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    Was successful, he went under the knife last week. Just though I'd post as the news that he had the problem hit the UK nationals but this better news didn't seem to! Great news and hopefully he makes a full recovery, no idea if football is realistic with this sort of thing but more to life than that!
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    Got it: https://canlitv.plus/a-spor-canli-4
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    I’m pretty happy with Godfrey not playing - him getting injured would be a nightmare scenario and better not thinking about!!
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    Sound advice that, lost a hand holding a pitchfork by the spikey end.
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    Took me a second, but very good Threeo
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    Always liked the Muller Reus Corner too... Top
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    Kinda like when Germany had Stefan Kuntz up front at Euro 96 then.
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    Second chap from the left is turning into a Cyberman
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    I'm also going for a home win for IFK Lulea v. Sandviks IK. (Can you believe that, PurpleCanary?! ) Good Luck, Molly! For BTTS - Wycombe v. Lincoln. Good Luck, BTTSanaon!
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    God I hope so for the London one, an absolute **** to transport on the tube.
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    I like them as they let me know when tickets are sold out.
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    Pukki is a swear word in Newcastle too.
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    I think if the game has BTTS odds on Bet365 it will be ok
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    What about the weekly Match of the Day thread, or the weekly newspaper thread? "They hardly mentioned us" "They said we concede too many goals"
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    Going through the picks and that game (unusually) is up early on Bet365 @1.33 for the home win
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    Just to add to the hilarity, Pukki's name is a constant source of giggles among Hungarian footie fans as 'puki' is the kiddie- word for "wind" (flatulence) in Hungarian.
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    Here's for a full and speedy recovery Ricky......
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    Certainly brings a more interesting meaning to “no Pukki, no party!”
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    New season, same old Trubisky I see. Feel a bit sorry for Bears fans, that amazing defence is being hamstrung by mediocre qb play.
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    In Finnish interview Pukki was asked if it was clear before match that he would be one shooting penalties. He told that it was open for him and captain Tim Sparv to decide which of them two would shoot, but when penalty was awarded he was so confident that he will score that he just picked up the ball and went to spot.
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    It’s going to be the NCFC equivalent of brexit
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    If any of the U23 CB's were considered ready they would have been on the bench by now. After our 4 main CB's I'd imagine the pecking order is Amadou then Tettey then Lewis (Farke has played him there in friendlies.) We won't be bringing a free agent in or dipping into the youth team. Our best young CB Bushiri hasn't started a game for Blackpool yet so I doubt he's ready either, if someone like Hanley can look so exposed at this level an inexperienced teenager in such a crucial position would get absolutely crucified.
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    Nutty doesn't want to criticise the club and the members of the management who thought it up and approved it. Instead he is finding fault with the fans who are deemed the 'elite'. Delia Smith could walk into Carrow Road with a machine gun and spay bullets at the Barclay, and he'd probably defend the club and criticise the fans for being in the way. It's not the 750's fault that the system is s hite, it's whoever implemented it.
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    Those that expressed, concern/anger/disappointment can take 3 guests each
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