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  1. I actually all those listed players are PL quality, the question is if the team as a whole is. Meaning that many of them could be squad player with smaller role and some even in big roles. When you look for example Hanley and compare his performances with Godfrey's in our last PL visit. Hanley was likely much more solid back then. Godfrey is doing now really well on PL, so why would Hanley not do? Then you think of Pukki. Scoring 10+ goals in a team that fails to provide service and being responsible for 40% of his team's goals. There are not many strikers in whole PL who is capable of that. McLean would do well in some lower half team that really fights for each inch, and could likely play regularly in PL in such a setup. So, to repeat myself. I think that in right environment most of our players are PL quality, so the main question is that do we have enough top quality as a team for our style of play to be effective against PL teams. In that sense, I think we would need bit more strenghtening to for example AM position, not that we dont possess PL level players to fill it, but in our playstyle its integral piece in breaking into scoring position meaning that average PL level might not be enough.
  2. Putting Pukki's lower goal tally to be all about him not being able to perform as well as before sounds bit silly for me, but it for sure seems to come up every now and then. I'd more say that Pukki is kind of striker that is more clinical than most EPL strikers, but he needs service. He is not kind of striker that goes on dribbling from midfield and scoring goals by his own. I'd say this is misperception and due to the fact that we play bit differently as team now. If you look some stats: 18/19 season, Pukki scored 31% of all the goals we scored in league 19/20 season, 42% 20/21 season (so far), 37% As a comparison, in that EPL season, Salah topped scoring chart and his slice from goals of his team was 26%. So in the sense, he is actually now playing even bigger role in scoring than he was in 18/19 and his goal tally during 19/20 was exceptional when considering total amount of goals we scored. It is extremely important to remember that when we mostly weekly watch Pukki and see his missed chances that there is no striker in the world that scores from every chance Otherwise, it would do no harm to have some other EPL level striker to support him and take off some pressure. Don't think that Gayle and Rhodes would be improvement to Hugill though.
  3. I actually thought that Mario was pretty decent in last match, so dropping him might be harsh. Dowell has been really lacking any workrate on his appearances so far, so I'm bit afraid it would weaken our midfield in a game where we sure have hard battling opponent. Of course it might be only due to lack of match fitness, but I'd love to see one sub appearance first where he really looks like prepared to leave everything on the pitch. Would maybe rather see Idah starting with Pukki if any changes would be made.
  4. I think we would have had that effect with those changes, but I also think it would have made us much more vulnerable defensively. Both Onel and Dowell have been really lacking defensive effort in their earlier appearances. Sorenson might have done, but as he has not really played next to Skipp this season, that couldve been bit of gamble as well. I feel that is clear reasoning for delaying subs. I am pretty sure that if the game would have been 2-0 we would have seen earlier subs.
  5. Just out of curiosity, what are the subs that people wanted to see earlier? I feel that maybe excluding Tettey, our sub options would have maybe given more pace and attack power with fresh legs but for sure weakened us defensively. Therefore I feel it more like decision to bring someone to get that second goal or focus on getting clean sheet. Especially as nobody seemed really exhausted
  6. Same here, and played triple captain this week!
  7. Agree dropping Placheta, but Mario did not do much good there and Cantwell was likely our best performer today..
  8. Today he should've had some of his shots on goal for sure. In many matches it has also been lots due service. He is not kind of player that is on his best against bus park defense with slow build up. That is actually game where midfielders get chances more often. Today the first half was his kind of game and he looked pretty dangerous getting two decent chances of which I'd hoped better finishing.
  9. If we just could keep our shots on target. So many decent shooting chances wide and over..
  10. Even though being that one gifted goal behind, I think it has been decent performance so far. We seem more dangerous offensively today, just need to get shots on goal. Kenny's movement and workrate opens lots more space for Pukki and Cantwell. Placheta seems bit lost somehow. We will score today!
  11. I would actually nominate also Hanley to this contest. Quite often when he gets into running contest he jumps on top of the ball even from slightest contact and grabs the ball onto his hands before ref has even given free kick. Often gives me a scare that if ref does not give free kick to us he would get booked or even sent off.
  12. Not sure about Dowell. Was excited about him earlier, but lately he has seemed to not but lots of effort and been pretty lightweight on duels. That might be fixed by gaining match fitness, so that is what we likely should try. But if it does not improve with run on team, we really have to admit that we don't seem to have decent number 10 in team. What I'd love to see is someone with physicality and work rate, being able to support Pukki with runs as well. But bit more technical version than Stiepi. Maybe someone like Finnish international Robin Lod.
  13. What I'm bit worried is our attacking midfielder options. Vrancic and Dowell both seem to lack work effort and/or pace to operate there. Only reason it is not always is so visible is that Buendia is helping them out with with his active movement. Don't know if we have any good options there. Maybe Kenny could do better, or Rupp. Now we never win any tight balls on that sector.
  14. We don't play to score, we play to keep possession..
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