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  1. Hansterbubble

    Great goal, total disgrace. I'm done.

    It’s quite odd that the one part of his body that he can’t use is deemed to somehow place him at an advantage. As I posted elsewhere it was his perfect run and a brilliant through ball that created that advantage, and VAR is seemingly eradicating this from the game. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.
  2. Hansterbubble

    Red card for VAR ?

    I think this just shows that technology does not automatically lead to improvement, if the people operating it do not appear to act rationally and logically. This decision seems to be a very literal interpretation of the rule, and to be honest that is me being pretty generous. What really irritates me is that it totally ignores the purpose of the rule. It’s hard to see how Pukki gained any advantage from his finger nail being ahead of the last defender when his feet were clearly behind. The advantage came from his clever run and the lovely through ball. We definitely deserve better officials than the ones we’ve currently got and some sort of umpire’s call is desperately needed to bring some common sense into the game.
  3. Merry Christmas to all the pups! For the six I’d like to suggest an away win in Birmingham City v LEEDS UNITED. Our game looks tough, but Kenny McLean seems to often pop up with chances in these games so how about Kenny to score anytime. Good luck TIL and Jellytot, and to everyone else with their picks.
  4. I have been quite impressed with CRYSTAL PALACE’S form over the last couple of weeks so I am going to give them the kiss of death and suggest an away win for them against Watford. in our game I think a win, in any shape or form would be nice. For a riskier bet how about Zimmermann to score. Good luck everyone and especially To Swindon and Splutcho wit their picks
  5. Morning pups. For the six I am going for GERMANY v Belarus. The Germans should be too strong at home for Belarus who only won and draw once so far and I think a win will guarantee their qualification. For BTTSanon I’ll go for Russia v Belgium which I think will be an interesting game between two good teams. Mind you I am lousy at picking these Good luck to ZLF and BTTSanon and all the other pickers!
  6. I’m expecting an away win in the Watford v CHELSEA game. In our match I think we are looking at an away defeat, but how about Pukki to score anytime. Good luck Cosmic Twin and MMMK.
  7. Apologies for missing last week but was feeling under the weather. I feel a bit strange backing this one, but I think Ipswich to win away at Southend looks good. Sunday seems a long way off but I think we will rise to the occasion, so 1-0 for me please. Good luck everyone but especially KiwiScot and Michael B.
  8. Hi pups, It’s a tricky week, I’m going to go for an away win Estonia v GERMANY hoping that the Germans will have a bit too much fire power for Estonia. How about Denmark v Switzerland for BTTS. Good luck everyone and especially to Nutty and BTTSanon.
  9. Hansterbubble

    Brighton Tickets

    I’m happy as I finally managed to get a ticket with my standard away membership, which I was genuinely beginning to doubt after failing to get one for West Ham or Palace. Looking forward to it very much and my first trip to the Amex
  10. Hansterbubble

    Sticker book!

    Ok, here we go. I have 25 to swap and 80 that I need. Hopefully the names and numbers make sense but shout if you need any clarification. Swaps Jeremy Goss (1), Jamal Lewis (20), Todd Cantwell (30), 97-99 home kit (45), 02-03 centenary kit (47), 03-05 home kit (48), 16-17 third kit (51), 19-20 away kit (54), Rob Green (57), Steve Bruce (71), Gary Doherty (75), Jon Newsome (92), Leroy Fer (118), Adrian Forbes (120), Ruel Fox (122), Colin Suggett (154), Kevin Drinkell (169), Rob Earnshaw (171), Les Eyre (173), Darren Huckerby (179), Jordan Rhodes (196), Mark Robbins (198), Johnny Gavin (223), Prolific Norfolk boy (225), The Irish Messi (227) Wanted Steve Bruce (2), Ken Brown (7), Michael McGovern (13), Max Aarons (14), Grant Hanley (16), Christoph Zimmermann (17), Ben Godfrey (19), Alex Tethys (22), Louis Thompson (24), Kenny McLean (27), Emi Buendia (28), Josip Drmic (34), Ibrahim Amadou (37), Christopher John (40), 87-89 home (42), 01-02 away (46), 11-12 home (50), 19-20 home (53), Andy Marshall (62), John Ruddy (64), Ron Ashman (66), See Bassong (68), Barry Butler (72), Ian Culverhouse (74), Adam Drury (77), Craig Fleming (79), Duncan Forbes (80), Darren Kenton (84), Malky Mackay (87), Michael Nelson (90), Rob Newman (91), Martin Olsson (93), Bernard Robinson (98), Dave Stringer (99), Elliott Ward (102), Dave Watson (103), Colin Woodthorpe (105), Terry Anderson (107), Mark Barham (108), Sammy Clingan (110), Lee Croft (111), Louis Donowa (115), Ken Foggo (119)*, David Fox (121), Damien Francis (123), Jeremy Goss (125), Gary Holt (127), Wes Hoolahan (128), Jonny Howson (129), Andy Johnson (130), Bradley Johnson (131), Mike Milligan (138), Don Pickwick (146), Bill Punton (147), Nathan Redmond (149), John Ryan (151), Robert Snodgrass (153), Darren Beckford (159), Terry Bly (161), Jamie Cureton (165), Hugh Curran (166), Dion Dublin (170), Grant Holt (178), Ralph Hunt (180), Ryan Jarvis (183), Cameron Jerome (184), Noël Kinsey (185), Ted McDougall (186), Leon Mackenzie (188), Josh Murphy (191), Kevin Reeves (195), Robert Rosario (199), Ricky Van Wolfswinkel (203), Jack Vinall (205), John Bond (206), Ken Brown (207), Dave Stringer (213), Mike Walker (214), John Polston (222), Iwan Roberts (224), Duncan Forbes (226)
  11. Hansterbubble

    Sticker book!

    Thanks for the update Herman. That’s good advice and I will double check to make sure I haven’t missed any! I’m definitely up for some postal swapping. I’ll post up my spares later today so that if you or anyone else fancies a swap they can let me know. It looks like you can send a private email by clicking through the avatar, so once they’re up let me know what you need and we’ll get some swaps sorted. I also saw a few stickers were being sold on eBay. Quite expensive, but an option if you’ve only got a few left to get and can’t get to the Archant’s offices in person. Just in case you haven’t seen it Pete Raven was suggesting on the other sticker book thread, to email Archant to get the ‘real’ Ken Foggo sticker (119). I’ve got the Graham Paddon misprint already, so have sent Archant an email to get the proper one.
  12. Morning pups. I’m hoping to find a better pick after some mixed fortunes over the past few weeks. I’m going to pick the form team in League 1 Oxford Utd who I think will continue banging the goals in. Away win Accrington Stanley v OXFORD UNITED. For the match bet I think it will be a close game, so a Norwich victory by 1 goal looks good to me. Good luck pups and to Hector and Jellytot with their picks
  13. Hansterbubble

    Sticker book!

    To be fair I bought 10 bags last week and these contained no duplicates and then a further 25 bags this week. Again these 25 bags we’re all different which is excellent. The duplicates come from the fact that of the 25 bags I bought this week, 5 were the same as last week. I sort of wish I had just blitzed it and bought 50 bags at the start as I wonder if I’d have just got a straight run through? That’s less fun though. If I was a local, I’d probably vary my supplier to add some randomness in to my collecting. So very interested to see how your second run goes Herman. Anyway, the biggest test will be to see how long I last before ordering some more. Maybe next time I can get Pete to select my bags Countdown style, 5 bags from the top of the pile 5 from the bottom, and 5 from the middle .
  14. Hansterbubble

    Sticker book!

    So, I’ve now got 150 stickers in my book and 80 still to get, so two thirds of the way there yay! I’ve got 25 duplicates out of 175 bought, which is a bit more than I was expecting and I noticed that if the first one in the pack was a duplicate, then the other 4 also were. So that in effect it is whole packs that are duplicated rather than single stickers in the pack. That was my experience with five packets today, so I suspect that the way these are packaged is less random than other sticker books where packs seem to contain a more random selection with just the odd duplicate in each pack. That’s not a problem just an observation from my experience today and in some ways an opportunity as what it does mean is that I have got some swaps, which I’d be happy to trade. I’ve kept my swaps in the 5s that came from each packet which may be helpful? I’m based in SE London so would need to trade by post. Is anyone interested, if so let me know and I’ll try and work out how we can do it. I suspect that at the end of this I will have a load of spares that I can’t get rid of. I wondered if we could pool all our duplicates to make up an album, or even two, to raffle off and make some money for the community sports foundation or other good causes? Would anyone else be up for that?
  15. Hansterbubble

    Sticker book!

    I got my first stickers yesterday and was delighted when Darren Huckerby was the first one out of the packet! I still have a long was to go, bought 10 packs and all 50 stickers were different which surprised me. How is everyone else doing and are there any rare ones that I should rejoice over having or where I should stare miserably at the empty space in my book? I think the last sticker book I had was in about 1980 but somethings haven’t changed. I still can’t get the back off without creasing the corner and I still can’t put them in the book straight . Somethings do remain the same though, as I’ve just ordered a load more. So when my mum comes over at the weekend she can tell me off all over again for spending all my pocket money on stupid stickers, which of course I will ignore!