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  1. He was signed by Potter for around 10 million who then left Brighton for Chelsea, went back to Brighton with Chelsea and lost. Gilmour himself has only played about 10 minutes of football being used as last minute sub to timewaste and has said he wants to go on loan in Jan
  2. On the bench at Brighton, wanting away in Jan. should have stayed on the bench when he was here
  3. Great news. Good job that multiple managers don’t listen to the haters on here
  4. I thought the same , hope he gets better service against England
  5. I have had it a couple of times over last few days, i did give up posting one reply edit first time I tried to post the above I got Bad request ( chrome on laptop, but same on ipad)
  6. Explains why he was left out of the England squad
  7. Does anyone know in general which is the lowest group that has been able to secure tickets to away games this season
  8. looks like canary call is history
  9. Was absolutely the right call to take Onel off, shocking reaction from some in the Barclay and Snakepit
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