantees that bids come in as it was so quiet this year. If we go up, we will have a new style, we will need new additions who are big, strong and physical. I can't see those players who are out on loan then coming back and fitting the new style.
  11. We have won 2 games recently from not playing particularly well. Therefore we need to get the right mix quick and use the confidence of the wins to get playing with a better level of cohesion. Points are all that matters but by achieving a style can help us achieve much more as we hopefully look to try and get promoted. It's going to be very difficult with the mid season break, any teams momentum will be disrupted. But if we can get something early I can see heads going down. I still think any team or fan of an opposing team are over the moon when they see Pukki on the bench and Sargeant starting. But if we can Sargeant scoring more, idah getting involved and Pukki scoring they will always fear our striker whoever is on the pitch.
  12. 100% Each season you start with fresh players, coaching principles, techniques to be the best you can. Right now we have a group can be one of the best in this league. We have improved our academy and producing young talent that I hope provide first team players but also finances to help us achieve goals in other markets to buy established players. We will continue to look at better players than we have and we will learn about recruitment. This club can be promoted and I want to see that desire every minute across the club. We can achieve this and I hope we build something now. We should be learning each season and I hope we have learnt from the last few years.
  13. Sinani was playing in a small league a few years ago and his close control, balance and intelligence shows what a steal he is. He looks a top championship player. Last season he was in a team with little expectation and therefore now he should have a little more time on the ball as defences concentrate on Cantwell and Pukki etc. His technique on that volley was perfect. Sinani is technical, has great delivery, intelligence and reminds me of a little Argentinian maestro. Rashica will have a good season and will get playing time but has to be consistent. For me Sinani offers a little more at this point and starts, no question
  14. Spot on and the new additions are going to grow into this season, hopefully oust the existing players and then if all goes well and promotion happens they will continue to grow. You should always buy in players that are better than your current options but also to have a higher ceiling. We need to hen create a opportunity for that palyer to reach that ceiling. McLean has reached his ceiling and stayed at that level for a long time. So we have needed upgrades here for a while so we can continue to rise the ability of each position.
  15. I think we have known for years that we have needed 2 defensive central midfielders. For years we have needed it, the closest I recall is O'Neil and tettey, both had grit, energy, could read the game well. It is a broken record saying we need 2 so let's see if we finally do it
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