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  1. Cosmic Twin

    Let's all do the pools week 3

    I’ll pick no. 15 - Derby v. Forest. Good Luck, Til1010!
  2. Cosmic Twin

    Let's all do the pools week 2

    I’ll also go with No. 20!
  3. Cosmic Twin

    Football Pools help needed..

    I’ll go for Millwall v. Swansea.
  4. It looks as if St Albans Saints finished 0-0. Can anyone confirm this?
  5. Kathy would be a worthy winner! Good Luck, Purple! You might want to check out Aruba and a home win for Dakota v. La Fama (if you haven’t already found it!)
  6. I'm going for a home win for UD Logrones II v. La Calzada in the Spanish Tercera - 16. Logrones are W12 D2 L0 F49 A5 at home and La Calzada are W2 D1 L10 F8 A22 away. Good Luck, GMF! Good Luck, NCN FC!
  7. Fantastic Wooster! Congratulations! 🥳
  8. I'm going for a home win for Olympiakos v. Panaitolikos. Good Luck, Wooster! Good Luck with the match bet, Pockthorpe!
  9. I’m also going for a home win for Viktoria Plzen v. Pribram. So full agreement with Purple again! Good Luck, Crabby! For the Norwich bet - Tettey to score any time. Good Luck, Flying Dutchman!