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nutty nigel

Rays Funds for the CSF with the Pink un Pickers Season 10 Week 15

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Rays Funds, supported by

Asset Angels, Turner European Consulting and Kare Plus.

The weeks seem to fly by and

here we are with week fifteen already. This week is another of those dreaded international

weekends. This one is probably the worst so far for Rays Funds because as well

as the absence of the popular leagues we have few meaningful international

matches to pick from. So to his huge credit Purplecanary volunteered for this

very early on and I have had this weekend covered for months. Purple will be

brilliant too. You PUPs can be sure that if you can find a game listed Purple

can find it too. He’s having a great season again this time with 13/14 93%

winning picks and of course he’s usually around the very top of our table every

season. Purple, who also won when making these selections last season, is

always a great supporter of what we do andwhen last season he saw an opportunity

to add to the pot he posted straight away and we made it happen. So let’s help

him with our very best selection from the games played on Sat/Sun/Mon of this

weekend that are listed on the Bill Hill or Bet 365 web sites.


No Norwich game of course but

I have got the provisional rota for December.


Final Six Matches

02/12/17 Graham Humphrey

09/12/17 AJ

16/12/17 Kathy

23/12/17 Inchy

30/12/17 JB


Final Norwich Picks

01/12/17 Mystery Guest -


09/12/17 JF

16/12/17 Lincsy – Confirmed

23/12/17 93Vintage

30/12/17 Lappinitup


As always please confirm that

the dates are ok. If not we can arrange a change.


Have a look at the companies who support our work to raise

funds for the CSF and our wonderful Downe''s Syndrome Team of boys and girls. We''d

would like to say a massive thank you to: 

http://www.assetangels.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/assetangels




If any other companies out there would also like to

support our efforts, we''ll be happy to add you to our list of links on this

thread every week. 


So now I’ll hand

the thread over to Purplecanary. Remember theres no pressure because we are all going to be doing our best to help you

to success. We all stand together with the single aim of raising money for the Community

Sports Foundation and our fabulous Downes Syndrome boys and girls.



Good luck all you PUPs... take it away Purple... the thread is







As always I

leave you with Ray’s signature which now reads :-

Carve their

names with pride.Yankee,5,Fellas,3,P''boro,2,Mr Chops,2,NewYork,2, Inch High,5,

Blahblahblah, NCFC_Shaun, 1st Wazzock,3, Fonejacker,3, Norfolkbroadslim,3,

Norfolkchance1,2, Scooby,3, Trent Canary,3, Cosmic Twin,6, Graham Humphrey,

Leedscanary,3, NcfcStar, Herman, Delia’s Devonshire Dirtbox,2, Lappinitup,

Statto, Mandie Moo,2, Mr Bump, Kathy,2, Til1010, Snake-eyes, Vindo,2, NWC,

Hughesy, Gregt,2, GMF,3, SwindonCanary, Twidio, Hector Brockelbank, Lake

District Canary,2, Bor Bor Bor, Yellowfuture, Chellecity, Diesel Doris,

Lessingham Canary, Molly Windley, Parma Ham’s gone mouldy,2, Feedthewolf, AJ, JB,

PurpleCanary, Hoola Han Solo, Diane, Hissing

Sid, yes Norfolkchance1 £2038 for the Academy, and £2207 for the Community

Sports Foundation.



And with the

Norwich match bet. Splutcho, jb,2, Redders Right Foot,2, Hector Brockelbank,

Blahblahblah,2, Can u sit down please, Til1010, Mandie Moo’s Mear Kat,2,

Crabbycanary,3, Paul, Stewfil, Parma Ham’s gone mouldy, Bor Bor Bor, Mr Apples,

Woostercanary,2, City-til-I-die, The Great Drinkell,2, nutty,4, Feedthewolf,2,

Lappinitup,3, NWC,2, Hoola Han Solo,2, Twidio,2, Ray, PUPanon,2, Molly Windley,

93vintage,2, ClareW, Van Wink,2, Cityangel, AJ,2, Norfolkchance1,Yellowfuture,

Graham Humphrey, Diesel Doris, Duncan Edwards,2, Legend Iwan, YorkshirePudding,

Kathy, Platonic,2, Cosmic Twin,2, Mr Jenkins, Reggie, Snake-eyes,2, I’m A

Banana, ZLF, Lake District Canary, norfolkngood, Syteanric, Felixfan, TeamPUPs,

First Wazzock, yes PUPs £1144 for the Community Sports Foundation.

And with £2768

for the CSF from the Pink Un Pledges, sponsorships and donations we now have a total

of £8357 since we began of which £1562 is

already banked for the next presentation.

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Dipping into League 1 this week with

Bradford (3rd, 9-3-4 25-18) v Plymouth (bottom, 2-5-9 12-24) - Home Win

Best of luck Purple, and all you PUPs.

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Bradford for me please home win

Oxford for Anthony home win

Good luck to my friend Purple, if anyone can do this difficult week, he can - no pressure lol

Hope to see some of you pups at the CSF quiz tomorrow night, should be a great night

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Thanks for the kind introduction, nutty. I will not start looking seriously at making my selection before about 9pm UK time on Friday, to allow plenty of scope for late arrivals.

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A very good afternoon to you Nutty and wishing every success to Purple and all you other lovely PUPs out there.Portugal for me and a HOME WIN for GUIMARAES v Oliveirense in the League Cup.

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Goodness me, this weekend''s fixtures really are a pig. I think the best I can do is back Billericay to beat Bury Town in the FA Trophy, Bet365 appear to be offering it at 1/7.I''m on holiday next week, so please can I put my pick here now, Nutty? I''ll go with Bayern Munich to beat Augsburg, please.Best of luck, everyone! :)

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[quote user="king canary"]Mystery guest ey? Fancy. [/quote]
A couple of weeks ago Michael Bailey was the mystery PUP. But Rays Funds is an equal opportunies community so this mystery guest is a PUPette.
Tilly will be pleased anyway...................
Purple, my pick is a World Cup Qualifier in Africa: -
Tunisia          v          Libya          Home Win

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Welsh premier for me where I expect Bangor to beat Aberystwyth.

Bangor Home Win

Good Luck all.

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[quote user="NWC"]Welsh premier for me where I expect Bangor to beat Aberystwyth.

Bangor Home Win

Good Luck all.[/quote]They did! On Tuesday, unfortunately.

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Dover v Eastleigh in the National League. Home win for Dover is my pick this weekend! Looking forward to my first opportunity to pick on the 16th, I will try and chose better than my own selections!

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Tricky week indeed for my compadre Purple...will try to give you a new option, pretty slim pickings, though - despite it being a derby, a cup semi-final and multiple other things that would normally see me reject it - a ‘home’ win (it’s actually a neutral venue) for:

River Plate vs Deportivo Moron

River Plate have started poorly in the league and are out of form, Moron are flying in the League below and will sweat blood to beat their local rivals...what could go wrong?..the bookies make River Plate huge favourites....2-11...hmm...it’s already all they have to play for mind..

Actually scrap all that, I’m going for Tunisia too as they’ll win...

In bocca al Lupo 🐺 cugino....


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Hello everyone.

It’s tricky this week and to be honest I’ve not had much luck with the lower leagues but nevertheless I still fancy that Swindon Town will be too strong for bottom of the table Chesterfield.

I also like the fact that Swindon have only drawn once this season, which I hope is a good omen.

Good luck Purple, I hope you can get us back to winning ways!

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Argentina for me, home win for River Plate. Moron

Good luck purple and all pups in a tough looking week

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Interesting weekend so good luck Purple, if ever there was a PuP for the job, think you are the main for this weekend.My suggestion is in the N Ireland premier and a home win for Cliftonville against the famous Ballinamallard United.Good luck all. OTBC

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