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  1. But was it a wake up call? Everytime we have been promoted we never brought in physical, strong, tall, imposing central midfielders. I said the day the season ended we need that CDM and Amadou came in to late to acclimatise. The rest is history. If I recall vrancic was the one player not to sign new terms last summer and hence his contract ends at the end of next year. So if he does stay then it will be because we would be working on a new contract but I can't see that really. Leitner was right to blast at farke after the Brighton away game, it was atrocious. A move for him may seem right as we look for creativity on ths edges and strength down the middle. Leitner had great ability to pull the strings so that is a bit of a loss as none else in the middle can do that other than vrancic. Trybull is a surprise but I think the right call. It may be that he wants to return to germany now. He has achieved great things that give him a chance of a good move. I did think he and some others played at their optimum level in the title winning season, again his was a part role too. I would imagine there was no call from the club to want him to go but for me he was never the answer and I dont think 2 years after the title win he would be the best option in that position.
  2. I see the point but I do think by moving to the highest level you can work with exceptional athletes where the expectations are slightly different than a mid table or lower prem team. Like I said you can be a starter in one of the cup competitions and have a realistic chance of earning silverware as part of a squad. You will have chances to be on the bench for European fixtures as well Jamal and others have a lot still to learn and what a great position to be in. I also feel that once signed for a few years you know that if you do not get much game time and if you want game time, in year 2 you can go out on loan to a mid prem team. If you join a mid prem team and in year 1 you are injured or it doesn't quite happen you will be on loan to a championship team. For me I hope if the interest is there we can come out with a great deal and what an achievement to be a Liverpool player after a relegation with us for a left back.
  3. Add ons could be interesting here. Homegrown player inflation doesnt seem to be added either. But seems something may be there. It would be a great and perfect move for lewis to learn from the liverpool philosophy. Being back up would still get big exposure in cup competitions and always be in a group who could win silverware. He would have time to acclimatise to the pressure that league winning teams have. He will learn very quickly with high quality coaching and players around him. I believe he put in some very decent performances after the restart, he showed he is up for the fight and showed he can quickly adapt in games. Against watford at the start he struggled and then came into the game a bit. When he first came into the side he looked a fantastic prospect and deserved his spot. He excelled in the championship title season and moving to liverpool would be exceptional for his development. We will see.
  4. Yeah there are times when a player has their most interest and most of the time you should cash in. Nelson oliveira is a fine example, grabban is another. We got £ for grabban but he had been in and around the squad and something was wrong. I agree selling the Murphy's at a time when they have proved that they were big fish in a small pond was perfect. It is a business you create the player so we can get the vest but sometimes a player needs to move for the greater good or you can build a team around them. Aarons has byram in the wings, lewis has McCallum in ths wings. Both very able to step up and therefore we can move on if it fits the player but also us. We do not want to lose out on value if a good offer comes in, we have the replacements here. Godfrey will move on at some point, his agents seem very aggressive in the futures of their clients. But he also may develop alongside our defensive line that may actually get older If Aaron's and Lewis moved on and we brought in an older player. But then you have Pukki, whose worth is more. He has found a fan group that will give him time, he has played his best football here, the attacking team can put him in positions to score. You can build around him. The fast players who have been added can help support him and if emi is the cog in the middle then off we go. So there are def right times to sell and if you miss that it can be a problem. But hoping we get the balance right because although pukki has had his best career moments here, he is essential in the spine and what we are building here.
  5. Agree with BYG cannot see emi to leeds. See they want a few home grown players back including old boy delph. I think emi is a maestro, beautifully balanced, touch is superb and actually like roger Federer can make the game look easy. He can be past players before they know it or his vision is already ahead of so many. For me one of the best players I have seen in a NCFC shirt for quality on the ball. If he goes it should be to a bigger club. But tbh I think the interest may well be in the young hone grown lads and I am happy with that. As another thread notes who is more replaceable, they are. We just need a few more players to be able to give buendia the ball in space and now he has pacey wingers to deliver that ball to for those goals and chances. Build a team around emi and you would have a very good group
  6. Yeah I recall good things. It is an early loan so looks like both clubs and the player will gain from this. I think the loan watch is always a good one to read during the season, hopefully hear about the progression a little more with this loan move.
  7. I have always enjoyed the off season and would never call it silly season. It is the time to truly see where the ambition, direction and cohesion is. It is a time to improve positions and other areas. It also allows me time to not have the yo yo of emotions of golden Gordon, ripping yarns. I know all of us have mood swings from football and some would say it is cathartic but now it is time to see our new decisions. I totally believe in new signings early and, this year it seems business is going ahead early. We brought in Amadou far too late, we needed a new number 10, he came in Jan and is now forgotten. There were big issues we had to address and now this offseason I hope we do move on them now. This is the time of the season I can enjoy without the ups and down. It is a time to see ambition and how we can deal with sales etc.
  8. Absolutely They are worth the most, reportedly have the most interest and potentially most pushy agents. Sometimes you have to cash in, will these players be worth more in 6 to12 months time? We all know the prem teams will look to europe and although home grown is needed. Our players have a window of maximum revenue for us, they may be great next season but I do feel we need to cash in. They may get injured or not play as well. So I think if the bids come in and we are happy then it is time to move
  9. For me Pukki is needed. We need a spine and some important blocks of the group that got us up who are motivated and can perform. It has to be as the spine too. Krul, zimmerman, tettey and pukki. An offer may come in for pukki, but it needs to be a very good one and as said we know what the county and city can do to players and their families. They can fall in love with area, fans and get settled. That is where we are so good in making more seasoned pros feel at home. With a lot of youngsters coming inwe need settled heads, those that can bring a winning mentality or experience. If sam byram is fit I think he also will be a massive leader for us. We need a few leaders now and pukki is one. He can help our strike force and new attacking players again confidence as he makes great runs and has the ability to finish a number of those chances off. Aaron's, lewis, cantwell, godfrey can all be replaced and all have their footballing lives ahead of them. That is what we do, build exciting players for bigger clubs. We then make a place where a player wants to settle and performs for the love of the game and that their family is settled. Those 4 are ready to fly off. Pukki will be here unless the money comes in is off the charts. He is more important to us next year than any of the 4 young english players mentioned above who should all being in decent fees if their agents work hard for them.
  10. He also has a bit of physicality which we know is needed to get the ball back. I love getting in signings early, we need any signing to settle get used to the style and build a rapport and cohesion with the guys. We also need 'greedy' and players who are showing confidence, some of the goals are half chances in those videos and we all know that in the champ you may get 2-3 half chances as a midfielder so with confidence you can take them. The prem you get 1 chance and you have to strike the ball first time, many of our players took a touch too many. You have to snap at chances, in the champ you get more chances and more time, so get confidence early and it can lead to a good season if a few players get on these runs. Keep the new signings coming in.
  11. I totally agree that Farke is acknowledging that as a whole Mclean has been our best player in a team which has been on the back foot for most of this season, he has been that jack of all trades which unfortunately has not been challenged by players who have better attributes but have not raised other areas of their game. So I totally agree with your points. I said my view on Gary Holt was not going to be popular but again it is my personal preference. I just hoped the workload would be there alongside the creativity with Mulryne and Francis. But again we had a good 3 players at that time. I am quite intrigued if there is interest in Mclean and agree any manager is going to quash speculation or possibly talk about them with high praise. Very happy to see that continue if teams are interested in Kenny.
  12. Yes interesting piece, think farke says that he is the most complete midfielder player on the team. Or as I would say he isnt great at any of the key parts that I warrant in that position. I see what he is saying, leitner is the best and tempo, vrancic at set pieces, tettey as a shield. But what would I say Kenny is best at? I dont think he is, he reminds me of a peter grant, some will hate this but gary holt. Always wanted mulryne and Francis as that midfield duo. We can get a midfielder and defenders who are better at defensive headers than kenny but add more to the game. Therefore for me Kenny is very replaceable as we need to bring in players who are better than what we have. He is not the best at any topic for Melvin particular when out of possession he is worse for me. I am much more excited with the young midfield options we have in the wings and new signings in that key area. McLean is a squad player if we want to move forward.
  13. Farke has been rotating the players through and I think he has wanted to see what drmic and others have to offer. He truly looked at the workload and wanted to rotate to keep people fresh. I think pukki has had terrible service and needed a break with the toe injury. Yes he hasn't performed but we have been jostling players around him and it has shown. I think he has had a lot of football over 18months, an injury and a bit of jostling around xmas with team selection has been our problem. He has had too much pressure on him, if others had scored it would have really helped but I also think there will be prem teams who look at his workload, he quick feet and may take a chance.
  14. The players and team need to be absolutely on it. Fully committed, they need to show the desire to get the ball back, the physicality that we have seen from our current opposition, running to keep the ball in play etc We need to be fully prepared for the opposition and we need our team and social cohesion to develop quickly, new faces, some leaving will mean a possible new style, new strengths etc. But the social cohesion and bond is tough after this end to a season. We need players to be able to read each others game.
  15. I think Cantwell should have done more to stop the cross coming in but klose looked flat footed and out worked. Tbh we have looked like that all season and in particular since the restart. Klose is not the player he once was, but he is the elder statesman in our young defensive line that again is struggling today. I would say Aaron's looks very disinterested. Our defensive group as a whole cannot be switched around with the injuries we have. Just wish we closed down like every other club. As mentioned the fitness and commitment to get the ball back is always better than ours. Certainly one key learning point to take to next season.
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