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  1. Look at his feet, he is floating in air!
  2. He was head coach for some Finnish clubs between 2014-2017, but I think he is unemployed now (at least from football related things) so he might be available for low cost
  3. Nothing like that. Kanerva is very calm person who has created secure atmosphere to national team and I could never see him to say something such as a threat. I take it more as vote of confidence, telling that even though he had bad last half of season he is still top level player. If it has anything to do with on going transfer talks, one could even speculate its more a gentle advice that Turkey might not be best league to move if some transfer would happen..
  4. I also did read the Finnish interview and he also mentioned not being one taking care of Teemu's career planning. I think it was more of his opinion that Pukki has required quality to play in top 5 league and therefore would be good to play there to get tougher matches. Which I agree from national team perspective. Finland has first ever Euro finals in next summer, and Championship has tons of games with heavy schedule. Bit lower amount of games against higher quality opponents would likely see him staying in better shape for national team as well. If he needs to take as big role here as he have had in last two seasons, it is likely he will be totally exhausted by summer. I think in those leagues there are plenty of teams where he would be number one striker as well.
  5. On the other hand, what is experienced player? Is he a player that has played 10 years in mid level leagues? Or maybe someone who has played 10 years in top leagues? Should he be one who has been playing lots of minutes all the time or someone who has just experience in many different situations during seasons even from bench? Or is it just about age? Just wondering when our currently lot playing youngsters are becoming experienced on this level. For example Emi has now played in big role for one year in Premier, Champs and Spanish 3rd tier. Before that couple of years in smaller role in Spanish 3rd tier. That is 6 years as professional in Europe. Not saying that they should yet be considered experienced, but by this way I'd expect them to gain lots of experience. Having currently couple of more experienced guys (as mentioned before) could be enough to help mentoring them through hard times and maybe in year or two we have all the experience we need in our current playerbase.
  6. For me it would be 1) Pukki, has been involved over 50% of our goals this season either by scoring or assist. Have had tough second part of the season, but so has rest of the team. 2) Cantwell. Really stepped up this season and also been able to score decent numbers. 3) Tettey or Krul. Both have been solid and consistent with their performance, not really shining but not having bad performances either. Can still perform in premier level.
  7. Not for long time, true. Did score 17 in bundesliga season 13/14 though, but that is ages ago. Did not really realize how badly he has done since..
  8. Sad thing is that he seemed to be there today to show for all and I think he really did put himself in the game unliie I've never before seen when playing for us. His foul was all about trying so hard and making fool move due to that. I've not appreciated the guy myself either and he really have shown nothing. But if he will put those hard working boots on in future, I'm more than willing to give him a chance. He is playing now in team that really have not been able to create real chances with other forwards either and he has been beaten with words from everywhere, which must be really hard mentally. I truly wish he will get his chance next season, when we play better, and prove himself as a decent player.
  9. Unfortunately it was clear red card and really stupid one. He looked directly on his target and did not just push but knocked elbow to head. No excuses. Shame, as it had been decent game
  10. And zonal does not mean you dont mark men at all. In the end, you of course take the men out from clear scoring positions. I think in all of the goals we conceded last match we had our player in marking distance. In all of those, we just did really poor in holding them.
  11. I think Lakey got it right. Even though I've been really frustrated watching matches lately and feeling that there is no passion and players have given up, it is easy to forget how stressful the season must have been for group that is such inexperienced on that level. I firmly believe that no person looks at the mirror in morning and with smile on his face says "Today I'll go to match and do my worst performance!". They are still a team that dominated championship year ago. A team that beat Man City earlier this season. Confidence is a massive thing and break will be essential in gaining some back and remembering how good they can be . And how much better they still might become when learning from this hard hard season.
  12. Totally missed Onel from my list. Should be included
  13. This disaster season is nearing to end and it has really underlined some of the weaknesses we already had in championship. While watching the last few minutes of the match, I started to think of who you'd still like to see in team next season? My list is following. Krul - good championship level. Decent in Prem Aarons - prem level. Our best defender this season and improved during it. Byram - very solid defensively. Good in champs. Decent in Prem Tettey - Trustworthy and solid performer, always doing his duty Buendia - tons of skill even though has some off days. Has passion. Mid-table premier quality Cantwell - getting better all the time. Works hard. Decent in Premier Pukki - has been carrying team for two seasons with his goals. Will get more chances in champs. Mid-table premier quality Idah - on verge of breakthru. Exciting talent who can step up next season McLean - hard working box to box midfielder covering large range, there is always need for such. Will be good for champs Vrancic - out of his league in premier, but will have more time in champs to use his creativity
  14. I'd be happy for 20m. If we could spend that money to get two new defenders. Based on this season Aarons and Byram are only players in our defensive line that are defensively on level of Prem / top of Championship.
  15. Godfrey just keeps giving out gifts with his sloppy marking. I wonder if we would do better if he would swap places with Tettey
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