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  1. I'm also going for a home win for Cove Rangers v. Brechin City. Good Luck, ZLF! For BTTS - Northampton Town v. Crewe Alexandra. Good Luck, BTTSanon!
  2. Congratulations Hammond! That’s fantastic!
  3. I like the look of Real Murcia there from Purple’s selection. Great start, Hammond! Good Luck with choosing your Sunday 6.
  4. I’m going for a home win for Skalica v. Slovan Bratislava II in Slovakia 2 Liga. (Saturday) Skalica are W7 D1 L0 F17 A3 at home and Slovan Bratislava are W0 D0 L7 F0 A17. Good Luck, Hammond1612!
  5. For the match bet - Vrancic to score last. Good Luck, Til 1010!
  6. Finished 0-0. Oh well, obviously not to be. Thanks for all your help PUPs.
  7. Here goes - the final six. Sorry it's so late but I've been out this evening. Hope you're still awake, Nutty! All home wins - Real Madrid v. Real Betis Porto v. Desportivo Aves Turkgucu-Ataspor v. Schalding-Heining FC Helsinger v. Slagelse Brondby v. BSF Cottbus v. Bischofswerdaer (also my pick) Thank you so much for all your suggestions. I've done what I usually do and have gone for the six that look the most promising to come in! Good Luck, PUPs!
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions so far. I won't be posting my final decision until 10.30 - 11.00pm -ish, so plenty of time . . . For the Norwich Bet - Hernandez to score any time. (Will take a chance on that!) Good Luck, MMMK!
  9. Thank you for your very kind introduction, Nutty! I’m definitely going to need all your very best selections. I won’t be posting the final six until fairly late Friday evening so you’ve all got plenty of time. Good Luck to MMMK with the match bet. I’ll be back with my suggestion. Good Luck, PUPs!
  10. Congratulations mbncfc! Really unlucky KiwiScot, you were so close.
  11. I'm going for a home win for Flamengo v. CSA AL in Brazil Serie A. Flamengo are W12 D1 L0 F34 A10 and CSA are W1 D3 L9 F5 A24. Good Luck, KiwiScott! For the Norwich bet - Tettey to score any time. Good Luck, mbncfc!
  12. No Vrancic, so I’ll go for Hernandez to score any time.
  13. Just too late . . . I'm also going for a home win for Copenhagen v. Esbjerg. Good Luck, Mr. Apples! For the Norwich bet (and not having yet seen who may be back in the squad!) - Vrancic to score any time. Good Luck, Indy! Nutty, 2nd November is good for me!