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  1. Is Paul Lambert looking for a job.. Farke is going no where though
  2. He is right…the owners ambition is to be a top 26 club, that is well known, therefore unless we fall out of the top 6 in the champs next season why would they sack him
  3. It’s the self funding model that doesn’t work, The owners are content with relegation so nothing will change
  4. Yet another away membership **** up by the club…sell thousands of memberships at £25 a pop then leave many of those with no chance of securing a ticket
  5. If its true that we did take a smaller allocation,( looks like it is) then it is plain wrong from the club, it looks like another away members fiasco just like the £50 scheme. I would also like some answers from the club as to why they took a smaller allocation
  6. Yes I was talking about Brentford, that’s odd ,maybe it was yesterday I looked, whenever it was it def said you need to be group 3. I have mine tho, was just curious
  7. I looked this morning, website said you need to be in group3 to buy these ..no sold out sign
  8. What group did the Brentford away tickets get to ? Was that also group 3
  9. How have you been inconvenienced ? The club ,as the retailer made a mistake any retailer who makes a mistake in that way would be covered by t and c. Given that an away membership cost £25 , it wouldnt be great if the club let you have a ticket, possibly depriving a paid up member what consequence do you think the club should face
  10. they are on sale to match pick today, general sale from next monday i think, if they get that far, just got mine
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