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  1. Cant decide between him and Krul for POTS
  2. 1 nil to us unless they score first in which case 4 or 5 nil to them
  3. A smaller crowd has to be better than no crowd, i dont see why the toilets couldnt be opened either, they are open in supermarkets, and I assume they will be open in cinemas
  4. not had my cup game refund yet, paid by debit card. guessing they aim to refund all the cup game tickets before they start on the season ticket refunds update, had a phone call an hour or so ago , Fa cup refund sorted
  5. mine havent stopped, last one taken on 30/4. havent had my Man Utd tickets refunded yet and havent received letter from club re season ticket refunds
  6. Whats your problem, you can get your money back on or after june 1st. as for paying for next years ticket NCFC are not the only club that have already taken money for next season and I am sure that if next season doesnt happen you will get your money back, alternatively contact the club and stop paying NOW...The Club are handling this well
  7. was 100% sold out within hours of going on sale
  8. Band say they are trying to reschedule for next year but that cant happen until its known when the ground will be available, and thats anyones guess at the mo
  9. Thanks, i have watched the first 2 on replay, as you say its mad but its fun in these crazy times
  10. Anyone watching Todd in this competition, he has won his first 2 games and is into last 32, I cant find any info on when and how to watch it live though, anyone know
  11. Guessing Delia will do the same, I havent heard any different, doesnt bother me
  12. I get the first line of your post it was constructive but no need for the other comment. then again looking at your other posts it seems like you have issues
  13. is that the media scaremongering
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