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  1. Number 40 for me please and a trip to Iceland for Valur v Fylkir. Lots of points in scrabble if nothing else . Good luck with the picks Cosmic Twin and to everyone else
  2. Hi Nutty, First of all huge thanks to everyone for all the excellent selections. I certainly feel like I’ve travelled far and wide looking at these and been to some leagues and places that I didn’t even know existed! Nutty, for my pick I am going for 25 New York City v New York Red Bulls. After some careful thought these are the ones that I’d like to pick: 3 - IFK Gothenburg v Norrkoping 7 - Varbergs v Djurgaarden 18 - Chicago Fire v New England 22- LA Galaxy v Minnesota Utd 25 - New York City v New York Red Bulls 26 - Orlando Fire v Portland T 31- FC Voluntari v Chindia Targoviste 32 - Dinamo Bucharest v FC Viitorul 33 - Hermannstadt v CSM Iasi 35 - Brage v Degerfors 44 - Chapecoense AF v Guarani Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, good luck everyone
  3. Hi Nutty. I’d be absolutely delighted to do the picking on Friday. I’ll get my lucky socks washed ready
  4. No idea where to start with this so I’ll go for my lucky number, no 16 for me Juventus v Roma please Nutty Good luck everyone
  5. Apologies for being late - no9 for me please Southampton v Sheffield Utd. Good luck everyone!
  6. Reading away around late 2005 early 2006 I think. We lost 4-0 it was absolutely freezing and I’d left the car somewhere near the Majedski and after the game I couldn’t remember where I’d left it. Took me an hour to find it. Grimsby Town away in the cup in the early nineties. We lost 3-1, or possibly 3-0, the weather was awful, windy, cold with snow being blown in horizontally from the North Sea. I’d gone up with my mate who is a Grimsby Town fan so spent a long car ride back to London with him in his clapped out Nissan Micra trying to coax some heat out of the heater and trying not to kill him as he spent the whole journey telling me how great they were and how awful we were, the problem being that he had a point! I think it was the season where we lost to Fulham in that awful last game. In that year I did 7 or possibly 8 away games in London and the South Of England. I think we lost all of them and I seem to recall the aggregate score was something like 35-4. I’ll have to see if I can work that out properly.
  7. 37 Colchester v Forest Green for me please. Bit of a random selection to be honest so fingers crossed!
  8. Couple more minutes and we’d have won that. I remember sitting in County Hall car park for ages after the game trying to calm down enough to drive back down to London. Brilliant game.
  9. Number 19 Peterborough v Shrewsbury for me please.
  10. Double deckers are a bit strange but in a good way. I think it’s the contrast of textures. I do like a Crunchie now and again or hokie pokie as my mum calls them. She lived in New Zealand for a while and I think that is what they call the honeycomb stuff. But if I am stood at the vending machine at 3-30pm on a long dull Wednesday then my treat of choice would be a Snickers. Not as good as a Marathon used to be, but still very nice in a nutty, chocolatey way.
  11. No 36 and a trip to the Westminster Waste Stadium (aka Hayes Lane) for me please. Bromley are out of form but will have enough left to grab a score draw against lowly Maidenhead.
  12. No 5 Crystal Palace v Burnley for me please Nutty
  13. After that lot you’ll definitely need a number 2!
  14. I had two brushes with celebrity at Holborn tube station albeit some years apart. Holborn tube sits on the corner of Kingsway and High Holborn. It’s quite a blind corner and can be a bit difficult to navigate when it’s busy. On this particular day I came bowling around the corner and ran slap bang into this fella. I bounced off him and after giving him the once over said, “You’re Phil Jupitas” he just gave me that smile he does that says “and you are a ****head”. I immediate confirmed this by saying “gosh, you’re a lot taller than I expected”. Oh dear! The second was on the east bound platform of the central line at mid afternoon. When I got on the platform there was just me and this other bloke. I wanted to be where he was standing so I was near the entrance at my next stop. It’s a bit weird to go and stand right next to some stranger, so in an early form of social distancing I moved to about two metres away from him. It was Bradley Walsh. I looked at him and said “Alright?” and he looked awkwardly back and said “Yeah, you?”. I nodded and we then looked at our shoes for a couple of awkward minutes until the tube train arrived. I just ignore anyone famous now as clearly I have nothing useful, clever or interesting to say to them! I once sat about 6 seats down in the Jarrold Stand from Darren Huckerby who was injured at the time and sitting with his wife. Luckily he was too far away for me to engage him with my sparkling wit and conversation and he disappeared at half time
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