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  1. I think it's more complicated than that. The reason, i think , this hasn't happened is that it would cause the game to flow less. I doubt the ref would be able to manage the constant necessity of pressing the stop and start button on top of their other duties - it would be a massive drain on their concentration. Therefore, if another person is managing it, say a 5th official or something, the ref would have to slow down things such as throw ins/corners to allow the button pusher sufficient time to catch up with the action. Also, I recall a podcast where they were discussing this (and where they were discussing trials of it), and essentially, over the course of 90+ minutes, it's actually very easy for someone stopping and starting a stopwatch to get mixed up and forget to press the button at the correct time. Finally, in my opinion, if you give advertisers any sniff of stop/starts that are in any way similar to those within American Football, they'll be clamoring to put 5 second adverts within them, and its not as if money hasn't won arguments within the premier league before.
  2. I fancy a frustrating draw for both Sunderland and Burton as they slide deeper into League 1 For us, I agree with Drinkell, this is the sort of game I''d back Neil to win. I''d suggest over 2.5 goals and or/both teams to score Good luck all.
  3. Hi all Plumping for another draw - Huddersfield to draw with Watford, both on distinctly dull runs of form, so points to a bit of drab affair for me. For us, it''s always nice to beat Colin, so I''d plump for a straight win
  4. Hello all Going for another draw (no where near as good as Wooster) - fancy Leeds and Shef to cancel each other out, as both having similarly poor form at the moment. For us, I suspect we''ll set up to be tight again, so I''d suggest Norwich clean sheet. Good luck all
  5. Buncey, thanks again for the detailed thoughts. It will come down to the fine print, but if there is a way that the club can renege on the 25% bonus for promotion by paying out just before the event then the bond, to me, does not appear to be a worthwhile investment.
  6. Nutty I think he''s referring to Parma''s combo: "Norwich to win, Norwich to keep a clean sheet, Norwich to get more free kicks" Not sure if you can do that?
  7. Hi all I''m going for another draw this week (and it''s somewhat controversial) but I fancy West Brom to not lose against Leicester, whose own form has been inconsistent and sooner or later I expect Pardew to grind out a 0-0 just to stop the rot. For us, I''d put all the money on 0-0!
  8. What I love about these conversations, where the old guard down their pipes and pontificate about how much harder it were in their day (apart from being hilarious, as this thread shows, and not entirely to be taken seriously) is that the very same older generation abdicate all responsibility for the younger generation''s situation. Why do all the schools close? Because they don''t want to be liable if little Johnny gets hit by a snowball in school, or little Jane breaks her leg trying to get to lessons on time on the ice. Why did this happen? Because SOMEONE started suing people in these situations, and I can bet you any money you like it wasn''t little Johnny or Jane. ''Health and Safety'' culture didn''t just appear overnight, it was nursed into being by a long line of people on the make. Similarly, the media - who bought all the newspapers that made the guff spouting, red rag waving tabloids into the overlords that they are today? And finally, all this bilge about the whole country shutting down - what do you expect? Investing any serious money into grit, snow-plows and so on is the very thing that would require PUBLIC SPENDING, which so many of the nostalgic, brexit-smelling old timers would rather do without. Not to mention the total waste of money it would be to have a real snow response ability for an event that rarely lasts for over one week out of 52. So, to sum up, it''s all your fault! [BRACES SELF].
  9. Hi all I''m excited to be back with the Norwich picks, although it''s not the easiest of fixtures to predict. I agree with a few posters on here that I would expect this not to be a goal-fest, although I do worry that Forest have scored a few in away games recently. Nevertheless, I''ve tried to cover most low score results and a couple of other eventualities, particularly our habit of winning the second half - I also just want Hanley to score first so have had a punt on him as well. Thanks for all the help - OTBC! Picks 0-0 - £1 1-0 Norwich- £1 1-1 - £1 2-0 Norwich - £1 2-1- Norwich £1 2-2- £1 HT/FT - DRAW/Norwich -£1 First goalscorer - Maddison - £1 First goalscorer - Hanley - £1 Forest to win - £1
  10. Hi all Getting in early with what I think is a bit of a value bet, Burnley to beat Southampton. The odds pretty good for a team that everyone was praising a few short weeks ago, and whilst injuries are taking their toll I''m pretty sure Dyche will bully them into a return to form at some point, and who better but against the ever unreliable Southampton. For Norwich, what a difference two games make, I was hating this season, now it feels quite a lot of fun all of a sudden. I think any bet containing Norwich to score the last goal or Norwich to win the second half is a good shout. Good luck all.
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