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  1. Yes They dont do that anymore , I was told the moving window is from first renewal date to last renewal date ( tomorrow)
  2. I have been calling them regularly since the first renewal date, and have managed to move to the only ones that were available at the time of calling but wanted to move again, they have told me to keep calling back, it’s just the anomaly of being told 2 different dates , everyone I have spoken to up till today has said I can’t move after the 19th April but today was told to call back again next week. i will call next week and see how it goes , otherwise I still have better seats now …moved from lower Barclay to upper Barclay
  3. Does anyone know who is right i was told a few weeks back by the ticket office that the deadline for moving seats is tomorrow, the same deadline as season ticket renewals just called up today and was told I can move seats anytime up to start of season, they didn’t have any seats where I want to go of course both would be subject to availability
  4. Only one more game before they give the award, makes perfect sense to me to close it now My vote also went to Kenny
  5. I don’t want Leicester in play offs our record against them is poor, would rather it was Ipswich but looks like the other 2 are intent on handing them the trophy
  6. I assume you are joking…it hit his head and was a good way out of the box..2 mistakes from 2 people
  7. It does seem that way, Wagner does seem to make a habit of making us worse with his subs
  8. Can you tell your lot down the road how quiet they were as many dont believe it
  9. Have you looked at the table? It sucks , but you cannot deny they are a top team this season
  10. I hate Ipswich but maybe you should check your facts
  11. Thinking Southampton is better than the alternatives
  12. Don’t know what Wagner said at half time but hope it wasn’t sit in your box for the second half and hope for the best
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