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  1. I think Sinani has been showing some quality, so would include him in addition to Pukki and Cantwell. Maybe Dowell as well, as he is still young enough to take next step.
  2. Really starting to like Nunez. Starting to feel some hope that maybe he could be the "next Buendia" for us
  3. Never really realized Sargent is so good with headers. Really dangerous in a box atm and such a danger even in between multiple defenders
  4. Really well taken goals them both. Very promising and shows he clearly has the talent. However, some of the teams in that phase of the tournament still vary somewhere between top league two to bottom of championship. The game is quite different to what it was in EPL and also to what it is mostly in Championship as well as you can see there, with much more space and time. It is promising however, and I truly wish that he can keep on his development and take the step needed to be able to do those things against higher level opponents as well.
  5. I think he brought lots of energy and is something we need against low packed opponents to cause some variation to our attacks. I actually think he did well today
  6. Unlucky to not get goal today. I agree that not maybe on his sharpest form at the moment, but had draining season followed by crunch of national team games. So, might take couple of matches to have full steam and for third season in a row to prove the doubters that he is not too old and slow
  7. Better than I expected. Seemed to fit nicely in so soon after his arrival
  8. Bit conflicted feeling about this. In a way I'm very excited and hopeful to see them to jump in. On the other hand watching their "best of"- clips and looking their career stats on leagues they've played, does tell me that I should tone down all such expectations and a good success for them would be if either of them would be able to claim their position in starting eleven during the season. In a way, it feels like a lottery where you bought pile of lottery tickets. You know that you've invested so much that you should get something, but you have no idea if it is a trip around the world or some cheap plastic flower. In our case it is lottery with prize being anywhere between new Buendia to League 2 bench warmer.
  9. I have to agree with this. When we talk about other teams like Watford and keep saying that they have same players than last season and therefore have advantage of having already common understanding, we often ignore that we are currently in the same situation. At this point, the current squad really should be able to work together as a team and have capabilities to perform in this level. Yes, we did lack creativity last season as well and it doesn't miraculously appear from thin air. Maybe we get it with new signings and maybe not. None of them have yet proven to be creative outlets in this level (most of them not in other levels either), so it is also possibility that they are not that for us either. But when you have squad full of players that are proven on this level, you should manage to create chances even without one magical player that Buendia was for us. You really should be able to do it through team performance.
  10. Really entertaining final! I don't care if it's men or women, its football! And today it was such a joy to watch.
  11. Hugill did score lot in pre-season. However, at least against Marseille it was equally due to their awful marking (likely due being rusty in pre-season). We can pump the ball in box, but none of our wingers really stands out for me as excellent and consistent crosser. Having Hugill alone in the bix, wrestling championship defenders used to defend crossing sounds like bad solution. We could use him as target, if we switch our playstyle for more direct, but then he would need someone to drop those balls for. Either Pukki or some attack oriented midfielder.
  12. Was only able to watch 10 mins today (game overlapping my brother in law's wedding party), so cannot really comment much. On that period though we looked like two separate teams, other being defensive guys and other being attacking players, but not connecting to each others. Wingers just stayed wide, not making moves to be available more centrally to help build-up. CMs very static, not moving into half spaces or offering themselves between the lines to stitch the formation together while in possession. All this seemed to make us very slow on the ball. It was more like waiting someone else to do the job and being available only after that. But that was just 10 min period, so I wonder if there was more positives in full game?
  13. Burnley is sure playing some good football! They also have lots of variation in building the chances, so hard team to defend against
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