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  1. city4eva


    I was at Rotherham but have no idea what the minutes silence was for as the stadium announcer was still announcing the teams when the ref started the minutes silence
  2. city4eva

    Parking for Rotherham

    thanks indy,
  3. city4eva

    How important is yellow and green to you?

    Ha Ha, me too
  4. city4eva

    Parking for Rotherham

    Thanks for the map
  5. Will be driving to Rotherham, on the away ground guide it suggests parking at the bus interchange but that appears to be closed, anyone have any ideas which would be the best accessible car park for the ground and the town (before the game) and easy to get away from at the end
  6. city4eva

    Important announcement tonight...

    you have hit nail on head, those that go will def be up for it and get behind any such announcement,
  7. city4eva

    No Reeves, no future - no fans

    Saw him play at wembley for England, he was lucky to get the call, as he only got called up as a replacement for Keegan because the game was postponed for 24 hours due to fog, I went both nights as it was only called off at last minute
  8. city4eva

    Wigan away

    I am going now itis on sunday, i wouldnt have gone on the saturday
  9. city4eva

    Snoddy's arrogance strikes again

    Have you met Zimbo, I love his passion (goes for all of them at mo tho) when he comes round the pitch at the end (usually last)
  10. city4eva

    1 x Rotherham away ticket wanted

    If we had the full allocation of 2500 and their average attendance is 9600 (according to google), the ground holds just over 12000, there doesnt seem much scope for an additional allocation
  11. city4eva

    The Barclay End Flags

    had to remind someone yesterday to give it back after they tried to hide it
  12. city4eva

    Happy Birthday Kevin Keelan.

    you lived very close to me then, i lived just round the corner. I also knew his sons the eldest used to go to the youth club on longfields rd the same time as me, we played football on the waste land after the prefabs came down, some of the players would join in on their way home from training #differenttimes
  13. city4eva


    its finished now
  14. city4eva

    MAX AARONS - Skills & Defence

    He is class and will only get better, will be sad when he most likely goes for big money in the summer
  15. city4eva


    My thoughts exactly, it was all about him