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  1. smooth

    Jamal to Spurs

    Their development will still continue if they play for other teams, especially if moving to teams in the top 4 or 6. For our model to have players touted with those teams are the dream, transfers with sell on %, appearances or international appearances etc. They will play with established internationals, have exceptional training facilities and training team around them. We will lose players, but we have brought in players such as byram who are exceptional. Also are could we be selling when a player is at a peak time in their career, cantwell getting loads of praise for his performances, Aarons after the awards last year and performances etc. Yes we need our best players but we also are in a great position to have interest in our players who have some experience in playing in the prem Let's see what happens, but a great position to be in for club and player.
  2. smooth

    First Time to Norwich/Carrow Road

    Oh there is such a range, light, full flavoured, fruity, sour, great depth. I work in the beer industry and tbh everytime I taste a belgian beer I say I am at home. As it really feels, to me, as the best you can get. But I get it. So much choice, I actually work for a mead company now selling palatable 4% meads. Best way to describe is like a delicate fruit cider without the sweetness and a little taste of honey. It is Londons first meadery in 500 years and in the us every 3 days a commercial meadery opens. It is stocked at the plasterers arms in pottergate and Sir Toby's on the market. Nice little sales pitch there
  3. smooth

    First Time to Norwich/Carrow Road

    I used to live in Hillsborough, NC for 3 years. Best years of my life actually working for a football company and travelling the US. Very sad to not stay. But anyway, you will have a great time in the fine city No question, while in Norwich you must look at gong to the Belgian monk for amazing Belgian food and a selection of Belgian beers that is the envy of every other city in the UK. Certainly any fat cat pub, the original fat cat has won national awards for the beer and british pub atmosphere. There are so many great pubs in the city. There is a little thai by the tesco near ths market, really good. The aussie pie shop is a different place too. Great curries and so much more. Hopefully 3 points and a great trip to Norwich
  4. smooth

    What's you second sport?

    1. NFL, I travel across to the US for San Francisco games 2. Football, but only NCFC, it is in the blood but being away I probably interact less and tbh I spend more money going to other sporting events and sporting clubs. 3. Rugby League, NRL and Super League just a fantastic sport and the fandom is great 4. Tennis and cricket, I have been to Monte Carlo, Madrid, California, Cincinatti for tournaments to support del Porto, Federer and jn my younger years Sampras, edberg, Goran and pat rafter. Afraid never a British player. Cricket, well it is a great sport to introduce people who do not enjoy sport too, great venues, atmosphere, moments. My girlfriend thoroughly enjoys t20 and I keep showing the overseas tours. One day I would live to see a test match in oz, west indies, India and south africa 5. Athletics and winter sports. The 1991 Tokyo world championships is a watershed moment for me. Karl Lewis and Mike Powell competing in the best duel ever. Michael Johnson a hero and then downhill skiing and the ski jump just love all the sports. AFL, golf, motor sports, triathlon, baseball, boxing... tbh all sports. Rugby 7s over the 15 game however. Sport is 100% my life having worked at NCFC, the SPFL, Sky Sports, Samurai Sportswear, Adidas, US youth Soccer, Warrior and helping launch warriors ice hockey range in the early 2000s.
  5. smooth

    Jamal Lewis

    Another team may allow for him to play his natural game more because they have a defensive strategy and players capable of covering his runs forward. I think as a previous post noted, how is it with all this young 'talked about' talent, that we find ourselvesstruggling? And that may be it, may be these players fitted in a team where they are not all young promising footballers, but seasoned premier League players can allow them to flourish. I am not saying our players are not flourishing, because that certainly isn't the case. But I do also note that they will eventually move to clubs where they will join seasoned pros who have played many games in the prem.
  6. Players have windows, look at Oliveira and the money reportedly we could have sold him for. We didn't and we had a situation that cost us £££ but also around the club we had a disgruntled player. Grabban as well had proposed interest with Bournemouth, we declined and had a bad egg. Look at the Murphy's and then JM and his move to Leicester. That injury almost cost us and some players never come back the same. There will always be disgruntled players who want playing time etc but here we have exciting young players who are rightly getting attention. If there is no offer or enquiry this window it is because clubs can wait till the Summer and again play hardball knowing that we aren't going to keep hold of all of them. If a cracking offer was to come in now for Aaron's, he would be the only one we have top cover for, with the excellent Byram. However we would still need full back help in a new addition. The club no doubt is planning, we have Cantwell, Godfrey, Lewis, Aaron's, Pukki and Buendia who will all have speculation. In years gone past it has been 1 or 2 players but all 6 starters will be touted with moves. So enjoy it now, as we did last season. It does beg the question if an offer came in we liked would we sell 1 knowing that £££ can be reinvested in 2 players who can help the team right now and next season. I don't think it will happen but if we do go down we will have 6 players that rightly will be touted with moves away that in an ideal world we could sell over a few windows. Of course if we stay up, the wages and premiership football is still there but the big teams will still have a lot of clout as our model would dramatically change and if Leeds and West Brom came up then I am sure we would have the smallest summer transfer spend again. Which of course makes battling for premiership status harder. We may be bottom of the table but I can't think of a team in this position with so many players being touted with moves from a starting 11
  7. Sorry but when I do go to a game, I will stand up when exciting play takes over. It is a natural reaction rather than sitting. I do also stand up when we have had an foul against us or called against us. I will stand if we the players need encouragement when we have had our backs against the walls. No idea what you mean about if people gave more thought. Should I ask for permission or swap seats so you can stay rooted to your seat. Sport is exciting and I love that we stand up when it is exciting. So I will write to the club congratulating them on giving us to stand up for over the last season.
  8. smooth

    Ricardo's report v Arsenal

    Amadou showed great promise and was, for me, the better of the 2 central midfielders today. It will be interesting, will it be tettey and Amadou, Tettey and Trybull or Amadou and Trybull? Byram is proving why when he was at Leeds he was being talked about so highly. The feeling should be that we could have got more and this team has settled a bit. Bring on soton and let's begin to turn the screw!!
  9. smooth

    Team for Arsenal?

    Finally Amadou in his rightful place. Certainly difficult to judge on this one performance but if Sevilla and captaining his side in France is anything to go by we have a player. I hope he is now one of the first names on the team sheet and he makes this position his own.
  10. smooth


    Flipping love Emi, i have not seen a player with his ability, tenacity at 22 look so comfortable. Do you know what he is going to get better Somehow he is still top of the assists chart without a lack of goals We have players in our team who have reached their peak or they have got that extra few % as the team has been good. Emi is already one of our best players and his top level is still ahead for him with the right guidance and group around him
  11. smooth

    Team for Everton

    Damn 12 players, well tettey needs to come out as we need cover at the back so our fullbacks can go forward
  12. smooth

    Team for Everton

    Well if Hanley is ahead of Zimmerman in regard to availability I would play Krul Byram, Hanley, Godfrey Aarons Lewis Amadou, Leitner, Tettey Buendia Hernandez Pukki If zimbo is getting fit get him practising in this set up and then replace Hanley for the next game. Have Stieps ready to change the midfield if Pukki is isolated or maybe Vrancic in that further foward position/ in replace of Leitner. But be aware that Leitner can move us from the back third of the pitch with composure and we need that now. --- Lets be hard to beat early and allow these fullbacks forward to create chances that we know we can. Byram and Godfrey have pace to cover with Amadou and Tettey hopefully bullying the midfield may mean Leitner has a bit more time. The midfield then is much tougher with two DMs in there and the attacking players who excelled last season have a bit more of a free licence to move forward It is a change in formation but we know we need cover at the back and we also need to play to our strengths, well this allows our full backs to play wide with creative midfielders and Pukki ready to pounce.
  13. smooth

    Famewo new contract

    Agreed and felt it for a long time Give Amadou a chance to boost his confidence and play in a position where he can show us why Sevilla bought him and why he was captain at Lille. He has to play DM and have a better midfield shielding our defence. As said earlier Trybull was bypassed throughout the whole game on Saturday. So hope changes happen that allow Amadou in his rightful position.
  14. smooth


    I agree with the above. I also agree that even with being able to compete I was hoping for 17th and saw it as being optimistic. With players coming back it can lift spirits, so hopefully this can be the case. I do believe a shift in the team is needed. Amadou is a CDM and I think we need to see him now in that position. If our midfield can shield our defence we may have some joy. We need our midfield at its strongest and our attack at its strongest. At the moment we are switching our midfield around trying to find the right mix. I say solid defensive midfielders in place to cover our expansive players Krul Aarons, Byram, Godfrey, Lewis Amadou Tettey Buendia Marco Onel Pukki I could see three at the back with Famewo allowing Aaron and Lewis to be true wing backs with Marco moving out of the team with Buendia and hernandez coming inside a bit. But the above seems very viable with Byram at centre half. This team allows us to still play our way, buendia and hernandez may be asked to make themselves available a little deeper. Amadou and tettey have to show they can get us going. I think now Farke has to look at a strong midfield to protect our weakened defence. Let's see Amadou in his best position and prove his worth. He has the pedigree so let's not damage his skill set and confidence. Get him where he can make a difference.
  15. smooth

    Godfrey injury update

    It is cracking news. I do wonder if a team like this could get the results in Krul Aarons, Amadou, Godfrey, Lewis Tettey Trybull Buendia Vrancic Cantwell/ Onel Pukki Just think we would have defensive cover allowing our fullbacks to go forward, grit in the middle and playing the ball to our creative and dead ball specialist Vrancic. I recall in the first half of the season Vrancic would come on for Leitner and set up a fair few goals and of course the last third of the season he was outstanding. It would allow our midfield creative 'magicians' confidence knowing that any mistake is going to have hard hitting defensive midfielders behind them. Just a thought, it does mean all defensive midfielders are on the pitch but they could allow us a bit of a safety blanket. I do tend to think it is very unlikely but I could see it working quite well. Be great to see Vrancic get some time soon, when he is fully fit.