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  1. Great post, what would you say to the young lady (early 20s) who sits near me in the barclay with her boyfriend ( maybe first season as a season ticket holder), she spends most of the game on her phone playing Tetris, even at tense moments when we maybe looking like scoring....no idea why she goes
  2. city4eva

    VAR Farce

    I also thought VAR would be a good thing, but That Ali handball should have been a pen and they should have rescinded Sons red card as it was a clear and obvious eror
  3. city4eva

    Big Dunc's Funeral Plans.

    Hoping i can make it
  4. As the programme was a special ediiton to commemorate Duncan you would think that they could have got his birthdate correct, the article says he was born in 1951. doh
  5. city4eva

    Lazio Nazis vs Celtic

    reward for most stupid post ever on here
  6. city4eva

    Duncan Forbes

    Legend, hope to here his song on sunday. great man, NCFC through and through. He once told me he had never been sent off, I have never checked the facts but for a hard tackler like he was, I thought he must have been. RIP, he truly deserves a great send off on Sun
  7. I attended and thought Ben conducted himself well, I was pleased that this seasons purchase history will not be used for any scheme put in place for next year. time will tell wether the meetings will help produce a "better" scheme next season but I am hopeful. He did mention that further fan group meetings/discussion will take place in Nov with the aim of getting a new scheme in place for January
  8. city4eva

    Match ticket threads

    Why are you reading them if they bore you?
  9. city4eva

    New ways to hassle the binners.

    my memory isnt great but I thought there was only one european competion back in the day when they won it
  10. city4eva

    Membership Scheme Meetings.

    Those that expressed, concern/anger/disappointment can take 3 guests each
  11. city4eva

    West Ham tickets

    perfectley put, have you been invited and going to the consultation
  12. city4eva

    West Ham tickets

    Did you complain to the club as soon as this scheme was launched? anyone who did is being invited
  13. That was my sons first game. mine was 1968, v QPR
  14. city4eva

    Membership Consultation

    this is the email invititation Thank you once again for taking the time to get in touch with us with regards to the announcement of the new membership structure and scheme in June. As you may be aware, the Club met with members of various supporter groups on 27th June following the announcement and we agreed that we would hold structured fan consultation to support the scheme to evolve in time for the 20/21 season. Lessons were learnt around the communication and fan consultation and now we have closed the Premier membership scheme for the season for both home and away memberships, we wanted to communicate how you can get involved if you want to, in order to shape what memberships looks like moving forward. We would like to invite you to Carrow Road to take part in a fan forum on Tuesday 24th September. We would like to give you the opportunity to discuss your feedback and suggestions to move the memberships forward for the 20/21 season in an open environment with other supporters. The timings and location are to be confirmed, dependant on uptake and final numbers however the proposed start-time of the meeting is 18:30 and the finish at approximately 20:30. There will be food and drinks for those who attend.
  15. city4eva

    Norwood Digs Out Pukki and Max

    That does pit a different perspective on it