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  1. Calum Wilson who didn’t want to come here to be on the bench even though we were offering more than Bournemouth were paying him
  2. No way will Spurs sell him. Just got to hope they will loan him back to us next season.
  3. I enjoy the champs more , even league 1 was fun. It’s never fun in the Prem
  4. I didn’t see anything wrong with their goal, but no way was it a foul by Pukki when he would have been one on one with the keeper
  5. Watford fans don’t rate him and they look a better side without him so not good news IMO
  6. There should be rules about keeping pitches up to a certain standard at this level of football.
  7. I pay for Sky but also have a season ticket so its ifollow for me
  8. picture is better on ifollow than it is on sky red button or is that because I get sky through Virgin , the Sky SD signal on the red button is almost unwatchable
  9. I think Cardiff will swop places with Bournemouth
  10. I always connect my laptop to TV , no problems here
  11. Or we could hope they both lose and we win . Problem solved
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