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  1. Hissing Sid

    Let's all do the pools week 3

    Number 15 Derby v Forest for me please.
  2. Hissing Sid

    Let's all do the pools week 2

    No 5, Lincoln v AFC Wimbledon for me. The form guide isn't good, this is a certain score draw
  3. Hissing Sid

    Football Pools help needed..

    I'll stick with No7 please Nutty, Forest v Bristol C
  4. Hissing Sid

    Football Pools help needed..

    I'm in. No 7 for me, Bristol City v Nottm Forest.
  5. Well, that could have gone better...
  6. Nutty, it appears the National League are going ahead this weekend. To that end, with the extra tenner I sent you, how about a National League 6 fold... Notts Co v Eastleigh (NL) - Home Bromley v Chorley (NL) - Home Darlington v Farsley Ath (NLN) - Home Kings Lynn v Guisley (NLN) - Home Hampton & Richmond v Oxford City (NLS) - Home Halifax v Ebbsfleet (NL) - Home What say you all?
  7. I think that'll be the best way Nutty.
  8. A League 1 offering this week for Lapps Oxford v MK Dons - Home Win With thanks to BTTSanon I'll suggest Watford v Leicester. I'd also like to place an extra tenner (with proceeds to be split) on Bristol Rovers to beat Ip*w*ch. (Will pass on said tenner tomorrow Nutty) Match bet pick to follow on Friday. Thanks all. Your support for SarcomaUK is truly appreciated. Good luck.
  9. Hissing Sid

    bad feeling about this one

    That's the spirit
  10. Hissing Sid

    Ref for sat

    Hooper sent the player off, VAR overturned it
  11. An offering from the Premier League from me this week... Wolves v Brighton - Home Win For the match bet, a score draw. Best of luck GMF, NFN FC, and all you PUPs
  12. Hissing Sid

    FA Cup or premier League football

    FA Cup every time. Football is ultimately about winning things surely. "Grandad, tell me about when we won the Cup" or "Grandad, tell me about when we finished 17th in the Premier League" No brainer.
  13. Hissing Sid

    Happy Birthday Lil.

    Had the great honour of presenting the Michelle Dack Fan of the Year to this wonderful lady 2yrs ago. Happy Birthday Lil, you legend.
  14. Hanging on by my fingernails to last place on the table leads me to a Sunday top v 2nd bottom clash in Germany's Bundesliga II... Armenia Bielefeld (13-8-2 48-23) v Wehen Wiesbaden (5-7-11 25-40) - Home Win For the match bet, why not be positive. 2-1 Norwich at 16/1. Best of luck Wooster, Pockthorpe and all you PUPs.
  15. An offering from the Championship this week... Nottm Forest v QPR - Home Win For the match bet, a score draw and a goal for Emi Buendia. Best of luck Crabby, the Dutchman, and all you PUPs.