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  1. I think if at the end of the season we have secured promotion, then we will then see the great deal of work our scouting team are doing now and also what this group has learnt. As fans we have seen our club go up and make mistakes in the past that have cost us, and Webber himself said some of the moves last year did not work. Of course not every move can work out but I really feel we will be looking at some very good additions, if Gibson and Dimi are examples of the calibre then it is a good step up. We have a group of 4 strikers, with the GOAT, carrying the load due to injuries and our style of play. Idah is a player who will get on a little scoring run we have seen him be in the right place, show strength, desire and an ability to shoot. Hugill has found the net and has improved in performances, certainly he will be a squad player for next year. Soto, looks to be a real natural finisher, poise, great balance and read of the game. He will be learning from the other 3 and his ceiling is potentially very high. I expect a striker, a centre half (in addition to Gibson), a defensive midfielder (could be skipp on loan again but I think unlikely as Spurs will want to play him) and potentially a number 10 - sounds similar to the last promotion really. Of course this does not account for any of our talent leaving. We cannot make the same mistakes as years gone by and quite happy for a player who has done it previously and has age and experience on his side. We can have youngsters that are here to improve but some wise heads can help the camp. But of course the season is not over and Dowell, Hugill etc may show masses of improvement. We are building something here and Dimi, Placheta, Onel and others will all be ready to unleashed in the premier league with new vigour. Finally of course we are not up yet so let the boys prove it now and keep on gaining points and develop into better players.
  2. Agree with a lot here, yesterday was a possible banana skin against a well drilled team. If Gibson is fit he comes straight back in. We have had that discussion when our 'better' players come back or are ready to be in contention. He hasn't out too long just hope he is back for Brentford. You for the 3 points with Wycombe and this not resting a player. We can rest and change up players later in the season when more points are on board and their are less games to go. You do not want to lose momentum and I also feel teams will begin to feel beaten before the start of the game soon. If we look fragile or indecisive that presence leaves us. That is what we want to create, doubt, fear and a beaten opposition before the game starts. Keep the games coming and keep going guys
  3. Vrancic starts, no question. Breaking down birmingham is going to be very, very difficult. I would rather have vrancic in the side in case we get a free kick in shooting distance. This is going to be a very hard game, we are going to have to be patient, play our most astute football to break them down. They will happily have us play in front of them so moments of quality are needed to score. There were a few chances against rotherham we did not take. So now we need to take them
  4. Hogesar, I see your point. However I would say any player can learn from others. McLean is often tailing players and gets out of position so I hope he learns from Skipp. I know he will learn from a few of his very misplaced passes. He has shown he has raised his game a bit this season. Just want him to improve to not be a jack of all trades so he can stamp a position for next year. We will see.
  5. I will admit earlier this year he played at a very good level. He has recently had some shocking moments and I mean shocking. Since he joined he struggled to get in the team, he then joined during the run in to our championship win and he was probably our most unimpressive midfielder at that point. That is because the midfield had been so good that year, he came in and did a job but we felt there were players who should have been back with McLean making way. As NCFC fans we have seen us go to the premier league and not purchase the right midfielder in many years. That defensive commander who had an engine and voice. It was the position where McLean was playing. If we go up we know we need that player still, that is another story. Can mclean play alongside that player? Well he needs to prove it, I do think we have rupp, lungi and who knows if we go up. I feel that he is a jack of all trades and that is not the player that I think is ideal if we go up to be a starter. If we stay down he and lungi are a great midfield but will he take us to the next level I think not. So a good squad player if we go up, but he needs to stop making mistakes and learn better positioning from skipp for the rest of the season.
  6. The fee was always to high, I think he would have been a perfect fit after promotion if the fee was sensible. But it wasn't. He brought nous, commitment, leadership, strength on the ball and goals. Unfortunately the fee was too much and Drmic didn't work out. Always pleased to see him do well but obviously not a topic with the transfer window is closed for any reinforcements other than the good business we did do. It is a lesson however that we do need to learn as we have seen us go up before and sign Ashton in January and sign players that maybe were not an upgrade in what we had in the promotion team and also not realising that we needed more than 3 strikers. It costs money but we have learnt and if we go up this season I think it will be a very interesting summer.
  7. I dont think pukki's chances were great last night. The ball from Cantwell was going to take a sublime finish as he was running away from goal and woodman had the goal covered. The second option probably looks worse on tv, yes it was rising but it could have bulged in the net. We are looking toothless and providing him with tough chances. Idah came on and gave a difference with 2 up top. Reaction is 100% needed and was needed after the last 2 performances. Results have been ok, with draws it is the performance. For me we have never found 4th gear this season and it makes me think maybe we have but our 4th gear is not as good as seasons past.
  8. We look out of sorts. We have not seen slick passing, control of a game all season and I dont think we have found our rhythm or the cohesion we thought we would have. Right now looks like a lot of individuals rather than team in attack. The link and movement is not there. Kenny made a big mistake today, 2 mins after half time you dont do that. We need to raise our game and show we can get back in to a game. I have been waiting for a reaction from poor performances in recent games but still waiting for it.
  9. But with Marco his goal threat and performances at the cutting edge side of things have not moved on since our promotion season. Sometime players have that season when they play at 10% above their ability level and I am not saying that was the case but no doubt it was Marcos best season of his career. I agree when he came back in he does link up with Pukki brilliantly, but I also think we are looking back at that promotion season. It is a tough position for us to fill at the moment and I believe Dowell is the player that we want to be the starter, so hopefully he can be injury free and have a good run through the next few months. At the moment however we need a player to rise and give that little extra to get us over the winning line. It is grueling this season with short weeks and also many issues for players with families and friends during this crazy time for us all across the globe. But we now need to find that spark again, a moment of genius or a player or 2 playing at a high level which carries us for a couple of games gain 3 points.
  10. Never should have been sent off, there were a few highlights of him tacking in our box. That was the problem, I dont want him tackling, Aaron's was pushed backed and our threat was diminished. Vrancic had that chance in the first half and I wish we had taken it. We will play well without Buendia but we need players to genuinely step up. Today they did not.
  11. Pukki is number 1 Idah was number 2, pace, strength and had worked with our creative players previously. Once he is fit he will be on the subs bench as farke likes to keep pukki on and have Idah coming in from the left. I can see why, the style of play does not change too much and Idah can do a lot and improve greatly. He is good enough for the championship and if we are playing dominant he will gain more confidence. Hugill relies on the group slightly differently, we are beginning to see him settle but I would also say that Idah is the likely change as he can fit into the technical style we play. So I would say Hugill and Idah are equally 2nd choice and it depends on who we are playing. Hugill will start if pukki is out, but Idah is likely to be the first striker to come off the bench if pukki starts or remains on the pitch. Either way 3 good strikers. I think soto will be a really exciting prospect, what technique, intelligence, awareness and ability. He looks very, very promising.
  12. Fantastic business I would say. Gibson is looking very, very good. Reads the game well and is a leader. Clearly our number 1 centre half. Giannoulis looks astute, strong, intelligent and creative. Again his game looks assured. I think if settled we could see a very strong player on our books.
  13. Capt. Pants I would say he looks a very intelligent left back from the videos I have seen. Of course they are highlights but it shows he has a range of crosses, picks out players, has good reactionary control and looks assured. I like a tackling full back too and if a deal is close I would say with him and Gibson on the left side of our defence till ths end of the season would five us a great chance of going up. Quintilla looks decent in the early outings, but there is a step up here. Obviously we do not know the full story with Xavi but if something is amiss this speculation is looking at a player who can upgrade that position. I think it is, if it goes through, a good signing of intent for what we want to achieve this season with ambitions to play in the premier league.
  14. 100% I have family members in teaching and totally concur.
  15. Exactly, if he continues in this form then that is really impressive. I do think Rupp has pushed him to be better and again that is a great tussle for the starting berth for the remainder of this season. But as with all players you have to perform each week to rightly be in the first 11 and the teams performance also has to be good. So it is a good position to be in, but we certainly have options this year in that area and certainly if we go up we will increase the quality in this area as we know the level up is extremely high
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