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  1. Agreed, both were excellent but ran out of steam. I would even say that Normann was best player on pitch for whole first half. Also gotta remember that due to current tech coaches likely get to know much more about fatigue levels of their players than can be seen just watching game.
  2. Was missing from his spot from giving pressure in first two gols. But also agree that midfield was not there to cover either. Also many of his defensive heroics today was to cover his earlier mistakes that allowed Sarr to get past him too easily. He has good qualities and will come up good, but is very risky there at the moment.
  3. Left fullback who is better capable to defend and close down opponents from giving the final pass? If you compare that with how Max prevented freely taken final passes from his side, the difference is massive.
  4. Even though having bad marking from CBs in first two goals, its really ridiculous that they were allowed to give final passes for those without any pressure.
  5. Agreed! And that sounds like a cunning plan indeed!
  6. So to summarize after quick browsing, good on offensive passing, especially suitable with fast wingers (that would be good), good in defensive interceptions but rarely tackles. Good on aerial duels. So does not sound lot like Skipp style DM, but maybe more like someone to build attacks from deep and start counter attacks?
  7. Thats actually quite good. I must've had my opinion biased due to part he had in both of their goals. When counting those out, he seems to have done better. It is really nice to get corrected with stats instead of tossing opinions. Thanks!
  8. In that case I stand corrected. Out of curiosity, how many defensive duels Gilmour won?
  9. I think PLM has been much more solid with his performances this season than Gilmour. Very lightweight and missing defensive effort. On the other hand, maybe with good DM that would not be as harmful as it currently has. Very different kind of players, PLM and Gilmour, so don't think that in the end it will not be decided between their performance so far but more on role that we need in given match.
  10. Gilmour has good qualities, but today it was his sloppy defensive play that played part in both of Leicester goals. Watching near on the first one and not taking the defensive challenge to the end in build up of second. So yes, his impact today was negative. But lets see, maybe he will grow to it in a bit. And if not, I am sure that Farke does not hesitate to play someone else. In any case, Gilmour really needs to step up with his defensive work and show that he deserves that spot.
  11. CB is important also due to fact that based on pre-season, I'd expect Farke to want play three at back in some games and we really more CBs to pull that through.
  12. The way we have been playing last two games as a team would've made Lukaku seem like Drmic, so perhaps a bit hasty judgement. Lets spare that for time when he starts to receive any service.
  13. We play like a local pub team in Sunday league. Painful to watch
  14. I also think we will see same starting lineup as on last match. I don't think there were individual bad performers to singled out and some sort of consistency might be valuable at this time. Also expecting some subs bit earlier this time though. That lineup has now likely had more time to train together since the last game than in whole pre-season, so that alone should be helpful.
  15. Quite many seem to think Tzolis will play big role very soon. I have feeling he will be more part of rotation this year and is considered as one for future in many aspects. He has not played on as high level than other of our new players before and I think Farke also mentioned that he likely needs to be given more time and patience than other new signings. Exciting one for sure, but would not expect to see him starting a lot during first half of the season.
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