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  1. hepphep

    Today in Helsinki

    Noticed this on twitter and think that this is priceless (hint: check who commented).
  2. hepphep

    Today in Helsinki

    Just surreal feeling here in Finland. Been following national team actively since late 80s, watching most of the games during years. So often starting qualifiers with big dreams and dose of hope, going through times of despair. And finally the dreams came true. In Finland, this qualifying was often referred as the dream of generations. Today it felt so real when I was watching the match with my father and my children (only on tv though, as could not manage to get ticket).
  3. hepphep

    Match Night Thread -

    Yes, it was loss and worrying that we could not turn possession to clear cut scoring chances. One touch too slow the game down or last pass quality missing. However, I think the team was really fighting for points and playing with more courage than for a long time. Its small things that matter why we got no points today, but I think there was lots of positives as well!
  4. hepphep

    Match Night Thread -

    Shame about the goal, but otherwise it looks more like Farkeball again. Also Pukki is not totally isolated as more players push forward. Onel has been really good and Stiepi has also really stepped up. McLean provides nice aerial threat in the box as well. Excited for 2nd half
  5. Excellent result. Second half is really good. And after being critical to Buendia on half-time, I must say that his work effort on second half was one of the reasons for tram having so good 2nd half. That was exactly the kind of performance from Emi that I think he is capable to and its plenty. Also, nice to see Onel back and looking dangerous.
  6. Just watch him what he does 80% of times when he loses ball. He just dont try to fight back like last year
  7. I so wish Buendia would start putting some effort in. Only match he has been playing with good attitude and work effort so far this season has been against Man City. In that match he showed he is capable in top level, but it starts to more and more feel like he is having attitude problem. He could be one to make the difference still. Tettey has been really good!
  8. I'd be tempted to start Roberts instead of Buendia. I think Emi has been looking really lazy and sloppy for most of the season and might need a reminder that he needs to work for team for whole game instead of just last 15mins like yesterday. Then plan to bring him in as a sub early on with fresh legs and will to win the spot back. Otherwise it is really hard to say as there is no idea who will be available.
  9. hepphep

    Did we miss Hanley?

    I think not. I think Hanley has not been up to things marking men on this level and as Godfrey is clearly having lots to learn on marking still (I think second goal today was example of such, losing his man too easily. I think third goal due to that this season already) the defensive line really needed Amadou. So, for me it would would mean that Hanley should have replaced Godfrey if anyone, and Godfrey is way ahead of Hanley in all other aspects.
  10. I think Sam was better than Max in any game this season. Max has actually had pretty shaky start of the season compared to last season. So, if Sam can keep his level anywhere near ManC performance in upcoming games, he should keep the spot and Max be acting as his backup
  11. hepphep

    Match Thread V ManC

    Buendia is back, finally! Hope he'll maintain this level for rest of the season. Byram and Amadou real class as well
  12. hepphep

    Who'd have thought it!

    Think it was more about disasterous refereeing than any new rule. Italy was lot better and deserved to win, but that was never a penalty.
  13. hepphep

    Finland v Greece

    Pukki was great again, but Glen Kamara was just amazing. Plays more as dm/deep lying playmaker in Rangers, but in national team has more offensive responsibilities. He was just unstoppable with his movement, ball winning and passing. He'd be such a perfect match for Norwich style of football and would already be PL quality..
  14. hepphep

    Pukki for Finland

    In Finnish interview Pukki was asked if it was clear before match that he would be one shooting penalties. He told that it was open for him and captain Tim Sparv to decide which of them two would shoot, but when penalty was awarded he was so confident that he will score that he just picked up the ball and went to spot.
  15. hepphep

    McLean and Hanley

    I think Amadou was quite decent today. Of course played higher in end because we were trying to get back. However, can only remember one mis-pass for him and otherwise was solid on his own position. Today he was a lot better than Godfrey as CB (but of course Godfrey had worst performance Ive seen from him)