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  1. I know its a long shot but i have relatives over from Australia (one used to be a season ticket holder), been trying all week to get a couple of tickets , ONE would be ok, if anyone knows of any I would be grateful
  2. city4eva

    Palace v Brighton

    A bit like our derby then !
  3. city4eva

    Maddison is great, but.....

    I love Madders....only going to leicester to see him play again.
  4. city4eva

    Ticket allocation for Leicester

    Free parking...yes please
  5. city4eva

    A critique of Daniel Farke

    Quoted this one as feedthewolfs post wont quote. I have no idea if its true or not but it came from a source close to the club
  6. city4eva

    A critique of Daniel Farke

    Made sense when I wrote it all of our corners ( bar one ) were cleared by sheffield. the one corner they had was won by them, thats a pattern that needs to change
  7. city4eva

    A critique of Daniel Farke

    I tend to agree. set pieces need to change, we cant defend them and we dont score from them ,dont think we one the first ball from any of the multiple corners yesterday. It does look like he has fallen out with Mo , I heard that Mo has refused to play because of his tactics,
  8. city4eva

    Ticket allocation for Leicester

    Thanks, with it being a saturday so close to Xmas it may be difficult to get in to any of the city centre car parks
  9. city4eva

    Ticket allocation for Leicester

    I had looked at that and like you, thought the P and R may be an option, seems like Midlands yellow may have some better options though
  10. city4eva

    Ticket allocation for Leicester

    I am driving and havent been there before, any pointers for parking would be great
  11. city4eva

    Ticket allocation for Leicester

    thanks for the heads up ,just bought 2
  12. city4eva

    Today in Helsinki

    Come on Finland, great scenes. will be supporting you in the finals
  13. Great post, what would you say to the young lady (early 20s) who sits near me in the barclay with her boyfriend ( maybe first season as a season ticket holder), she spends most of the game on her phone playing Tetris, even at tense moments when we maybe looking like scoring....no idea why she goes
  14. city4eva

    VAR Farce

    I also thought VAR would be a good thing, but That Ali handball should have been a pen and they should have rescinded Sons red card as it was a clear and obvious eror