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  1. Good luck for the final week pups ill suggest JUVENTUS to beat sampdoria for the Norwich bet btts good luck all
  2. Hi pups im going for LIVERPOOL to beat burnley this week for the Norwich game ONEL to score anytime good luck all
  3. Hi pups my pick this week is JUVENTUS v Torino HOME WIN For the Norwich bet my guess is 1-0 Norwich win good luck pickers
  4. Hi pups I think SWANSEA will beat Luton on Saturday for the Norwich bet I’ll say 3-1 Norwich win. It’s worth a quid good luck to all
  5. Hello again pups my pick is ATHLETICO MADRID to beat Valladolid good luck pups
  6. Number 24 this week hertha Berlin v b Leverkusen good luck
  7. Hi pups my suggestion would be 25 Blackpool v Doncaster
  8. I will say number 8 this week MILLWALL V BLACKBURN
  9. Number 8 for me this week forest v Fulham
  10. I’ll pick number 7 please Man City v liverpool
  11. Hi pups this week my pick will be WOLVES v Brighton HOME WIN For the Norwich bet 0-1 cantwell to score good luck to all
  12. Hi pups my suggestion this week is MAN CITY to beat villa in the cup final Sunday For the Norwich bet I’d suggest Buendia to score anytime good luck everybody
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