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  1. That’s the one that came to my mind. It was so far out and he caught it beautifully on his left foot and sent it straight into the top corner. An absolute screamer! I know this is completely off topic, but Grant Holts header against Liverpool is one I could watch all day .
  2. For the record I think Todd is great and I’ve really enjoyed watching his progress. I’ll be sad to see him move on but if he does go, I’ll watch his career with interest and hope he does well. My comment was more about social media than football. It’s probably a generational thing, but I don’t really understand what people get from these sorts of posts and if this was supposed to make a difference to me in some inspirational way then it went into row z, as I’m not sure what the pose and comment are trying to say. I think this probably means I’m now an old git, who doesn’t understand those rum youngsters.
  3. Oh wow, hope you’re not too sore and what a star @Farke life is for getting your bike sorted. Take care and I hope tomorrow is a better day for you
  4. The good news is that is sounds as if you are just feeling sore around your sit bones, and you will go through that after a few days, it just takes a few days to adapt. As Fenway said just try to move position a bit while you’re out. I’m a great fan of Vaseline for the ride and sudocreme for recovery. Lakey, my dad once wrapped his seat in bubble wrap. I’m sure it was comfy but the constant popping made me laugh so much we only got to the end of his road before turning back
  5. Annie Lennox is now signing a cheesy version of “Sweet Dreams” in my head
  6. Good advice from Purple about knowing what you can do in terms of fixing things roadside. I tend to forget that I’m actually a fairly competent bike mechanic. I do like the idea of having your wife on emergency recovery duties though. I guess with Strava and GPS on your phone it’s pretty easy for them to locate you and get you home. Sounds like you’ve got it all covered and well thought through and 20 miles today is great. I do like a bit of cycling kit, but the main thing is to enjoy your rides and promote your good cause, which you’re doing brilliantly.
  7. Most cycling jerseys have three pockets at the back, where you can stack goodies, phone, arm warmers, even a rain jacket at a push. I used to put my phone in a small freezer bag to stop it getting sweaty but these days have a little zip up pouch that takes phone keys, and a bit of money. If like me, you find some of the mainstream cycling kit a bit tight around the tum, try Fat Lad At The Back. Their kit is really good quality, and actually fits properly. It’s not cheap but it lasts really well. I cycle to work every day and it copes well with regular use and washing, unlike my club kit, which costs about the same, fits poorly and falls to bits after three washes. Decathlon make some very reasonably priced stuff. I have an autumn jacket which was £30 and is brilliant and use their winter gloves which cost about a tenner, but some of their stuff can be a bit cheap and flimsy. Wiggle are good for online cycling stuff. Evans Cycles used to be good but are now owned by Mike Ashley and don’t seem to have the range that they once has. Ribble are interesting, but seem to be focussed on bike sales rather than kit these days, and SJS Cycles are great for any difficult to get spares. One final thought, if you haven’t already, get a saddle pack and pop in a set of tyre levers, a spare inner tube and a mini pump. 10 miles is an awful long way to walk if you puncture!
  8. Definitely plus one for jelly babies. I was quite fond of a fig roll biscuit as well. The gel energy pouches do the trick, but are very sickly and have the same consistency as the mucus you get with a heavy cold. Running out of energy is referred to in cycling circles as bonking Getting the bonk is quite unpleasant so some sugary goodness is usually in most cyclists back pockets for emergencies. Sounds like your doing well so far FTW, both with the rides and fund raising. The weather looks good for the next couple of weeks which will help, although any day that you can get out on the bike is a good day in my opinion.
  9. That sounds a great way to support a good cause so I have left a little contribution. I’ve been a club cyclist for most of my adult life and the thing that I have found with long rides and tours is that it is always your contact points that need looking after. So get good cycling shorts and some sudocreme or Vaseline in case of any chafes. But look after your feet and hands too as sore wrists or feet can really be a nuisance. Some cycling mitts might be useful and make sure your shoes fit well. Oh and don’t forget the sun block! I am sure you’ll have a great time and there are some beautiful roads in the county to explore. Bon route
  10. Number 16 for me please this weekend. Good luck HermanAnd everyone else with your selections.
  11. Number 40 for me please and a trip to Iceland for Valur v Fylkir. Lots of points in scrabble if nothing else . Good luck with the picks Cosmic Twin and to everyone else
  12. Hi Nutty, First of all huge thanks to everyone for all the excellent selections. I certainly feel like I’ve travelled far and wide looking at these and been to some leagues and places that I didn’t even know existed! Nutty, for my pick I am going for 25 New York City v New York Red Bulls. After some careful thought these are the ones that I’d like to pick: 3 - IFK Gothenburg v Norrkoping 7 - Varbergs v Djurgaarden 18 - Chicago Fire v New England 22- LA Galaxy v Minnesota Utd 25 - New York City v New York Red Bulls 26 - Orlando Fire v Portland T 31- FC Voluntari v Chindia Targoviste 32 - Dinamo Bucharest v FC Viitorul 33 - Hermannstadt v CSM Iasi 35 - Brage v Degerfors 44 - Chapecoense AF v Guarani Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, good luck everyone
  13. Hi Nutty. I’d be absolutely delighted to do the picking on Friday. I’ll get my lucky socks washed ready
  14. No idea where to start with this so I’ll go for my lucky number, no 16 for me Juventus v Roma please Nutty Good luck everyone
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