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  1. city4eva

    Tyrone Mings. Yes or No

    I watched most of it, didnt see anyone do it. many still think it was an accident though..(twice)
  2. city4eva

    Well done Newport County

    not sure it was well deserved, as per my prev post ref the red card that should have been in first leg , then the debatable penalty that gave them the equaliser, second leg looked like a bunch of thugs playing against a team trying to play football, 6 yellow cards for Newport, 1 for Mansfield. Mansfield have had similar issues, losing their ground nearly going bust etc
  3. city4eva

    Tyrone Mings. Yes or No

    NO, horrible arrogant areshole
  4. city4eva

    Well done Newport County

    they may not have got that if the ref had done his job of sending off O brien .
  5. city4eva

    Parking tickets from stoke

    that prob wasnt the best thing to do altho i am no expert, but its best not to say who the driver was, i have added another link, there really is some top advice on there
  6. city4eva

    Parking tickets from stoke

    this is best advice, DO NOT ignore the ticket post and ask any questions in this thread on MSE, there are some experts on there https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/forumdisplay.php?f=163
  7. city4eva


    not just the april fixtures though this year, they have lost 9 of the last 21 matches since spygate, they only lost three of the previous 24
  8. city4eva

    502 Bad Gateway

    yep, its mostly ok, so better than yesterday
  9. city4eva

    502 Bad Gateway

    on the day we all wanted to celebrate , i couldnt get on all day, useless site
  10. city4eva

    Dare we support Sheffield United?

    Just wrong...a draw is not the best result, we want to win the league and if its leeds go up with us, so be it, a loss for Shef utd is the best result for US
  11. city4eva

    Dare we support Sheffield United?

    An Ipswich win is the best result, not sure how anyone can think differently, they wont win though as they are garbage
  12. city4eva

    Ipswich first to L2?

    By third tier do you mean league 1 ( you put L2) forest have been in league 1 (third tier) after winning in europe
  13. city4eva

    Luton Town Academy

    MY mates 8 year old son has just joined their academy, didnt realise it was that good
  14. ref was poor yesterday made so many mistakes mostly in Wigans favour, at least thats how I saw it at the game, James should have had got a yellow way before he eventually did
  15. city4eva

    Don't underestimate reading

    never understand this.."would take a point" we should be aiming to win them all and be disappointed if we dont