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  1. We need to grind out a perpfmrance become stout and tough to break down. So far we have shown weaknesses here but I do think it is about having 2 strikers to hold up, make runs and have the ability to buy a little. So pukki and Sargent upfront with a three man robust midfield of PLM, McLean and Normann. Then a back five of Aaron's, Omobamidele, Hanley, Kabak, Dimi or Williams. But we need our full backs to be disciplined, and the whole team. I think you can add dowell to the mix later kn the game if Sargent or Pukki tire. Changing it so he sits behind a little, then maybe gilmour for PLM or Kenny to add a bit more range to our attack. But right now we need experience heads, strength, power and experience and this is our best group. You could argue Gibson should be part of this and I think he could be as we know he barks out orders. So he could be in that back three and switch another out, but kabak starts.
  2. It was bad last night, this morning I began to think what does he do here with a formation where many looked out of sorts. It was a test, it seemed to look quite unprepared as players reactions when goals went in were more exaggerated than I thought. Not just downhearted from a goal going in or frustration but a look of we knew this was coming as we aren't prepared. Now I may well be very wrong but it seemed like the system and personnel had not been tried out that much. Damn a no preseason. So where does he go from here, stick to the formation with some senior players coming in or revert back to the formation he has started this season. For me 4 players come back in, krul, kabak, normann and Sargent. Now this formation and personnel is not the type I want to see, but I feel out of necessity we need to be so rigid at the back. I don't feel we have 2 disciplined wide men to play to banks of four when we are out of possession. So I would have 3 centre halves, Hanley needs to perform as Gibson could easily be there. Then two wing backs but again they need to be reserved in how far they go forward with a more solid and dynamic midfield who can rough it out. I am happy with a little more long ball to 2 strikers who will chase, hustle and hassle defenders. I think it is our best defensive shape and allows us to be rigid and have experience down the core of our team to try and grind out a performance/ point (s). I would rather more exciting players, cantwell, tzolis etc but we need to be solid right now and maybe this group is. I do think we need to look at the coaching and planning for games, as this was shown to be far too short for Liverpool. To be fair some goals have come from this but individual errors have too, so now experience is needed in some areas. We also need to see that and clearly communication to be back to where it should be. I think it was lacking last night as they seem unprepared, that could be because the Liverpool team was full of changes too, but I expect the volume to be up. Krul Aarons, Omobamidele, Hanley, Kabak, Williams or Dimi PLM, Normann, McLean Sargent, Pukki I don't expect it but I think if Farke wants us to be solid and in games more thus gives us a more reserved approach with tenacity, rough and ready play from physical and smart players in the midfield 3 and front pairing to give a team a much easier 3 points than they are getting. This could work by frustrating them and challenging them in all areas of the park with a bit more physicality. We will see but worrying times
  3. We need to be at it, it is easier said than done. But we need a performance and points from this game, I also think we have brought in quality and it is time to see them in the team. Krul Aarons, Hanley, Kabak, Williams Normann, McLean Rashica, Cantwell, Tzolis Pukki Gunn, Andy O, Gibson, Gilmour, PLM, Sargent, Idah I would like Andy O to play but right now leadership, power, strength and combatative players are needed to free up the creativity. I can see Gilmour, PLM and Sargent coming on, if we allow this creativity to be on show early and go for it we can then tighten it up. However if we played a midfield 3 of Normann, PLM, McLean it would be a gritty and determined midfield 3 with Tzolis and Rashica supporting Pukki. This is not a game to rest on our laurels and have a slow start. We need to grasp momentum and lift the CR crowd from the start. We also need to come out of half time on top too, many times we have been slow at the end of the half and star of the 2nd half. I am looking forward to it.
  4. 100% agree, we have brought in high calibre players in position of need and I am happy for them to get a game at the Emirates so we are getting ready for Watford. We have to get points and show the league we mean business when we play Watford. I would be very keen for these high calibre players to come in and play in that fantastic stadium when the pressure is high. They have shown they can perform in those environments.
  5. A very good window with exciting international additions who do add to our first XI and we have a bench now that can hurt teams. It is up to the group to study opposition, build an understanding and execute plans. The pieces are here it is now time to gel and make our team tough to beat and execute well in attack. I really hope we see clinical execution in the final third as we will be outsiders still but we have players who can be difference makers. A great window on paper and well bring on Arsenal, what a great way to get some of the new guys set up. A pressure cooker game and momentum with us in regard to a squad with new additions since our last result. Lot of grumbles at Arsenal and then let's see, that game like Liverpool and man City will not define our season.
  6. It seems that schalke offered Kabak for 8 million to Liverpool at the end of the loan last season. Loan to buy is a great route and let's see if we can get this across the line
  7. So the countdown is on for a new Centre half and a defensive midfielder. We have worked all summer and need these new players to come in and to start. We had a horrid preseason with covid and have looked tired in some games, that needs to be addressed and the game fitness is coming on. We need to now show some real guile as the game at arsenal is going to be a pressure cooker for them. Their fans will get on their backs and push them harder as they play a team they would expect to handsomely beat. We do need these new players in and ready to play as we need a little more pace in the back line and we need some steely grit in the middle. This post could have been written at the start of the window and of course the search for DM seems to be each season No excuses now, time for the work to bring in players
  8. Agreed, I think we need to be at it. It's a new group and this is the perfect game before Leicester. A very tough opponent and a real game for fitness and reaction. Def think a few fringe players will be getting some time in the 2nd half
  9. What worries me here, is that even though we have a tough run of opening fixtures playing a wounded Arsenal at the Emirates after their next 2 games could see a bounce. They could have a new manager or the players fighting for the manager etc when we play them. The home fans will be livid if they come into our game with 3 losses
  10. It is very true. The energy and ability to run into the challenge etc is fantastic but goals are key. One thing I will add is that with the attacking wide players we have brought in we could have chances laid on a plate. That is once they are settled, I think it is key to get a striker who can make a goal out of nothing. But as many have said that can cost money but there will be those players out there. So let's see.
  11. Tzolis sounds an exciting player and one that once settled can really light up our team. I know he has many years in front of him and it will be interesting to see the consistency but if this gets across the line brilliant. Sargant may be one of those hard working types that gets in the right position for those attacking players around him to feed in the right place. I would like to see more of a player who can push pukki as a goalscoring threat rather than a player who can push, high energy etc. But I actually think Idah can be a player with that ability and movement, so who knows Just be nice to tie a few up and move on to those other positions
  12. It's a clever move as Idah has a reputation without playing too much. He did not look out of place in the championship last season, is now a full international, impressing at all age levels and impressing in preseason. So if we say he is worth a big fee it is without playing too much, my problem is I think he can be part of our squad this season and for our future. Much like others. I would say the reputation he is building is going in the right direction and he is proving he is a very capable leading striker. Not sure what I think about this, with Armstong coming in and then potentially Idah leaving.
  13. At this point in the Summer and having seen how slow the transfer market is, I am quite glad we have additions in the building and working with the group. Even though our preparations have been disrupted again through covid and cancelling pre season games. If we presume we are in a chain, if you will, with Cantwell then it shows how important it is to look at those transfers with many less variables. Hopefully our search for a defensive midfielder is going well and it seems the door on skipp may not be fully closed but hoping we are looking at all avenues. Centre half news has quietened after our pursuit of Ajer and of course we have 4 centre halves at the moment, whether that group leaves us light we may find out. But if it means we can get players who can get us goals then it may well be worth it. Hoping next week it ramps up as I feel we need a couple of additions in before the season starts and not at the end of the window. Having said that they may not get any preseason game time with covid precautions cancelling some games. So maybe coming in later after they have had preseason is not as bad as it would normally be.
  14. And for Sinani it is a win, playing at higher level football again this season. Facilities, management, amount of games and experience. He will be a better player for this season. A great move and one I hope works out well. It will be interesting watching his development, if he does enough to impress, like soto, then fair enough but if not we get hungry player back with another season under his belt.
  15. I think sometimes the dynamic of the team needs to change. I am not saying that I think we should be actively selling players, but sometimes a style can be adapted and with Dowell who plays similar to Todd do you want another wide player with pace? Maybe, and we will find out. If we get big cash we can invest very heavily in good players, but it is a balance. I like what Todd can bring, I def think he can be a star and take on some of the supply that buendia could have delivered. But if we are going to change it up I can see why, with the contract situation, if a great offer comes in and we feel we can get a great replacement then it can work. Looking forward to our next signing, I feel the CD, DM, ST are the signings we have all been waiting for as key signings that will be a focus for the season.
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